Problems with  attitudes to God

Their concept of God

The concept of whom God is,  is not correct in many Christians and the church do not tell  people what it should be.  If they had a a proper concept of God ministers would teaching and ministering differently.

So they do not see correctly their relationship with God and as salvation is a relationship with God people may risk not having salvation if the relationship is not correct unless they wholeheartedly try to obey God which is what really matters.  In a sense the relationship is not as important as the attitudes you have as you do God’s Will.  This is because your attitudes determine the degree of the relationship you have with God which determine how you love and serve Him.

It is not what you know but having the correct attitudes towards God that saves you.  Demon know more about God than you do but they have a wrong attitude toward Him.

According to how you see God will be how you relate to God

Do you see God as all powerful, all knowing, everywhere, containing everything, in control of all circumstances, having the greatest love anyone can ever have towards you?  And that everything God does shows His perfect Love toward you?

Do you believe God is personal and desires to personally relate to you because that will also flavour you relationship with God and affect the way you approach God and His people.

Do you believe God is a Legalist or is Merciful as that will also affect how you approach Him.

A person’s perspective of God (how you see Him) will affect your relationship with God and the way you approach God and serve God.

Remember that salvation is a correct relationship with The Father and God guided by the Holy Spirit and how you see this relationship will determine how you relationship with God will unfold and be maintained  resulting either in salvation or damnation.


How people see God is how they will love and serve Him

Do you Love The Father?

Do you love Him as your heavenly Father?

Who has given you life

Who provides for your every need

Who has adopted  you as His Child so you can be in heaven with Him.

Who desires you to be with Him and relate to Him and has prepared heaven for you so you can do this in an even close, intimate relationship with Him to that which you had on earth.

Do you love Jesus?

Jesus said to me:

My people do not really love me or believe in who I am.

It is sad my people really do not believe in who I am.  They say they follow me but do not do my work.  I said that if they loved me they would do what I commanded them but most do not do what I have commanded so show they really only have a token love for me.

They do not defend My Kingdom or fight my enemy (conduct spiritual warfare) or free people from his influence (evangelism and deliverance).

They do not go out and tell others what I have done for them and have promised to do for those who follow me

They do not give as they should so church borrows money when I promised that all who did My will and served the purposes of My Kingdom would have all their needs supplied to do this and live (Matt 6:33)

The fact they have to borrow money and persuade the congregation to give shows they are not doing My Will so how can they expect me to bless then.  They may be doing what the denomination or church says but it may not be My Will.

They have not done their work which is why in countries that used to honour me they are now persecuted or considered not worth following

They say they are doing my work where is the fruit of it?

Souls brought into my kingdom

People freed from Satan’s influence on them

The works of Satan attacked and bound

My Kingdom principles promoted

People doing my work and not paying others to do it

Singing about things they have done for me and then doing them

How can I bless a church where My Work is not done.

Jesus also said that the fruit of the Church would show if it was doing His Work but the dwindling numbers in many and the closing of many small denominational churches shows they are not doing His Work

Do you Love The Holy Spirit?

Do you hang on His every word

Do you joyfully do what He tells you?

Do you live a holy life because his presence is in your spirit marking your spirit as an undefiled part of The Kingdom of God?  Which is one reason your spirit can go to heaven when you die.

Do you talk to Him about problems and ask His advice when The Bible is not clear?  He is your guide and God promises He will guide you the truths you need to know (Jn 16:13) and not just spiritual truths.

He is to lead you if you desire to be an adopted child of The Father so you really need to have a close, intimate relationship with Him.

Do you have a close relationship with Him?  If not you might not be a child of The Father and not go to heaven.

How you love each member of The Trinity will be how you relate to them and represent them on earth.


Do you really love Jesus

How important is Jesus to you?

Do you hold onto His every word?

Do you love Him above all else

Do you do His Will regardless of the cost?

Or do you just assume you do it


Are His commands more important to you than anything else?

Do you speak of His Love and Redemption to others?

When He tells you to do this?

Do you use His Authority to fight Satan, to heal the sick and cast out demons?

To demonstrate The Kingdom and that Jesus is real?


Or is He just incidental to your life

Because the world of Satan guides you

Because you live according to its influences

Chasing things it says are more important than those of Jesus

More important than the things of His Kingdom


Is Jesus really relevant to you?

Or just a sideline in your life

So that you speak little of Him and His Kingdom

And at times deliberately do things

 Christians should not do


What are your objectives?

How do you serve Jesus?

Do people see you are different to others?

Because you do not do the wrong they do?

Because they can see Jesus is your life?


Do you love others because they are children of The Father?

Does their going to hell grieve your spirit?

Do you cry over the lost?

And sorrow over their fate?

Does it drive you to tell them of Jesus?


Do you tell of His Love?

His care, concern and provision for them?

Or is The Father just a sideline as you focus on other more 'important' things

Which the established church says is more important

Because it does not preach God’s Love for the lost


Who is y our guide?

The Holy Spirit, society, or your local church?

Who influences what you do?

Who determines how you live?

Who determines what you do for Jesus?


Do you look at the world through the eyes of Jesus?

Or the eyes the world has trained you to use

So that you do not see the evil around you

And willingly accept its values

And ignore the still, quiet, voice guiding you.


How did you go in this test?

Remember your eternal soul is at stake

So you need to make certain you are obeying Jesus

So you need to do His Will

So that the relationship to each one of The Trinity is correct


If you want to do God’s Will

He is waiting to help you

To Guide you

strengthen you to do it

To reward you for doing it


The choice is yours

Your eternal destiny

Is in your hands.

Satan desires you to be with Him

Choose wisely as eternity is a long time to be in hell.