1. Denominations

  2. The hindrance of denominations to Christianity

Unity of the spirit in the bond of peace' is what is expected of The Body of Christ but it is not happening.

Denominations divide the body and in a way they because compete with each other because they believe they alone have all the truth so divide The Kingdom of God in accordance with the plans Satan made in creating denominations.

Denominations were not made by God but by man under the guidance of Satan who knew the damage they would eventually make to the unity of The Body. They are not mentioned in the new testament and first arose as heretical sects.

How is this dividing shown?

Rich churches do not help poor churches even in their own denominations

Denominations do not socialise very often and rarely fellowship with each other and then it is usually considered a special event when it should be an everyday occurrence.

They do not do the work of The Kingdom as it should be done because Satan has managed to stop denominations working with each other so they do not promote The Kingdom but the denomination and the members have little idea about what they are to do as Christians. They are taught to support the denomination and not The Kingdom of God.

When you become a Christian you join the denomination and not The Kingdom of God.

Members of the congregations pay others to do the work they should be doing and few really know the gospel to be able to explain it to others yet that is one of the primary things required of Christians.

They do not share with people the eternal life relationship Jesus offers people and so these people go to hell.

How can a denomination say that it has the ‘Love of God’ when it does not tell others about God’s Love, heaven and what Jesus has done for them, is doing for them and will do for them and how to avoid going to hell ignoring those in need around them.

It is hypocrisy to say they have God’s Love and sing about it then do little to show it to the lost and hurting world around them.

When a person becomes a member of a church He is welcomed into it and the denomination it belongs too. The Kingdom God is not mentioned yet that is what they really become when they become a true follower of Jesus.

The are taught the authority of the minister and denomination but not the Authority of Jesus and His Kingdom in its truest and fullest sense.

  1. What is not usually done by the denominational church

They do not demonstrate the authority and power of Jesus over His enemy and by this do not demonstrate The Kingdom of God

They do not destroy the works of the enemy

They do not publicly stand up for the values and purposes of the Kingdom of God regardless of the cost to them

They do not worship in public

They do not take ground from the kingdom of the enemy so that the enemy takes ground from The Kingdom of God

They have given Satan the earth and all on it rather than fight Satan and increase the influence of the Kingdom of God on the earth.

They tolerate the sins that resulted in so many dying in Israel and Judah and eventually resulted in the people being removed from the land!

They do not teach the true cost of what Jesus did on Calvary or even what He did at Calvary in a way that those outside the church can understand!

They do not teach personal holiness and sanctification and become compromised by the world!

They enjoy the chief places at the feasts and the importance of having large churches.

Numbers and prosperity are more important that humility or holiness!

They do not use God’s weapons of warfare and so are easy prey for His enemy!

They do not protect the people in the congregation adequately because they use their own weapons and defences and not God’s!

They do not fulfil God’s requirements for true religion loving their neighbour as they love themself and in the way God Loves them! 

They do not personally help the widow, orphan the sick and the needy but pay others to do this

They do not grieve in their heart over the lost and the fallen!  They do not weep over them as The Father does!

They are too busy building “organisations” and using the latest “approved” method to listen to The Holy Spirit’s guidance!

They spend money on buildings and personal “junkets” and “necessary” luxuries, rather than on the lost and needy around them.  Many of the ministers also have a lifestyle better than the people they are supposed to Love as themself and the poor in their church are often neglected.

They are too busy playing “important pastor” of “prominent minister” to develop intimacy with Jesus.  Their activities on His “behalf” are no replacement for a vital, close, relationship with Him!

They do not develop the gifts of the people under their authority! In other words, disciple them like Jesus said too.

Unless they are “trained” or “officially” approved, they cannot minister or serve in “their” church!  This requirement condemns many who consider themselves inadequate for God’s service because of this!

They do not teach “their” people to minister to those outside the church, but only “trained” people are allowed to minister “officially” in or outside the church! The congregation is not taught evangelism and how to defend and demonstrate The Kingdom of God.

They do not teach people what God’s Love is so they can show it to those living around them, and by this, win many to Jesus! At times they have trouble showing it even in their own homes.

They do not properly disciple new followers of Jesus but process them, so many do not mature and/or fall away.  Those that remain are churchified and fit in to what is required of them by the church and denomination.

In their sermons they give knowledge but often there is no application given that can be applied in a practical way or if there is they are not shown how to apply it..

They reject the prophets of God’s calling them to repentance but listen to those who “tickle” their ears with prosperity and ease!

They do not learn or teach how to share in God’s fellowship of suffering or teach others what it means!

They do not carry out the commission in Is 61:1-3, or Math.28:18-20, or teach “their” church to do so!

They do not used God’s gifts, or delegated authority, properly but use them to build numbers not heal or deliver people to train and send them forth to a lost and hurting world!