Attitude to the current spiritual situation.

Seeing evil is going to continually increase as we approach the day that antichrist is revealed, should we stop fighting and wait for Jesus to return?

The answer, of course is No!

So why keep trying?

  1. To reach people who will respond.  Jesus said that at the moment 10% of Christians would be raptured.  Because the rapture is delayed and there will be three revivals before then, then 20% of Christians will be raptured. It may not seem much but that extra 10% is 250 000 000+ people.
  2. To bring Glory to Him by the way we take people from the kingdom of His enemy and defreat the plans of His enemy.
  3. To maintain our side of the salvation relationship by obeying His commands.
  4. To show our faith In Jesus The Lord of all!

Remember that it is His work and we only serve Him in this and the results of what we do have already been seen by Him and are His responsibility and not ours.

So we are used to:

  1. Defeat Satan and h is plans
  2. Demonstrate the evil in people's hearts
  3. Strengthen us in what we do

The main things to wholeheartedly obey Jesus and let Him be concerned about the results of our service.  After all we are just servants obeying the master whose plans require us to obey Him without questioning the reason for the obedience.