How do you know what to believe?

It is said in The Bible that the only sources that come from God are what is evident in creation and what The Bible says. Anything outside of that is man reasoned or imagined.

Anything not in The Bible or creation that is done needs to be tested to see if it qualifies as a godly thing to do and not something that will hinder or destroy your faith. They also cannot be doctrine as they are not in The Bible or creation.

So what are the tests for things not in The Bible?

The tests

Is it in The Bible?

If Yes: Then it must obey or agree with what The Bible says it is or it is error and possibly heretical.

If No: Then it must pass all of the following tests. It cannot be doctrine or enforceable on anyone but may be a denominational or church requirement if it does not fail any of the following tests.

Does the Bible infer it is allowable? If it infers it is allowable you still cannot make doctrine about it but only say it is a possibility and even then it must pass all the other tests below.

Does it express God’s type of Love and build up a person spiritually

Does it give God’s Glory to another? God said He will not give His Glory to another.

Does it promote The Father, The Holy Spirit, Jesus or His Kingdom or someone else?

Other sources that may help:

What does the Old Testament say about it or its practice?

What do the early church documents such as The Didache say about it or its practice?

If they pass these test they cannot be doctrine but they can be practises acceptable to God that will not harm your faith in any way.

You must know what to believe

God has revealed to us that what we can know of Him and His requirement is found in The Bible and in Creation and in nowhere else.

This means that anything not found in what is recognised as The Bible should not be believed or acted upon. The true Bible will reveal verified prophecy and the words and teachings of Jesus.

So anything not found in these two sources such as:

Tongues is necessary for salvation

Baptism of The Spirit is necessary for salvation

Baptism is a sign of spirituality

Biblical knowledge is a sign of spiritual maturity and the criteria for advancement

The minister is head of the church and He and it must be followed

The rules of the denomination must be followed to be saved

Saints, Mary worship or the worship of others is allowable

Ritual and legalism is necessary for salvation

Confession and indulgences are necessary to avoid hell and purgatory

Things considered to be Sacraments

The separation of trained clergy and the laity for worship and ministry (but not for man’s administration requirements) is the Nicolaitan type structure Jesus despised and which was not taught by the Apostles but by writers using their Names,

Church tradition or practices, which are not found in nature or Th Bible are the reasonings of man and can only harm your faith by distracting from the true faith.

Man can make doctrine or use principles not in The Bible and enforce them on others

Stan has had 2000 nearly years to subvert the church which is why many non-biblical practices are accepted as fundamental Christian beliefs.