The destruction of Christianity

What follows is a basic overview of the deceit behind the modern Bibles

Look at the following verse

      Psa 11:3  If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?

There is a principle in this verse that if you remove the basis of what a man believes in you will destroy the belief of a person because they will not know what to believe in as there is no longer a firm or rational basis for their belief.

Now examine the following verse:

      Rom 10:9  That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.

This verse states that you must believe Jesus is (Lord) God and that God has raised him from the dead otherwise you will not be able to believe that you are redeemed let alone that you have salvation.

Modern Bible versions do not say the same things and they translate verses differently at times which means there is no version that can truly be said to be correct because all have differences and are based on what the editors believed God wanted to say.

So the firm foundation of Christianity (The Bible) no longer exists because no one can really say what The Bible truly says if you believe modern theologians. This is why Christianity has declined amongst those that reject the King James version because they base their beliefs on what these modern Bible texts say.

Satan has managed to destroy the foundation of the Bible by changing 20% of it and making people believe this altered Bible is better than the one it replaces even though only 45 manuscripts out of 5145 texts back it up and of the two main manuscripts used: Sinaiticus and 2427, are a fake or possibly a fake and the other manuscript, Vaticanus is, not a fourth century manuscript as is claimed being written between 444 and 464 AD because of the format it was in only being used in this period

I will deal with each of these manuscripts separately.

Codex Vaticanus

Nestle's 27th Greek edition states documents of the third fourth century are our primary documents and are to be used in preference to other documents. The Codex Vaticanus uses a format that was only used for a 20 year period between 444 and 464. So it is a fifth century document and not a fourth century document which means it should not be given the priority it has been given in the preparation of the new Testament Greek used in modern Bibles and should not be considered as a  basis for the New Testament Greek..

Codex Sinaiticus

When this codex was originally seen it was white. The parts of the Codex held in Germany are white as are pages found in the latter part of the 20th century. However, the New Testament that Tischendorf presented to the world was aged and not white which means it had been tampered with or is a forgery. It is interesting that the 19th-century forger master, Simonedes claimed he had written the Sinaiticus.

They were going to test this Codex to see if it was really old as they said it was but this was cancelled possibly because of the way they found Codex 2427 to be a fake. So, until this Codex has been proven to be as old they say it is, it cannot be taken of a source document for New Testament Greek or the one that was originally seen in the monastery.  If it is the one that was seen in the  monastery but aged artificially or as old as they state it to be then why will they not test it or explain why it was artificially aged?

Codex 2427

This Codex came to light in 1974 from a private collection held in Athens it was hailed as an old document so used as a source document for the Gospel of Mark, which was the only book it contained. Tests on the ink showed it could not have been written before 1870 as some of the ink used was not manufactured before this date. It was shown that this ink was original and not a later touch up.

The problem occurred then whether this was this was a copy of an earlier document. It was subsequently proved it was a copy of a New Testament published in 1869 by Phillip Bhuttmann using a poor edition of the Vaticanus put out by the Catholic Priest in charge of it.  Bhuttmann Putman also put in 88 of his own changes to the Greek, 81 of which were copied in Codex 2427. So, not only was it a fake but it was a bad fake. Unfortunately it is used as the main Greek text for most changes in the current gospel of Mark which means the current translation of Mark cannot really be used anything let alone Christian faith or preaching.

As you can see the three main documents used as a basis for the modern Greek text are either a fake (Codex 2472), a possible fake (Siniaiticus) or not a good primary source document as is claimed (Vaticanus) so these three should not be used as a basis for New Testament Greek correction but only as an indication of what might possibly.

It is to be remembered that only 45 documents follow this Greek text and over 5145 follow the Greek behind the King James Version.  It would appear there is bias in the selection of these 45 texts which makes it even more possible they are not the best texts to base the Greek on.


Satan has managed to use fraud to destroy the Greek text of the New Testament and remove the foundation of Christianity and he has done this in such a way that most Christians and theological scholars are not aware of what he has done. The foundations have been destroyed and the majority of the Christian church now has a Christian faith that is not biblical but believes it is because of the hidden agenda of the modern theological scholarship that edits the modern Greek for the purposes of their agenda that has turned Jesus from God into a human who was made God by what he did.

Only the King James can say it is not fraudulent and the Codices it is based on are not fraud and make up 99% of all codices unlike the 45 behind modern Greek which are less than 1% of all codices we know about.