The deliverance method Jesus showed me is very simple.  It is different to the way the church does it in that you do not need to fight demons and is based on James 4:7 which says:

“Submit yourselves to the Lord, resist Satan and He will flee from you”.

So step 1 gives the matter to Jesus to be Lord of.

Step 2 makes certain you do not have any sin that stops Jesus hearing you and which allows Satan to not have to leave when commanded to do so.

Step 3 removes Satan

Step 4 heals any damager Satan did to you and command restoration of anything Satan took from you in accordance with the Will of Jesus.

Step 5 fills your soul with The Holy Spirit so that demons cannot come back into your ‘house’.  The demons leave your soul (house) so it is ‘clean’ and will come back in if The Holy Spirit is not asked to fill it.

You do not need to fight demons.  The moment you give the matter to Jesus to be Lord of they have to fight Him instead of you so that they have lost the battle before it begins.

A prayer that does this is found here.

The prayer is a Lordship prayer as you are giving to Jesus areas of your life to be Lord of, as well as any sin The Holy Spirit says to give to Jesus to be Lord of.