1. Kingdom of God

The Kingdom of God is not usually preached but the denomination and its purposes are usually promoted under the guise of serving God and His kingdom. Because of this people are taught the work of the denomination in a way that is promoted as being the work of a Citizen of The Kingdom of God by limiting what is taught to the purposes of the denomination because they are taught to think as denominational ministers and not ministers of The Kingdom of God.

Denominations are the working of Satan to divide The Body of Christ.

They are man made for the purposes of control and were not instituted by Jesus. They promote the Nicolaitan type structure Jesus hates because it deprives the congregation from an authorised role in the denomination because they are not ‘trained’ by the denomination to work in it.

They divide the Kingdom

They cause disunity amongst Christians

They cause many to sin as they defend their denomination

They promote the work of the denomination and not of The Kingdom of God.

  1. Crying out for The Kingdom

We are told to pray (cry to The Father): ‘Thy Kingdom Come:’

Do you cry out for The Fathers Kingdom to come?

For His peace and rule to be on this earth

So the pain and suffering of the earth will end

Jesus told us to pray:

Thy Kingdom Come

The Will be done On earth as it is in Heaven

Do you cry out for its presence to be here?

So Satan's kingdom will be removed and The Father’s Will be done?

So that the Joy of The Kingdom will be had by all

Do you look at the pain and suffering

And cry to The Father to send Jesus back

So He will rule and the Joy of His Kingdom will be on earth

The Kingdom coming’ is the hope of this world

Cry to The Father for it to be soon

For then Satan's rule will end with all its evil and suffering

  1. The Lord’s Prayer after Calvary

When you take out from The Lord's Prayer (in Matt 5) which is really the prayer of a citizen of The Kingdom of God, after the work at Calvary was finalised all you have left is as follows :

Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. 
Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven. 
For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen. 

Why do not people pray it and cry out for the restoration of The Father's Kingdom?

Have they lost their vision of what earth would be like if The Father's Kingdom was on earth?

Look at the suffering around you. It should make you pray this prayer more often and cry out daily for The Kingdom of God to be restored on earth as it was in the beginning.

Are your priorities the benefit of The Kingdom for all or are you satisfied with how it is now with Satan ruling.

God’s people need to change their perspective and see what would be here if The Kingdom was here under the rule of Jesus.

Perhaps then they would cry to The Father for His Kingdom to be on earth.

The Father has been seen weeping over His Children.

Do you?

  1. Are you a Good Citizen of The Kingdom of God?

Many Christians think they are a good citizen of The Kingdom of God when they are just a good churchgoer and member of a denomination.

They do even know the difference?

If you are a good citizen of The Kingdom of God you will:

Show God’s quality of Love and Character in all you do

You will obey Jesus 100% in all you do having the same purposes and objectives He has for all you do

You will strive for holiness rejecting anything Satan offers you regardless of what is offered to you to do or use

You will look after the things of God and His Kingdom properly.

You will fight Satan, God’s enemy,free people from His kingdom and protect The Kingdom and its Citizens.

You will do this at the appropriate time appropriate time, which is when God asks you to do these things and not when others say you should be doing:

Evangelize, which is telling others about what Jesus has done for them and has done for you

Do spiritual Warfare which is defending God’s Name and Glory, His Kingdom, fellow citizens and His property as well as taking things from Satan so he cannot use them against God.

Teaching about The Kingdom

Demonstrating The Kingdom

Preaching about The Kingdom

Discipling people of The Kingdom

Supporting each other as needed in any way necessary

Resting in the way God directs you too

Fulfilling work, ministry and family roles in the way Jesus requires you too.

Or learning to do these things.

Doing these things develops the relationship you have with The Father (as your provider), Jesus (as Your Lord) and The Holy Spirit (as your helper and guide in this world).

Remember that you will die and will be asked what you did with the things you were given by God to be steward of for Him: You mind, body, emotions, will: people He gave you to minister too: the relationships you had with The father, Jesus and The Holy Spirit and others: All that you were given in your life on earth which includes h ow you taught and demonstrated The Kingdom through its Authority over Satan.

God only expects you to wholeheartedly try and leave any result to Him to deal with. He is more concerned with the attitudes you had while doing things than with the actual results.