The Compromise Christian Church


How Satan has corrupted Christianity
over the last 2000 years


I write this book not as one who judges or condemns but as one who has been freed from most of what is in this book and am still working on some of the things I wrote about in this book. As Christians we are always working at maintaining our side of the salvation relationship and all that is involve with doing this.

There is only one judge and that is Jesus. The Bible says that we judge ourselves by our attitudes and all God does is compare them to what He requires you to have and then sends you either to heaven or hell.

The reason you go to hell is because you cannot enter heaven and there is no other place to go. The punishments of hell are not from God but from Satan who hates humanity and does all he can to deal badly with them and destroy their salvation relationship with Jesus.

So I offer this book in the hope that it will free you as it has freed me.

Neville Salvetti

8 April 2019


What problems do most Christian Church have

Most churches will have only some of the problems detailed in this document which is how Satan causes them to be compromised in some way. Yo only need a problem in a spiritually important area to do damage to the whole church. Satan is subtle and if a church has too many problems it will wake up to these. If there are few problems the church is comfortable and sees no need to change anything.

So by small changes over a long period allowancing Satan to have people accept them have come big changes which have allowed theologians to reject the Authorised Version and change it to what they believed God meant to say and so destroy the foundations of Christianity so t at many in the Christian church accept things that would have been completely unacceptable 150 years ago.

This is why s many Christians are comfortable. They do not see the problems and see no need to change in any way.

What Jesus told me

Over the last two years Jesus has been talking to me about the state of most Christians and the churches they are involved with.. He is not pleased because most would not go up in the rapture. He said most know of Him but few have a intimate personal relationship with Him and salvation is a personal relationship with Jesus and The Father guided by The Holy Spirit.

What follows is what Jesus told me in this period about what He is unhappy with about the church and most Christians in them.

He also said that ministers are not preaching what they should be preaching which is why most Christians do not have a relationship with Jesus and the Father and only know of them. They are not guided by The Holy Spirit because they are not taught how to hear Him.


Christianity all about your concept of who God is and how you see your relationship to him because this will determine how you live your Christian life. It depends on how you see:

Who God is

What he does for you

Your relationship to him

His relationship to you and others and the world around us

In other words what you believe who God is, what He can do, is doing as well as what He can do.

Satan has managed to use modern day bibles (based on forged codices) to destroy the foundations of Christianity so that the church has become corrupted and does not really understand properly what is involved in believing and acting on the above.

In this document is what Jesus said to me about what is wrong with the churchPreface


Many things the Church does are really unchristian or not relevant the objectives of Christianity and the church does not realise this or they are done with a wrong understanding so that the blessing a person should get is not received.

Christianity is a love relationship that results in the attitudes and activities required to maintain salvation. It is not just about knowing about Jesus but doing what is necessary to have a vital personal relationship with Him. It is about your love for Him and serving and obeying Him out of this love.

He told a person He visited that 80% of Christians would not go up in the rapture. The reason being they know of Him but had not entered into a personal relationship with Him.

Satan said in a planning meeting that he owned 80% of the earth so he and Jesus agree on the number of Christians that will go up in the rapture (20%).

Jesus said it was important to develop the relationship you have with Him and The Father and to gain a proper understanding of what Christianity (and thus membership of The Kingdom of God) is all about.

How it happened

Christianity started its decline when The Catholic Church took over the Roman empire and began to be run the church like a Kingdom led by a king and not The Holy Spirit and by this displacing The Kingdom of God and its guide, The Holy Spirit, so that the church primarily projected itself and not God’s Kingdom and ran itself according to man’s rules and not those of God.

As a reaction to the ungodliness and superstition in The Catholic Church men broke away and formed denominations thus further diving The Kingdom of God and causing conflicts between their doctrine and that of the Catholic Church as well as with other denominations because they that believed they were more correct than other denominations. This further divided The Kingdom of God.

Satan fought the church but could not defeat it by a frontal attack so He sought to remove its foundation, The Bible. This he succeeded by replacing the accepted text with a supposedly better one used by modern translators to translate The Bible. Unfortunately this so called better Greek is based on two codices: Vaticanus and Sinaiticus, both of which are proven forgeries and also Codex 2427 (based on Vaticanus and so is based on a forged codex) and the Greek of Westcott and Hort which really is not based on any codex but supposedly is based on the Sinaiticus to give it credibility.

Christianity started to badly decline in Europe after the first of these ‘modern Bibles’ the Revised Version was published in England in 1881, then in the USA when the American Standard Version was published in 1901. The greatest damage was done when the New International Version was published world wide in 1978.

If you look at these areas you will find moral standards started to decline in them after these fake bibles were published.

There is much written to prove the forgeries of the Greek behind modern Bibles so I will not go into that here.

Why is this not known?

There is too much money involved and too many theologians who would lose their living and purposes if it was known and some of the people involved are not Christians, who are in it for the money. This is why The copyright holder of The Satanic