Deliverance Package

Deliverance – an Easy Method anyone can do

By Neville Salvetti

 The following five documents are a package to help with deliverance.  They teach how to do it and preserve it. They are as follows:


The full deliverance prayer

Hints for after deliverance

How to defeat Satan

How to maintain your deliverance and salvation.

An introduction to deliverance

Please ignore the robot voice. I have had a stroke and my speech is not that good.  Do not listen to the robot voice quality but listen to the message,  I am a pensioner and cannot afford a better voice

What I am teaching in this video I have used for years doing Deliverance on the internet so I know it works and I know it is much easier than the traditional method Satan taught the church Satan could not remove deliverance so trained the church to do it in a difficult way that hid the Simplicity of it

Deliverance is very simple Jesus taught me how to do and it, it is so simple a 12 year old can do it with little training.

Satan knew he could not remove deliverance as it was part of the commands of Jesus so he taught the church to do it in the most difficult way.  Jesus said we were to cast out demons which is what deliverance is.

When deliverance is done in the way Jesus desires it done you do not need to know anything about the person or what they are giving to Jesus to be delivered of because the person give all to Jesus in their heart rather than vocally.

The method is based on James 4:7 which really says to give the problem/temptation/weakness to Jesus to be Lord of and Satan has to go when commanded too in Jesus’ Name.

There is no fighting Demons because Jesus has what was given to Him and Satan has to fight Him to get it back

It's a simple 5 step process
Here are a list the steps

You give the area  or thing you desire deliverance in to Jesus to be lord of.  This means Satan now has to fight Jesus and not you which is why he does not manifest because he knows he is not going to win

Then you make certain there is no rebellion in your mind: common ones are unforgiveness and sins you do not want to give up

Then you tell Satan to leave in Jesus name and he has to go as he no longer has a right to what you have given because it now belongs to Jesus.

You can see the importance of Lordship now because anything Jesus is Lord of Satan cannot use and he has to persuade you to give up this lordship for you to sin.  So while Jesus is Lord of all your life you will not sin.

Then in Jesus’ Name you command healing and restoration on all Satan did to you

Then you ask the Holy Spirit to fill you completely so demons cannot come back into your soul (your house).

I will take you through a simple Deliverance and show you how the method Jesus taught me works

In your heart so only Jesus knows

Give to Jesus the area of your life or problem or weakness you desire deliverance in and also anything else the Holy Spirit tell you to give to Jesus

Give Jesus all the causes and results anything associated with the area given to him.  You do not need to name them but just give them to Him in a blanket such as: I give you all the causes, results and anything associated with what I have given you to be Lord of for you to be Lord of.

Make certain you have forgiven everyone and there is no sin in your life you will not give up as the only prayer Jesus will hear is one of repentance so you will not obtain deliverance until you have repented.

In Jesus’ Name tell Satan to go and take all he did to you with him

In Jesus’ Name command healing and restoration in accordance with the will of Jesus on all Satan did to you.

Ask The Holy spirit to fill you completely (which also stops demons coming back into your soul).

Thank The Father, Jesus and The Holy Spirit for the deliverance you obtained.

When you are tempted in any way use the framework of the five steps:

Give the temptation to Jesus to be Lord of along with all the causes, results and anything associated with it

Make certain you have no known sin

Command Satan to leave in Jesus’ Name and to take all he did to you with him

Command healing and restoration in Jesus’ Name

Ask The Holy Spirit to fill you completely

And do not forget to thank God for your deliverance from the temptation.

There is a More detailed Prayer of Deliverance on my web site

A fuller explanation can also be found on my website along with the transcripts of the full deliverance prayer, which I have called on the website a “lordship Prayer”

My website is nevillesalvetti. Com

The Full deliverance prayer which is really an act of Lordship


The following is a prayer Jesus taught me to use to take people through deliverance (broken into five easy to understand steps)

All but steps three and four can be prayed silently in your heart so only you and Jesus knows what is being given to Him for you to be delivered from..  Steps three and four can be whispered rather said out aloud so only you God and Satan hears them being commanded.

This prayer can be said without the need of another to be there so that only you and Jesus knows what is being prayed.  However another person may be helpful to encourage you and read it out to you.

Lordship/Deliverance Prayer

We are told by the apostle James to:

Jas 4:7  Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

In other words give it to Jesus to be Lord of the situation or problem and Satan must leave that area Jesus is now Lord of when he is commanded to as he no longer has a right to be there in that area given to Jesus.  This is because it now belongs to The Kingdom of God and Satan cannot enter that Kingdom so has to leave when told too.

The following Lordship prayer has five parts.

We give what we desire to be delivered from to Jesus to be Lord of

We make certain we have nothing in our life stopping Jesus hearing this prayer For example:

Unforgiveness of yourself or another or not wanting to reconcile to another

A sin you will not give up. Any form of rebellion in your heart against Jesus will stop deliverance.

These stop God hearing your prayers until you do the only one thing he will hear, that of repenting of what is blocking the deliverances.

We then tell Satan to leave in Jesus' Name

We command healing and restoration in Jesus’ Name

We ask The Holy Spirit to fill us and replace the demons that have gone.

We then should thank God for our deliverance as Jesus is the only one who can deliver us.

The actual prayer

The Lord Jesus says in His Bible in 1 Pet 5:7, to give Him all your cares.  That which causes you worry, anxiety, stress, all the hurts of the past, which takes away your peace, the sin you cannot seem to defeat, wrong coping mechanisms like: smoking, drinking, gambling: all that causes you distress and/or lack of peace in your spirit.

Remember that these things are only between you and Jesus, so you do not need to say them out loud, but only need to quietly give them to Him your heart for Him alone to hear.

Step 1

So give to Jesus, quietly in your heart, anything that troubles you. You do not need to name the sin(s) but just the area the sin, weakness or problem in you which you desire Jesus to be Lord of. All you need to do is to agree to completely give it in your heart for Jesus to be Lord of.

Remember you give Jesus everything in the area so that things you do not know you have in that area or have done in that area are also given to Him along with anything associated with the area(s) you are giving Him.  You do not need to mention individual sins but areas the sins are in as long as you repent of any sin that surfaces after deliverance so that you no longer do them.

So give to Jesus (that is relevant) any:

Wrong attitudes toward God

Wrong attitudes toward others

Moral weaknesses you have

Sins or areas of sin you have trouble defeating

Loveless acts toward others

Circumstances or events you are anxious or concerned/worried about.

Wrong emotions, habits, attitudes, reasonings, values or wrong coping mechanisms you have

Wrong imaginations, understanding, knowledge and learning or ways of thinking,

Wrong worship and praise attitudes

Hurtful memories or trauma you have that cause you problems of any kind.

All relationships you have

Any betrothal (engagement)

All social activities

Any marriage, family and any problems in that area

All relationships



Fear of Authority

Fear of Failure

All others fears

Self-rejection and low self esteem

Any mental illness you may have whether or not you know about it

Any wrong soul ties

Any curses over yourself

Any wrong agreements or contracts or similar…whether or not you know you have made them

Past hurts, traumatic events and other events that have hurt you in any way

Anything, in you or that you have done that is, not of Jesus or His Kingdom of which He is not already Lord of. Whether or not you know they are there,

Anything The Holy Spirit tells you now to give to Him for Jesus to be Lord of and to make certain you have not missed anything.

Give Jesus also the causes and results of all these things as well as anything else associated with them in any way then pray as follows"

General Repentance

Lord, Jesus, I want you to be Lord of all my life. I give it to all You, as well as anything that stands between You and me, whether or not I know they are there. Show me these things Lord that separate us so I can deal with them as you desire me to deal with them. I want to do Your will in all I do Lord, and I ask You to help me to do this. I give it all to you Jesus, for You to be Lord of so that You are Lord of all I am.

Step 2

The Father in heaven says you are to forgive everyone who has hurt you in any way. If you deliberately do not forgive anyone who has hurt you, the Father in heaven cannot forgive your wrongs against Him. So you do not go to heaven (Matt 6:14-15).

You may need to pray as follows and in your heart name any people The Holy Spirit brings to your memory.

Jesus, I forgive all who have hurt me.

I also forgive myself for what I have done.

Lord! Help me to forgive those I have problems forgiving. So I can obey you fully.

Give any problems you have reconciling to another as this is usually caused by Unforgiveness or fear of man (or woman).

You may need to pray: as follows:

Lord Help me to reconcile to those I need to reconcile too and to do what I need to do this.

The lord requires you to try to reconcile but they may not be interest in reconciling.  As long as you have wholeheartedly tried to reconcile it does not matter of t he other person does not want to be reconciled.  It may be too dangerous to try but as long as you really desire to reconcile and are waiting for Jesus to make it possible you have satisfied God’s requirements in this area.

You may also need to repent of a sin you know you are doing as well as give it to Jesus to be Lord of.

You may need to pray in your heart:

Lord, show me what I need to repent of. I aks you to be Lord of it.

Then repent

Lord I repent of …[name the sin(s) or area(s)][, and I want to stop doing anything that I am doing that is wrong. Help me to do this so you can be completely Lord of my life.

You may need to give it as a new step 1 in this prayer before you go on.

Step 3

Now command Satan to leave and go to Jesus and to take all He did to you with him:

Satan I have given all these areas of my life to Jesus to be Lord of. So you must go from these areas in Jesus’ Name to the Throne of Judgement to be dealt with by Jesus. In Jesus' Name I command that you are, to take with you everything in, on or around me or that you have done to me at any time.

Demons do not manifest as they are fighting Jesus now in what you have just given to Jesus to be Lord of and not you so know they have no chance of winning so do not waste their energy.

Step 4

In accordance with the Will of God, in Jesus' Name I command healing of everything Satan did to me and In Jesus' Name 1 also command restoration of the sound mind as well as all else that Satan took from me in accordance with the will of Jesus for me.

Step 5

Holy Spirit please fill me completely, refresh me and anoint me freshly to serve Jesus as an obedient citizen of the Kingdom of God, and member of The Body of believers on earth.

Step 5 was also mentioned by Jesus to a lady who went to heaven. Its stops demons coming back into the soul in the areas they have been forced to leave.

The following prayer gives permission to Jesus to do whatever He needs to do for you without asking your permission and needs to be prayed only once or repeated only if The Holy Spirit says to do so:

Father, Lord Jesus, Holy Spirit, ministering angels.- I give you all permission to do anything you need to do too me or for me without the need to ask my permission to do these things.

Satan will try and convince you by placing thoughts or feelings in you or emotions you have that you have not been delivered.  Just give these to Jesus using the following five steps which form the basis of the prayer above.

The five steps in summary

Give the temptation, thought, feeling emotion to Jesus to be Lord of

Repent, forgive, reconcile

Cast out Satan

Command healing and restoration

Ask Holy Spirit to fill you completely

I have more information on these and deliverance on my web site

Why send them to The Throne of Judgement?

The Throne of Judgement has been set up by Jesus outside The Kingdom of God.  The Kingdom is holy and undefiled and Satan is defiled and unholy so cannot enter The kingdom.  So this Throne has been set up so Satan can approach Jesus.


After Deliverance

Deliverance removes demons from your soul so that have nothing in you they can use so they have to make you accept something in that area again for them to be able to use so they use areas you have been delivered from and are still not strong in you attitudes in that area.

Their attacks do not mean you have not been delivered. It means one of two things:

You missed something or

They are on the outside trying to get back in.

Why does Jesus allow it: He allows it to either to:

Remove more demons or

Strengthen an area of your life you are weak in.

The solution is to use the five steps in case you need deliverance in that area attacked and also because they remove any attack and strengthen the Lordship of Jesus in an area attacked.

For the first 10 years I had to use the five steps many times but they are more careful in the attacks now because they know what will happen when they attack – that the five steps will be used to send them to Jesus.

Having wrong thought or feelings does not mean you are evil. It means Satan has lost you in that area and is trying to get you back. You are only evil if you act on these things.

Satan uses thoughts placed in your mind, or feelings and emotions placed on your body to attack you hoping you will thing they are yours and act on them and make them part of your thought patterns. You will know by their affect in you whether they are from Satan or God because of the lack of peace you feel when you have them if they are from Satan.

The five steps will always remove and demons and remove attacks

I will deal more fully on how to deal with attacks in a separate document.

Defeating Satan

You are in a state of constant spiritual warfare as demons are all around waiting to attack you

What is spiritual warfare?

Spiritual warfare is the fighting of the plans of Satan and removing his control over things.  It is fought in the supernatural realm but may have its effect in the natural realm.  This is why you have to know how to defeat his attacks on you and others.

It has different expressions:

Fighting demons attacking you or something or someone else

Freeing people from the kingdom of darkness (Evangelism)

Removing the effects of the kingdom of darkness on people (deliverance)

Destroying the plans and working of Satan.

What are the qualifications of a spiritual warfare fighter:

They must be a Christian whom has Jesus 100% as their Lord

They must fully believe in The Bible so they can believe wholly in the authority over Satan delegated to them by Jesus.  (This means you cannot use modern bibles as they leave out the authority to command Satan in the Name of Jesus.)

They must apply the authority over Satan delegated to them by Jesus

Jesus stated no other requirements so any person of any age or sex who meets the three requirements can do spiritual warfare.

Young children can defeat Satan when attacked if taught how to do so as long as they know what they are doing.

Who is required to attack Satan?

Every Christian is to learn how to fight Satan and defeat him and his plans as well as rescue people from his kingdom (evangelism) (Mark 16:17-18, Matt 28:18-20).

They must know how Satan attacks:

This is so that they can realise when there is an attack of Satan.

How does Satan attack?

Satan can only have you do something if you let him persuade you to do it.  Satan looks for weaknesses in you so when attacked you know you have a weakness in the area of attack and may need deliverance in that area.

You must accept what Satan offers you before you will do what he desires you to do and sin.

Satan attacks you by:

Placing wrong thoughts, imaginations, sensations and reasonings in your mind,

Wrong emotions and attitudes in your soul

Wrong feelings/sensations in your body.

Wrong desires in your spirit

He also tries to have you become:



Reason out something

Assume things

Do something automatically from habit

Without checking the details and facts or what The Bible says about it.  Instead you should ask The Holy Spirit what to do unless The Bible gives you the answer.

This is so Satan can guide you in a situation through using wrong attitudes and habits he has moulded in you.  Any of the above occurring shows a need for deliverance.

He tries to:

Deceive you from the truth of a situation or

Distract you from what Jesus wants you to do.

He has to persuade you to reject the Lordship of Jesus in an area so he can obtain authority over it.  This is the only way he can obtain any authority over you.

Satan will try to tell you things are different to what they really are.

He has to make you accept his lies and misquotes of the truth so he can use you for his purposes or hinder your being used by Jesus.

He has to convince you that something you have, you really do not have, or, that something you really do not have, you have.  If you are sane, he may suggest you have mental problems etc.  He will often suggest the opposite of what you are in the hope you believe him so he can then mould your thinking, attitudes and habits in the way he desires you too.

If you are saved he will throw thoughts into your mind that question your salvation to the extent you will wonder if you are saved.

If you have a God given ministry he will make you question that it is the correct one until you look elsewhere for the ministry he suggests you should have.

He places negative emotions on you like anger, lust and sensual pleasure to try and get you to sin or to distract you from the self-control God desires you to have so that you will sin because you desire the pleasures Satan suggests to you are more than what God desires you to do.

He can place moods on you like fear, anxiety and depression so that you do not have the joy of God and wonder what is wrong with you that you have these things for no apparent reason.

He tries to get you to believe God does not Love you so that you will despair of anything good ever happening to you and give up hope of God helping you.  This is why you must believe God is Love and works only for your good in all circumstances (Rom 8:28) even though we may not see the good in the situation at that moment.

He tries to isolate you so that there is no Christians around to encourage and help you and sends people to assist you who are guided by him so that you feel worse and may even give up your faith.

Remember, Satan does things sneakily and will try to raise doubt about things in you especially your Love of God and His Things so that you have you start to question them.

If he can get you to accept his thoughts then he can then either use you or hinder your walk with Jesus.

He has to have you think a certain way so he can use it for his purposes and uses all he can to make you think this way.

This is why when you have anything negative in your mind or body you are to cast it out in Jesus’ Name to The Throne of Judgment.  Otherwise Satan may obtain a foothold in you on which to build a stronghold in you he can use against you and God.

The five steps is the best way to do this in case there is any need of deliverance.

Remember that all strongholds are mental and need new ways of thinking to remove them which is where the truth of a situation will set you free from a mental stronghold of Satan.

If you do not accept Satan’s thoughts, he cannot succeed in causing you to sin.

So the best defence is to command the thoughts, feelings, sensations etc, to go to Jesus in Jesus’ Name to The Throne of Judgment

And ask The Holy Spirit to take their place.

The Five Steps help in this as they ensure there is nothing in you that Satan is trying to use as well as send him to Jesus to be dealt with.

The five steps in summary

Give the temptation to Jesus to be Lord of

Repent, forgive, reconcile

Cast out Satan

Command healing and restoration

Ask Holy Spirit to fill you completely

I have more information on these and deliverance on my web site

You must know how to fight Satan‘s attacks

Satan will try to destroy you or make you unable to be used by Jesus.  So you need to know how to fight him.

Defeating attacks of Satan

The first way to deal with an attack of Satan is to just resist it.  You will not sin if you reject all Satan asks you to do.  He has to have you accept in your heart what he is suggesting you to do before you will sin.

Ignoring or Resisting the Attack

When Satan attacks you, you can ignore him and you will not sin. But the battle will not end as the demon will not go away but keeps attacking you.

This is why it is better to remove the attacking demon rather than just ignoring or rejecting what they say. This is because when the demons are removed the attack ceases until another demon comes to tempt you. As the area of attack has been given to Jesus to be Lord of the new demon will have a much harder time attacking you in that area while you maintain this Lordship.

This is why it is preferable to use the five steps to remove the attacking demon and not just to resist or ignore the demon.

The Five steps are used when Satan is attacking you personally or things you are steward of (your God-given area of authority) too:

Remove the spiritual damage Satan caused to you (Deliverance) or anything you are steward of

Fight the temptations of Satan

Deal with weaknesses and fears in your life that lead to sin

To protect current or future activities by stopping Satan from attacking or using them (steps 1,3,5)

Things you are steward of are: your mind, body, wife and children, all God has given you to be steward of, your work, anything you  have God-given control of.

God owns everything and you are just a steward of what you have.

Remember that the five steps are used to remove Satan and do any deliverance necessary in areas you are steward of while the Name of Jesus is used for spiritual warfare for others and healing the damage Satan caused

Remember also that Satan cannot make you do anything you do not agree to do.

He has to deceive you into agreeing with what he wants you to do.

So the first line of defence is to reject what he offers.

Then to use the five steps in case it is an area you need deliverance in.

If it is in respect of an area you are not steward of then name the area or thing you are attacking then use steps 3-5 of the five steps.

Most demons have names that are foreign to us so it would be nearly impossible to cast them out by their names.  As long as we can identify them by their area of activity then you can cast them in Jesus’ Name to The Throne of Judgement to be judged.

If you are attacked in an area often or have a weakness you are having trouble overcoming then you probably do have a need for deliverance in that area.  So God will allow you to be tempted in that area to strengthen you in resistance to it.

Remember that any emotion, sensation, thought, attitude or feeling that is negative is not from God but is a suggestion from a demon playing on attitudes, hurts or weaknesses in you.

God never tempts you but has to allow Satan to if Satan has a right to attack you but even then God limits the attack (1 Cor 13:10).

Satan cannot successfully attack you in an area unless Jesus is not Lord of that area.

Whenever I get any wrong thought, image, sensation, feeling or emotion, anything not acceptable to Jesus, I command the demons behind it, in Jesus’ Name, to leave and go to The Throne of Judgement to be judged, and ask The Holy Spirit to replace them. I preferably use the five steps to do so in case I need any deliverance.

Things you are not steward of

To remove Satan from others or objects Name what you are removing or attacking then use steps 3-5 of the five steps.

Sometimes you can only bind demons until the person is willing to do what is necessary to be free.

You can bind demons and hinder their plans anywhere in the world and newspapers are a good source to see what to do to hinder the work of Satan.

In the case of non-Christians you should not cast demons out but bind their activity towards the non-Christian.

In summary regarding areas you are steward of:

If the thought is from God, you obey it.

If the thought is from you, ensure it is given to God or is dealt with as He tells you to.  There may also be a need for deliverance in an area.

If the thought is from Satan then do what you need to do to cast Him in Jesus’ Name to The Throne of Judgement to be dealt with, preferably using the five steps.  If deliverance is not needed then name what you are attacking and use steps three to five of the five steps.

The key is to take the thought, emotion, feeling or sensation captive to Jesus (2 Cor 10:5).  In other words the demon placing the thought in your mind, sensation, feeling or emotion on you is cast out in Jesus’ Name, to The Throne of Judgement to be dealt with.

Just resisting the thought does little to remove the temptation as the demon is always there waiting to attack you in that area.  It is giving it to Jesus to be Lord of and removing the source of it (the demon) and evicting it that removes the temptation.

We are at war

You are either fighting this war or are a victim of it.  There is no in between.  You are either on God’s side or Satan’s even only by not doing anything to hinder Satan.


Maintaining Deliverance

The requirements for maintaining your deliverance are the same as those for maintaining your salvation. They are:

Obedience to Jesus through obeying all his laws

Always being guided by the Holy Spirit

Your love for Jesus will determine how you obey him. Jesus said that if you loved Him you would keep His Commandments.

To be a child of The Father and a citizen of The Kingdom of God you need to be led by The Holy Spirit. So to be an adopted child of The Father you need to be guided in everything by The Holy Spirit

This means you need to know and study:

The laws of God

How to be guided by The Holy Spirit

Have the correct attitude for doing these things

Do all to the glory of God in the same Quality of Love he has you

All God requires of you is to wholeheartedly try to obey him. You will succeed but at times you will fail. God knows you will fail because you are not perfect and all he requires is to repent and keep on trying not to do the wrong thing. God looks as to attitudes in doing things and not the results however He does reward success and has to allow you to suffer the consequences of deliberate wrongs.

Remember that salvation is an intimate relationship with each member of the Trinity. How you value these relationships will determine your obedience to Jesus, how willing you are to listen to the guidance of The Holy Spirit will ultimately determine your salvation.

You need to treat the persons of The Trinity as your closest most intimate friends that you can share your heart with as well as your sorrows, joys.  They are persons you love to serve and whom you can completely rely on to help you in your problems.

You need to develop these relationship in preparation for when you go to heaven. Remember earth is God’s training ground for heaven and how you deal with these things will determine where you end up as well as your reward is in heaven or hell.

The choice is yours as to how you approach these aspects of maintaining your salvation and you will have no one else to blame but yourself if you do not end up in heaven.

I recommend  you read my book on the Kingdom of God on my website so you better understand your role in The Kingdom of God.

Neville Salvetti