Church Problems Combined

by Neville Salvetti

The Compromise Christian Church


How Satan has corrupted Christianity
over the last 2000 years


I write this book not as one who judges or condemns but as one who has been freed from most of what is in this book and am still working on some of the things I wrote about in this book. As Christians we are always working at maintaining our side of the salvation relationship and all that is involve with doing this.

There is only one judge and that is Jesus. The Bible says that we judge ourselves by our attitudes and all God does is compare them to what He requires you to have and then sends you either to heaven or hell.

The reason you go to hell is because you cannot enter heaven and there is no other place to go. The punishments of hell are not from God but from Satan who hates humanity and does all he can to deal badly with them and destroy their salvation relationship with Jesus.

So I offer this book in the hope that it will free you as it has freed me.

Neville Salvetti

8 April 2019


What problems do most Christian Church have

Most churches will have only some of the problems detailed in this document which is how Satan causes them to be compromised in some way. Yo only need a problem in a spiritually important area to do damage to the whole church. Satan is subtle and if a church has too many problems it will wake up to these. If there are few problems the church is comfortable and sees no need to change anything.

So by small changes over a long period allowancing Satan to have people accept them have come big changes which have allowed theologians to reject the Authorised Version and change it to what they believed God meant to say and so destroy the foundations of Christianity so t at many in the Christian church accept things that would have been completely unacceptable 150 years ago.

This is why s many Christians are comfortable. They do not see the problems and see no need to change in any way.

What Jesus told me

Over the last two years Jesus has been talking to me about the state of most Christians and the churches they are involved with.. He is not pleased because most would not go up in the rapture. He said most know of Him but few have a intimate personal relationship with Him and salvation is a personal relationship with Jesus and The Father guided by The Holy Spirit.

What follows is what Jesus told me in this period about what He is unhappy with about the church and most Christians in them.

He also said that ministers are not preaching what they should be preaching which is why most Christians do not have a relationship with Jesus and the Father and only know of them. They are not guided by The Holy Spirit because they are not taught how to hear Him.


Christianity all about your concept of who God is and how you see your relationship to him because this will determine how you live your Christian life. It depends on how you see:

Who God is

What he does for you

Your relationship to him

His relationship to you and others and the world around us

In other words what you believe who God is, what He can do, is doing as well as what He can do.

Satan has managed to use modern day bibles (based on forged codices) to destroy the foundations of Christianity so that the church has become corrupted and does not really understand properly what is involved in believing and acting on the above.

In this document is what Jesus said to me about what is wrong with the churchPreface


Many things the Church does are really unchristian or not relevant the objectives of Christianity and the church does not realise this or they are done with a wrong understanding so that the blessing a person should get is not received.

Christianity is a love relationship that results in the attitudes and activities required to maintain salvation. It is not just about knowing about Jesus but doing what is necessary to have a vital personal relationship with Him. It is about your love for Him and serving and obeying Him out of this love.

He told a person He visited that 80% of Christians would not go up in the rapture. The reason being they know of Him but had not entered into a personal relationship with Him.

Satan said in a planning meeting that he owned 80% of the earth so he and Jesus agree on the number of Christians that will go up in the rapture (20%).

Jesus said it was important to develop the relationship you have with Him and The Father and to gain a proper understanding of what Christianity (and thus membership of The Kingdom of God) is all about.

How it happened

Christianity started its decline when The Catholic Church took over the Roman empire and began to be run the church like a Kingdom led by a king and not The Holy Spirit and by this displacing The Kingdom of God and its guide, The Holy Spirit, so that the church primarily projected itself and not God’s Kingdom and ran itself according to man’s rules and not those of God.

As a reaction to the ungodliness and superstition in The Catholic Church men broke away and formed denominations thus further diving The Kingdom of God and causing conflicts between their doctrine and that of the Catholic Church as well as with other denominations because they that believed they were more correct than other denominations. This further divided The Kingdom of God.

Satan fought the church but could not defeat it by a frontal attack so He sought to remove its foundation, The Bible. This he succeeded by replacing the accepted text with a supposedly better one used by modern translators to translate The Bible. Unfortunately this so called better Greek is based on two codices: Vaticanus and Sinaiticus, both of which are proven forgeries and also Codex 2427 (based on Vaticanus and so is based on a forged codex) and the Greek of Westcott and Hort which really is not based on any codex but supposedly is based on the Sinaiticus to give it credibility.

Christianity started to badly decline in Europe after the first of these ‘modern Bibles’ the Revised Version was published in England in 1881, then in the USA when the American Standard Version was published in 1901. The greatest damage was done when the New International Version was published world wide in 1978.

If you look at these areas you will find moral standards started to decline in them after these fake bibles were published.

There is much written to prove the forgeries of the Greek behind modern Bibles so I will not go into that here.

Why is this not known?

There is too much money involved and too many theologians who would lose their living and purposes if it was known and some of the people involved are not Christians, who are in it for the money. This is why The copyright holder of The Satanic

New Introduction to Church Problems

Satan does not need to have you sin to to stop you doing God's work or lose your salvation. You just need you to do things that are good but are not what God desires you or cause you to misunderstand what God requires of you to do or divert or distract you from your relationship with God.

So that you are not doing anything that is a direct rebellion against God but doing things that will destroys your relationship with God. These things may may appear to be God’s Will but really destroy the relationship you have with God.

Satan has to break the salvation relationship you have with God by diverting, distracting or having you accept lies about your relationship with God and what he requires of you. He has your whole life to do this so can do this a little bit and time but only has to succeed on the day before you die so you will not realise what he has done to destroy your salvation relationship with God.

This is why you need to be guided by the holy spirit so that you are shown by him how Satan is compromising your faith.

Satan does this through the smoke screen he has created around you using the media and incorrect freedom of expression and the peer pressure that results from this to change your way of thinking to that he desires in you.

There are things be churches do that are not sinful all wrong in themselves but are used by Satan to divert you from what God does and the wrong that occurs may be in a person enforcing them as doctrine when they can never be doctrine or by making them obligatory for salvation of fellowship with other Christians.

These things cannot be doctrine and cannot be enforced as doctrine.

Then there are things that are promoted by churches that are just plain wrong or sinful.

How can you tell when something in the Bible is wrong or sinful or cannot be doctrine. You use the following tests:

The tests

Is it in The Bible?

If Yes: Then it must obey or agree with what The Bible says it is or it is error and possibly heretical.

If No: Then it must pass all of the following tests. It cannot be doctrine or enforceable on anyone but may be a denominational or church requirement if it does not fail any of the following tests.

Does the Bible infer it is allowable? If it infers it is allowable you still cannot make doctrine about it but only say it is a possibility and even then it must pass all the other tests below.

Does it express God’s type of Love and build up a person spiritually

Does it give God’s Glory to another? God said He will not give His Glory to another.

Does it promote The Father, The Holy Spirit, Jesus or His Kingdom or someone else?

Other sources that may help:

What does the Old Testament say about it or its practice?

What do the early church documents such as The Didache say about it or its practice?

If they pass these test they cannot be doctrine but they can be practises acceptable to God that will not harm your faith in any way.

So when the Bible is quiet on a subject you need the holy spirit to guide you. And not just in this but your daily life so that you know when Satan is attacking someone.

People do not realise that Satan has control of the media and that through it is imposing his values on them in a subtle way.

Choose carefully your inputs and be careful how you deal with them as they will determine what happens to your salvation relationship.

Problems dealing with our perception of God

It is our understanding of whom God is, has done, is doing and will do for us that determines our love to him and our relationship with him.

If Satan can cause us to have wrong understanding about these things it will cause us not to relate to God properly and maybe even not have salvation.

The Christian life is the expression of the love relationship we have with God which means it is an expression of the salvation relationship we have with God.


Our attitudes are expressed in the way we think and communicate so are very important  as they determine whether you go to heaven or hell.

The king you serve when you die is the one whose kingdom you go too.

If you:

Reject wholly Jesus

Ignore any of His requirements and do not repent of doing this

Are indifferent to what He shows you to do

You serve Satan and so will go to his kingdom of hell if you die while doing any of these things. 

You do not need to know everything.  All you need to know is what Jesus requires you to do and to wholeheartedly do it.  Then you will satisfy all the requirements of God.

Jesus questions Christians

One day Jesus asked me:

When you rise up in the morning is the first thing  you do to give the day to The Father for His Glory to be revealed in some way?

Do you greet The Father, Myself and The Holy Spirit.

Do you give the day to Me for Me to be Lord of all you do in it?

Do you ask what I desire you to do that day for Him?

Do you ever meditate on what I say to you in The Bible or personally?

Do you study The Bible so that you can be more and more approved and matured by Me?

Do you encourage each other in your mutual faith?

Do you serve others when I tell you too?  How I tell you too?

Do you even listen to The Holy Spirit to know what I desire you to do for me?

Are you ready to tell others about what I have done for you and can do for them?

Are you ready to tell others why they need Me and do you even know what to say to them?

Do you give to God your tithe as well as anything extra when I ask you too?  Remember tithing was instituted before The Law and was just codified by it so is still required.  I also give you anything you need to give to others or I would be a liar teaching Matt 6:33.  Whenever you seek to do My Will I will always give you what you need to do it which includes the tithe to give to me or others as well as what extra I ask you to give.

Do you defend Me, My values and The Kingdom of God when it is attacked?

Do you accept what Satan’s secular media promotes or do you carefully monitor what is watched on the television or seen in other medai in your house?

Do you attack Satan, his plans and his working so that people are freed from his kingdom through this?

Are you able to disciple, train or mentor those I bring to you?

Do you do My Will regardless of the cost to you?  Or do you the will of the denomination or church without cheeking if it is My Will?  Remember that I did not make denominations.  Man did so that  their will is not necessarily Mine.

Do you treat what you have as its owner or as a steward of mine looking after it for Me?  I made everything and I own it.  You are just a steward of it looking after it for me which means you do with it what I tell you too and not as you desire too if you want to use it for the purposes of Me and The Kingdom of God.

Do you work at building the salvation relationship you have with Me or is it irrelevant to your daily objectives?

Do you spend time with me each day relating to me as a friend and not just someone to pray too?  You do not develop a relationship by just asking a person for your needs.  You develop by sharing your heart and needs with them and listening to their needs and heart.  You say I do not need anything because I am God?  I need people after My own heart to serve me on earth because I choose to work through people.  Intimacy develops your heart to be like mine.

During the day do you ever think about The Father, Me or The Holy Spirit and how much we Love you and do things for you?

How important to you am I in your life or am I just an after thought?

When you face Me after you die how will you relate to me?  As a friend or as a Judge?

If you have a love relationship with Me you will be doing these things, learning of them or wholeheartedly trying to do them.

If you are guided by The Holy Spirit in all you do then you will be prepared and strengthened to do these thing when it is time to do them.

I am still working on these as it is a lifeloing project that continues in heaven.  As long as I wholeheartedly seek to do what God shows me to do I will satisfy Him in these things.

God expects you to do what He asks you to do and no more.

What are you chasing?

Everyone Wants to Be a Prophet or leader in the church in some area. Where did Jesus say to you to desire these things?

He is not interested in what position you hold or what you have succeeded in but only in what you do and the attitude in which you do it.  You are going to fail because you are not perfect and if God judged us by our results few would get to heaven if any.

God accepts us as we are and not as others say we should be.

He said to seek Him and the purposes of The Kingdom and the show His Quality of Love to all and not to chase things that are not of His Will to pursues which also compromises your pursuit of holiness.

His purposes are to rescue souls from hell and free them from what Satan has done to them where possible to disciple them and by this expand The Kingdom on earth and not to chase the glory man gives you.

If you desire what God desires, when you are able too you will tell others of  who He is as well as  what He has done for them at Calvary, what He is doing for them now and how much He desires them to be with Him in heaven after they die as well as what He has delivered them from (hell).

Not to do so wouild not show His Love toward them.

All Jesus asks is that you wholeheartedly try and do His Will and leave the results to Him.

You do not go to hell for wholeheartedly trying and failing.  You go to there for not trying or rejecting what He asks you to do.

If you do not do His Will is it because the minister has not taught you what God requires of you or told you that you need to do it or  because you did not bother to do what The Bible said to do because you preferred he sin m,ore than obedience.

The Bible is our guide book and you need to study it if you desire to live as a Christian should. 

God’s promise is that if you study it He will help you understand what is in it and carry it out (Jn 16:13) but only if  you seek to do what you learn from it (Jn 7:17).

Attitude to everyone

The main attitude is God's Quality of Love. 

This should be behind everything we do as all obedience is based on this and all God does is a result of tis Love.

This should result in forgiveness, mercy, acceptance of others (but not necessarily what they may do) and service.  God is a reconciler and our servant and expects us to be one also and certain attitudes are necessary if we are to be one.

People with God’s Quality of Love will express the Fruit of The Spirit.

Only those who wholeheartedly try to express God's Love correctly will end up in heaven with Him.  Love exists when it is expressed but may not be received which is why the attitude of the person is more importance than its reception.

As you talk about others there should not be any judgemental or critical attitudes or gossip, but an evaluation with the objective of doing for them what God desires done for them.  This is why you should always listen to The Holy Spirit so see what God desires you to do for that person.

All you can say is that Jesus says this in His Bible and you are not doing it and ask help if they need it to deal with the problem or situation.

Love is compassion and understanding and not condemn or hate.  They may hate what the person does but are to love the person because that person is also a child of The Father whom He loves.

Love does not do for another what they should be doing for themself but helps them do it if Jesus says to help them.

It does not be superior to another but treats them as an equal before God.

So what attitude do you have toward others and how do you talk about others?

The Lord reminds you:

Matt 12:36) But I tell you that every idle word that men speak, they will give account of it in the day of judgement.

So what do you think about others?

Does God’s Quality of Love determine how you think about others?

or how you relate to them?

or serve them?

Remember, you will have to explain every ungodly attitude or word you ever said that was not Godly or for the purposes of The Kingdom.

Thanking God

Do you thank God for all that happens to you?

Do you believe His perfect Love is behind all things that happen to you working for your best or do you believe that things that are not good that happen to  you are a form of punishment.

God has to allow the consequences of your actions to happen to you (Gal: 7,8) and He does that for one or more of the following reasons:

For you to learn from them

To draw you back to Himself

To be an example to others in how you deal with them

To mature you more as a follower of His so you can serve Him better and obtain better rewards in heaven.

Because you know God’s Love is behind what happens so that it is for your best you can be content in that knowledge that in the end it will work for your best which is why we are told that we need to endure to the end of a trial to reap its benefits.

When you do thank Jesus for something always remember that really all three persons of The Trinity are involved in some way.

The Father provides only good things for us

Jesus protects it and makes certain it gets done so you receive what The Father provides

The Holy Spirit teaches, guides and gives you understanding of how you are to deal with the provision.

So your thanksgiving should really be addressed to all three of The Trinity:

Thank you Father for your provision

Thank you Jesus for making sure we receive it and protecting it and us

Thank you Holy Spirit for showing how us to use it properly


Each member of The Trinity Loves you and has a part in whatever happens to you.  So in everything you should acknowledge this and declare this to all.

If anyone of the trinity ignored you in any way they would not have Perfect Love.  So remember  all play a part in whatever happens to you and all should be thanked for whatever happens to you.

Final Commands of Jesus in Summary

The final commandments of Jesus before He ascended can be summarised as follows:

“All power (authority) is given unto me in heaven and in earth.

Go ye therefore, and teach all nations I have risen,

Baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:

Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you

And that repentance and remission of sins should be preached in My name among all nations, beginning at Jerusalem.

He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned.

And these signs shall follow them that believe;

In my name shall they cast out devils;

They shall speak with new tongues;

They shall take up serpents;

And if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them;

 They shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover

And, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world."

These actions will be observable in the life of a follower of Jesus as an expression of God’s quality of Love in them working through them to others and if they have the same love for others that God has these actions will be a part of your life.

So for a true follower of Jesus these should be evident in their life at different times as they obey His commands to them.

They should also be demonstrating His quality of Love in all they do as He has commanded them to do so.

Joh 13:34  A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another. 

Joh 13:35  By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another. 

Note there is no escape clause that says you do not have to do this.  Unless you have good reasons for not doing these things then you are disobeying Jesus.

In the days to come you will need to do these things to have the faith to cope with what will happen in the world.

Unless you really have Jesus as Lord then your heart will fail with what is going to happen in the earth.

Remember  The Bible Says:

Jas 4:17  Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin. 

If you know you are to do these things and ignore them then you sin and need to repent and do these things or you are in disobedience and will not get to heaven.

You are only required to do them when God asks you too or when He makes an opportunity for you to do them.  But you must  do them wholeheartedly and not just in a token fashion to satisfy the requirements of God.

Whether you do them is your decision and only you will be to blame if you do not get to heaven because you did not do them.

Mark 16:15-18 in more detail.

Just before He ascended Jesus gave the following commands to His Disciples:

The first command was for His followers to go into the world (Satan’s system and kingdom on earth) and tell people the good news of what He had done for them.

Mar 16:15 And he said to them, "Go to the entire world and preach my Good News in all creation."

Those who would knowingly identify with Jesus would be publicly baptised to show this.

Mar 16:16 Whoever believes and is baptized has life, and whoever does not believe is condemned.

They would demonstrate the Authority of The Kingdom to show it and Jesus was real.  They would speak in languages that was foreign to them (we call tongues).  The only example of tongues in The Bible is Peter speaking in his own language and being understood by those around them who did not speak his language.  What passes as tongues these days does not appear in The Bible.

Mar 16:17 But these signs will accompany these who believe: in my name they will cast out demons, and they will speak in new languages.

They would be protected from harm by Jesus and this would be a further demonstration that Jesus and His Kingdom were real and that they were His servants.   They would further demonstrate The Kingdom and the reality of Jesus by being used by Him to heal sick people who would not otherwise have been healed by the medical practices they had at that time.

Mar 16:18 And they will take up snakes, and if they should drink lethal poison, it will not harm them, and they will place their hands on the sick and they will be healed.

Modern Bibles do not have this passage in them or imply it was not in the original.  This is a lie as it was in the originals but were removed before these Greek texts were released to the public.

The only differences between the miracles Satan can do and what Jesus can do are:

Satan cannot raise the dead

Jesus has Authority over Satan.

So unless  the Authority of Jesus over Satan is shown hen evangelism really does not have much more to offer than Satan does which is why so many are following Satan these days because the church no longer shows Jesus and His Kingdom are real.

This is why Paul said:

1Co 2:4 And my message and my preaching were not in the persuasiveness of the words of philosophy*, but in the demonstration of The Spirit and power,

1Co 2:5 That your faith would not be in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God.

So while the church no longer demonstrates the Authority of Jesus and that His Kingdom is real it does not really have more to offer than Satan offers his people where the supernatural occurs as a regular thing.

Activities of a Christianity

What should a Christian be doing and what should a church be teaching them to do?

If they believe Jesus is God and Lord of all they should be promoting this viewpoint and demonstrating that it is true by expressing the authority Jesus has delegated to them as well as showing his character (His quality of Love) in all they do.

They will:

Defend his name and Character

Protect His kingdom and its people from His enemy

Attack the kingdom of his enemy and expand The Kingdom of Jesus by rescuing people from the enemy kingdom and freeing them from the control of its demons (workers)

Do His Will in all they do.

Demonstrate His Quality of Love in all they do.

Their love for Jesus, because of what he has done for them, will be their motivation.

If they Love people in the way Jesus loves them then they will do all they can to help these people follow Jesus and avoid their going to hell.

They will teach people what Jesus has done for them so they can appreciate His love for them and they will teach these people how to enter into a correct relationship with Jesus and The Father (salvation/redemption) and how to live the life God requires of them (holiness/evangelism and Discipline).

Will you be found doing these things when Jesus returns?

God’s Preparation

God gives you everything you need to love and serve Him as He desires you to and does all He can for you to be prepared for heaven. If He did not do this He would not be a God of Love. This means that everything that happens to you is designed to do prepare you to be in heaven with Him for eternity.

There are no accidents with God!

He strengthens you to be able to love and serve Him regardless of what happens so that you need to trust in Him for what ever happens to you. This trust ih His Perfect Will is why you are able to endure knowing that it is all working for your eternal good if you deal with the situation in the way The Holy Spirit shows you how to Deal with it and that God always makes a way to deal with the situation (1 Cor 10:13). This is one reason why you need to be led by The Holy Spirit so you can deal with life’s circumstances the way God desires you to deal with them.

According to your faith will be how you believe these facts and how you will live and serve Jesus.

Their greatest activities

Their chief objectives will be to maintain Jesus as Lord and pursue holiness as without these objectives they will not maintain their side of the salvation partnership.

Part of this will be the purposes they use their time for.

How do you use your time?

Do you use it for the purposes of God’s Kingdom or by not doing this allow Satan to use it for the purposes of his kingdom?

There are only two possible sources for all you do:

God’s Will

Satan’s will.

You think you may make the decision but behind it is inputs from God or Satan.

If you are not doing God’s Will because you reject it or are indifferent to it then what you are doing serves the purposes of Satan by what is done or not done because it is not of The Kingdom and its Purposes.

Remember that when you face Jesus you will have to give an account of how you used everything He gave you which includes your time!

You are only pilgrims and travellers in this world surrounded by all Satan rules which is working against The Kingdom of God and trying to influence you against it.You can see why you need The Holy Spirit’s guidance where things not dealt with in The Bible are encountered.

He is the one who can tell you whether or not what you are going to do is for the purposes of The Kingdom as well as whether you should be doing it or something else.

If it is for the purposes of The Kingdom it will also be for your best and prepare you more for life in heaven.

Do you know whether or not what you are doing is for the purposes of The Kingdom or helping Satan to destroy its people and by this destroy The Kingdom which is only expressed on earth in the activity and actions of its citizens.

You are to use what you have

People are saying:

Why is God not using me?

I am obeying Him why are not all my needs met?

I do not appear to be of any use for God

God has forgotten me

What am I doing wrong?

Does God still love me?

How do you know this?

Do you have the mind of God to understand what God is doing with your life?

If you are in a righteous relationship then you are in the midst of His love, whether or not you can see this, and what is happening is best for you.

Instead of feeling frustrated, useless or depressed ask God why he has placed you in this state.

Is there something He desires you to study and learn that you are not doing or learning?

Does he desire for you to Minister to your family? If you cannot Minister to your family how can He give you others to Minister too outside of the family?

Is there something you need to stop doing and it may not necessarily be a sin but an activity?

Are you using what he has given you and not what you think you have been given or should have?

HAve you been prepared by Him for what you want to do or get?

Is it a timing thing so t hat if you got what you desired it wold be bad for you at that time?

Faith must believe God is love and that He is always working for your best and that it is worthwhile suffering what you are going through otherwise you will not believe that it is worthwhile suffering and patiently waiting for it to end. God states in His Bible:

“I love you with them everlasting love

I always do what is best for you so you have a future hope

I relate to you and your situation personally and have personal control of it

I will reward you for what you have gone through because served me well by your faithfulness and trust in me.

We are told that they who endure to the end of the trial will be delivered from it and that it will never be more than you can bear (1 Cor 10:13).

It is all a matter of trust and correct attitudes so if you are struggling you need to check how much you trust God’s Love and the attitude in which you are approaching the situation you are involved in.

God seems not to answer prayer

or God does not seem to be using me

There are good reasons for God not answering prayer or apparently not using you

Perhaps prosperity or success at this time could lose you your salvation and this is the only way to stop you losing your salvation. This is also why people die young because if they lived longer they could lose their salvation by their future activities.

Perhaps it will side track you from what He desires you to do

You may be in sin so He cannot bless you except with restoring you to a salvation relationship with Him

You may have a false prophecy so are asking for the wrong things which He will not give you but Satan gladly will

The timing may not be right for the answer

You may be asking for your own selfish purpose and not for God’s Glory or for the purposes of His Kingdom. Crying out to The Father for a need to be met is not considered a selfish purpose by God but an expression of your love for Him.

You may need to learn some lessons before God can trust you with what you ask.

Your attitude to the patient waiting for the answer (which matures you if done in the right attitude) shows you trust His Love and Control of all your circumstances and brings Him Glory.


Promises to meet your need and not what you think you need.

Makes all things good in its correct timing for you because He is a God who loves you perfectly and not just for His own purposes.

Look what Jesus did for you to come to earth and die for you.

He gave up all that ever is and His ruling of it

He lived as a human, away from the prefect joy of heaven

He died a painful death like a common criminal by those He gave life too.

Would you do that for Him?

How can you then question His love for you and what He is doing through and for you in your circumstances?

He sees past, present and future in its entirety so can know what is best for you at any time. He is preparing you for eternity so needs to teach you the lessons you need to prepare for heaven and your circumstances are designed to prepare you for heaven.

A little suffering now will lead to eternal joy and greater rewards in heaven if you suffer in the proper attitudes, trusting His Love for you, The Father’s provision of all you need and The Holy Spirit’s guidance in your suffering and life.

You need to be content in all that happens to you or you are saying what is happening is not best for you.

You need patience and endurance in all things so you do not sin

You need to trust His Love for you in all that happens to you

You need to trust His Control over all your circumstances

You need to trust His timing for all that happens to you

You need to trust His purposes for all that happens to you

And you need to have faith in Him when all seems to say faith has been wasted because God seems to have forgotten you or is not doing anything for you.

If you cannot trust Him who can you trust?

At the time that is best for you God will answer your prayer which may not necessarily be on earth but in heaven.

All good things come from The Father and it is to Him you should be asking for things and not Jesus or The Holy Spirit.

So thank The Father for all you have and cry to Him and not Jesus as He is your comforter and He will show His Love to you in a way that will comfort you and take away the need for anything else.

His Love, if you appreciate it, will sustain you until the times of refreshing come.

Remember that it is he that endures to the end that will be saved and receive the rewards. They sent ahead to heaven.

If God does not seem to be using you then check the above reasons but remember He may be preparing you or preparing where you are going to minister and it not the right time for Him to use you.

Just by your being obedient God is using you to bring Him Glory and worship and that perhaps is the most important ministry we can have.

The Basics of The Christian life

The Christian life has basic attitudes that are needed if it is to be lived as God desires it to be lived. God looks at the attitudes you have when you do things and not the results which is why we need to express positive attitudes in our relationships with God and others. If any of these positive attitudes are missing you will not live the Christian life as God desires it to be lived.

These are discussed in the following pages. They are:






Correct attitude toward sin

Discipline to carry out the above.

The progression

The basic attitude is Love which is a resulting of realising who God is and what He has done for you. Faith results from t his knowledge and Love results from this faith knowledge.

Lordship results from this.

Service results from this correct unfettered Love for God which results in the desire to maintain this relationship you have with God. So we pursue:


Correct Stewardship

Evangelism, so people can know about God’s Love for them and His desire for them to enter into a relationship with Him.

Spiritual warfare as we protect His people and things

Expressing His quality of love towards Him and all those around us.


God owns everything so it belongs to Him This means all must do what He says or gives you to be steward of for Him or it is rebellion (sin).

In a Christian context it refers to Jesus as the ruler of Christians who organised their redemption and now rules it because He purchased them from Satan with His Life so now owns them. His means He says what they are to do either in His guidebook The Bible or under guidance of The Holy Spirit He has sent to represent Him on earth.

So to stay a Christian you need to obey Him in every area. It is not obedience through fear (like demons) .but out of love for what He has done for you.

If Jesus is your Lord then your focus is on what He has told you to do and to do it for His purposes because you love him and desire to please Him.

A True Lordship focus maintains your salvation.

What do you understand by faith?

Faith is an attitude that believes something is true or will occur even though there is no way in the natural realm for it to occur or exist.

The Christian faith believes everything the Bible says. If you cannot believe everything the Bible says then you really cannot say you are a follower of Jesus because Jesus believed everything the Bible said and if you are his follower you too will believe everything the Bible said. If you do not believe everything Jesus believed in how can you say you are His follower or have real faith in Him and what He did, said and taught because we learn of these from The Bible.

If you cannot believe any part of The Bible then you cannot believe what is says about anything as it may not be correct and that includes who Jesus is, salvation, redemption, eternal life and all else the Christian life offers. You also cannot rely on what it says about how to live a life acceptable to God so that you go to heaven when you die.

What is the foundation of Christian faith?

People say it is Jesus. But He is found in the Bible so that the foundation of the Christian faith is a belief in everything God said in the Bible says including what it says about creation and Jesus. So if you do not believe everything the Bible says then the foundation of your faith is inadequate because you do not believe in God but a lesser being who wrote a bible that is not completely true whose par ts you cannot believe in because it may be wrong (Rom 10:9-10).

How is the Christian faith expressed?

Faith is expressed by doing everything God says in the Bible that you are to express. This means what it says about events and the commands of Jesus as well as:


The Fall

The Flood

The Resurrection

To prepare us for heaven.

To tell people of His love for them

To tell people how to obtain salvation

To tell people how He has redeemed them

To tell people what Jesus has done for them

That Jesus will reward you and it will be worth it all in heaven

There are other things also:

Jesus has to be 100% believed in for Him to b e your Lord

You are to fight His enemy, Satan

You are to destroy the works of Satan and free people from his kingdom through casting him out of them and delivering them from his influences

You are to defend His Holy Name, to defend His Holy things and to defend His Kingdom.

If you believe the Bible 100% you will be believing and doing these things when Jesus asks you too do them or learning how to do them.

You will believe (have faith that):

Jesus is God and your Lord

Jesus controls everything including Satan’s world system and nature.

He is Pure Love so what ever happens is for your best even if it means He needs you to die for Him.

He can deliver, protect and meet your every need and there is no situation that is too hard for Him to deal with.

You Must Trust and Obey Jesus 100% the matter how impossible the situation seems or how ridiculous it appears it is that He ask you to do.

Your faith in Him must be complete and He must be Lord of all you do.

Faith believes in and serves God because it believes all God said in His Bible.

How do you get faith?

Rom 10:17  So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. 

So examine your life:

How much you believe in The God of the Bible:

Who you are serving? (God or you)

How you are serving God

In what attitude are you serving God

How willing you are to give your life to Jesus as He was willing to give His life for you.

According to your relationship with Jesus and your understanding of who He is will be your faith, obedience, service and salvation.

What is love

Love exists only when it is expressed in some way either in your heart or through action.

God is Love - what does that mean?

Love helps someone when they cannot meet a need or need help to meet it, something which is necessary for them to be done and is done without expectation of reward or benefit. Christian love has the additional requirement that what is done must be God’s will for both the helper and the one being helped.

It is selflessly helping another to do something they need help with without expectation of a reward or benefit for the person showing the love or something associated with them.

So how does God Show His Love toward You?

God knew you could not give yourself life so He gave you life

God knew you could not maintain your life so He maintains it for you as well as the environment you live in

God did not want you to be a robot so gave you free will. What love that He gives you something that will allow you to reject him.

God knew you could not meet the punishment for your sin so sent Jesus to meet it for you so that you could be in a continual relationship with Him in this life and when you die to be with Him in heaven forever.

God knew you needed help to live as He requires you to live so came as The Holy Spirit to help you, guide you and give you understanding of what God requires of you.

He does not ask for a reward for all He has done for you but asks you to love Him back and because you love Him to do what He asks you to do. It is out of this Love that He asks you to serve Him so that when we serve God we really should not expect a reward for it. However God has promised us a reward even though He does not have to give us one for showing our love to Him or another (Heb 11:6).

This is our example of Love and its character is expressed in the Fruit of The Spirit.

Meditate on how God expresses the fruit of The Spirit to you to understand more of His Love.

Because God has given you free will God does not force you to obey Him and reminds you that it is purely your choice whether you end up with Him in heaven or with Satan in hell.

The Father loves you because you are His child and He gave you life. He desires you to appreciate His Love for you and to thank him for all He has done for you.

How much do you love and appreciate Him for what He has done for you and how much do you thank Him for these things?

Do you love Him sufficiently to obey Him in all He asks of you?

Do you thank Him for all He does for you?

A child appreciates their Father and His love for them.

Do you appreciate The Father and His Love for you?

You can define ‘Love’ all you want but basically it is an attitude you develop through applying it and it only exists when it is expressed so this means you only show you have love when it is in action even if only by not doing anything about something.

Jesus said: “If you Love me keep My Commandments” and in a sense this is a key verse of the Christian life and is the basis for all we do in it.


If you love people in the way God does you will forgive them . You may not like what t hey do but God has forgiven them and He is our example. They may not accept His forgiveness but it is still there.

One of the main reasons people go to hell is unforgiveness. The disobey what God said in Matt 6:12-15.

Unforgiveness is a rejection of all God stands for because it is a rejection of His Quality of Love. If you Love as God love you will love others because they are His children.

You wll also try and reconcile to others iif possible. It may be too dangerous to do so but you still must have the desire to reconcile even though y ou cannot do it. Not wanting to reconcile is a reult of anger or unforgiveness of a person and rejects God love for them so is rebellion.


Holiness is wholly rejecting all that Satan tells you to do (in your mind through thought usually) and doing what God wants you to do. It is an expression of true Lordship.

Without Holiness Jesus said we could not get nto heaven. Holiness is an attitude that has Jesus as complete Lord of all your life so that you only do what He desires you to do and reject all Satan tries to get you to do so that you become defiled (unholy) and cannot enter The Kingdom of God but will be with Satan in his kingdom after you die.

Because you cannot enter heaven you can only go to one other place, which is hell where the king you followed (unwittingly at times) rules. Whose King you follow when you die is the one to whose kingdom you go to.

Seek holiness as the more you purify yourself from Satan's influences the closer you will be to God and the more He can use you to serve Him and His purposes.

Holiness is attitude and not just a legalistic expression of life. It is a result of Love for Jesus and The Father guided by The Holy Spirit.

Seek holiness so that you maintain your side of the Christian life you have been gven by Gpodand are able to be used By God in the way He desires to use you which will be best for you and earn heaven and greater rewards there.

Why is it necessary to pursue holiness?

The objective of Satan is to take your focus off Jesus and His things and to turn it to his things using his world system he has placed around you which he has had 6000 years to develop.

All around you through media and lifestyle he proclaims his way of doing things and tries to distract from Jesus and His things.

Pursuing holiness keeps your focus on Jesus and His things which is why you need to:

Test the spirit behind what you encounter

Be guided by The Holy Spirit so you know what God’s Will for you is in that circumstance or activity.

This is not taught in churches so they do not teach you how to recognise when Satan is trying to divert you from God’s Will for you in that matter as well as teach you how to defeat the strategy Satan is using at the time.

So the real reason you need to pursue holiness is to keep your focus on Jesus and His Will for you so that you reject what Satan is suggesting you do which will cause you to sin if you accept it in your heart.


God created everything, sustains everything and all is created for His purposes so He owns everything. We only need to care for what He has given us to use or look after for Him.

When you buy something you are only being a steward of it for God’s purposes

So you should really ask God if He wants you to buy what you are looking at as well as why He desires you to buy it if you do not know why you are purchasing it?

It may not be God’s will for you to have that object. But Satan will encourage you so that you are diverted from God’s purposes in some way.

If you do not ask God about purchasing it do you consider the fact you could die before you even unwrap it?

Do you know the reason for which God desires you to buy it?

People think they own things and this is why God’s work is not done because they are not buying, giving or using what God has told the to do with what they have for the purposes of The Kingdom.

Remember God requires stewards to be faithful to Him and do His Will with what He has given them.

So what are you a steward of:

Your life: mind, spirit, souls, body

Your family

Your relationship with God (Salvation is a relationship)

Your other relationships

Anything God gives you to care for Him (you call them your possessions) or have authority over

The way you carry out the commands God gives you

The Mysteries of God

The Things of God on earth

My ministry He gives you

The warfare on His behalf against Satan and his plans.

They are all things you are steward of.

You can see how important it is to be a good steward of all God has given you.

Not caring for the things of God is a form of rebellion and all sin has an incorrect stewardship of something and a lack of love toward someone as its basis.

The Holy Spirit has been given to help you carry put your stewardship correctly so that you have no excuse for not being a good steward of these things.

Remember that the first sin was that of Adam against stewardship because He did not look after Eve or the garden like God told Him too. He did not love God or eve sufficiently to maintain correct stewardship of The Garden and Eve. So if Satan can cause you not to be a good steward you will sin in that area and God’s work will not be done or will be done badly.

The Bible

The Bible is God’s guide book for living on earth and The Holy spirit is its interpreter giving understanding of how to apply it to our lives, So if you really want to live as a Christian should you need to know The Bible so The Holy Spirit can use it to teach and guide you in what you do each day.

Satan knows how important The Bible is to the foundational life of a Christian so has managed to corrupt it so that modern day bibles are based on four forged codices (proven beyond a doubt) and by this removed 20% of the important bits of The Bible. This is why Christianity really started to decline in 1976 when the New International Version was published and adopted by many Churches and denominations throughout the English speaking world.

It removed our delegation over Satan so we really have nothing to fight Him with. They stated it was not in the two main codices they used, But it was originally. It was removed from the Vaticanus before it was published and written out of the Sinaiticus before it was ‘discovered’ by Tischendorf.

God would not deliberately remove the only delegation He gave us to control Satan and remove him and his plans. So guess who had it removed? This shows that the editor behind the Greek used for modern translation had to be Satan using men to alter the bible for his purposes (which is to bring in a one world bible that all faiths can relate too in preparation for the coming Antichrists.

So if you want to cast out Satan you cannot use a modern bible. You have to use an Authorised Bible, The Syriac Peshita or similar.

Tests of Doctrine and practice

There is much error in the belief of Christians these days because modern bibles were edited by Satan to remove much of importance material and are based on four proven forged codices aimed to destroy the foundations of Christianity.

Many non-biblical beliefs are now in the church and the Church accepts things that in 1976 were unthinkable.

You need to apply the following tests to what man says is doctrine?

Is it in The Authorised Bible or Syriac Peshitta? (remember you cannot use a modern bible, as they are based on forged codices and they leave out 20% of the true bible and make Jesus out to be a human who became God by what He did and altered The Bible to back up their heetical theology ).

If Yes: Then it must obey or agree with what The Bible says it is or it is error and possibly heretical.

If No: Then it must pass all of the following tests. It cannot be doctrine or enforceable on anyone but may be a denominational or church requirement if it does not fail any of the following tests. “infer; is different to ‘conjecture’. Conjecture is made up by man for his purposes without any basis for doing so. Infer implies it could be in there somewhere.

Does the Bible infer it is allowable? If it infers it is allowable you still cannot make doctrine about it but only say it is a possibility and even then it must pass all the other tests below.

Does it express God’s quality of Love and build up a person spiritually

Does it give God’s Glory to another? God’s said He would not give His Glory to another.

Does it promote The Father, The Holy Spirit, Jesus or His Kingdom or someone or something else?

Note how many denominations, churches or Television Evangelists promote their organisations or themselves and do not promote The Kingdom of God! They say they serve God but ignore His requirements because they do not promote His Kingdom and the Gospel they preach is not the one Jesus taught.

Using corrupted bibles

Most people do not realise modern Bibles are based on four Greek texts of which three are forgeries and the fourth one used as the Greek test for modern translations has no basis for it to be used for anything religious. It is supposedly based on the Sinaiticus but actually the editors altered it to suit their theology. The changes they made at times are so subtle that people do not realise they have occurred and many people do not know the original Bible because a new generation has risen up that has been trained under these new ‘better’ Bibles which is why they are accepted by many people now.

The subtleties are great so that people do not realise the changes and the effect they have on doctrine.

As an example I show what they did to the book of Hebrews chapter 1: 1-2.

The authorised version reads as follows:

Heb 1:1  God, who at sundry times and in divers manners spake in time past unto the fathers by the prophets, 

Heb 1:2  Hath in these last days spoken unto us by his Son, whom he hath appointed heir of all things, by whom also he made the worlds; 

The revised version the first of modern Bibles reads as follows:

Heb 1:1 God, having of old time spoken unto the fathers in the prophets by divers portions and in divers manners,

Heb 1:2 hath at the end of these days spoken unto us in his Son, whom he appointed heir of all things, through whom also he made the worlds;

Notice that the Authorised Version has God speaking to the prophets and through Jesus while the Revised Version has 'in'. What is the difference? In the authorised version God tells the people what to say. In the revised version He puts in them what to say and they have to work out what God wanted to say. This is one reason why many modern theologians believe they have to work out what God said and have caused many doctrinal errors using reason rat her than faith so that practices are now in the church that were not considered 100 years ago because they were against the laws of God.

Because they believe man got it wrong they rationalise that they have now to work out what God wanted to really say and of course their theology influence what they write the bible should have said.

Many believe Jesus was a man who was a son of God but had a father (a god) and a mother and was conceived through sex between them. Where as God alone is the father of Jesus.

Because they believe that Jesus was like other men who became God they do not believe he was divine at birth so remove as much of His Divinity at they can.

This is why people can write a book saying 'what does the new international version have against Jesus'. This is because the new translations omit 20% of the true Bible so that a watered down version now occurs in modern Bibles which is becoming more and more similar to the beliefs of other faiths and religions in preparation for a one world Bible the Antichrist can use to unite all faiths.I discuss this more in writings on my web page ''.

Do the research you will find this is true but do not use the writings of modern theologians because they believe that Jesus was not divine at birth and that they have to work out what God really wanted to say and believe their doctrine is correct and not that of the Authored Version.

This is why it is no use arguing doctrine with them which is why you need to show that all the codices they use are forgeries so that modern translations have no basis for existing.

It is no use arguing Doctrine when defending the Authorised Version

The proponents of the modern Greek text believe their text is more accurate than the King James tect so that the King James doctrine has errors in the new Greek does not. This line of argument achieves nothing since those arguing have not been brought up on the King James Text.

All you can do is show that the modern Greek text is based on forgeries so that it h as no basis for being used for Bible translation s which means all that is left is the King James Text which is based on actual codices.

The Church

The true church is the body of believers marked by The Holy Spirit as belonging to The Kingdom of Heaven and not a member of a Church or denomination but members of these might belong to the true church.

What does the church offer that Satan does not offer?

How does the church show that what Jesus offers is greater than what Satan offers people?

Do people see in your Faith something that attracts them to join you in a church so that there is a desire to go to it or does your church appear irrelevant to them

Many churches try to attract people through worldly activities like concerts, game nights, imitating a coffee shop and because the use the world’s methods achieve little. This is because they no longer have the Authority of Jesus being expressed in them to attract people to Him.

You are to go out and demonstrate The kingdom of God is stronger and better than what Satan offers or you may as well be a social club to most which has higher morals than most people. Although given the scandals involving ministers in the western church even that is now a doubtful possibility.

What is the church?

Where is the church found.

There are two churches in the world:

That which the world sees found in denominations and buildings Satan has a form of control over to hide that it is not the true church

That which The Kingdom of God on earth found in its citizens which may be in denominations..

Is it found in a denomination, a house church, a meeting of Christians, in a small prayer group or other types of Christian gatherings?

It is found in a gathering of two or more people that meet for the purposes of The Kingdom of God.

Jesus said that His Followers would live in peace and unity with each other showing His Love to each other and relating to each other as His followers should, expressing His love and service to each other.

Denominations divide His People into factions as do house church groups and similar activities that are regulated by man.

So man’s organisation or activates or other man regulated organisations do not mark a person as belonging to His Church!

So what marks a member of His Church?

They have an intimate personal relationship with Him

They do His Will over that of their own or religious organisation.

They live in peace with all believers promoting only His Kingdom.

They server and help each other in His Quality of Love

They unify to do His work and reach the lost and destroy the works of Satan.

Where two or three are gathered together for His purposes there is His church and buildings are irrelevant for this to happen.

What is the purpose of the church?

The Body of Christ is God’s representative on earth and is used by God to further His Kingdom and also to worship Him Showing God’s love and grace in all they do as well as the manifestation of The Authority of Jesus on earth and by this bring Him Glory and Honour.

Everything a church does should be directed at furthering The Kingdom of God or it will result in glory and honour to man and be a form of idolatry.  Churches do not do God’s Will if they do not demonstrate, preach or teach the Kingdom of God, of which the church is suppose to be an example of in this world. 

A church not doing this is not part of The True Body.  Individuals in it may be but not the congregation as a whole and in serious cases may have its candle (light in the world) removed by Jesus so it no longer is His as it no longer represents Him and His Kingdom.

It is worrying when Jesus told someone that 80-% of people who call themselves Christian will not go up in the rapture when He comes and that if He came now it would be 90% would not go up.

It is all there in The Bible so a denomination not doing these things or not teaching these things to its ministers does not believe The Bible so cannot be a follower of Jesus.

A church must demonstrate the Love of God and the Authority of Jesus over Satan or it has no real purpose and becomes just another social club or charitable organisation having the appearance o Godliness but not of its demonstration.

Until a church can show these things it is not going to do the work of Jesus, hinder Satan’s Kingdom, rescue people from it’s influences or destroy his works. It may as well  be a social club of high moral standards or a secret society for a few who know the ritual and language of the church.

Paul stated this principle clearly as being an important part of his evangelistic ministry:

1Co 2:4-5  And my speech and my preaching was not with enticing words of man's wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power:  That your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God.

In otherwords it demonstrates the authority of Jesus over Satan and his works and unless it does that it is really little different to other religions that have similar morals.

People reject the church and follow white witchcraft and similar because it appears to have good morals and appear to have the spiritual power the church lacks. And the church does nothing to demonstrate it is superior spiritually to them.

It is this expression of this Authority over Satan that is the only real difference between what the true church offers and Satan offers through his belief systems.

Where The Kingdom is demonstrated the church us growing.  In the west where it is not demonstrated by most churches it is dieing and people are turning to religions and cults that Satan controls which appear to have spiritual power..

A church must demonstrate the Love of God and the Authority of Jesus over Satan or it has no real purpose and becomes just another social club or charitable organisation having the appearance of Godliness but not of its demonstration.

Until a church can show these things it is not going to do the work of Jesus, hinder Satan’s Kingdom, rescue people from it’s influences or destroy his works. It may as well  be a social club of high moral standards or a secret society for a few who know the ritual and language of the church.

What is The purpose of the church ctd

What is the purpose of the church:

Is it to build up denominations?

Is it to build bigger and better churches?

Is it to set up organisations to help the denominations members?

It is to pay people to do the work the members of denominations should be doing?

Is it to train people to ministers or people on behalf of a denomination?

Is it to demonstrate the spiritual Authority of Jesus or the authority of the denomination?

What is the purpose of His Church?

The purpose of the church is to serve Jesus and to protect and expand His Kingdom, demonstrating His Authority (and thus the authority of His Kingdom) removing people from the kingdom of His enemy, freeing them from the enemy’s influence as well as destroying the works and plans of His enemy.

It is t o demonstrates Gods Love to the world and free people from the enemy’s kingdom then teach them how to live as a citizen of The Kingdom of God.

Being a member of a denomination does not make you a citizen of His Kingdom because denominations are set up for the purposes of man’s control and Jesus does not need them andalso they divide His Kingdom. They also perform the work of the denomination as it seeks to preserve itself.

Denominations are a master stroke of Satan because as he divides the Church he can more easily influence and conquer it.

So when a denomination is not serving Jesus and expanding His Kingdom, demonstrating His Authority and removing people from the kingdom of His enemy, it is not part of God’s Church as it is not doing what He commanded it to do in The Bible just before He left earth.

Jesus commanded you to love Him and others in the way He Loves you. Many people in denominations have enough difficulty loving each other let alone those they are sent too help.

The summary of The Commands Jesus gave just before H left are as follows:

All power (authority) is given unto me in heaven and in earth. Go ye therefore, and teach all nations,

Baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:

Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you

And that repentance and remission of sins should be preached in His name among all nations, beginning at Jerusalem.

He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned.

And these signs shall follow them that believe;

In my name shall they cast out devils;

they shall speak with new tongues;

They shall take up serpents;

and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them;

they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover

and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world.

Citizens of The Kingdom of God which are members of His Church will be doing these things when they have the opportunity to do so given to them by God.

(It has been suggested that the passage giving us authority over Satan is not said to be in the Greek texts used by modern translations but it was in them and was removed before the Greek texts were published.)

Not doing these things when given the opportunity to do them is disobedience which is a form of rebellion against God so people need to be either doing these things, learning how to do them, teaching others how to do them or resting from doing them. In a sense it is denying Jesus not to do them when told too by Him and He said that if you are deliberately not wholeheartedly trying to do any of the above when He asks you to do them then He will deny you before The Father so that you do not enter heaven. After all, you are rebelling and rebellion is sin.

By deliberately rejecting doing these things or being indifferent to doing them you are denying people from knowing who He is and what He has done for them. He will deny you before The Father so you will not enter heaven

So are you doing His Purposes by doing the above or are you being a good member of a denomination serving the denomination instead of Him and The Kingdom of God.

Salvation is a relationship and if you have a relationship with Jesus, which will be a result of your love for Him and appreciation of what He and The Father has done for you, you will be willingly doing these things when Jesus gives you the opportunity to do them.

How should the church be run

How was the early church run? In acts 6 we are told how it was to be run.

Act 6:2  Then the twelve called the multitude of the disciples unto them, and said, It is not reason that we should leave the word of God, and serve tables. 

Act 6:3  Wherefore, brethren, look ye out among you seven men of honest report, full of the Holy Ghost and wisdom, whom we may appoint over this business. 

Act 6:4  But we will give ourselves continually to prayer, and to the ministry of the word. 

Note that the spiritual and the administrative were kept separate. Both types of tasks were to be filled with people led by The Holy Spirit. So every important role in the church has to be filled by people led by The Holy Spirit not just people who have studied how to do the roles they have and have the appropriate denomination or church qualifications or are relatives.

Note also that churches were not expected to form large organisations but be small compact local groups like house churches are.

You can see that the spiritual side which the ministers carry out is separate to the administrative side which deacons or their equivalent carried out.

The letters Paul are considered to have written do not have this structure of minister in charge or and controlling everything but the ones others are believed to have been written using his name have it in them. So was written about by someone who had not been taught by Jesus. In fact books written by other apostles mention minister only in the form of serving another but do mention elders. So it appears t he church is to have mature people guiding it spiritually with Jesus as its Minister (1 Pet 2:25).

Too many ministers do both jobs. They Minister spiritually to the church and run it when the Bible clearly shows these roles are to be separate. By the Minister doing the administrative work or controlling it he stops people in the church ministering in the areas the minister should not be controlling and also limits his discipling ability.

Unfortunately it is a pattern the Lord Jesus hates which is that of the Nicolaitans (Rev 2:6)

The Name ’Nicolaitan’ basically means “one who rules or conquer the people” In otherwords one who controls the people, or in this case the congregation. This occurs in churches where the minister’s word is law and what he says goes. There may be a church board but it answers to him and does what he says.

In its most excessive case is a cult where the leader controls everything and rules everything and what he says must be done.

Unfortunately many churches have a Nicolaitan tendency and the congregation really have little say in what happens and the church board defers to the Minister who controls everything.

In the early church there was a moderator who kept the peace, ensured there was order, and the meeting was led by The Holy Spirit. Unfortunately many Western churches do not bother to ask The Holy Spirit what to do so in a sense cannot really follow the this New Testament pattern because they have to use man’s organisation in which there is a leader who controls everyone with the help of assistants and a denomination that controls these leaders.

This is Satan’s method and the church no longer being guided completely by The Holy Spirit have defaulted to man’s way of doing things.

Because they do not listen to The Holy Spirit even though they say they do, the church is not led by The Holy Spirit but by man’s methods and so does not usually do the work of The Kingdom but does the planning of the denomination, church board or minister. This is why so many modern business practises are used by churches instead of what God said they should be doing.

This is why so many churches have financial problems. They are doing what they believe they should be doing and it is not what God usually desires them to do so He cannot fund it (Matt 6:33 applies).

The church is not guided by The Holy Spirit and is not growing or doing much for God (compared to what it can do) and so uses the proven methods of Satan to attract people and grow. Remember Satan guides modern business practices and not God

The greatest need of the church is to hear The Holy Spirit and be guided by Him and not be guided by man’s methods or agendas. Then it will do the work of The Kingdom in the Authority of The Kingdom and the world will see the church is different to what normally passes as religion.

The Body

The Body of Christ consists of people who are marked in their spirit by the Holy Spirit as belonging to The Kingdom of God. A lot of people who go to a church believe they belong to The Kingdom of God. Satan goes to church so that is not a criteria.

This is why being a denominational member or going to Church does not mark you as a Christian or member of The Kingdom of God.

What the church does not do usually

Jesus said to do some things that would prevent the people in the church being deceived and maintain a their salvation

We are always to listen to the Guidance of The Holy Spirit

We are to do things that will Glorify God and promote His Kingdom (Matt 6:33) as well as express His Love toward them

We are to tell others about Him and what He has done for them and demonstrate He and His Kingdom are real through the use of His delegated Authority over Satan and his works.

We are to pursue Holiness which is an expression of His Lordship over us.

These are rarely done or even thought about or taught by ministers or people in churches.

The Letters to the Seven Churches

When writing to the churches in the book of Revelation why does Jesus address the church as a whole and not individuals in each church?

He is looking at the church in terms of the requirements of The Kingdom of God and how it impacts on the society around them because of what it preaches and how it demonstrates Jesus and The Kingdom.  The church and their representation of The Kingdom reflect the leadership of that church and in a way these letters are comments on the leadership in these churches.

In a sense it shows the importance of the church as a local representative of the Kingdom of God on earth.  There is no longer a temple, synagogue or other places of worship mentioned in the New Testament as each person in The Body now is a temple and is able to worship God personally. 

The temple is mentioned in Acts as that is where they preached it is not mentioned in any other context in regard to the apostles

People, in their normal daily activities, cannot see The Kingdom except through the life of a citizen of The Kingdom or when they make as a group, a part of the Body known as a local church that expresses the Authority of The Kingdom over the works of Satan.

Ministers are usually responsible for what the church does so if the church does not do the will of God it is probable that they will have the greater condemnation.  Perhaps this is why the Nicolaitans are amongst the first mentioned problems in the church and are amongst the first to be condemned.

If a church is not doing the work of Jesus it may not be part of the Body.  It could be in the category of one of those churches that God says will be removed and people in it may lose their salvation.  This church loses its status of being a member of the Body of Christ and its members may be in danger of going to hell.  This is not to say all the members have these wrong attitudes but many do and they allow the church leadership to make it the way it is.

The minister can only really do things if the church agrees with them in their heart.

The church is the sum of its members so the local church that Jesus condemns is because of what most of its members do or accept.  The condemnation is also of the church’s leadership that guide the members so that they do what they are taught by the leadership which a reflection of what the leadership believes and does.

In a sense these letters are a judgement on the official and unofficial leaders in the church.  So these letters are to leaders who are recognised and appointed as such and those that assume leadership unofficially in a church.

What were and still are Nicolaitans

The root of the word Nicolaitans comes from Greek ‘nikao’, ‘to conquer or overcome’, and ‘laos’, which means ‘people and which the word laity comes from. The two words together mean ‘to overcome or rule’ the people and refers to the earliest form of what we call a priestly order or clergy which later on in church history divided people and allowed for leadership other than those led by the Holy Spirit. A good translation of Nicolaitan would be “those who prevail over the people”

These leaders destroyed the flat structure of the Body of Christ where each person is directly answerable to Jesus and not to another and replaced Jesus as its bishop (1 Pet 2:25).

This structure is not in the letters that scholars believe Paul wrote. However there are some doubtful letters written by others using Paul’s name as an act of homage that have the Nicolaitan structure in as well as the spiritual headship over women. This ties in the fact that Jesus never taught these things and did not teach them to Paul which is why he did not write about them.

If you study 1 Pet 3:1-6 you can see that headship can only be domestic and this would be how Jesus taught it. If Jesus leads both spouses then He is the spiritual head and they will always ask The Holy Spirit what to do so there is never any arguments over a matter or activities they submit to Jesus by obeying what The Holy Spirit tells them to do.

Spiritual authority over another in the Body of Christ is only for the purposes of helping them in their spiritual life as a mentor and then it is not control type authority but a servant type serving the spiritual needs of that person.  This true authority last only as long as Jesus desires you to minister to that person: to guide them, help them mature, to meet any of their needs you need to or to teach them what Jesus desires them to be taught.

Ministry is the expression of God’s love in you to another and to express it any other way than helping them because Jesus has asked you to is to take over the role of Jesus and The Holy Spirit and declare you know what is best for a person.

To take authority over the physical side of a person is wrong unless Jesus appoints you as steward over them for the purposes of the laws of the land and then it is only legal authority. Legal authority are the laws of the land to guide and control an area for the benefit of all in that area as well as enforce these laws.  Servants meet the emotional and physical needs of others and do not control them and so it is with all who are citizens of The Kingdom, that they meet the needs of others and not seek to have their own needs met unless they need help meeting them or to control others for their purposes.

After all the nature of Love is that of God and is that of a servant.


Chapters 2 and 3 of the book of Revelation deal with letters to seven churches in Asia Minor. Why were they all in Asia Minor?

We are told in the Letter to Pergamos that Satan had his throne (seat) there so he ruled from there and these churches were all in the area of its influence and of the influence of the people who served at his throne.

The chief spirit over Asia Minor was not a lower territorial spirit but Satan himself.  So the churches were prime targets for his attacks and illustrated various ways he attacked the church.  So these Letters are to seven churches to illustrate the effects of Satan attacks on churches.

It is interesting that after these letters to the seven churches the focus changes from these churches in the area Satan controls to God’s throne in heaven as if to remind us that Satan is controlled by God so that these churches are only in danger if they do not follow Jesus as Lord!

Ephesus 2: I-7

This was the seat of the worship of the Goddess Artemis who was worshipped throughout the then known world. The demon behind Artemis would probably be working directly To Satan and if Satan did not have his seat there this demon would have been the most powerful demon in that area.

The Ephesians were doing all the correct things as Christians, but from wrong motives. They had left their first Love, Jesus (v4), so love for Him was no longer their motivation. The legalism that was involved in the cult of the goddess Artemis had somehow crept into the Christians so love was no longer a motivation for service.

They tested the spirit behind things v2

They could not stand evil people v2

Laboured to serve Jesus and endured in this labour v3

But their motive for service was wrong so Jesus could not have them as His representatives and would close the church down rather than have it minister in a corrupt way. Even though they were preaching the correct gospel of salvation (as they followed the Bible v2) legalism and ritual had crept in and replaced love and grace.  They were not serving Jesus out of love for Him but for the sake of service.

Legalism could only have crept in if The Holy Spirit was no longer in charge or being ignored and not manifesting in their midst with His guiding gifts.

They were commended, however, because they hated the priestly structure associated with the Nicolaitans.

The Ephesian church had the truth but did the right things but for the wrong reasons. They had lost their love for Jesus so it was just ritual and legalism, the same as it was in the Temple of Artemis.

It was a church society could not see as being really different to what they were doing already and in many ways represents many churches of of today. Doing things to satisfy denominational or Church requirements and not because of their love for Jesus and not demonstrating the authority of Jesus over Satan.

Smyrna 2:8-11

The church at Smyrna is commended for its endurance against Satan’s attacks on it. They are encouraged to continue in their endurance until the trial is over and they will be rewarded with eternal life.

They are told not to be afraid as Jesus is greater than Satan and they can never lose the gift of eternal life He promises them if they endure to the end of the trial.

This is the type of Church that resists the evil around it and is not compromised by this evil in any way.  Its members would rather be imprisoned and die than to give in to the forces of evil around them. They pursue holiness in all they do and what the do is done in God’s Quality of Love.

They had not lost their first Love for Jesus and endured because of their love for Him and His Things.

It was a church that represented The Kingdom of God in all it did and is typical of churches in persecuted countries.

 Pergamos 2:12-17

In this city Satan had his seat (throne) and from this earthly throne he could monitor Rome, Jerusalem, Ephesus, Egypt. Africa, Asia because Pergamos is near the centre of the earth’s land masses.

The church in Pergamos was once godly and they had people who had died fighting for the faith in that city.  But they had become compromised in two ways:

They had allowed a priestly structure in the church (with all the results that follow this type of structure). 

They had also abused the forgiveness and freedom the Grace of Jesus allows a Christian. They had compromised their faith through allowing things of Satan’s world system to be an acceptable in the belief they could repent afterwards because of Calvary and the forgiveness that was there.

After a while this worldliness became a natural part of their lifestyle and they no longer repented.

The Nicolaitans were there because the church had accepted things of Satan’s world, because they had lost the ability to Hear the Holy spirit so adopted man’s system of doing things like many modern churches have.

This church did not fight evil but compromised with it and lost its love for the truths of God as well as its ability to hear the Holy Spirit and had adopted mans methods of doing things.

It was a church that was irrelevant to the society around it and is also representative of many churches today that have lost the leading of The Spirit and look to mans ways of leading and guidance.


This is the longest letter to any of the seven churches. Jezebel was the problem. in this church.  Jezebel is part of the unholy trinity: Jezebel, Death and Hades, and Anti-Christ so a victory over her is important.

This church showed Gods’ love in its ministry but had Jezebel in its midst using Christians for her purposes.

Each person in the Thyatira church would be judged according to their service of Jesus.  Those who allowed Jezebel to use them would be destroyed. Those that resisted her would continue in their relationship with Jesus (salvation) and would rule the nations with Him.

Jesus placed no other trial on them than to resist Jezebel and obey His revealed Will (truths). This is the church that seeks to do God’s Will and resist the things of Satan but the leadership does not remove those people Satan uses from within its midst so it sends mixed signals to society around.

This is a church that is too busy trying to please man and so ignores what God wants it to do.  A church that tolerates evil in its midst for the sake of peace and so called unity and sends a mixed message to the world of what Christianity is.

Jezebel is a major spirit in the world today which is why we have feminism, womens rights and promotion of women in ungodly things.

Sardis 3:1-6

Sardis was a Church that had forgotten its beginnings so the foundational teachings it had received were badly compromised or forgotten. Things were so bad that many would lose their salvation. They were told to restore (strengthen) the Truth that they still had left (and Jesus would build on this and their desire to hold to these truths).

As always, there was a faithful remnant who had held to what they were originally taught.

This is a church that compromised its truths and salvation because they allowed into their belief system things that were ungodly and had embraced them.  They had salvation (were in the Lamb’s book of life but if they did not repent their name would be blotted out of and these would lose their salvation (v5). In otherwords Jesus said that you can lose your salvation.

They did not have a Bible so it was not compromising Biblical truths but the spiritual truths they had been taught.

Can you lose your salvation? Yes (v5), through deliberately unrepented disobedience, according to this letter.  Deliberately ignoring what God says to do is a form of disobedience.

This church did not represent God or His Kingdom so was of none or little use to Him.

Many churches today in the west represent their denomination and not God’s Kingdom so are of Little use for Him


Jesus had been watching them as they had been faithful to the point of exhaustion (had little strength) and had obeyed Jesus completely (there was no condemnation to them).

Jesus set before them an open door (of service and ministry) as they had proved their worth to Him through their faithfulness to Him. Their enemies would bow before them and admit their error of faith to the Philadelphians.

They are encouraged to endure to receive their rewards.  It is only as you finish the race do you receive the prize. Jesus said:

He that overcometh to the end the same shall be saved”

This church represented Jesus and by their faith and lifestyle attracted people to Him and His Kingdom.

The people in this church had passed all the tests necessary to prove their faith in Jesus so they could be used by Jesus as He desired too use them so He would give them no other burden (trials).  Satan had been allowed to sift them and had failed.  Through the way they had handled these trial of Satan they had proved to Satan they were worthy of doing the work Jesus had called them to do.

You do not become great in the kingdom of God through studying the Bible at seminaries, Bible colleges etc..  You become great through applying the Bible, and faithfully enduring every trial Satan places on you.

Laodicea 3:14-22

This is the lukewarm, worldly, wealthy, comfortable church - A comfortable social club, having all the trappings of Christianity but none of the fruit of it.  It is of no spiritual relevance to the world around it as it makes none or little spiritual impact on it, having little of any real spiritual worth to offer them.  Appearing to be little different to the world, or to other religions and cults having little impact on the world.

If your church makes little impact in the society around it, perhaps it is this type of lukewarm church.  If this is not this type the church, you had better find out why Jesus is not using or cannot use your church to impact the people around you.

Jesus hates comfortable, lukewarm people or churches so much He spews (violently vomits) them out of His Body into Satan’s world as He will not use or tolerate hypocrisy.  This is the hypocritical church that says they are Christ’s, but pay only lip-service to Him and are too well off and comfortable to do His work being too wrapped up in their activity to maintain their lifestyle and wealth.

If any repent and obey Jesus (v20) their Salvation relationship with Jesus will be restored (Jn 17:3) and they will be restored to fellowship with Him and The Father.

They had not blasphemed The Holy Spirit so they were able to be restored so that it was more comfortableness and disobedience rather than maligning or calling into disrepute (blaspheming) The Holy Spirit and His Things. Deliberately Ignoring the Holy Spirit is disobedience and not blasphemy. Blasphemy occur when you ridicule The Holy Spirit or call Him into disrepute.

This church was hypocritical saying they served God but ignored what He wanted them to do so they were of no effect on society and even gave a bad impression of what Jesus wanted to tell society and would be vomited strongly out of His Kingdom if they did not repent.  He had nothing good to say to this church but still gave them hope if they repented.

Some of the lessons to learn from these letters

It is interesting that no other churches were written too but only those around the throne of Satan as it so show that in these churches were all the basic problems that could affect a church.

You can lose your salvation (Rev 3:5)

Only in obedience to Jesus and His truths is their salvation

There are rewards for overcoming the attacks of Satan. And only if you endure to the end will you receive a reward (Matt 10:22,
1 Cor 15:58)

Lukewarmness (comfortable Christianity) is hated by Jesus .

The Nicolaitan church system is hated by Jesus (people controlled by ministers who are not allowed to minister unless qualified by it).

You must reject the world and all it offers not to be compromised by it.

God is Love and readily accepts the repentant person back into fellowship (Salvation,).  It is obvious these people had not blasphemed The Holy spirit or they would not have been able to repent.

You must be led by The Spirit to avoid the traps these churches fell into. You must be Led (guided) by The Holy Spirit of you want to be a follower of Jesus and child of The Father.

Each of these churches would have shown the Kingdom in a different way but only those that obeyed The Holy Spirit would be showing it correctly.  Those that showed a church structure or lifestyle little different to the religions around them would have little impact on the society they lived in but those that had people willing to stand up for Jesus and die as well as express the Authority of The Kingdom of God would have changed the society they lived in.

Only as you show your life is different to those around you as you demonstrate the presence of The Kingdom of God in the world and that you are willing to die for Jesus will you impact society in a way that will change it.

Remember, that these churches reflected the attitudes of the minister(s) and/or denomination over them and Jesus will hold ministers accountable for the way they led the people they had control of.

Closing Comments on the letters

As I was discussing the purposes of these letters a prophetess I was discussing this with was given the following by Jesus:

They were written to the people in those areas professing to be of Christ yet not willing to open their blind eyes or their ears.  Had they been willing to listen to the Holy Spirit, certain letters would not have been necessary.  They are also an example for churches employing those same practices today.A

These were written for Christians to examine their heart and see which one of these types of churches they are attending.  They were written for leaders of churches as well as all the people in them.


A citizen of The Kingdom of God will be Kingdom focused and not church or denominationally focused.  Examine your focus.  It will be found in how you represent The Kingdom or your lack of representing it.

Only citizens of The Kingdom get to heaven so you better be sure you are living as one and demonstrating and living The Kingdom as Jesus desires you to live it.


Ecumenicism is an attempt by Satan to form a one world church in preparation for the appearance and worship of the Antichrist and subsequently of him.

Ecumenicism is the attempt to have different belief systems worship and fellowship together. You cannot worship with people who do not follow Jesus.  Liberal Christians worship with them and say nothing about the fact these people do not worship Jesus but unknowingly follow Satan and by showing apparent approval of the beliefs of these people (given to them by Satan) they imply there are other ways to heaven that God has declared.

This is in conflict with what the Bible says and indicates these liberal Christians do not follow Jesus or are very naive and it is very like they are not His representative but representing their own idea of what Salvation is. There is also the possibility they are heading to hell because Jesus is not their Lord or they would not fellowship those who do not follow Jesus and appear to condone the faith of those people as being salvation faith. Socialise yes! Fellowship No!

Socialising is a meeting for pleasure. Fellowship is a meeting for he purposes of The Kingdom of God.

It is to be noted that the problem is not to do with assimilating or accepting biblical doctrine, but doctrine resulting from the pronouncements of man or from tradition.  The basis for these practices will not be found in the Bible as they are man made which is why they are not observed by true Christians and which is why true Christians do not belong to the ecumenical movement.

It is only when traditional or man-made doctrine modifies, changes, deletes or negate Scripture that they can promote Ecumenicism.  Remember that Ecumenicism then deals with what a man says is there and not what God says is there and must modify Biblical principles for it to occur.

Interfaith fellowship cannot even be considered as possible between a true Christian and anyone who does not follow Christ in the same way.

However liberal Christians who follow the doctrines of modern Bibles have no difficult in compromising doctrine so that Jesus is little different to the founders of other religions. In fact modern bibles have been altered to promote ecumenicism by the way the deal with whom Jesus is.

How to stifle a church

Do not make God a personal God

Do not make Him relevant for daily living - only for special occasions such as Easter and Christmas

Do not make His miracles to be for today, but only for the time of Jesus

Do not believe or teach the personal guidance and power of the Holy Spirit

Do not make The Bible more important than reason, tradition or denominational rules

Do not make the work of God personal - use agencies for charity and evangelism and not church members

Do not show the Authority of the Kingdom of God

Do not war against Satan.

Commercialism in the church

What did Jesus think of Commercialism of any sort in His place of worship

Mat 21:12 And Yeshua entered The Temple of God* and cast out all of those who sold and bought in The Temple and upset the tables of the money changers and the seats of those who sold doves.

Mat 21:13 And he said to them, "It is written: 'My house will be called the House of prayer, but you have made it a den of robbers.'"

One must not confuse a church building which is used in various activities which may not be Christian with people meeting together for the purposes of God and His Kingdom which is called an assembly.

When an assembly is meeting it is a holy place because Jesus is in their midst and there should be no commercial activity because it will distract from the worship of Jesus. Because an assembly can meet anywhere what is a holy place varies according to where two or more people are meeting for the purposes of The Kingdom of God.

So there is nothing wrong commercial activities as long as they do not intrude or hinder the worship that is going on so it is best these activities to be done separately worship meetings and the identified as not being part of normal Christian worship.

Why do people go to church?

When you go to church why do you go there?

People go to church as a habit and not to meet God usually or they would behave differently in church and before and after the service and show more of God’s Love and acceptance to people. They would not gossip form cliques or promote worldly things but keep the time as being holy to God.

Do you go to meet God?
Do you go because of the social life?
Do you go for the singing?
Do you go for the sermon?
DO you go to learn more of what it means to be a Christian.

Why do you go there?

Remember Jesus is there because wherever two or three are gathered in His Name He is in the midst of them.

So why do you go there?

Do you acknowledge God’s presence is there or do you concentrate on other things more worldly in nature.

Remember Christianity is a relationship so God expects you to relate to Him when you go there.

So what do you expect when you go to church?

Is meeting with God your objective when you go there or do you go there out of habit and just do what they do there because you find it enjoyable?

Remember you go to church to meet with others for fellowship with them and also with God.

So if God is not the focus for your going to church you may as well be going to a social club.

The problem with most churches is that people know of Jesus but do not personally relate to each member of The Trinity so do not go there to meet a precious friend but to meet an impersonal God.

A true story

Someone I know went to Church and the sermon was so boring she use to count the bricks behind the altar.

The minister has a responsibilities to preach in a way that is meaningful to those God has placed there to hear him and not just parrot sermons prepare by others. This does not meet their need. He needs to listen to The Holy Spirit so He knows what God desires preached so it will meet the needs of the people listening.

The Father weeps

The Father looks down from heaven at the church and sees what a wonderful time they are having. It is doing all the things good church people should do:

Maintaining thier denomination or Church

Building funds

Social groups

Praising each other

Even praising Jesus and The Holy Spirit at times, though rarely The Father

Paying others to do what they should be doing

Holding social gatherings to present The Gospel under the guise of evangelism but really to satisfy their belief they are doing God’s work

But The Father says they do not do what He desires them to do.

The Father says:

They ignore Me. Every good and perfect gift they have is from me and they do not appreciate that or thank me for them.

They ask Jesus for it when He said to ask Me for it.

When they get a chance to tell others what Jesus has done they often do not do it for fear of rejection or lack of knowledge and often they do not even think of doing it also many do not even know what to say to these people.

They ignore all the people around them going to hell being satisfied with the fact they believe they are going to heaven even though they are not doing what I want them to do but satisfying only the denominational guidelines. Remember the warning in Revelation 3:5 which applies to many in the church.

They ignore My Kingdom of God replacing it with the denominational church.

They do not battle for My Kingdom or defend My Glory. Many even do not realise they are at war with my enemy to even considering battling him.

Most of them know of me and My Son but do not have a personal relationship with us. They are not taught that salvation is a personal, intimate relationship with Me and My Son.

They do not love others as I desire them too or represent My Kingdom in the way they should. Unfortunately most western churches do not believe in the things they need to do to demonstrate My Kingdom.

What really saddens me is that they do not even know the basics of The Gospel to be able to present it when they need to:

Everyone has deliberately disobeyed God at some time

I am King and disobedience is treason and results in physical and spiritual death

Jesus died on a cross to take the punishment for your rebellion

I see that the payment for the rebellion has been met by Jesus

I now treat you as if you had never sinned and welcome you into The Kingdom provided you wholeheartedly try and obey God. Remember that Jesus declared my Will to you which included what I desired you to do and obey.

When you die and Jesus asks you:

How did you tell others about The Kingdom?

How did you defend The Kingdom of God and God’s Glory?

How did you plunder The enemy’s kingdom and free people from it?

Did you develop the intimate relationship you needed to have with The Father and I?

What Did you do to obtain any rewards in Heaven?

How did you relate to others in My Kingdom?

What have you done that I should allow you to enter heaven?

What will you say?

People think going to church once a week, hearing about God and doing what the church requires satisfies my requirements.

Intimacy takes time to develop. An intimate relationship is one when we share our hearts, spend time with each other, learn about each, talk to each other and listen to each other. It is a relationship that exists outside church and does what I desire regardless of what the church desires.

If people loved me instead of just knowing about me they would desire this intimacy and spent time developing it.

I made you to have an intimate relationship with Me and My Son and to enjoy all I had created for you! We still desire to have this relationship with you and for you to enjoy what we have created for you. But My church does not teach or encourage this.

They do not teach people to see things as they really are spiritually because Satan has taught them to look at things in a worldly way.

I am a God of Love and Mercy and not anger or wrath or you would all be dead. Remember that!

Many who say they are of my church will not go up in the rapture because they know of me but do not know me personally and do what the church desires and not what My Son has commanded.

Do you know what I want you to do? Does your church tell you what I desire you to do?

Remember that demons know more about me than you do but do not know me personally. I do not ask you to do any thing that has not been revealed to you by The Holy Spirit as I would not be a God of Love if I did that.

It is not what you know or do but what you do with what has been revealed to you and the attitudes in which you do them.

Remember that I Love you as you are and not as you or others think you should be and I never ask you to do more than you are able too. Then why are you not doing what I asked you to do?

My promise is to provide all you need if you seek to develop the personal relationship you have with Me and Jesus and do the work of The Kingdom. Then I will bless you as you desire to be blessed and you will truly be a citizen of My Kingdom.

The Father

Personal Comment

The Father reminded me He is a God of Love and Mercy and not anger and wrath. I could hear the sadness in His Voice as He gave me this through The Holy Spirit.

He said that He had so much to give us but we prevent it and not Satan by our wrong attitudes and that it is all there waiting for us. All He asks us to do is His Will and to develop the relationship we have with Him and Jesus (Matt 6:33).

He asked me to quote these verses:

1Ti_6:6 But godliness with contentment is great gain.
Php_4:11 Not that I speak in respect of want: for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content.
1Ti_6:8 And having food and raiment let us be therewith content.
Heb_13:5 Let your conversation be without covetousness; and be content with such things as ye have: for he hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.

Be satisfied with what you have because if you need it God will supply it when you let Him.

Problems with  attitudes to God

Their concept of God

The concept of whom God is,  is not correct in many Christians and the church do not tell  people what it should be.  If they had a a proper concept of God ministers would teaching and ministering differently.

So they do not see correctly their relationship with God and as salvation is a relationship with God people may risk not having salvation if the relationship is not correct unless they wholeheartedly try to obey God which is what really matters.  In a sense the relationship is not as important as the attitudes you have as you do God’s Will.  This is because your attitudes determine the degree of the relationship you have with God which determine how you love and serve Him.

It is not what you know but having the correct attitudes towards God that saves you.  Demon know more about God than you do but they have a wrong attitude toward Him.

According to how you see God will be how you relate to God

Do you see God as all powerful, all knowing, everywhere, containing everything, in control of all circumstances, having the greatest love anyone can ever have towards you?  And that everything God does shows His perfect Love toward you?

Do you believe God is personal and desires to personally relate to you because that will also flavour you relationship with God and affect the way you approach God and His people.

Do you believe God is a Legalist or is Merciful as that will also affect how you approach Him.

A person’s perspective of God (how you see Him) will affect your relationship with God and the way you approach God and serve God.

Remember that salvation is a correct relationship with The Father and God guided by the Holy Spirit and how you see this relationship will determine how you relationship with God will unfold and be maintained  resulting either in salvation or damnation.


How people see God is how they will love and serve Him

Do you Love The Father?

Do you love Him as your heavenly Father?

Who has given you life

Who provides for your every need

Who has adopted  you as His Child so you can be in heaven with Him.

Who desires you to be with Him and relate to Him and has prepared heaven for you so you can do this in an even close, intimate relationship with Him to that which you had on earth.

Do you love Jesus?

Jesus said to me:

My people do not really love me or believe in who I am.

It is sad my people really do not believe in who I am.  They say they follow me but do not do my work.  I said that if they loved me they would do what I commanded them but most do not do what I have commanded so show they really only have a token love for me.

They do not defend My Kingdom or fight my enemy (conduct spiritual warfare) or free people from his influence (evangelism and deliverance).

They do not go out and tell others what I have done for them and have promised to do for those who follow me

They do not give as they should so church borrows money when I promised that all who did My will and served the purposes of My Kingdom would have all their needs supplied to do this and live (Matt 6:33)

The fact they have to borrow money and persuade the congregation to give shows they are not doing My Will so how can they expect me to bless then.  They may be doing what the denomination or church says but it may not be My Will.

They have not done their work which is why in countries that used to honour me they are now persecuted or considered not worth following

They say they are doing my work where is the fruit of it?

Souls brought into my kingdom

People freed from Satan’s influence on them

The works of Satan attacked and bound

My Kingdom principles promoted

People doing my work and not paying others to do it

Singing about things they have done for me and then doing them

How can I bless a church where My Work is not done.

Jesus also said that the fruit of the Church would show if it was doing His Work but the dwindling numbers in many and the closing of many small denominational churches shows they are not doing His Work

Do you Love The Holy Spirit?

Do you hang on His every word

Do you joyfully do what He tells you?

Do you live a holy life because his presence is in your spirit marking your spirit as an undefiled part of The Kingdom of God?  Which is one reason your spirit can go to heaven when you die.

Do you talk to Him about problems and ask His advice when The Bible is not clear?  He is your guide and God promises He will guide you the truths you need to know (Jn 16:13) and not just spiritual truths.

He is to lead you if you desire to be an adopted child of The Father so you really need to have a close, intimate relationship with Him.

Do you have a close relationship with Him?  If not you might not be a child of The Father and not go to heaven.

How you love each member of The Trinity will be how you relate to them and represent them on earth.


Do you really love Jesus

How important is Jesus to you?

Do you hold onto His every word?

Do you love Him above all else

Do you do His Will regardless of the cost?

Or do you just assume you do it


Are His commands more important to you than anything else?

Do you speak of His Love and Redemption to others?

When He tells you to do this?

Do you use His Authority to fight Satan, to heal the sick and cast out demons?

To demonstrate The Kingdom and that Jesus is real?


Or is He just incidental to your life

Because the world of Satan guides you

Because you live according to its influences

Chasing things it says are more important than those of Jesus

More important than the things of His Kingdom


Is Jesus really relevant to you?

Or just a sideline in your life

So that you speak little of Him and His Kingdom

And at times deliberately do things

 Christians should not do


What are your objectives?

How do you serve Jesus?

Do people see you are different to others?

Because you do not do the wrong they do?

Because they can see Jesus is your life?


Do you love others because they are children of The Father?

Does their going to hell grieve your spirit?

Do you cry over the lost?

And sorrow over their fate?

Does it drive you to tell them of Jesus?


Do you tell of His Love?

His care, concern and provision for them?

Or is The Father just a sideline as you focus on other more 'important' things

Which the established church says is more important

Because it does not preach God’s Love for the lost


Who is y our guide?

The Holy Spirit, society, or your local church?

Who influences what you do?

Who determines how you live?

Who determines what you do for Jesus?


Do you look at the world through the eyes of Jesus?

Or the eyes the world has trained you to use

So that you do not see the evil around you

And willingly accept its values

And ignore the still, quiet, voice guiding you.


How did you go in this test?

Remember your eternal soul is at stake

So you need to make certain you are obeying Jesus

So you need to do His Will

So that the relationship to each one of The Trinity is correct


If you want to do God’s Will

He is waiting to help you

To Guide you

strengthen you to do it

To reward you for doing it


The choice is yours

Your eternal destiny

Is in your hands.

Satan desires you to be with Him

Choose wisely as eternity is a long time to be in hell.

  1. Denominations

  2. The hindrance of denominations to Christianity

Unity of the spirit in the bond of peace' is what is expected of The Body of Christ but it is not happening.

Denominations divide the body and in a way they because compete with each other because they believe they alone have all the truth so divide The Kingdom of God in accordance with the plans Satan made in creating denominations.

Denominations were not made by God but by man under the guidance of Satan who knew the damage they would eventually make to the unity of The Body. They are not mentioned in the new testament and first arose as heretical sects.

How is this dividing shown?

Rich churches do not help poor churches even in their own denominations

Denominations do not socialise very often and rarely fellowship with each other and then it is usually considered a special event when it should be an everyday occurrence.

They do not do the work of The Kingdom as it should be done because Satan has managed to stop denominations working with each other so they do not promote The Kingdom but the denomination and the members have little idea about what they are to do as Christians. They are taught to support the denomination and not The Kingdom of God.

When you become a Christian you join the denomination and not The Kingdom of God.

Members of the congregations pay others to do the work they should be doing and few really know the gospel to be able to explain it to others yet that is one of the primary things required of Christians.

They do not share with people the eternal life relationship Jesus offers people and so these people go to hell.

How can a denomination say that it has the ‘Love of God’ when it does not tell others about God’s Love, heaven and what Jesus has done for them, is doing for them and will do for them and how to avoid going to hell ignoring those in need around them.

It is hypocrisy to say they have God’s Love and sing about it then do little to show it to the lost and hurting world around them.

When a person becomes a member of a church He is welcomed into it and the denomination it belongs too. The Kingdom God is not mentioned yet that is what they really become when they become a true follower of Jesus.

The are taught the authority of the minister and denomination but not the Authority of Jesus and His Kingdom in its truest and fullest sense.

  1. What is not usually done by the denominational church

They do not demonstrate the authority and power of Jesus over His enemy and by this do not demonstrate The Kingdom of God

They do not destroy the works of the enemy

They do not publicly stand up for the values and purposes of the Kingdom of God regardless of the cost to them

They do not worship in public

They do not take ground from the kingdom of the enemy so that the enemy takes ground from The Kingdom of God

They have given Satan the earth and all on it rather than fight Satan and increase the influence of the Kingdom of God on the earth.

They tolerate the sins that resulted in so many dying in Israel and Judah and eventually resulted in the people being removed from the land!

They do not teach the true cost of what Jesus did on Calvary or even what He did at Calvary in a way that those outside the church can understand!

They do not teach personal holiness and sanctification and become compromised by the world!

They enjoy the chief places at the feasts and the importance of having large churches.

Numbers and prosperity are more important that humility or holiness!

They do not use God’s weapons of warfare and so are easy prey for His enemy!

They do not protect the people in the congregation adequately because they use their own weapons and defences and not God’s!

They do not fulfil God’s requirements for true religion loving their neighbour as they love themself and in the way God Loves them! 

They do not personally help the widow, orphan the sick and the needy but pay others to do this

They do not grieve in their heart over the lost and the fallen!  They do not weep over them as The Father does!

They are too busy building “organisations” and using the latest “approved” method to listen to The Holy Spirit’s guidance!

They spend money on buildings and personal “junkets” and “necessary” luxuries, rather than on the lost and needy around them.  Many of the ministers also have a lifestyle better than the people they are supposed to Love as themself and the poor in their church are often neglected.

They are too busy playing “important pastor” of “prominent minister” to develop intimacy with Jesus.  Their activities on His “behalf” are no replacement for a vital, close, relationship with Him!

They do not develop the gifts of the people under their authority! In other words, disciple them like Jesus said too.

Unless they are “trained” or “officially” approved, they cannot minister or serve in “their” church!  This requirement condemns many who consider themselves inadequate for God’s service because of this!

They do not teach “their” people to minister to those outside the church, but only “trained” people are allowed to minister “officially” in or outside the church! The congregation is not taught evangelism and how to defend and demonstrate The Kingdom of God.

They do not teach people what God’s Love is so they can show it to those living around them, and by this, win many to Jesus! At times they have trouble showing it even in their own homes.

They do not properly disciple new followers of Jesus but process them, so many do not mature and/or fall away.  Those that remain are churchified and fit in to what is required of them by the church and denomination.

In their sermons they give knowledge but often there is no application given that can be applied in a practical way or if there is they are not shown how to apply it..

They reject the prophets of God’s calling them to repentance but listen to those who “tickle” their ears with prosperity and ease!

They do not learn or teach how to share in God’s fellowship of suffering or teach others what it means!

They do not carry out the commission in Is 61:1-3, or Math.28:18-20, or teach “their” church to do so!

They do not used God’s gifts, or delegated authority, properly but use them to build numbers not heal or deliver people to train and send them forth to a lost and hurting world!

  1. Kingdom of God

The Kingdom of God is not usually preached but the denomination and its purposes are usually promoted under the guise of serving God and His kingdom. Because of this people are taught the work of the denomination in a way that is promoted as being the work of a Citizen of The Kingdom of God by limiting what is taught to the purposes of the denomination because they are taught to think as denominational ministers and not ministers of The Kingdom of God.

Denominations are the working of Satan to divide The Body of Christ.

They are man made for the purposes of control and were not instituted by Jesus. They promote the Nicolaitan type structure Jesus hates because it deprives the congregation from an authorised role in the denomination because they are not ‘trained’ by the denomination to work in it.

They divide the Kingdom

They cause disunity amongst Christians

They cause many to sin as they defend their denomination

They promote the work of the denomination and not of The Kingdom of God.

  1. Crying out for The Kingdom

We are told to pray (cry to The Father): ‘Thy Kingdom Come:’

Do you cry out for The Fathers Kingdom to come?

For His peace and rule to be on this earth

So the pain and suffering of the earth will end

Jesus told us to pray:

Thy Kingdom Come

The Will be done On earth as it is in Heaven

Do you cry out for its presence to be here?

So Satan's kingdom will be removed and The Father’s Will be done?

So that the Joy of The Kingdom will be had by all

Do you look at the pain and suffering

And cry to The Father to send Jesus back

So He will rule and the Joy of His Kingdom will be on earth

The Kingdom coming’ is the hope of this world

Cry to The Father for it to be soon

For then Satan's rule will end with all its evil and suffering

  1. The Lord’s Prayer after Calvary

When you take out from The Lord's Prayer (in Matt 5) which is really the prayer of a citizen of The Kingdom of God, after the work at Calvary was finalised all you have left is as follows :

Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. 
Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven. 
For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen. 

Why do not people pray it and cry out for the restoration of The Father's Kingdom?

Have they lost their vision of what earth would be like if The Father's Kingdom was on earth?

Look at the suffering around you. It should make you pray this prayer more often and cry out daily for The Kingdom of God to be restored on earth as it was in the beginning.

Are your priorities the benefit of The Kingdom for all or are you satisfied with how it is now with Satan ruling.

God’s people need to change their perspective and see what would be here if The Kingdom was here under the rule of Jesus.

Perhaps then they would cry to The Father for His Kingdom to be on earth.

The Father has been seen weeping over His Children.

Do you?

  1. Are you a Good Citizen of The Kingdom of God?

Many Christians think they are a good citizen of The Kingdom of God when they are just a good churchgoer and member of a denomination.

They do even know the difference?

If you are a good citizen of The Kingdom of God you will:

Show God’s quality of Love and Character in all you do

You will obey Jesus 100% in all you do having the same purposes and objectives He has for all you do

You will strive for holiness rejecting anything Satan offers you regardless of what is offered to you to do or use

You will look after the things of God and His Kingdom properly.

You will fight Satan, God’s enemy,free people from His kingdom and protect The Kingdom and its Citizens.

You will do this at the appropriate time appropriate time, which is when God asks you to do these things and not when others say you should be doing:

Evangelize, which is telling others about what Jesus has done for them and has done for you

Do spiritual Warfare which is defending God’s Name and Glory, His Kingdom, fellow citizens and His property as well as taking things from Satan so he cannot use them against God.

Teaching about The Kingdom

Demonstrating The Kingdom

Preaching about The Kingdom

Discipling people of The Kingdom

Supporting each other as needed in any way necessary

Resting in the way God directs you too

Fulfilling work, ministry and family roles in the way Jesus requires you too.

Or learning to do these things.

Doing these things develops the relationship you have with The Father (as your provider), Jesus (as Your Lord) and The Holy Spirit (as your helper and guide in this world).

Remember that you will die and will be asked what you did with the things you were given by God to be steward of for Him: You mind, body, emotions, will: people He gave you to minister too: the relationships you had with The father, Jesus and The Holy Spirit and others: All that you were given in your life on earth which includes h ow you taught and demonstrated The Kingdom through its Authority over Satan.

God only expects you to wholeheartedly try and leave any result to Him to deal with. He is more concerned with the attitudes you had while doing things than with the actual results.

  1. Prosperity and similar abuses

This was an article sent out with the provision at the end saying you could use it. So I present the article as I received it.


-by J. Lee Grady.

Before he died in 2003, the revered father of the Word-Faith movement corrected his spiritual sons for going to extremes with their message of prosperity.

Charismatic Bible teacher Kenneth Hagin Sr. is considered the father of the so-called prosperity gospel. The folksy, self-trained “Dad Hagin” started a grass-roots movement in Oklahoma that produced a Bible college and a crop of famous preachers including Kenneth Copeland, Jerry Savelle, Charles Capps, Jesse DuPlantis, Creflo Dollar and dozens of others—all of whom teach that Christians who give generously should expect financial rewards on this side of heaven.

Hagin taught that God was not glorified by poverty and that preachers do not have to be poor. But before he died in 2003 and left his Rhema Bible Training Center in the hands of his son, Kenneth Hagin Jr., he summoned many of his colleagues to Tulsa to rebuke them for distorting his message. He was not happy that some of his followers were manipulating the Bible to support what he viewed as greed and selfish indulgence. Those who were close to Hagin Sr. say he was passionate about correcting these abuses before he died. In fact, he wrote a brutally honest book to address his concerns. The Midas Touch was published in 2000, a year after the infamous Tulsa meeting.

Many Word-Faith ministers ignored the book. But in light of the recent controversy over prosperity doctrines, it might be a good idea to dust it off and read it again.

Here are a few of the points Hagin made in The Midas Touch:

1. Financial prosperity is not a sign of God’s blessing. Hagin wrote: “If wealth alone were a sign of spirituality, then drug traffickers and crime bosses would be spiritual giants. Material wealth can be connected to the blessings of God or it can be totally disconnected from the blessings of God.”

(MyNote: God gives you all you need to live and do His work. To ask for more is, unless it is for His Purposes, is asking for things to satisfy our flesh God says we do not need or he would give them to us but Satan will give them to us to distract us and derail our faith)

2. People should never give in order to get. Hagin was critical of those who “try to make the offering plate some kind of heavenly vending machine.” He denounced those who link giving to getting, especially those who give cars to get new cars or who give suits to get new suits. He wrote: “There is no spiritual formula to sow a Ford and reap a Mercedes.”
3. It is not biblical to “name your seed” in an offering. Hagin was horrified by this practice, which was popularized in faith conferences during the 1980s. Faith preachers sometimes tell donors that when they give in an offering they should claim a specific benefit to get a blessing in return. Hagin rejected this idea and said that focusing on what you are going to receive “corrupts the very attitude of our giving nature.”
4. The “hundredfold return” is not a biblical concept. Hagin did the math and figured out that if this bizarre notion were true, “we would have Christians walking around with not billions or trillions of dollars, but quadrillions of dollars!” He rejected the popular teaching that a believer should claim a specific monetary payback rate.
5. Preachers who claim to have a “debt-breaking” anointing should not be trusted. Hagin was perplexed by ministers who promise “supernatural debt cancellation” to those who give in certain offerings. He wrote in The Midas Touch: “There is not one bit of Scripture I know about that validates such a practice. I’m afraid it is simply a scheme to raise money for the preacher, and ultimately it can turn out to be dangerous and destructive for all involved.”
(Many evangelists who appear on Christian television today use this bogus claim. Usually they insist that the miraculous debt cancellation will occur only if a person “gives right now,” as if the anointing for this miracle suddenly evaporates after the prime time viewing hour. This manipulative claim is more akin to witchcraft than Christian belief.)
Hagin condemned other hairbrained gimmicks designed to trick audiences into emptying their wallets. He was especially incensed when a preacher told his radio listeners that he would take their prayer requests to Jesus’ empty tomb in Jerusalem and pray over them there—if donors included a special love gift. “What that radio preacher really wanted was more people to send in offerings,”

Thanks to the recent resurgence in bizarre donation schemes promoted by American charismatics, the prosperity gospel is back under the nation’s microscope. It’s time to revisit Hagin’s concerns and find a biblical balance.

Hagin told his followers: “Overemphasizing or adding to what the Bible actually teaches invariably does more harm than good.” If the man who pioneered the modern concept of biblical prosperity blew the whistle on his own movement, wouldn’t it make sense for us to listen to his admonition?

~J. Lee Grady is editor of Charisma. The Midas Touch is available

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  1. Salvation

  2. What is the essence of The Gospel?

Most people do not know this and the church does not preach it so the true purpose of Calvary is not taught.

God did not need to crate manind because He was complete in Himself and needed nothing else

God created man to have a relationship with Him

God placed man in a beautiful Garden with everything man needed.

Man rejected God’s Authority and rebelled

This relationship was destroyed

God is King of all and rebelling against a king results in punishment

God removed man from this beautiful Garden and man lost his relationship with God.

Man could no longer be with God but in another place where all was controlled by an evil being.

God still loved man and still desired a relationship with Him

God saw man could not meet the punishment God required to restore this relationship

So God (Jesus) came to earth to deal with the punishment man deserved

Jesus taught man how God required man to live

Jesus then died on Calvary in your place and met the punishment God required for your rebellion against God

By His death He removed all hindrances that hindered your entering a relationship with God

So that you can be with God after you die

If you obey God on earth.

Salvation is a relationship with God and this is what is not told when the Gospel is preached.

This personal relationship must be developed and maintained if you wish to go to heaven when you die.

This is another thing Satan has trained the church to present improperly.

The Bible begins with man perfectly relating to God in a perfect environment and ends with man perfectly relating to God in a perfect environment.

  1. Salvation is a relationship

When you follow Jesus as Lord you enter into a relationship with each member of The Trinity. IT is called the salvation relationship because if it is maintained correctly it allows you to enter heaven.

Salvation is a love relationship between you The Father and Jesus guided by The Holy spirit whom you must also relate personally to so you can hear Him. Because it is a love relationship we gladly and joyfully serve each other. After all pure love is a selfless servant desiring no reward for its expression except the benefit it gives the other person. Each person trusts the other because of the Love they have for them and gladly accept what they do for them.

This is the essence of The Gospel:

  1. Proper Relationships

Salvation is a result of a personal relationship with Jesus and The Father guided by The Holy Spirit.

What kind of relationship is it?

Is it with a church?

The devil has demons in church as church members so belonging to a church or obeying its denomination cannot save you.

So what kind of relationship is it?

It is a personal one with Jesus as your Lord, as a citizen of His Kingdom and with The Father as His adopted child.

Remember that which king you serve, Jesus or Satan, when you die determines whether you go to heaven or hell.

So what is more important?

Being a citizen of The Kingdom of God, which does not need you to be a denominational or church member, or a member of a denominational or church membership of which does not mean you are a Citizen of The Kingdom of Gof.

Going to a church where God rules and not the minister rules will help you in your membership of The Kingdom and The True Body, but church going is not necessary for salvation or Redemption. In fact many Godly Christians leave churches because of the way the church teaches or attacks them (in a Christian way supposedly).

Satan drives them out so they cannot corrupt the church or denomination with God’s truths.

The Holy Spirit is your guide in how to live as a citizen of The Kingdom and not a minister unless they are telling you something The Spirit desires you to know or teaching you about this personal relationship you have with God as a Citizen of His Kingdom..

Remember that Jesus said to seek His Will and the purposes of His Kingdom and all you need, which includes Salvation and Redemption, would be given to you by His Father (Matthew 6:33).

Salvation is a relationship

It must be entered into by a Lordship decision

It must be maintained

It must developed

It is an intimate relationship not just knowledge about God

Many people believe salvation occurred at Calvary but this is wrong. Salvation has always been by faith. Calvary was God restoring you to the relationship God desires to have with you, which is why He created you, and for this alone did He die on the cross.

  1. Salvation is a relationship

How do you develop a relationship?

You spend time together

You do things together

You share your feelings and emotions

The talk to each other and listen to the other person sharing yourself with them

You joyfully serve and help each other

Nothing is too hard to do for them

You are interested in them, their problems and joys

They are like a family member whom you share your life with

According to the degree of intimacy you share with God will be the depth of your relationship with God.

This intimacy is how Jesus desires you to relate to Him as does the Father and the Holy Spirit

Remember that God created you to have an intimate relationship with Him and all Satan does is designed to destroy this relationship.

Also, remember you are developing the relationship now that will continue in heaven

According to the depth of a relationship you have with God now will be determined your salvation and whether it will continue in heaven with them.

The Salvation Relationship requires both to agree to it

Salvation is a relationship and every relationship has at least two sides. Each person must work correctly at their side of the relationship to properly maintain it. You have your responsibilities in this relationship and God has His responsibilities in this relationship.

For the relationships to be sustained each party must:

Desire the relationship

Work correctly at maintaining their side of the relationship

It does not need to be said that God perfectly maintains His side of the salvation relationship.

You need to know

How to pursue holiness: In otherwords know what Satan desires you to do so you can reject it and follow what Jesus desires you to do and develop the relationship further

How to defeat Satan’s attacks on you: You need to know how Satan attacks you and/ or others so you can defeat the attack so you can preserve the relationship.

You need to know how to be guided by The Holy Spirit: So you can be guided in deepening the relationship and so you know what God requires you to do when The Bible is Silent. This is why you never argue, assume, reason or react from habit when something happens but ask The Holy Spirit what to do if The Bible is not clear on the matter. Satan will use your reactions and attitudes against you and also God is original not having to do the same thing the same way He did it before.

You need to know how to expand The Kingdom of God by destroying the plans and works of Satan and capturing people from His Kingdom for the Kingdom of God (spiritual warfare and evangelism) and by this developing an appreciation of what your beloved God has done for you and can do for them. When you are fighting something it cannot capture you or your mind.

How often do you hear salvation preached about but little or nothing that it is a relationship or how to develop and maintain this relationship or even how to obtain it. When was the last time you heard any of these things being preached even though it is the basis of The Christian life which without being properly lived we do not go to heaven.

You need to show The Fruit of The Holy Spirit in this relationship

The main attitude in which all is done in is God’s quality of Love which is demonstrated by The Fruit of The Holy Spirit in your life. How you show the fruit of The Spirit toward God will result in how you show it to Others!

Love: Unconditional love towards God out of appreciation for what He has done for you and also because of the love relationship you have with Him.

Joy: The Joy in the personal relationship you have with God and all He has done, is doing and will do for you.

Peace: Peace because you have a relationship with God who will look after your every need as well as the security He gives you in the relationship.

Long-suffering: Patiently waiting for God to do what He needs to do for you because you trust His Love for you.

Gentleness: Softness in all you do for God and others because there is no aggression in you or offence in you towards God.

Goodness: There are no evil intentions in everything you do. It is done out of Love for the person because of your love for God and others because they are also His children whether or not they realise this.

Faith: Complete unconditional trust in God’s Love for you, His purposes for you, control of all things to do with it and the plans He has for you.

Meekness: Holding God as more worthy than you in all that happens and realising you can only do anything because He has prepared it for you to do and prepare you to do it and that before God all are equal.

Temperance: Doing everything in a non-excessive way in other words moderation and self-control in all things so you will be like God

These attitudes will flow to others as they are made a part of you by being expressed towards God. They all require self-discipline and a desire to be like this because God is like this and you desire to be like Him.

  1. Steps to maintaining your salvation relationship

Seek the Will (Lordship) of Jesus in all you do. Trust all He does for you and listen to The Holy Spirit as He reveals God’s to you

Do all in God’s quality of Love

Know what God requires you to do it and how to do it (pursue holiness)

Faithfully look after what He has trusted you with (The good news of what He has done for you, relationship's, expressing The Kingdom of God, Holiness, Expressing His Character in all you do and anything else He shows you) in otherwords what He has given you to be a steward of.

Do not: argue, assume, reason or react from habit when something happens but ask The Holy Spirit what to do if The Bible is not clear on the matter. Satan will use your reactions and attitudes against you and also God is original not having to do the same thing the same way He did it before.

If you love God then you will do this so the relationship with Him is not damaged but is developed more. Sin damages the relationship but true repentance restores it because of what happened at Calvary.

The above approach will stop you accepting what Satan suggests you do. For you to sin you must accept what Satan accepts you to do and by ignoring his things and focusing on Jesus and His things, because of your love relationship with Him as your Lord, you will not sin because you will not accept what Satan suggests you to do.

Remember that God is Love and is in complete control of all you do and everything He does is for your eternal best to prepare you for heaven or He would not be a God of Love!

God desires wholeheartedly the relationship you can have with Him. He created you for the purposes of this relationship as there was no other real reason for creating us.

Do you desire wholeheartedly this relationship-or are you only playing games about being a Christian?

  1. The importance of The Holy Spirit in this relationship.

All who desire this relationship to be maintained properly will be led by The Holy Spirit.

To be a child of God you need to be guided by The Holy Spirit in all you do which God has promised you will happen if you want it too (Jn 16:13.

Denominations do not usually teach you how to be guided by The Holy Sprite so many do not know how to hear Him and so do not have His guidance in areas not covered in The Bible.

But then God judges you on what you do with what you know and not what you are suppose to know so that as long as you wholeheartedly seek to keep Jesus as your Lord and wholeheartedly try to do His Will for you then He will accept you in heaven.

  1. On Sin

James 4:17 Whoever knows the good and does not do it, to him it is sin.

You must know it iis a wrong thing to do before God says it is sin.,

Sin is doing something you know is wrong

It is not doing something you do not know is wrong
So when you know something is wrong then doing it is Sin.

All sins are against God and are a rebellion against His Law, His Law of Love because if you Loved Him and expressed His quality of Love in all you do you would not sin.

Behind every sin is lack of love and a failure in stewardship either in a spiritual or physical thing. This is why the first sin by Adam was a lack of proper stewardship of Eve and the forbidden fruit in the garden. That is why Adam is said to do the first sin even though Eve appeared to be the first sin because she ate the forbidden fruit hers was actually the second sin.

  1. What is sin?

Sin is a desire to be like God, to make your own decisions as to what is good or evil and occurs when this wrong desire is acted upon in your heart but not necessarily in the physical.  You become your own idol, worshipping what you think in preference to what God requires of you.

Thinking about doing it is not a problem as you are fighting not to do it. The moment you decide in your heart to do it you sin even though you have carried out no action to make the sin happen in the physical.

Any deliberate disobedience, either moral or legal (in other words against the moral laws of God or the obedience He requires of you) is a rebellion against the authority of God.  This is why Satan works on our desires to cause us to sin as it is wrong desires actaed upon that gives rise to sin .

Note: If you do not know it is a sin then you do not commit one as you are not deliberately disobeying the command not to do what you are doing. But the moment you know doing or thinking the act is a sin and you continue doing it then you are committing a sin.

As long as you are wholeheartedly trying not to do the sin and repent when you do it then God is satisfied as your attitude is correct. God does not examine results but does reward them. He examines the heart attitudes you had while you were doing the action or sin.

Behind every sin is incorrect stewardship which is why the first sin was committed by Adam who did not correctly look after the garden and eve.

  1. Sins that send you to hell

Any sin not repented of will send you to hell

Common ones are:

Deliberately disobeying the laws of the land


Not wanting to reconcile with someone you have offended when you can do it (this is because you have not forgiven them unless because it is dangerous to attempt the reconciliation). Remember you must still desire too reconcile even though you cannot.

Anger that is not for God, His things and His Kingdom (a rebellion against His Love).

God looks at the attitudes and not the result. So as long as you wholeheartedly try to obey Him (so that you are not rebelling against Him) it does not matter if you fail because your attitude is correct and Calvary has dealt with the sin at the Cross.

  1. What about things classified as sin that you did not know you did.

Can they send you to hell?

Sin is deliberate rebellion against God and His Laws so if you did not know it was wrong then it is not considered rebellion. So sins done without knowledge they are sin do not send you to hell unless you keep doing them once you know they are wrong.

This is because God is merciful and not a Legalist and His Grace allows Him to overlook sins not deliberately committed against Him.1

It is all a matter of attitude

  1. You reap what you sow

God has a principle that you are rewarded by Him for what you do and are punished for not doing what you are suppose to do (Gal 6:7-8). It is a rule of His and He is bound by it or He would be a hypocrite.

The punishment for rejecting His will and not repenting is to be excluded from His Kingdom, not obtain His blessings and allow Satan to rule you for his purposes until you repent. You may suffer physical problems because of your rebellion (sin) but if you repent you will get to heaven because the spiritual effects of the rebellion were removed at Calvary and your relationship with Him is restored unless you die in your rebellious state.

So a single woman who has a baby can have the relationship with God restored if she repents but she still has the physical consequences of her sin of immorality.

God does not send people to hell. They go there because they have rejected Him and His Kingdom and hell is the only place left for them to go to.

Spiritual Warfare

You are a citizen of The Kingdom of God and like any worthwhile citizen you should be able to defend it and its people against the attacks of its enemy (Satan) and even gain ground from him (attack him and his plans).

The church does not teach this and does not teach our delegation to do this. This is partly because Satan has managed to convince the church that the delegation to do this is not in the oldest bibles.

This is a lie. It is not in the modern bibles because it was taken out of the two codices they use as a basis for translation but was in there before they were published.

But then, a bigger problem is that the four codices used for modern bible translations are forgeries Satan persuaded the church to adopt them and by this destroy its foundations. This is why the church now allows things that were not even considered as being Christian only 50 yeas ago.

Because most churches do not teach it most Christians do not know about spiritual warfare and how Satan attacks and how to defeat his attacks.

Many believe that once you are a Christian Satan cannot hurt or cause you problems. They ignore the fact that The Bible says Satan goes around seeking to devour them.

So they are not taught how to fight Satan or how he attacks. This leaves them vulnerable to Satan and they do not know it

Until the church knows how Satan attacks and how to defeat him they are vulnerable and the church will not declare The Kingdom because they are not demonstrating the authority of The Kingdom over Satan.

They have lost a main purpose which is to free people from Satan’s kingdom both spiritually and physically and they not doing work Jesus gave to the church.

You are always at war

Because you are born, raised, live and die on earth you are in enemy territory because your home is in heaven and earth just a training ground for heaven and not your permanent home. You are a pilgrim and wanderer in world ruled by the enemy who has placed around you everything he can to distract from Jesus and His Kingdom in an effort to have you go to his kingdom when you die.

This is why you need to know how Satan’s attacks, your delegated authority over him so you can defeat him as well as Lordship focus in all you do so Satan cannot divert you from what God desires you to do.

So you learn these things or become a victim of Satan and not a victor over him. You will live the Christian life but not in the victorious way Jesus desires you to live it.

Who do you pray too?

Jesus said: “You have two relationships:

One with Me as Lord and Lawgiver and enforcer

One with The Father as your personal provider because you belong to His Family.

In the Lord’s Prayer I said to pray to The Father. It is a prayer for personal needs so is properly addressed to your personal Father in heaven as is all requests for personal needs.

In regards to laws and attacks on my Kingdom you must use my personal delegation over Satan to defeat them as you are not dealing with a request for personal needs but defending attacks on My Kingdom (which includes its citizens) and My Glory.

If anyone is not using My delegated Authority to fight Satan then they are not fighting for My Kingdom and may not even belong to it.

In all personal attacks a demon is involved so you have an attack on a citizen of The Kingdom which means you use the delegated authority I have given you to remove them and heal any damage caused. All problems we have usually have a demonic element behind them so you use the Authority I have delegated to you to deal with it and heal any damage the attack did.

You do not pray away an attack as prayer has no legal effect on demons to remove them.

However if you have a request then you ask The Father as no demonic attack is involved as it is usually a longing of the heart which means you need to test the spirit behind the request in case Satan is suggesting something that looks correct but will harm you.

What are most churches teaching?

Are they teaching?




What the salvation relationship is and how to develop it



Spiritual warfare

What happens after you die (Judgement -Heaven or Hell?)

Evangelism and its defence

The Kingdom of God

What Jesus desires you to do (except deliverance and spiritual war fare)

About serving Jesus (but not about it being from a love relationship)

In other words practical Christian living (advice on how to maintain your salvation relationship with God).

Or are they teaching words (Knowledge only) about Christianity.

Satan has managed to persuade the church that knowledge was extremely important and by emphasising this hid the requirements of practical Christian living. So a 30 minute sermon is spent on one thing which could have been dealt with in two sentences so that more which could have been taught is not done so. But at least the theological knowledge of the minister is shown if little else.

This is the reason that most know about Jesus but few have a personal, day to day, relationship with Him and The Father. This shows how successful Satan has been in stopping practical Christian living being taught.

So most sermons either do with Theology (impersonal words about God) or Practical Christian living guidance (how to maintain your salvation relationship with God). The latter being what really should be preached.

  1. Minister and pastors are not doing god’s work

They are doing the work of the denomination in the belief it is what they have been called to do. God has called them to do the work of His Kingdom and not of a man made organisation (denomination/church) that replaces The Kingdom and divides it.

What are ministers doing?

Remember that they preach what they believe in and have been told what to preach by the denomination so believe they are serving God and many do not do the following.

They are not warning about hell

They are not warning about Satan and teaching people Satan works and attacks them and how to defend themself from him and free people from his influence and that they only sin if they accept what He suggests they do

They are not warning about the rapture and what happens if they are left behind

They are not teaching them how to the live the Christian life in a practical way as an expression of a loving relationship with Jesus and The Father guided by The Holy Spirit.

They are not teaching the necessity to love others with the same quality of love God love them with

They are not allowing people who are not approved by their organisation to do ‘God’s’ or the denominations work

They are not telling others what Jesus has done for them and can do for them and the freedom a relationship with God has and what He will do for them after they die

They are not warning how Satan influences them through his world system and how to defend against it.

In other words they are not warning people of all that will cause them to miss the rapture and that Satan is trying to send them to hell as well as showing them how to live to preserve their salvation.

Most of all they are not teaching Lordship, faith, holiness, true stewardship in a way that relate to their relationship to Jesus and The Father,as well as how to present and defend their faith and what it means to Love as God Loves.

They are not teach how to be guided by The Holy Spirit so people do not know what God desires of them and cannot guide them through Him so that they do not know what to do to properly maintain the salvation relationship that they have with Jesus as well as what He desires of them unless it is plainly stated in The Bible.

Serving the denomination is not necessarily serving Jesus and His Kingdom.

They teach knowledge but not how to relate to God in a practical way even though salvation is a correct relationship with Jesus and The Father guided by The Holy Spirit.

How can they lead God’s people if they do not listen to The Holy Spirit God sent to be their guide in the ministry He has given or allowed them to have. If this is not possible then Jesus lied in Jn 16:13 and you cannot believe anything else He said.

They do not teach correctly the role of the Holy Spirit in a Christian’s life forgetting that Christians are to be guided by Him because He teaches us and gives us understanding of the things of God and shows us how God requires us to live. Jesus said as many as are led by the Spirit of God are the Sons of God which means they are living as God requires them to live and also are Citizens of The Kingdom of God.

So ministers not being personally led by The Holy Spirit usually will teach what God allows them to teach but will teach what man reasons because they are denominational members or similar.

Hell and God’s Judgement:  We are not told what we are saved from so that obtaining our salvation does not become an imperative.  Restoration and deliverance do not mean anything as there is nothing to be delivered from.  We have no incentive to become a Christian.

The Victory we have over demons and temptation won by Jesus at Calvary so people do not know there is a battle and that they are the target in this battle

The rewards of the Kingdom of Heaven: so we don’t know how much better they are so that we do not realize that the pleasures of earth are not worth holding onto because they pale in comparison to what is going to be given to us in heaven.  It is the rewards in heaven that make suffering worthwhile. If there were no rewards there would be no reason to suffer.  The true Christian does not suffer for reward but out of love for Jesus.

The Love of God expressed towards us: so we do not know how special we are to God or what He does for us each moment of the day.  We are not taught the extent of God’s Love towards us!

Salvation as a personal relationship: so God becomes impersonal to us and the depth and quality of the relationship with Him is not realised. Thus we do not serve Him out of love but of necessity.

The Grace of God is not taught. How much God gives us and gently deals with us out of no benefit to Him.  That it is God’s unmerited favour towards us. The fact that He has every right to send us to hell for our sins but patiently works to restore us to Him and the relationship we can have with Him.

Who Jesus is and what He gave up for us: so we don’t appreciate His Love for us and what He gave up to help us.  Thus we do not realise any sacrifice we make pales in significance when compared to what He gave up for us!

What it means to be a citizen of God’s Kingdom: so we do not realise what it means to be a citizen of God’s kingdom and all it requires of us and as well as the rewards offered to us!

The gifts and empowerment of The Holy Spirit and the delegated authority of Jesus so that the church is sick, without power and have nothing with which to do the work of Jesus but reasoning and psychology.

The rapture, when Jesus comes to remove us from the Tribulation, the punishment he gives to Satan and His world system for the way they ran the ear th for 6000 years.

The return of Jesus when all will be restored on earth and things will be as they should have been.

The complete work of Jesus at Calvary so that people are emotionally crippled by guilt, shame and condemnation instead of being released from these.

  1. How to stifle a church

Do not make God a personal God

Do not make Him relevant for daily living - only for special occasions such as Easter and Christmas

Do not make His miracles to be for today, but only for the time of Jesus

Do not believe or teach the personal guidance and power of the Holy Spirit

Do not make The Bible more important than reason, tradition or denominational rules

Do not make the work of God personal - use agencies for charity and evangelism and not church members

Do not show the Authority of the Kingdom of God

Do not war against Satan.

  1. Nine things that are wrong with Christianity

They do not demonstrate the Authority of The Kingdom of God over Satan and his works.  When the Kingdom of God is not demonstrated then Christianity is really little different to any other religion or moral lifestyle.

When the Christians stopped meeting in public places and used special buildings they became a closed society and no longer informally met people in the public places to discuss the Christian faith as the early church did. To the world they are like a secret society. You need to be a member to know what goes on there and understand it.

When they stopped hearing The Holy Spirit or believed He was not personal or could not be heard by people, they became like any other religion and had to use man’s way of doing things.

When they stopped laying up treasure in heaven they laid up treasure on earth and grew wealthy and worldly they became no different to worldly organisations in many ways.

When they stopped showing God’s Love and Mercy to people they had to find a new direction and purpose for being a church and justifying their existence.  Man’s objectives for measuring growth and their way of doing things became the churches way of doing things so it grew less and less like The Kingdom of God and more like the world. They became social workers inmstead of evangelists.

When they lost their personal relationship with God they lost their identity of who they were.  The complaint of Jesus to someone He took to heaven was that they know of Him but do not really personally know Him and salvation is a personal relationship with Jesus and the father.

When they gave spiritual authority over them to a person (pastor apostle etc.), they placed themselves under man and not God and lost direction and purpose being guided and driven by man and their processes rather than God.

When they paid others who were “certified and trained” to do their social work and evangelism they lost their purpose for being a Christian.

When they became insular and self orientated promoting their own church or denomination they lost their focus on the world and God’s heart for it and also destroyed the unity of The Spirit and of The Body.


Mat 18:20 For where two or three are assembled in my name, there am I in the midst of them."

So wherever two or more people are gathered together for the purposes of Jesus He is in their midst and it does not have to be in a church situation. As long as it is for the purposes of The Kingdom He is there.

What are the purposes of The Kingdom:

Helping another out of love for them or compassion for them

Meeting in a situation to worship Him as an assembly, regardless of where it is held

Gathering in a group to protect The Kingdom such as protests against things against The Kingdom.

Anything God tells you to meet together for.

So when an assembly is occurring what should your attitudes be?

Because Jesus is in your midst you are on Holy Ground

Worldly activities should not intrude unless it is absolutely necessary (such as the building is on fire and you have to leave it)

You should conduct the meeting with reverence and respect as your Lord is there.

You should listen to what He says to you through The Holy Spirit in you so you know what you must do to fulfil your part in what Jesus desires the assembly to do.

Do not forget to thank Him for being there in your midst

After the assembly is over you should consider whether or not you are to minister to someone or they to you.

The major worship you do is through your life of obedience to Jesus regardless o f what the cost to you. This attitude shows He is worth which is the basis of worship – The acknowledgement that a person is more worthy than you and so should be obeyed.

Shown towards people it is reverence. Shown towards God it is worship. One must not confuse the two or you will have problems working out how to show the worthiness of the person you are following.

Unfortunately many people go to church because they are required too or get a thrill out of the singing and spiritual signs that are shown in the service and not to meet Jesus, sit at His feet and learn from Him.

  1. Conclusion

If The Lord was to come most Christians would not be raptured. They have lost their vision or what they should be seeing in their relationship to God and in their service of Him because these have not been properly taught to them.

Part of this problem is modern theology rarely mentions the fact that Salvation is a relationship and focuses on knowledge and reason being more important than faith. They are not guided by The Holy Spirit but by the denomination so do not serve The Kingdom of God but a kingdom of man.

They do not show the Authority of The Kingdom over Satan and his works so people go to other cults and religions, like witchcraft and Satanism that profess to show spiritual authority and power that the church should be demonstrating.

Where the spiritual Authority of The Kingdom is shown the church is growing. Where it is not shown it is dieing. The church is not helped by modern bibles that are based on forgeries and have been used by Satan to remove much of The Bible that is relevant to being a Christian.

Satan was cunning. He could not overcome the church so removed its power base and guide by making The Holy Spirit irrelevant to many and removing our delegated authority over him from these corrupt bibles.

Would God have removed the only weapon we have against Satan? His delegated authority over Satan? Would He tell us to storm the gates of hell then remove what we need to do it? This alone shows the source of modern bibles.

When the person who has copyright over The Satanic Bible also has the copyright for the NIV you know something is wrong.

Until the church teaches salvation is a relationship and teaches people what Jesus requires if them and not what the denomination requires of them the church will continue to decline.

  1. Postscript

In 1988 an organisation said that Australia was a country to send missionaries too. Thirty years later it can be considered now to be a pagan country because it is passing laws to satisfy pagans that are contrary to Christian beliefs and the Christians now are no longer a force to be able to stop them being passed.

And the churches can blame themselves for this state of affairs because they have not done the task Jesus gave them.