Deliverance How Jesus taught me to do it


Published by Neville Salvetti


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Why you need Jesus............................................................... i

Preface..................................................................................... v

Introduction........................................................................ vii

Overview of the Book...................................................... vii

An easy deliverance method............................................... 1

So to list the five points of this simple method:.......... 2

The secret of Deliverance................................................. 2

What do you expect to get out of this book?................ 2

What are the objectives of this book?........................... 3

Overview................................................................................. 4

Matters to do with Deliverance......................................... 6

The deliverance method I teach.................................... 6

What will be covered?...................................................... 6

Are women able to do deliverance?............................... 7

Requirements of a deliverance minister...................... 7

Rewards of deliverance.................................................... 8

What is the purpose of deliverance ministry?............ 8

What are the three Cardinal rules of deliverance?.... 9

What is deliverance............................................................ 10

The delegation for Casting out Satan............................. 12

Luke 10:19......................................................................... 13

Using The Name of Jesus................................................ 13

Hindrances to Deliverance............................................... 14

How to deal with each problem................................... 14

Demons in Non Christians............................................. 18

The verses behind the five steps...................................... 19

The summary of the five steps......................................... 21

The five steps explained................................................ 21

After Deliverance................................................................ 24

Material to help you keep your deliverance................. 26

How to attack Satan....................................................... 26

You need to hear The Holy Spirit................................ 26

How do you know it is The Holy Spirit speaking..... 27

Appendix A - A handout to give to someone desiring |deliverance      30

Keeping your freedom in Christ....................................... 35

You need to pursue holiness........................................ 35

Know how to protect yourself from Satan................. 35



Why you need Jesus

In the beginning God created everything.

He created mankind and built a beautiful Garden for them to live in.  It was part of His Kingdom so it was perfect and undefiled.  In this Garden there was no death and decay.  All was perfect. God was king of this perfect garden.

In this garden God and man had a close personal relationship, walking and talking together as close friends would.  Man had everything He needed except a wife. So God gave man a woman to be with the man forever as his wife and partner.  She too enjoyed this close, personal relationship with God.

However, they both disobeyed God and by this rebelled against Him (They rejected His rule over them).  God was King of this beautiful, perfect place they were in. They had rebelled against their ruler.  This is called treason which is punishable by death or banishment from the kingdom of the King.

The man and the woman suffered both fates.  They were cast out of the garden into the only other place available for them which was the enemy's kingdom on earth and would die physically now.

The world they were in started to decay and no longer was perfect.  They were now in a place ruled by the enemy of God.

The man and the woman both died spiritually and they could no longer go and talk to God and would be forever separated from Him after their death in the place His enemy ruled.

They were defiled so could not go to heaven and they only other place left for them to go too was hell which had been prepared for Satan and his demons.

Whoever king you serve when you die is the one whose kingdom you go to when you die.  If God is your King you are restored to all that the man and the woman lost through their rebellion.  If you do not go there you go to the only other place left, called hell, where Satan is king and he hates people so that he really causes them to suffer terribly.

God does not send people to hell.  They go their because they  have chosen to follow Satan by rejecting what God required of them.  This is because they have done something which they know is wrong and refuse to give it up.  Because they are defiled by their sin they cannot enter heaven where all is undefiled.

So man was in a predicament.  God required a punishment for their rebellion and mankind was not able to meet it as God is infinite and man is finite so that the rebellion required an infinite punishment for restitution to God and mankind is finite so could not meet this requirement.

God saw that He alone could do something about this situation.  God is Love by nature so He sent Jesus to die on Calvary and meet God’s requirements of mankind's punishment for every one that ever lived if they decided to wholeheartedly try follow Jesus as their King (Lord).

So Jesus met the requirements of God's punishment and mankind was once again able to have God as a close, personal, friend and to go to the beautiful place called heaven when they die where the original perfection of the garden exists,  where these is no death or decay and all is perfect.

What must you do to get to heaven?

You must believe Jesus is Lord of all, that He is God, that He died for you on Calvary, redeemed you so that you can now enter heaven and then you must try wholeheartedly to obey Him as your Lord in all He asks you to do which means you need to study His guidebook, The Bible and find someone who can teach you what it means to be a Christian and not just preach to you once a week in church and that you also need to find a group of Christians you can socialize with and learn how to live as a Christian so that they can encourage you in this walk of faith.

You also need to be guided by The Holy Spirit so you know what God desires you to do for Him.

You also need to find a church that believes The Original Bible (King James Version, Syriac Peshitta for example) will help you in the Christian life God has given you.

How does deliverance fit into this picture?

Once Jesus is your Lord, Satan tries to have you give areas of your life to him to control through sins you do not want to give up or cannot stop doing.  Deliverance removes Satan so you can live as you desire to in obedience to your Lord.




There are three deliverances in the life of a Christian

The first is from the kingdom of Satan to that of The Kingdom of God which results in a relationship with God.  This is called Salvation

The second is deliverance (removal ) of areas of Control Satan has over you so that Jesus becomes Lord of them.  This is called Deliverance.

The third is deliverance from this world to the Physical presence of God.  This is caused by Death and results in our eternal life in heaven.

This book deals with the second deliverance which occurs throughout our life on earth.

So what actually is this deliverance ministry?

It is the activity of helping a person remove an area from Satan’s control so that Jesus becomes the Lord of this area.  It may be initial deliverance at salvation, a failing in your life you need to deal with or a deliverance needed after a sin.

This deliverance results in person being restored to a relationship with Jesus as sin and its consequences are dealt with and Jesus is restored to the Lordship of the area being dealt with.

This restoration is important as Salvation is a relationship (Jn 17:3).

The Christian life is the expression of God’s Loving service to help others relate to God better and deliverance is one of the ministries that helps people in this.

Remember we are at war and deliverance is one of our weapons in this battle of the two kingdoms.


Overview of the Book

The book is divided into five sections


Things you need to know about deliverance

The deliverance Method

How to keep your deliverance

A handout for those desiring deliverance

The book is based on 10 years Internet deliverance ministry where doing things the way the church does deliverance was too demanding.  So I asked Jesus for a better way and He showed me a better and simpler way to do deliverance.

This way of doing deliverance is the subject of this book.

This is a deliverance training book so pray before reading the rest of this book:

Lord it is in your hands I commit the reading of this book to you for you to be Lord of all I take in and understand. 

In Jesus Name I forbid and demons from interfering in any way in any of what I read or understand or removing it from my memory and in Jesus’ Name I command all demons around me to go to Jesus to protect and take all you have or are doing with you.

I ask you Holy Spirit to take their place and give me understand and wisdom in respect of what I read and learn.


An easy deliverance method

Deliverance in the way Jesus desires it done is different to the way it is usually done by Christians.  You really do not need to confront demons or fight them, know anything about the person you are helping or what they are giving to Jesus.  It is between them and He so can be given to Him in their hearts.  So steps one and two of t his sfive step process are done by the person silently in their heart.

The method is based on James 4:7 which states a principle of The Kingdom of God that whatever Jesus is Lord of Satan cannot use and must leave when told to do so.

James 4:7 says:

Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

Submit, in this verse, means to make Jesus Lord of your situation so that He is the ruler of it and Satan no longer has a right to attack it and has to leave when commanded to do so.  Part of the resisting is the casting him out of the situation.

The requirement is that you have no sin in your life that you do not want to give up and that you are willing to give up any sin God shows you that you have.  The common sins hindering deliverance are unforgiveness, not willing to reconcile to another or sins you love to do that you do not want to give up.

The Kingdom of God also has healing.  Emotional healing and sometimes physical healing occurs in deliverance.

The last thing to do is to ask The Holy Spirit to fill you so the demons cannot come back in.  This was also told by Jesus to someone who was taken to heaven.

So to list the five points of this simple method:

1.  Give to Jesus the temptation, area of weakness, problem or matter you want Him to protect or free you from as well as everything associated with the area you are giving to Him.

2.  Repent of anything you need too such as unforgiveness, not wanting to reconcile to another, and any sin He shows you to repent of or any sin you do not want to give up.

3. Command Satan to leave what you gave to Jesus and go to Him to be dealt with by Him, taking all he did to you with him.

4.  In Jesus Name command healing and restoration of all Satan did to you

5.  Ask The Holy Spirit to fill you completely

Do not forget to thank Jesus, The Father and The Holy Spirit.

A more complete deliverance prayer is found in Appendix A and it is a handout  you can give to people desiring deliverance..

The secret of Deliverance

The secret of deliverance is to make Jesus Lord of an area in your life Satan is working in, so that he can no longer stay in it or use it against you.

The secret of resisting temptation is for Jesus to be Lord of the area so that you will tell Satan to leave it in Jesus’ Name and he has to go because it belongs to Jesus.

Holiness is required to maintain Lordship so Satan tries to pollute our holiness and corrupt the attitudes we need to maintain it.

What do you expect to get out of this book?

To be able to remove that which hinders intimacy with and obedience to God?

To facilitate the advance of the Kingdom?

To free souls of blockages so they can serve Jesus more freely? 

To remove that which stop a Christian relating properly to others?

Expect nothing and you are usually not disappointed.

What are the objectives of this book?

To teach you how to remove the damage Satan has done to you

To teach you how to remove the damage Satan has done to another

To be able to recognize an attack of Satan

To know how to deal with an attack of Satan.

So ask yourself: Why do you want to do get out of this book as that will give you the things you will focus on as you read this book.


Deliverance is really giving something to Jesus to be Lord of it then telling Satan he has no longer any right to it and must go immediately from it.

I teach a simple five step framework that does this deliverance and also removes attacks of Satan

This deliverance method does not fight Satan.

He was defeated at Calvary so we do not need to fight Him again

He is told to go from an area the person has given to Jesus to be Lord of.

Jesus is Lord of it so Satan has no right to be in it

It is part of Gods Kingdom so Jesus protects it for you because you give it to Him to protect

Satan can only make you sin if you take the Lordship of something away from Jesus and give it to Satan by accepting the wrong thing he suggests you do.

Another is not needed to do deliverance as it is between the person seeking it and Jesus

The person can do what is necessary in their heart so only they and Jesus know what is being removed from them

All they need to do is whisper the casting out and healing prayers so only they, Jesus and Satan know what was commanded

You are only there to encourage the person when necessary and to guide them when they need it

Note:  It is a Lordship prayer so people do not need to know it is actually a deliverances prayer.  After all, deliverance really is a result of making Jesus your Lord and then removing Satan and the damage Satan did to you.

Because you are not fighting demons they do not manifest.  As Jesus has what you gave Him to be Lord of they no longer have it to fight over.

Matters to do with Deliverance

This section covers various preliminary matters to do with various subjects of deliverance.

The deliverance method I teach

Is the one Jesus taught me and which I used on the Internet successfully for ten years.  You do not need to know:

Anything about the person, including their name

What they are coming to Jesus for deliverance from

Or to fight Satan, as he was defeated at Calvary

All you are there for is to help the person give the area to Jesus to be Lord of then help them remove Satan in case they are not sure how to do it.

Jesus the deliverer and you are only there to help guide the person and are redundant in the sense that they can take away the deliverance method and prayer to do it themselves without your help. (A copy of the prayer is in a handout in Appendix A)

What will be covered?

The authority to cast out Satan

Hindrances to deliverance and what to do about them

An explanation of this simple deliverance method

How to use it to fight Satan and protect things from him

Some other associated matters

Some closing comments

After this reading this book you will no excuse for not fighting Satan or being able to take another person or yourself through deliverance.

Are women able to do deliverance?

I first state two verses:

Gal 3:28  There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.

Mat 22:30  For in the resurrection they neither marry, nor are given in marriage, but are as the angels of God in heaven.

Firstly, in the spiritual realm all are equal. 

Secondly, spiritually, Jesus is our head as He is our King.  Domestically the man has headship in the family so he can protect the family and meet their needs.  But then, if both are led by The Holy Spirit Jesus will actually be their head and the matter of domestic will never occur.

So a woman can work in the spiritual like a man but in the family she is under his domestic headship only but if He truly loves her all he does will be for her best and she will willingly submit to His love.

Requirements of a deliverance minister

The minister must have no known sin in their life.  He may have weaknesses but these are not sins but may give rise to sin.

They should pursue holiness in all they do

They must believe Jesus is Lord of All

They must  believe The Bible is 100% true.  If they do not then how do they know that Mark 16:9-21 is true.  It may be one of the parts of The Bible that is not true.

They must express quality of Love in all they do

Their life must be marked by the expression of The Fruit of The Holy Spirit

You do not fight Satan if you knowingly are doing things he desires you to do (Deliberate sin).

Rewards of deliverance

Remember that our true rewards are in eternity and that we have now only a glimmer of what these will be. Some are:

The Joy of knowing God has used you

Knowing you are expressing Gods Love and Will

The Joy of seeing people restored to Jesus in part or whole

New people to fellowship with

Remember that these are apart from the rewards you obtain in heaven

What is the purpose of deliverance ministry?

The purpose of the deliverance ministry is to remove the spiritual garbage people have in them resulting from:

Their prior non-Christian life ruled by the kingdom of Satan

From sins they commit after they become a Citizen of The Kingdom of God.

They have all their sins are forgiven at Calvary but may need repentance and deliverance to overcome these sins.

Deliverance is done to help people relate to God in an area in which they are not correctly relating to Him.  God thinks relationships are so important that He sent Jesus to die on Calvary for us so the relationship mankind originally had with God could be restored (Jn 17:3).

This is also the purpose of evangelism which is the restoring of people to a salvation relationship with God.

These are the reasons God gave us the authority to deal with Satan and why we must always be ready to tell everyone why they need Jesus as well as what He has done for us and them.

These things should be a natural expression of God's Love in us.
Another expression of God's Love that is a mark of a Christian is to help those genuinely in need when God tells you to help them and not because you feel guilty for not helping them or becuase you feel they need help.  If God does not tell you to help them then you are being a bad steward of what He has given you if you help them and may actually stop the person that is meant to help them from doing so.

What are the three Cardinal rules of deliverance?

You must show the type of Love Jesus has toward the person coming for deliverance

You must not react, argue, reason or assume anything when you are not sure about it but always ask The Holy Spirit what to do.

You must accept them as they are like The Father does and not as you think they should be

You may hate what they have done but t hey are still children of The Father whom He created and Loves.

God is their judge and not you. All you can do is evaluate any problems they have and deal with them in the way The Spirit says too.

Remember you are only a facilitator.  Jesus and His Authority does the deliverance.


What is deliverance

Deliverance is an act of Love designed to remove the influence of Satan on a person.  It is removing from a person any demons oppressing them and then healing any emotional and spiritual damage Satan did to them.  Sometimes physical healing occurs but note that in Mark 16:16-17 Casting out Satan and healing are treated as separate events.

There is a form of deliverance resulting from removing external demons attacking but that is more usually classified as spiritual warfare.

If we love others like Jesus and The Father do we will desire to see them freed from Satan’s influence on them and will do what we can to help them be free.  Remember, God’s quality of Love does not care what it costs a person to serve them and Jesus.

If we believe in whom Jesus is and who said his followers would cast out demons we will do deliverance, which is the casting out of demons.

Casting out demons shows the authority of The Kingdom of God over Satan and is an act of worship to Jesus that brings Him Glory and Praise.  It also demonstrates the presence of The Kingdom of God.

This along with fulfilled prophecy are two signs of The Kingdom of God proving Jesus is Lord and that the kingdom of God exists.

It is the delegated Authority of Jesus that allows us to do this ministry so the important thing is the correct expression of that authority and not the person declaring it.

The deliverance minister is not necessary except to encourage the person and to guide and help the person to cast out Satan

Anyone can do this deliverance if they believe in Jesus and the delegation He gave us to cast out Satan.  There is no age limit.  All that is required is faith in Jesus and the delegation He gave us to cast out Satan.

Age is no barrier as it is matter of faith and not of maturity and all you need to be is a follower of Jesus who believes in this authority no matter how much of a  baby Christian you are.


The delegation for Casting out Satan

The only delegation for casting out Satan is found in Mark 16:16-17

The delegation is correctly given to us

It is in writing

Given by the person authorised to give it

Shows the limits of it (only to do with demons and their effects on and in people)

It is Authority over Satan and his demons, their plans and workings and the damage they cause and nothing else

The delegation applies everywhere except hell where Satan has a right to do what he wants too because it is his kingdom.  It also is not necessary in heaven.

It has to be used for the purposes of The Kingdom of God

A problem is that modern Bibles cannot be used for authorising deliverance in a modern Bible and you will see it implies this passage is not in the original and so not part of the core of The Bible.  This means they do not believe this delegation is from God but was inserted by men.

Of the 1540 plus Greek texts that  have an ending of Mark Ch 16, only five texts do not have it.  Of these, one has space or verses 9-21, one has been rewritten to remove it and three other minor texts do not have it.  So why did they remove it with so little authority to do so?

Can you use the King James statement of the passage if you believe the modern Greek used in modern bibles is the best basis for the New Testament?

No! Because this Modern Greek says the King James has lots of errors of which the inclusion of this passage is one.

As you can see you cannot use a modern Bible or the Modern Greek New Testament to justify the casting out of Satan if you believe they are the best.

Only those who believe The King James, the Syriac Peshitta or similar which are the unaltered Word of God can use the passage in Mark 16:9-21 to justify having the delegation to cast out Satan and do deliverance.

So if you believe The King James is a bad translation then you may as well stop reading this book and get your money back.

Luke 10:19

Turn to Mark 16:9-21. Some people use Luke 10:19 to deal with Satan. This is incorrect as that delegation was not given to all the followers of Jesus at that time but only to the 70 disciples.  This is why Satan did not need to remove it from modern Bibles.

The delegation to all Christians is found in Mark 16:17-18 and this is what Satan organized to be removed from modern Bibles sp that we really have no weapon against Satan and his attacks.

Using The Name of Jesus

This a statement that you are commanding the authority Jesus has delegated to you to command His Will in some area against Satan and his works.

People use it at the end of  prayer which is illogical because they pray to Jesus for something then use the command of ‘In His Name” to enforce it.  If it is His will why do you need to ask Him to do it. If you are going to enforce it why do you ask Him for it then?

The Name of Jesus is not a magic formula but an expression of His Will so that you should not use if you do not know His Will in an area.

Hindrances to Deliverance

The main reasons for not having deliverance are as follows:

Not repenting of a sin you know you are doing

Unforgiveness of others and yourself

Fear of exposure of sins and the shame or rejection associated with them

Demons may block deliverance because it is not properly done.

If deliverance is not done correctly even seven more worse demons will come in with the original demon if the soul is not filled with The Holy Spirit so that the person’s state will be worse than it originally was.

There may be others but these are the usual basis for not having deliverance

How to deal with each problem

Not repenting of known sin

This is usually because of four reasons:

Not wanting to know what they are doing is a sin

You need to explain why it is against the rules of God

Fear of what happens if they repent

Fear of public shame admitting the sins to be delivered from

Liking the sin so much they do not want to repent.

If they are afraid to repent or do not repent remind them that they go to hell (Rev 3:5)


They are to forgive others because God has forgiven them and expects us to be like Him forgiving all who offend us otherwise we go to hell Mat 6:14-15.

Not wanting to reconcile to another is a sign of unforgiveness.

They are also to forgive themselves because God has forgiven them.

Remember that guilt, shame and condemnation were dealt with at Calvary so no longer apply to a Christian.  Any you have now comes from Satan so need to be cast out in Jesus’ Name.

Fear of exposure of sins

Only God need know their sins in the deliverance method I teach but they may have to go to someone they have offended and be reconciled with them and even then the sins are not needed to be mentioned except as an admission to help reconciliation.

Weaknesses can be discussed but not any sins caused by these weaknesses.

To stop demons re-entering you need to ask The Holy Spirit to fill the person’s soul.

Demons blocking deliverance.

They do this by:

The demons placing fear in a person so that they are afraid to go.  This is why Satan hid the simplicity of deliverance and made it such a traumatic experience so that people are afraid to go and have it.

The demons stopping them getting there

Directly influencing them not to have deliverance

Using others to influence them not to have deliverance

Hindering them from actually going to the place where the deliverance will be held

Blocking their understanding their need of deliverance and of things they need to be delivered.

Where demons are involved we attack and remove them so the person can hear The Holy Spirit who will give them peace and guide them in any deliverance they need to do if they are willing to listen to Him and to have it done.  This is one thing the deliverance minister may need to do for the person having deliverance

Closing comments

We are at war with Satan and he will do everything he can to stop a person having deliverance so we need to know how to counteract his attacks in any area he is using to attack them and stop them having deliverance.

Who can have deliverance

Deliverance should only be done on a Christian

If it is done on a non-Christian seven worse demons come in along with the original demon. I have personally seen this happen.

Deliverance is designed to remove the effects of the kingdom of Satan on a person when they have been removed from the kingdom of Satan to The Kingdom of God

If they are not removed from the kingdom of Satan though salvation Satan can put the things they were delivered from straight back on them along with seven more worse demons because you cannot fill the space the original demons left with The Holy Spirit.

There are three main deliverances:

From Satans Kingdom to that of Gods (salvation)

From the effect of Satans kingdom on a person (deliverance)

From Satans world system (death)

The second one is missed by most Christians so they struggle all their Christian life as demons are always there to attack them and are never removed so that the attacks will stop.

Deliverance removes internal demons and spiritual warfare removes any external attacking demons

In a sense there is a fourth deliverance.  That from the spiritual consequences of our sins that was achieved through our redemption by Jesus on the cross at Calvary.

To remove demons from objects and areas we use spiritual warfare unless you are steward of these things in which case you use the five steps which I will explain later.

Demons in Non Christians

You attack demons in non-Christians differently to the way you attack them in Christians. You do not cast them out of the non-Christian because the original one and seven more worse will come back in.

You need to ask The Holy Spirit what to command over the demons in them.  I explain this more in the prayer at the end of this book showing how to pray for non-Christians.


The verses behind the five steps

For years I practiced the five steps I will explain soon and when people asked me the Biblical authority for them I did not know it.  All I knew was the Jesus honoured their use.  Then Jesus showed me that His principles for deliverance had always been there but Satan had hid them from the church.

But first I must point out it is a battle of authority that Satan can only have you do things and sin if you give him authority over you in that area if only by the fact you listen to what He suggests you do.

The verses are as follolws:

Jas 4:7  Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

Jas 4:8  Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you. Cleanse your hands, ye sinners; and purify your hearts, ye double minded.

So let us examine these verses.

Your focus must be on Jesus and not on Satan.  You will follow the person whom you focus on.  To draw near to Jesus requires cleansing your life of all that He disapproves of (we call this repentance).

You need to give Him authority over all your life (Lordship) and reject the authority of Satan (v7) then Satan has to leave that area of your life given to Jesus when you tell him to leave as he no longer has authority over it.  In otherwords you are delivered from him and his influence on your life.

So the verses for the five steps are as follows:

Step 1 v7 above:  Focus on Jesus and give Him authority over the problem you are facing (makeimg Him Lord of it)

Step 2 v8: Repent, remove all hindrances from your life of which unforgiveness and not reconciling with another who has offended you are two important ones.

Step 3 Cast out Satan Mark 16:17

Step 4 Command healing and restoration Mark 16:18

Step 5 (Confirmed Jesus to someone when they went to heaven) Fill the soul with The Holy Spirit so demons cannot come back in.

So this deliverance method has always been in The Bible but hidden because Satan taught the church how he wanted deliverance done and hid these five simple steps from them.

The summary of the five steps

I am about to explain the framework of five steps that Jesus gave me.

It is not a magic formula

The only thing that ever changes is the first step as that is one which gives the matter to Jesus to be Lord of.

The other steps are always necessary and in a sense are the machinery that do the deliverance and any healing Jesus wants to do at that time.

In the first step we only need to give the area the sin is in to Jesus and not specific sins, unless He tells you too.  As an example a person has problems with pornography. So every sin to do with pornography of any type they gives to Jesus as the area in their life of ‘pornography in any form’.  They do not need to mention each type of pornography they may have.  Sometimes, but rarely, Jesus tells you to give a specific sin to Him, but then it is done in your heart so no one be He and you knows what it is.

You do not need to mention the names of any demons as the area given identifies the demon working in that area.

The five steps explained

Step 1 Give the area to Jesus to be Lord of

This gives Jesus the problem or situation and places it under His protection so Satan cannot use it against you anymore.

Also give to him the causes and results of the matter along with anything associated with it.

You usually do not need to name demons or sins but only the area these occur in.

Step 2 removes hindrances which we discussed earlier

Unforgiveness and the desire not to reconcile to another (which is a form of unforgiveness)

Not wanting to give up a sin you enjoy it so much

You also may need to forgive yourself in this section

Step 3 We command Satan to leave in Jesus’ Name

Demons do not manifest as you are not fighting them and they cannot fight over what you have given to Jesus as He is now protecting it and there is nothing for them to fight for as it now belongs to Jesus.

Remember the name of the demon does not matter. As long as they are in an area given to Jesus to be Lord of they have to go as they no longer have a right to be there as it now belongs to The Kingdom of God and they have no right to be in that Kingdom and in fact are no longer able to enter it which is why a special place is set aside outside The Kingdom for Satan to talk to Jesus. This is because demons are defiled and nothing defiled can enter The Kingdom of God.

Step 4 We command healing and restoration of any damage that Satan did to the person, in accordance with the Will of Jesus.

While the spirit and soul is healed physical healing usually does not occur as it is usually punishment which we have to go through, but then it is up to God what is or is not healed or restored (Gal 6:7-8).  Note also that healing is mentioned separate to the casting out of demons in Mark 16:16-17.

Step 5 Ask The Holy Spirit to take the place of demons that have gone

A demon can never inhabit the spirit of a Christian so that Christians can never become possessed by demons

Demons can inhabit the house of the person, which is their soul, and it is from this we remove the demons when we cast them out.

These five steps are all an act of worship and when you declare them you are declaring the victory of God, giving Him Glory and honour as well as worshiping Him.

A summary of the five steps are as follows:

Give the area of sin, the matter or problem to Jesus to be Lord of (causes, results associated matters)

Repent, forgive, reconcile

Command Satan to leave

Command healing and restoration

Ask The Holy Spirit to replace the demons that have gone.

Note: there is no need to fight Satan, just a command for him to leave

The prayer I use or hand out to people to use is in appendix A and you should say it now and see how it does any deliverance.  It also can be used in a congregation to do a mass deliverance and can be introduced for what it is …A Lordship prayer.

Deliverance is really making Jesus Lord of an area then telling Satan to leave it.

After Deliverance

After deliverance Satan will often attack you in the areas you have been delivered from to try and convince you that you have not had deliverance.  Because Jesus is now Lord of these areas he will find it difficult to cause you to sin in these areas.

You will find it easier to resist these attacks as they are now sourced externally and not internally.

Remember, Satan can only have you sin if you accept what he suggests you do.

To deal with these attacks just use the framework of the five steps giving the type of attack to Jesus.

You only need to name the area of attack and all the demons in that area are removed.

You only name individual things or demons if The Holy Spirit says too

Any thought, emotion, sensation or feeling that is not right in your spirit give to Jesus as these are placed there by demons who can affect your emotions and feelings and place thoughts in you that are not correct.

Remember that shame, guilt and condemnation comes only from demons.  The Holy Spirit convicts and never condemns, shames you or makes you feel guilty.

Shame makes you feel you are a terrible person.  Conviction does not.

Having or doing bad things does not make you a bad person.  Acting on them and enjoying these does.


Remember you will fail but God understands and knows we are dust and all you have to do is to wholeheartedly repent if necessary necessary, use the framework of the five steps and learn the lesson God desires you to learn and then you need to wholeheartedly try to do God’s Will.

God does not judge you by your results but by the heart attitude in which you do the task.

Remember! There is no more shame, guilt or condemnation for sin because these were all removed at Calvary, but Satan will try and place these on you when you do wrong.  So you need to remove the demons placing these on you.

The Holy Spirit never places these on you and will convict you of a sin and help you overcome it.

You do not sin for having wrong thoughts as Satan will place these in you.  You sin by accepting them and doing what is suggested to do by them.

Deliverance does not end With the deliverance session

A form of deliverance occurs whenever we are delivered from an attack of Satan.  The authority of Jesus is used to remove Satan which is what happens in a deliverance session.

I always use the Five Steps in case I have demons in me or a demonic foothold in me that I need to remove.

Better to be sure than miss one.

So Deliverance really is an ongoing thing and after 15 years I still use the Five Steps at times whenever I have  a temptation unless I know the demons are external in which case I cast them to Jesus in His Name.

Material to help you keep your deliverance

How to attack Satan

When you cast out Satan you are attacking Him as part of the spiritual war God has with him.

You can use the first step to cast him out of anything you are steward of:

Family members



The area of work you are responsible for

Anything God has given you control over using step one of the Five Steps to do this

Then use steps three to five and step 2 if necessary for personal deliverance.  If personal deliverance is not necessary then command the demon to go to Jesus in Jesus’ Name and take all it was trying to do to you with it.

If it is a non-Christian you are better off binding the internal demons in Jesus’ Name so that they cannot influence the person in any way and sending the external ones to Jesus to be dealt with.  I have a prayer for this near the end of this booklet,

All you need to do is to you identify the demon or its activity.

You need to hear The Holy Spirit

Jesus sent The Holy Spirit to help us live in the way we are required to live

He is sent to guide us into all truth (Jn 16:13) and not just spiritual truth

So you need to listen to Him as you do things when God’s Will is not clear in the matter.

We are also told that unless you are guided by Him you cannot be a child of God (Rom 8:14).

Those who say The Spirit no longer is a personal guide have just removed their possibility of being a child of God by reason of having to use man’s methods to guide them.  It also means they believed Jesus lied:

He said He would send The Spirit to help us.

He also said He does not take back what He gives and The Spirit is a gift from Him.

So you either believe The Bible and learn how to hear The Holy Spirit or you use reason and risk not being child of God. 

This is a dangerous risk as Salvation is a relationship with The Father and Jesus guided by The Holy Spirit and if you are not a child of God because you are using your own reason and not listening to what He wants you to do you risk losing your salvation.

How do you know it is The Holy Spirit speaking

The Holy Spirit usually does not appear to people and if He does so it is in a dream or vision and not on earth.

He speaks to our soul placing thoughts, emotions and feelings in it which we interpret in the physical realm.

He will place thoughts in our mind which we will think are our own and wonder how we came to think that thought.

We will have peace or apprehension and we wonder why we have it.  Peace if it is what God desires us to do.  Apprehension if it is not.

These are from The Holy Spirit and because they come through our souls we do not realise it is Him talking to us in some way.

So any thought that gives us peace or a warning apprehension is from Him.

Any thought that raises lust in us, takes away our peace or raises the desire to do a wrong thing or causes guilt, shame or condemnation is from Satan

Satan too speaks to us in the way The Holy Spirit does and tries to make us believe the thought or emotion/feeling is our own.

So examine the thought and see if you have peace over it or if it is ungodly because it takes away your peace.


You have seen how simple deliverance really is as well as how easy it is to defeat Satan and remove Him so that you have no excuse for not doing it

Appendix A is a handout you can give to someone wanting deliverance so that they can pray through it themselves or you can pray for them and they can agree in their heart with your prayers.

You do not need to know anything about the person, even their name as deliverance is between Jesus and they and you are only there to encourage and help them in any way they need.

Having received deliverance you are encouraged to give the past to Jesus and press on (Luke 9:62) .  Jesus has forgotten the sins you did and repented of and will help you with any problems that occur as a result of your past.  God does not look at what we have been but at what we can be so that you should not let the past control you but use it as a learning situation to build on for the future.

After all, earth is God’s training ground for eternity and life should be treated as a preparation for heaven.

Continually look to Jesus as He is the one that has enabled us to live the Christian life and uses it to mature us to the Character God requires us to have to prepare us for life in heaven.  This is why you need to walk with one ear always listening to The Holy Spirit because He guides you to do what Jesus desires you to do so that you will obtain the maximum personal benefit for your character, in all that you do in life.

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Appendix A - A handout to give to someone desiring |deliverance

This may be copied and used freely providing the only charge made for it is to cover costs of printing and distribution or making new copies of this to give away or use.

The following is a prayer Jesus gave me to give to people to take them through deliverance (broken into five easy to understand steps)

All but steps three and four can be prayed silently in the heart of the person having the deliverance..

Steps three and four can be whispered so only you, God and Satan hears them being commanded.

This prayer can be said without the need of another to be there so that only the person seeking and Jesus know what is being prayed.

The framework of the five steps is as follows

Step 1

Give to Jesus, quietly in your heart, anything that troubles you. You do not need to name the sin(s) but just the area the sin or problem in you which you desire Jesus to be Lord of. All you need to do is to agree to give it in your heart for Jesus to be Lord of.

So give to Jesus (that is relevant) any:

Moral weaknesses you have

Sins you have trouble defeating

Loveless acts toward others

Circumstances or events you are anxious or concerned/worried about.

Wrong emotions, habits, attitudes, values or wrong coping mechanisms you have

Wrong understanding, knowledge and learning, wrong worship or attitudes to God

Hurtful memories you have that cause you problems of any kind.

Wrong relationships you have

Betrothal (engagement) and social activities

Marriage, family and any problems in that area



Fear of Authority
Fear of Failure
All others fears

Any wrong agreements or contracts or similarwhether or not you know you have made them

Past hurts, traumatic events and other events that have hurt you in ally way

Anything, in you or that you have done that is, not of Jesus or His Kingdom which He is not already Lord of. Whether or not you know they are there,

Anything The Holy Spirit tells you now to give to Him for Jesus to be Lord of and to make certain you have not missed anything.

Give Jesus also the causes, results of all these things as well as anything else associated with them then pray as follows"

General Repentance

Lord, Jesus, I want you to be Lord of all my life. I give it to all You, as well as anything that stands between You and me, whether or not I know they are there. Show me these things Lord that separate us so I can deal with them as you desire me to deal with them. I want to do Your will in all I do Lord, and I ask You to help me to do this. I give it all to you Jesus, for You to be Lord of so that You are Lord of all I am.

Step 2

The Father says you are to forgive everyone who has hurt you in any way. If you deliberately do not forgive anyone who has hurt you, the Father in heaven cannot forgive your wrongs against Him. So you do not go to heaven (Matt 6:14-15).

Yin the following parts you may need to pray as follows and in your heart name any people The Holy Spirit brings to your memory.

Jesus, I forgive all who have hurt me.

Lord! Help me to forgive those I have problems forgiving. So I can obey you in this area,

Give any problems you have reconciling to another as this is usually caused by Unforgiveness or fear of man (or woman).

You may need to pray: as follows:

Lord Help me to reconcile to those I need to reconcile too and to do what I need to do this.

You may also need to repent of a sin you know you are doing.

You may need to pray:

Lord I repent of name the sin(s) or are of sin(s)(in your heart and not ou t loud), and I want to stop doing anything that I am doing that is wrong. Help me to do this so you can be completely Lord of m life.

Step 3

Now command Satan to leave and to take all He did to you with him to Jesus:

Satan I have given all, these areas of my life, to Jesus to be Lord of. So you must go from these areas in Jesus’ Name to the Throne of Judgment to be dealt with by Jesus. In Jesus' Name you are, to take with you everything in, on or around me or that you have done to me at any time.

Step 4

In accordance with the Will of. God, in Jesus' Name I command healing of everything Satan did to me and In Jesus' Name 1 command restoration of the sound mind as well as all else that Satan took from me.

Step 5

Holy Spirit please fill me completely, refresh me and anoint me freshly to serve Jesus as an obedient citizen of the Kingdom of God, and member of The Body of believers on earth.

The following prayer gives permission to Jesus to do whatever He needs to do for you without asking your permission and needs to be prayed only once or repeated only if The Holy Spirit says to do so:

Father, Lord Jesus, Holy Spirit, ministering angels.- I give you all permission to do anything you need to do too me or for me without the need to ask my permission to do these things.

Satan will try and convince you by placing thoughts or feelings in you or emotions on you that you have not been delivered.  Just give these to Jesus using the following five steps which form the basis of the prayer above.

The five steps in summary

Give it to Jesus to be Lord of

Repent, forgive, reconcile

Cast out Satan

Command healing and restoration

Ask Holy Spirit to fill you completely

You need to find people who will help you in your Christian life and encourage you in its trials as Satan will try and isolate you from them so that it is easier for him to deceive you or doubt God’s Love for you.

You need to study The Bible so that you know what God’s Will for you is and to hear The Holy Spirit so He can guide you when you are not certain of what God’s Will for you is.

The decisions you make will determine your salvation and you will have only yourself to blame if you do not get to heaven as it is your decisions that will stop you going there.

Keeping your freedom in Christ

You need to pursue holiness

You need to know how Satan attacks and how to defeat Him

You need to pursue holiness

To do this you need to know what God requires of you. The only way to do this is:

Study The Bible and apply it.  Satan knows The Bible better than you and does not apply it.

Listen to The Holy Spirit so He can guide you in this and in what to do in life when The Bible is silent.

You need to know how to do what God desires you to do:

You need to be able to hear clearly The Holy Spirit as He shows you how to apply The Bible (to do how God desires you to do it).

God will send people to mentor you and help you in this so you need to know who to listen too when guided by others.  The Holy Spirit will show you who to listen too.

You need to desire to pursue holiness.

You must wholeheartedly pursue holiness as without it you cannot go to heaven.

You need to appreciate the need for holiness or you will not pursue it as you should.

Know how to protect yourself from Satan

You need to know how he attacks

Directly (Personally)

Indirectly using other people or objects

You need to know how to protect yourself from his attacks

Anything that takes your focus off Jesus or His Will for you is an attack of Satan or something he has programmed into your mind.

Satan has to convince you to accept what he wants you to do and does this by affecting you in some way. It may be thoughts in your mind, emotions in your feelings and sensations in your body or something else that he uses to remove your focus off Jesus and His Will for you.

He can also attack you indirectly through other people or objects so that the other people raise ungodly feelings, desires and emotions or objects or things become so attractive to you that they become idols.

This is why Paul wrote in 2 COd 10:5

(KJV) Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ;

(BBE)  Putting an end to reasonings, and every high thing which is lifted up against the knowledge of God, and causing every thought to come under the authority of Christ;

(CEV)  and every bit of pride that keeps anyone from knowing God. We capture people's thoughts and make them obey Christ.

When it is given to Jesus to be Lord of then we can apply James 4:7

BBE)  For this cause be ruled by God; but make war on the Evil One and he will be put to flight before you.

(CEV)  Surrender to God! Resist the devil, and he will run from you.

(KJV)  Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

So a simple three step process is used to remove the attacks if Satan:

Give the attack to Jesus to be Lord of.

In Jesus Name command Satan to go to Jesus and take all he has done and is doing to you with him.

Ask the Holy Spirit to take Satans place.

I have found this the simplest and best way to deal with the attacks of Satan unless deliverance is required in which case I use the framework of the Five Steps.

Remember, Satan has to convince you to accept what He offers so the first defence is to reject what he is trying to have you do.