Parts 1 to 3 are all you need to have for deliverance and can be given to a person to take awayand pray by themselves.

Is Deliverance real?

Jesus only cast demons out of people who called Him Lord and believed in Him as their Lord. Jesus never cast demons out of people who did not call Him Lord except to free them from bondage so they could choose for or against Him (the Gadarene for example.
So Jesus believed it was necessary to follow Him as Lord before He delivered people.
They were Christians when He usually did it so it shows Christians can have demons.

Easy Deliverance Part 1 - the introduction

This method of deliverance was taught me by Jesus and is more effective than the method that is usually used in churches. It does not need anyone else to deliver you as deliverance is between you and Jesus and just requires you to have the attitude you need to have deliverance. However someone may be there to say t he prayer for you or to guide and encourage you in it. I used it successfully on the internet for years and did not need to know anything about a person including what they were giving to Jesus to be freed from.
The following is a prayer Jesus taught me to use to take people through deliverance (broken into five easy to understand steps) .
All but steps three and four can be prayed silently in your heart so only you and Jesus knows what is being given to Him for you to be delivered from. Steps three and four can be whispered rather said out aloud so only you God and Satan hears them being commanded.
This prayer can be said without the need of another to be there so that only you and Jesus knows what is being prayed. However another person may be helpful to encourage you and read it out to you.
We are told by the apostle James to:

Jas 4:7 Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

In other words give it to Jesus to be Lord of the situation, problem or event and Satan must leave that area Jesus is now Lord of when he is commanded to as he no longer has a right to be there in that area given to Jesus unless you give it back to Him again. This is because it now belongs to The Kingdom of God and Satan cannot enter that Kingdom so has to leave when told too.
The reason we give areas to Jesus and not sins is because James tells us to confess our faults/weaknesses to Jesus and not our sins as Jesus knows them already and has dealt with them at Calvary.
The deliverance prayer does not restore you to salvation. It removes the defilement of the sin as sin itself has already been forgiven at Calvary. Calvary was more than forgiveness. They were remitted so it was as if they had never been committed.
The following Lordship prayer outline summarises the above


We make certain we have nothing in our life stopping Jesus hearing this prayer For example: