A Deliverance Prayer for young children

This prayer is designed for children who cannot say the main deliverance prayer.  It is designed to be said by an adult who leads the child in this prayer and explains what they are doing.  It is assumed the adult would have said the adult version of this prayer and know why they are asking the child to pray what they pray.

I have made it personal prayer so that the child knows it is something they are saying and not something that may not be relevant to them because another person is saying it.

Explain to them that Jesus defeated His enemy, Satan and that Satan tries to control you so that you no longer do what Jesus wants you to do for Him.  Because Jesus defeated Satan, Satan has to do w hat Jesus tells him to do and that Jesus has allowed us to use His Name, which represent the authority (control) Jesus has over Satan, to remove Satan.

The Prayer:

Lord Jesus, I want you to run my life and control it so I will live like you want me too. So I give it all to you.  I give all to you, everything I think, do or own for The Holy Spirit to guide me in so I live in the way you want me too.

I want to be a good citizen of Your Kingdom.

If I am doing anything wrong I will stop trying to do it.

If I am angry at anyone I will forgive them and stop being angry at them because this is what You want me to do.

So I say to Your enemy Satan: I do not want anything of yours, Satan, so in Jesus Name I command you to leave me and go to Jesus for Him to deal with you and to take with you all you did to me and remove it from me.

In Jesus' Name I command healing and restoration of all you did to me or took from me.

I ask you Holy Spirit to fill me completely, taking the place of the demons that have left so they cannot get back into me again.

Thank you Father, Lord Jesus and Holy Spirit for doing this for me.

This prayer, if you really mean what you prayed, removes demons of Satan from you and allows Jesus to fix up anything Satan did to hurt you or give you back things to you that you that God gave you to look after for Him which Satan removed from you.  Satan is the enemy of God and Satan is trying to destroy you and take you to hell with him

Everything on the earth is owned by God and what you have has been given to You by Him using people to give them to you.  Jesus wants you to look after them properly for Him.

Satan will try to get you to do wrong things so that you will be with him in hell when you die and not with Jesus in heaven when you die.  So you need to know how to stop Satan doing this.

Satan will place naughty or wrong things in your mind hoping you think these thoughts are yours and not those of his demons trying to get you to do them because you think they are your own thoughts.

So the first thing you do is ignore them then tell them to go in Jesus' Name to be dealt with by Jesus.

If they keep coming back then do the following:

  1. Give them to Jesus to control
  2. Make certain you are not doing anything wrong or are angry at anyone
  3. In Jesus' Name tell Satan he has to go to Jesus and has to take with him all he has done to you.
  4. In Jesus' Name command healing on all Satan did to you and ask Jesus to restore all Satan took from you.
  5. Ask The Holy Spirit to fill you completely and take the place of the demons that have gone so they cannot get back in again.

When you think a wrong thing it is not a sin.  Sin happens when you do not meet a requirement of Jesus or think in a way Jesus wants you to think.  It is only a sin if you want to do it, even if you do not actually do it.

If you do sin, then all you have to do is to be really sorry and try not to do it again.  Jesus knows we have faults and will sin (do wrong things) and all He asks you to do is to really try not to do it again.

Remember, when you die you will go to heaven or hell. If you do what Satan wants you to do you will go to hell to be with him.  If you do what Jesus wants you to do you will go to be in heaven with Him.  It is your decision alone that decides where you will end up after death as it is your decision alone to reject what Satan wants you to do and do what Jesus wants you to do.