1. Salvation

  2. What is the essence of The Gospel?

Most people do not know this and the church does not preach it so the true purpose of Calvary is not taught.

God did not need to crate manind because He was complete in Himself and needed nothing else

God created man to have a relationship with Him

God placed man in a beautiful Garden with everything man needed.

Man rejected God’s Authority and rebelled

This relationship was destroyed

God is King of all and rebelling against a king results in punishment

God removed man from this beautiful Garden and man lost his relationship with God.

Man could no longer be with God but in another place where all was controlled by an evil being.

God still loved man and still desired a relationship with Him

God saw man could not meet the punishment God required to restore this relationship

So God (Jesus) came to earth to deal with the punishment man deserved

Jesus taught man how God required man to live

Jesus then died on Calvary in your place and met the punishment God required for your rebellion against God

By His death He removed all hindrances that hindered your entering a relationship with God

So that you can be with God after you die

If you obey God on earth.

Salvation is a relationship with God and this is what is not told when the Gospel is preached.

This personal relationship must be developed and maintained if you wish to go to heaven when you die.

This is another thing Satan has trained the church to present improperly.

The Bible begins with man perfectly relating to God in a perfect environment and ends with man perfectly relating to God in a perfect environment.

  1. Salvation is a relationship

When you follow Jesus as Lord you enter into a relationship with each member of The Trinity. IT is called the salvation relationship because if it is maintained correctly it allows you to enter heaven.

Salvation is a love relationship between you The Father and Jesus guided by The Holy spirit whom you must also relate personally to so you can hear Him. Because it is a love relationship we gladly and joyfully serve each other. After all pure love is a selfless servant desiring no reward for its expression except the benefit it gives the other person. Each person trusts the other because of the Love they have for them and gladly accept what they do for them.

This is the essence of The Gospel:

  1. Proper Relationships

Salvation is a result of a personal relationship with Jesus and The Father guided by The Holy Spirit.

What kind of relationship is it?

Is it with a church?

The devil has demons in church as church members so belonging to a church or obeying its denomination cannot save you.

So what kind of relationship is it?

It is a personal one with Jesus as your Lord, as a citizen of His Kingdom and with The Father as His adopted child.

Remember that which king you serve, Jesus or Satan, when you die determines whether you go to heaven or hell.

So what is more important?

Being a citizen of The Kingdom of God, which does not need you to be a denominational or church member, or a member of a denominational or church membership of which does not mean you are a Citizen of The Kingdom of Gof.

Going to a church where God rules and not the minister rules will help you in your membership of The Kingdom and The True Body, but church going is not necessary for salvation or Redemption. In fact many Godly Christians leave churches because of the way the church teaches or attacks them (in a Christian way supposedly).

Satan drives them out so they cannot corrupt the church or denomination with God’s truths.

The Holy Spirit is your guide in how to live as a citizen of The Kingdom and not a minister unless they are telling you something The Spirit desires you to know or teaching you about this personal relationship you have with God as a Citizen of His Kingdom..

Remember that Jesus said to seek His Will and the purposes of His Kingdom and all you need, which includes Salvation and Redemption, would be given to you by His Father (Matthew 6:33).

Salvation is a relationship

It must be entered into by a Lordship decision

It must be maintained

It must developed

It is an intimate relationship not just knowledge about God

Many people believe salvation occurred at Calvary but this is wrong. Salvation has always been by faith. Calvary was God restoring you to the relationship God desires to have with you, which is why He created you, and for this alone did He die on the cross.

  1. Salvation is a relationship

How do you develop a relationship?

You spend time together

You do things together

You share your feelings and emotions

The talk to each other and listen to the other person sharing yourself with them

You joyfully serve and help each other

Nothing is too hard to do for them

You are interested in them, their problems and joys

They are like a family member whom you share your life with

According to the degree of intimacy you share with God will be the depth of your relationship with God.

This intimacy is how Jesus desires you to relate to Him as does the Father and the Holy Spirit

Remember that God created you to have an intimate relationship with Him and all Satan does is designed to destroy this relationship.

Also, remember you are developing the relationship now that will continue in heaven

According to the depth of a relationship you have with God now will be determined your salvation and whether it will continue in heaven with them.

The Salvation Relationship requires both to agree to it

Salvation is a relationship and every relationship has at least two sides. Each person must work correctly at their side of the relationship to properly maintain it. You have your responsibilities in this relationship and God has His responsibilities in this relationship.

For the relationships to be sustained each party must:

Desire the relationship

Work correctly at maintaining their side of the relationship

It does not need to be said that God perfectly maintains His side of the salvation relationship.

You need to know

How to pursue holiness: In otherwords know what Satan desires you to do so you can reject it and follow what Jesus desires you to do and develop the relationship further

How to defeat Satan’s attacks on you: You need to know how Satan attacks you and/ or others so you can defeat the attack so you can preserve the relationship.

You need to know how to be guided by The Holy Spirit: So you can be guided in deepening the relationship and so you know what God requires you to do when The Bible is Silent. This is why you never argue, assume, reason or react from habit when something happens but ask The Holy Spirit what to do if The Bible is not clear on the matter. Satan will use your reactions and attitudes against you and also God is original not having to do the same thing the same way He did it before.

You need to know how to expand The Kingdom of God by destroying the plans and works of Satan and capturing people from His Kingdom for the Kingdom of God (spiritual warfare and evangelism) and by this developing an appreciation of what your beloved God has done for you and can do for them. When you are fighting something it cannot capture you or your mind.

How often do you hear salvation preached about but little or nothing that it is a relationship or how to develop and maintain this relationship or even how to obtain it. When was the last time you heard any of these things being preached even though it is the basis of The Christian life which without being properly lived we do not go to heaven.

You need to show The Fruit of The Holy Spirit in this relationship

The main attitude in which all is done in is God’s quality of Love which is demonstrated by The Fruit of The Holy Spirit in your life. How you show the fruit of The Spirit toward God will result in how you show it to Others!

Love: Unconditional love towards God out of appreciation for what He has done for you and also because of the love relationship you have with Him.

Joy: The Joy in the personal relationship you have with God and all He has done, is doing and will do for you.

Peace: Peace because you have a relationship with God who will look after your every need as well as the security He gives you in the relationship.

Long-suffering: Patiently waiting for God to do what He needs to do for you because you trust His Love for you.

Gentleness: Softness in all you do for God and others because there is no aggression in you or offence in you towards God.

Goodness: There are no evil intentions in everything you do. It is done out of Love for the person because of your love for God and others because they are also His children whether or not they realise this.

Faith: Complete unconditional trust in God’s Love for you, His purposes for you, control of all things to do with it and the plans He has for you.

Meekness: Holding God as more worthy than you in all that happens and realising you can only do anything because He has prepared it for you to do and prepare you to do it and that before God all are equal.

Temperance: Doing everything in a non-excessive way in other words moderation and self-control in all things so you will be like God

These attitudes will flow to others as they are made a part of you by being expressed towards God. They all require self-discipline and a desire to be like this because God is like this and you desire to be like Him.

  1. Steps to maintaining your salvation relationship

Seek the Will (Lordship) of Jesus in all you do. Trust all He does for you and listen to The Holy Spirit as He reveals God’s to you

Do all in God’s quality of Love

Know what God requires you to do it and how to do it (pursue holiness)

Faithfully look after what He has trusted you with (The good news of what He has done for you, relationship's, expressing The Kingdom of God, Holiness, Expressing His Character in all you do and anything else He shows you) in otherwords what He has given you to be a steward of.

Do not: argue, assume, reason or react from habit when something happens but ask The Holy Spirit what to do if The Bible is not clear on the matter. Satan will use your reactions and attitudes against you and also God is original not having to do the same thing the same way He did it before.

If you love God then you will do this so the relationship with Him is not damaged but is developed more. Sin damages the relationship but true repentance restores it because of what happened at Calvary.

The above approach will stop you accepting what Satan suggests you do. For you to sin you must accept what Satan accepts you to do and by ignoring his things and focusing on Jesus and His things, because of your love relationship with Him as your Lord, you will not sin because you will not accept what Satan suggests you to do.

Remember that God is Love and is in complete control of all you do and everything He does is for your eternal best to prepare you for heaven or He would not be a God of Love!

God desires wholeheartedly the relationship you can have with Him. He created you for the purposes of this relationship as there was no other real reason for creating us.

Do you desire wholeheartedly this relationship-or are you only playing games about being a Christian?

  1. The importance of The Holy Spirit in this relationship.

All who desire this relationship to be maintained properly will be led by The Holy Spirit.

To be a child of God you need to be guided by The Holy Spirit in all you do which God has promised you will happen if you want it too (Jn 16:13.

Denominations do not usually teach you how to be guided by The Holy Sprite so many do not know how to hear Him and so do not have His guidance in areas not covered in The Bible.

But then God judges you on what you do with what you know and not what you are suppose to know so that as long as you wholeheartedly seek to keep Jesus as your Lord and wholeheartedly try to do His Will for you then He will accept you in heaven.