The Bible

The Bible is God’s guide book for living on earth and The Holy spirit is its interpreter giving understanding of how to apply it to our lives, So if you really want to live as a Christian should you need to know The Bible so The Holy Spirit can use it to teach and guide you in what you do each day.

Satan knows how important The Bible is to the foundational life of a Christian so has managed to corrupt it so that modern day bibles are based on four forged codices (proven beyond a doubt) and by this removed 20% of the important bits of The Bible. This is why Christianity really started to decline in 1976 when the New International Version was published and adopted by many Churches and denominations throughout the English speaking world.

It removed our delegation over Satan so we really have nothing to fight Him with. They stated it was not in the two main codices they used, But it was originally. It was removed from the Vaticanus before it was published and written out of the Sinaiticus before it was ‘discovered’ by Tischendorf.

God would not deliberately remove the only delegation He gave us to control Satan and remove him and his plans. So guess who had it removed? This shows that the editor behind the Greek used for modern translation had to be Satan using men to alter the bible for his purposes (which is to bring in a one world bible that all faiths can relate too in preparation for the coming Antichrists.

So if you want to cast out Satan you cannot use a modern bible. You have to use an Authorised Bible, The Syriac Peshita or similar.

Tests of Doctrine and practice

There is much error in the belief of Christians these days because modern bibles were edited by Satan to remove much of importance material and are based on four proven forged codices aimed to destroy the foundations of Christianity.

Many non-biblical beliefs are now in the church and the Church accepts things that in 1976 were unthinkable.

You need to apply the following tests to what man says is doctrine?

Is it in The Authorised Bible or Syriac Peshitta? (remember you cannot use a modern bible, as they are based on forged codices and they leave out 20% of the true bible and make Jesus out to be a human who became God by what He did and altered The Bible to back up their heetical theology ).

If Yes: Then it must obey or agree with what The Bible says it is or it is error and possibly heretical.

If No: Then it must pass all of the following tests. It cannot be doctrine or enforceable on anyone but may be a denominational or church requirement if it does not fail any of the following tests. “infer; is different to ‘conjecture’. Conjecture is made up by man for his purposes without any basis for doing so. Infer implies it could be in there somewhere.

Does the Bible infer it is allowable? If it infers it is allowable you still cannot make doctrine about it but only say it is a possibility and even then it must pass all the other tests below.

Does it express God’s quality of Love and build up a person spiritually

Does it give God’s Glory to another? God’s said He would not give His Glory to another.

Does it promote The Father, The Holy Spirit, Jesus or His Kingdom or someone or something else?

Note how many denominations, churches or Television Evangelists promote their organisations or themselves and do not promote The Kingdom of God! They say they serve God but ignore His requirements because they do not promote His Kingdom and the Gospel they preach is not the one Jesus taught.

Using corrupted bibles

Most people do not realise modern Bibles are based on four Greek texts of which three are forgeries and the fourth one used as the Greek test for modern translations has no basis for it to be used for anything religious. It is supposedly based on the Sinaiticus but actually the editors altered it to suit their theology. The changes they made at times are so subtle that people do not realise they have occurred and many people do not know the original Bible because a new generation has risen up that has been trained under these new ‘better’ Bibles which is why they are accepted by many people now.

The subtleties are great so that people do not realise the changes and the effect they have on doctrine.

As an example I show what they did to the book of Hebrews chapter 1: 1-2.

The authorised version reads as follows:

Heb 1:1  God, who at sundry times and in divers manners spake in time past unto the fathers by the prophets, 

Heb 1:2  Hath in these last days spoken unto us by his Son, whom he hath appointed heir of all things, by whom also he made the worlds; 

The revised version the first of modern Bibles reads as follows:

Heb 1:1 God, having of old time spoken unto the fathers in the prophets by divers portions and in divers manners,

Heb 1:2 hath at the end of these days spoken unto us in his Son, whom he appointed heir of all things, through whom also he made the worlds;

Notice that the Authorised Version has God speaking to the prophets and through Jesus while the Revised Version has 'in'. What is the difference? In the authorised version God tells the people what to say. In the revised version He puts in them what to say and they have to work out what God wanted to say. This is one reason why many modern theologians believe they have to work out what God said and have caused many doctrinal errors using reason rat her than faith so that practices are now in the church that were not considered 100 years ago because they were against the laws of God.

Because they believe man got it wrong they rationalise that they have now to work out what God wanted to really say and of course their theology influence what they write the bible should have said.

Many believe Jesus was a man who was a son of God but had a father (a god) and a mother and was conceived through sex between them. Where as God alone is the father of Jesus.

Because they believe that Jesus was like other men who became God they do not believe he was divine at birth so remove as much of His Divinity at they can.

This is why people can write a book saying 'what does the new international version have against Jesus'. This is because the new translations omit 20% of the true Bible so that a watered down version now occurs in modern Bibles which is becoming more and more similar to the beliefs of other faiths and religions in preparation for a one world Bible the Antichrist can use to unite all faiths.I discuss this more in writings on my web page ''.

Do the research you will find this is true but do not use the writings of modern theologians because they believe that Jesus was not divine at birth and that they have to work out what God really wanted to say and believe their doctrine is correct and not that of the Authored Version.

This is why it is no use arguing doctrine with them which is why you need to show that all the codices they use are forgeries so that modern translations have no basis for existing.

It is no use arguing Doctrine when defending the Authorised Version

The proponents of the modern Greek text believe their text is more accurate than the King James tect so that the King James doctrine has errors in the new Greek does not. This line of argument achieves nothing since those arguing have not been brought up on the King James Text.

All you can do is show that the modern Greek text is based on forgeries so that it h as no basis for being used for Bible translation s which means all that is left is the King James Text which is based on actual codices.