Spiritual Warfare

You are a citizen of The Kingdom of God and like any worthwhile citizen you should be able to defend it and its people against the attacks of its enemy (Satan) and even gain ground from him (attack him and his plans).

The church does not teach this and does not teach our delegation to do this. This is partly because Satan has managed to convince the church that the delegation to do this is not in the oldest bibles.

This is a lie. It is not in the modern bibles because it was taken out of the two codices they use as a basis for translation but was in there before they were published.

But then, a bigger problem is that the four codices used for modern bible translations are forgeries Satan persuaded the church to adopt them and by this destroy its foundations. This is why the church now allows things that were not even considered as being Christian only 50 yeas ago.

Because most churches do not teach it most Christians do not know about spiritual warfare and how Satan attacks and how to defeat his attacks.

Many believe that once you are a Christian Satan cannot hurt or cause you problems. They ignore the fact that The Bible says Satan goes around seeking to devour them.

So they are not taught how to fight Satan or how he attacks. This leaves them vulnerable to Satan and they do not know it

Until the church knows how Satan attacks and how to defeat him they are vulnerable and the church will not declare The Kingdom because they are not demonstrating the authority of The Kingdom over Satan.

They have lost a main purpose which is to free people from Satan’s kingdom both spiritually and physically and they not doing work Jesus gave to the church.

You are always at war

Because you are born, raised, live and die on earth you are in enemy territory because your home is in heaven and earth just a training ground for heaven and not your permanent home. You are a pilgrim and wanderer in world ruled by the enemy who has placed around you everything he can to distract from Jesus and His Kingdom in an effort to have you go to his kingdom when you die.

This is why you need to know how Satan’s attacks, your delegated authority over him so you can defeat him as well as Lordship focus in all you do so Satan cannot divert you from what God desires you to do.

So you learn these things or become a victim of Satan and not a victor over him. You will live the Christian life but not in the victorious way Jesus desires you to live it.