Deliverance - an overview

What it is

Based on James 4:7 and James 5:16 delegation Mark 16:17-18

A Lordship decision to make Jesus Lord of all your life

Removing Satan’s influences on you and in your soul

A sign you desire to follow Jesus and belong to Him

A removal of hindrances to your relationship with Jesus and The Father

Why do you need it

Removes things in and on you from preChristian life

Removes all Satan has in and on you in the areas given to Jesus to be Lord of

A witness to the authority of The Kingdom of God

A witness to Jesus being Lord of all including Satan and his demons

Attitudes required

Must believe Jesus can do it and has given you the delegation to cast out Satan

Must desire to do it

Must desire Jesus to be your Lord

Must be willing to act on this belief

Our authority to do deliverance

Not in modern Greek Codices - They were originally in them but were removed from the codices before these Greek texts were published

Only in the Authorized Version and the Syriac Peshita

Delegated to us from Jesus - the only delegation He gave us

Was given to us to be used or Jesus made a mistake in giving it to us

How to do use it in deliverance

Use the five steps

Must be done in humility as you are only a messenger  helping the person

Demons do not manifest when using the five steps so no histrionics occur

Glory should be given to Jesus and not to the deliverance minister

The Five steps explained

They are a framework

First step is the only that changes all the time

Step 1. We give areas of our life or things to Jesus to be Lord of.

Step 2. We repent (admit we have fallen short of His standards) and forgive others as He told us too.

Step 3. We command Satan to leave the areas or things given to Jesus and to take all he did to the person with him.

Step 4. We command healing on all Satan did and restoration (in accordance with the Will of God) of all Satan did to the person

Step 5. We ask The Holy Spirit to fill the person so that demons do not find the ‘house empty so cannot come back in to the soul.

What each step does

Step 1 Gives the area to Jesus to be Lord of so He can protect use it for His Kingdom

Step 2 removes hindrances to Jesus delivering you

Step 3 removes Satan and his demons and what they did to you

Step 4 commands healing emotionally spiritually and physically (physical healing in God;s timing and not ours)

Step 5 fills our house with Holy Spirit so 7 more worse demons cannot come in.

When to use the five steps

Fighting temptations

Protecting objects

Protection of plans and people

Must be for the purposes of The Kingdom

After deliverance

Satan will attack in same areas you are delivered from to try to make you believe you are not delivered

Must help others through it and after it

Must do it to demonstrate Love of God

Doing it shows Jesus and The Kingdom of God are real

A command of Jesus

Given to apostles and disciples not just to His future leaders (apostles

Everyone must learn to do it (In My Name you will do these things)

A strategy to expand The Kingdom of God and demonstrate Jesus and it are

The work of the citizen of The kingdom includes deliverance ad removing Satan’s influence on and in this world

Not mentioned as a specialist ministry

Only qualification is to be a Christian willing to do it

A belief it can be done in the Name of Jesus

A desire to do it

Must have been through it before starting deliverance ministry. (You do not teach or preach what you have not done or are doing).