Mat 18:20 For where two or three are assembled in my name, there am I in the midst of them."

So wherever two or more people are gathered together for the purposes of Jesus He is in their midst and it does not have to be in a church situation. As long as it is for the purposes of The Kingdom He is there.

What are the purposes of The Kingdom:

Helping another out of love for them or compassion for them

Meeting in a situation to worship Him as an assembly, regardless of where it is held

Gathering in a group to protect The Kingdom such as protests against things against The Kingdom.

Anything God tells you to meet together for.

So when an assembly is occurring what should your attitudes be?

Because Jesus is in your midst you are on Holy Ground

Worldly activities should not intrude unless it is absolutely necessary (such as the building is on fire and you have to leave it)

You should conduct the meeting with reverence and respect as your Lord is there.

You should listen to what He says to you through The Holy Spirit in you so you know what you must do to fulfil your part in what Jesus desires the assembly to do.

Do not forget to thank Him for being there in your midst

After the assembly is over you should consider whether or not you are to minister to someone or they to you.

The major worship you do is through your life of obedience to Jesus regardless o f what the cost to you. This attitude shows He is worth which is the basis of worship – The acknowledgement that a person is more worthy than you and so should be obeyed.

Shown towards people it is reverence. Shown towards God it is worship. One must not confuse the two or you will have problems working out how to show the worthiness of the person you are following.

Unfortunately many people go to church because they are required too or get a thrill out of the singing and spiritual signs that are shown in the service and not to meet Jesus, sit at His feet and learn from Him.