1. Conclusion

If The Lord was to come most Christians would not be raptured. They have lost their vision or what they should be seeing in their relationship to God and in their service of Him because these have not been properly taught to them.

Part of this problem is modern theology rarely mentions the fact that Salvation is a relationship and focuses on knowledge and reason being more important than faith. They are not guided by The Holy Spirit but by the denomination so do not serve The Kingdom of God but a kingdom of man.

They do not show the Authority of The Kingdom over Satan and his works so people go to other cults and religions, like witchcraft and Satanism that profess to show spiritual authority and power that the church should be demonstrating.

Where the spiritual Authority of The Kingdom is shown the church is growing. Where it is not shown it is dieing. The church is not helped by modern bibles that are based on forgeries and have been used by Satan to remove much of The Bible that is relevant to being a Christian.

Satan was cunning. He could not overcome the church so removed its power base and guide by making The Holy Spirit irrelevant to many and removing our delegated authority over him from these corrupt bibles.

Would God have removed the only weapon we have against Satan? His delegated authority over Satan? Would He tell us to storm the gates of hell then remove what we need to do it? This alone shows the source of modern bibles.

When the person who has copyright over The Satanic Bible also has the copyright for the NIV you know something is wrong.

Until the church teaches salvation is a relationship and teaches people what Jesus requires if them and not what the denomination requires of them the church will continue to decline.

  1. Postscript

In 1988 an organisation said that Australia was a country to send missionaries too. Thirty years later it can be considered now to be a pagan country because it is passing laws to satisfy pagans that are contrary to Christian beliefs and the Christians now are no longer a force to be able to stop them being passed.

And the churches can blame themselves for this state of affairs because they have not done the task Jesus gave them.