Comments on the three core activities

The three core activities are evangelism, discipling and spiritual warfare. Which can be rest ated as following:

Rescue people from the kingdom of Satan

Teach them how to have and maintain a salvation relationship with God

Teach them how to defend themselves and The Kingdom against Satan by other defending it or attacking Him.

Remember it is a battle of two kings each trying to take territory (people) from the others kingdom.

What is Evangelism

Evangelism is:

Telling others God desire a relationship with them

Telling them how to obtain it

Telling them how to maintain it

Living it so people see it is worth having


Discipling is where you live with a person and help them mature as a Christian and in the relationship they have with The Father which is different to telling someone about it which is what is usually done in evangelism.

One of the main reasons God created people was for them to have a relationship with Him and for all the good things He would do for them. So evangelism is a core part of the Christian life otherwise you do not value the relationship God created people for which will affect how you relate to Him.

This is why God said you should always be ready to tell people of the hope you have in you so they can have the same relationship with Him that He has with you.

If you are not able to do these things then you are missing one of the purposes God created you for because the purpose of evangelism is to restore people to the relationship God originally had with mankind in The Garden. You had better learn how to do it unless you have a good reason for not being able to do it or you will have problems trying to justify to God why you dd not do it.

If you love people in the way The Father Loves them then one of the main purposes of your life will be to tell people that:

God desires relationship with them

He died at Calvary to make it possible

Tell them how to enter this relationship

Help them on a personal basis to maintain this relationship.

You are only required to do this when God tells you too but you should always be ready to do tell this when God makes the opportunity arise.

Meanwhile you should live a life that shows this relationship is worth having and that God is a personal God who can relate to them on a personal basis.

If you do not have on your heart the desire for people to avoid hell and know Jesus intimately then where is the Love of God in you? Maybe you do not belong to His Kingdom as one of the things a citizen of His Kingdom will be doing is helping people know Jesus and have the relationship with Him that they have.

What account will you give to God of your activity in this area when you face Him and are judged?

Remember that God does not require success but require you to wholehearted try do these things. You will not be judged for not succeeding but for not wholeheartedly trying to do these things. Evangelism is an expression of God’s Love for us and if that is missing from evangelism then becomes an exercise and legalistic.


This is more than just teaching, which is ministers usually do. It is living beside a person helping them with their problems, being available 24/7 to help them. This is rarely done. But it is necessary otherwise you cannot fulfil 2 Tim 2:2.

Ti 2:2  And the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also. 

Not only do people not go out and evangelise, they do not take someone with them to train them in it so evangelism is left to qualified people and discipling is taught in seminaries where ministers are

trained and the system Jesus set up has be thwarted by Satan so that the church does not grow but stagnates.

The good teacher makes themselves redundant but are there for whenever the disciple needs to talk to them. God desires you to reproduce and not just have people trained but who do not know how to put into practice what they have been taught. This is why disciplining is not just teaching but living with a person and being their example.

Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual warfare is the battle we have with Satan where the war is fought in the heavenlies.

Our weapon is the delegated authority if Jesus given to us over Satan when it is used according to His Will.

It is too big a subject to deal wit h here except to say it must be for the purposes of The Kingdom of God or it is not authorised by Jesus.

The Name of Jesus

When you use the ‘Name of Jesus’ you are saying that you are declaring His Will or using the authority He has delegated to you.

You do not use the ‘Name of Jesus’ in a prayer unless you know it is His Will and you should not use it then say “nevertheless thy will be done” because you should be praying His Will in the first place.


When you are casting out demons you are using the authority delegated to you by Jesus to do this. It must be used for the purposes of His Kingdom or it will not be acted upon by Jesus as it will not be for His purposes.

It this delegation is not used for the Kingdom of Jesus it can only be used, by default, for the kingdom of Satan (personal reasons).

So if you are not sure you are praying the Will of Jesus then do not declare you are praying in the ‘Name of Jesus’. If you are casting out demons for purposes other than that of The Kingdom of Jesus then you are helping the devil.

The Last Commands of Jesus

Before He ascended Jesus gave the following commands to His Disciples and not just to His apostles:

The first command was for His followers to go into the world (Satan’s system and kingdom on earth) and tell people the good news of what He had done for them.

Mar 16:15 And he said to them, "Go to the entire world and preach my Good News in all creation."

They would tell others what God has done for them, is doing for them and will do for them.

Those who would knowingly identify with Him would be publicly baptised to show this.

Mar 16:16 Whoever believes and is baptized has life, and whoever does not believe is condemned.

They would demonstrate the Authority of The Kingdom to show it and Jesus was real. They would also speak in a language that was foreign to them (we call tongues). The only example of this in The Bible is Peter speaking in his own language and being understood by those around them who did not speak his language. What passes as tongues these days does not have an example in The Bible.

Mar 16:17 But these signs will accompany these who believe: in my name they will cast out demons, and they will speak in new languages.

They would be protected from harm by Jesus and this would be a further demonstration that He and His Kingdom were real and that they were His servants. They would further demonstrate The Kingdom and Jesus being real through their being used by Him to heal sick people who would not otherwise have been healed by the medicine they had at that time or today.

Mar 16:18 And they will take up snakes, and if they should drink lethal poison, it will not harm them, and they will place their hands on the sick and they will be healed.

Modern Bibles do not have this passage in them or imply it was not in the original. This is a lie as it was in them but were removed before these Greek texts were released to the public.

Telling of what Jesus has done for them is warfare as it fights the lies of Satan.

Casting out demons and healing in the delegated Authority Jesus has given you is spiritual warfare.

Preaching The Kingdom and Who Jesus is and being understood by others who do not know your language (tongues) is warfare as it fights the lies of the enemy and demonstrates Jesus and My Kingdom are real.

His supernatural protection would be seen in those who did these things once again demonstrating that He and The Kingdom are real.

It can be seen that the activities of a Christian are designed to demonstrate that Jesus and His Kingdom are real and rescue people from the kingdom of Satan.

Unless you do these things, trying to do them or are learning about doing them then you are not His follower. So are you doing these things when Jesus commands you, or learning how to do them or are you not demonstrating Him and His Kingdom are real?

Each second of the day you are in spiritual warfare.

When you obey Jesus and resist the temptations Satan places on you, you are defending His Lordship and Kingdom values.

When you go out and evangelise and fight Satan you are expanding the Kingdom and His influence.

As you do these things you are developing the personal salvation relationship you have with Jesus and The Father.

It is all based on Love for Jesus. He said:

Joh 14:15  If ye love me, keep my commandments. 

Motives for Service

Matthew 7:21 -23

Mat 7:21  Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven. 

Mat 7:22  Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? 

Mat 7:23  And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity. 

This passage is near the end of the Sermon on The Mount

Jesus had chosen 12 people to train and had sat them down and started their training by teaching them the attitudes a citizen of The Kingdom of God (in other words a follower of His) should have. This He explained in the “Sermon on the Mount”.

Note at this point of time they were called disciples. It was only after they went out and preached and demonstrated The Kingdom of God by using their delegated authority over Satan and his workings that they were called apostles. In other words an apostle will be conducting spiritual warfare which includes the deliverance ministry.

Just before this passage Jesus teaches that a good tree will being forth good (godly) fruit and just after this He teaches they need to have their faith on a strong foundation – namely Him.

This passage talks about showing you belong to Jesus by obeying Him and not doing things for personal gain or glory. In other words not being a person who say they belong to Jesus but do His work from wrong motives so that Jesus is not Glorified by what they do and also The Kingdom of God is not demonstrated by what they do so they may not be Citizens of The Kingdom and a follower of Jesus.

So in this passage Jesus is saying to examine your motives for doing His work. Do you do it as one who loves Him or as one who fears His wrath if you do not do it or are doing it from personal motives like obtaining self-esteem or appearing to be spiritual?

Do we serve Jesus because we love Him because of what He has done is doing and will do for us?

Or do we serve out of fear or self Interest.

He said that if we loved Him we would keep His commandments.

The expression of Love is service. So according to how you express God’s Love in what you do will be the quality of your service.

So examine why you serve Jesus. Just in case you do it because you have too and not because you love Him.


Heb 11:6 You must believe God will reward your work for His Kingdom.

Rev 12:11 Your empowerment must be Jesus based and you m ust not be afraid to declare who Jesus is and what He has done.

1 Cor 15:58 You must wholeheartedly do His work (abound) and not halfheartedly do it.