The four cups of the Passover

There are four cups of wine in the Passover meal to remind the Israelites of four promises made to them by God.

1.         The first cup of wine is called the cup of sanctification (In otherwords He has called them His own)

It is to commemorate the promise: “I will bring you out.”

2.         The second cup is called the cup of plagues

It reflects the plagues that came upon Egypt – and it relates to the second promise: “I will free you from being slaves.”

3.         The third cup is called the cup of redemption

God says: “I will redeem you.”

4.         The fourth cup is called the cup of completion

God says: “I will take you as my own people.”

The fourth cup was not drunk by Jesus who said He could only drink it in heaven after He had died and redeemed us, after He had completed the last earthly task God had set for Him to do.

Jesus said to remember that He died to redeem us and that Calvary was the completion of this but this is never mentioned at communion.  His suffering is mentioned which in itself serves no purpose except as an example of the Love of God..

His death was meant to give us hope and not focus on His suffering.


What the cup represents

How it relates to Jesus

How it relates to us

Sanctification (God setting you apart for His purposes

Jesus was set apart by God to be the messiah and serve Him

We are set apart by God to serve Him

Plagues (The attacks trying to destroy us, hindering our freedom and stopping us doing things for Jesus

Satan tried to kill Jesus to stop him and placed much opposition against Him

Satan tries to hinder us through opposition which at times is very damaging physically and emotionally and kills our spirit so we have trouble serving Jesus and are still bound by our past.

Redemption (The freeing of people from a bondage)

Jesus redeemed us from the punishment for sin required of us by God

We are redeemed and are free from the punishment of sin that God requires of all who have sinned.

Completion (The work is finished and does not need to be done again)

Jesus died once for all so it does not need to die again

We are redeemed so we can once again relate personally to God.

It can be seen how the relationship of the Passover to communion is not understood by many so that communion is not really a celebration as it should be made and is not even a meal as it originally was instituted.

The communion meal was not just to remember Jesus but it was for fellowship where you helped others and encouraged each other and taught each other from your personal experience.  As it can be seen this is not possible the way the church does communion these days and even after church it usually is socialising as you leave and not a seeking to help others and encourage them.

In a sense the true communion meal is when you invite people home for a meal after church on Sunday for fellowship or the church as a whole eats and fellowships together after the service and does not just socialise.

Given the true structure today and the size of many churches you cannot have communion as it was originally instituted but you may have a meditation on it during the service and the meal after church where the fellowship the communion meal fostered can be held.  Remember, it is a remembrance Jesus instituted and not just a meal.

Satan has hijacked the most important part of the gathering in a church and few have even realised this.

Perhaps in each service when communion is celebrated we should be stating:

Cup 1 Thank The Father for setting us apart for His service and giving us many special promises and then ask The Holy Spirit to strengthen and guide us to serve Him as He desires us too.

Cup 2 Thank The Father for all the happens to us as it is designed or allowed by Him to draw us closer to Him and mould us more to the image of God so we will be more prepared for when we enter heaven to be with Him.

Cup 3 Thank Him for His redemption that removes all the punishment we should have suffered for our sin and instead was paid for by Jesus so that we are no longer to suffer the spiritual side of these punishments and are free from all the spiritual consequences of our sin.

Cup 4 Thank Him we are redeemed and can now relate to Him personally every second of the day on earth and be with Him forever in heaven.

You may not need to drink all the cups except the last one but remember what it all stood for.

Remember that The meal was a situation of fellowship with God (Jesus) and a foretaste of w hat was to come and this should always be remembered in this remembrance.