Basic Attitudes

All of these attitudes need to be in place to live a Christian life in the way you need to live it. Underlying these is faith without which none of the four will be done by you.


Foundational attitude

Without faith none of the other attitudes will occur or be as they should be

Must be a complete trust in God

Must trust completely in The Bible about who God, who He says He is, what He has done and what He says He is going to do (Rom 10:17)

Lordship of your life

If this is in place the other three attitudes will be in place and you will maintain the salvation relationship you have with Jesus and The Father.

You make Him Lord because of who He is and what †He has done for you

If your focus is on Him and His things they will not be on Satan and his things

He is Lord so all He says to do so it must be done or you have become your own God which is the basis of idolatry

Obedience is out of Love for what He has done for you and not a legalistic fear of punishment


This attitude rejects everything Satan tries to have you do because your focus is solely on God's requirements of you.

Holiness is an attitude that rejects all Satan throws at a person

The person's focus is solely on Jesus and His Will for that person

Holiness results from complete obedience to Godís Will for you

It is an expression of trust in all that God asks you to do


This is correct stewardship of what God gives you to be steward of for Him. If this is in place you will correctly use what The Father has given you for the purpose of His Kingdom and Satan will not be able to steal it from you or use for his purposes.

God is steward of all and is our example of stewardship -He maintains a whole universe properly

If we Love God we will care for His things

We will care for His Kingdom and its people - helping and defending these things

It is required of stewards that they are faithful to their calling (Behind every sin is a lack of love and wrong stewardship)


All that is done in the Christian life needs to expresses Godís quality of Love.

God is Love

It expresses His character in us as we express it to others

It is worship by expressing His character

Love does not do for another what it should be doing for themselves


Obedience keeps you in a correct relationship with God

It should be out of Love for God and not legalistic obedience

It worship of Him by showing He is worth to be obeyed

beying Him always results in what is best for you

It brings rewards in heaven because God appreciates our obedience - and not because we deserve one only having done what we are required to do for Him as His servant
What child do es not love their father and try to please Him


This should be a natural expression of your understanding of whom God is.

You worship someone because you believe they are worthy of your worship

If you believe God is who He says He is in The Bible you will worship Him

It is an act of Love and appresiation and not legalism

If it is forced it is not an act of worship but of compulsion and love has no part in it


Thanksgiving is an natural appreciation of love for a person who has helped you in some way

If it is forced it is not thanksgiving but compulsion and love has no part in it

It should be a natural expression of appreciation of all God has done for us

If we believe God is behind all that happens or allows to happen then we will always be thanking Him for what ever happens - good or bad

The three core attitudes of Christianity will result if we Love and Serve God out of Love and appreciation of Him and who He is.

As a child of The Father we sahould also have the attitudfes a child has to their Father.