Artemis and the Book of Ephesians

The Letter to the Ephesians – Introduction

The Missionary journeys of Paul took between three to four years.  The fact he spent so long at Ephesus (2-3 years) in the third missionary journeys indicates he had problems overcoming which i beleive were to do with the similarity of the claims between the followers of Jesus and the followers of Artemis.

Ephesus was a city full of witch craft and magic, as well as all the ritual attendant at a great pagan goddesses’ temple.  The goddess was Artemis and we need to examine the claims her followers made for her to understand why Paul wrote what he did in the letter to the Ephesians.

Artemis and the book of Ephesians

Artemis was the principle deity of Ephesus and the surrounding regions.  Ephesus was where her worship was strongest.  There was a magnificent temple erected there to honour her and a large trade was centered on supplying the need of her worship.  There was also a strong ‘missionary’ movement amongst her followers so that there were many adherents to her cult.  Worship of Artemis formed a part of their daily life, either by seeing it or participating it.

This was what Paul faced when he moved to Ephesus.  This move to Ephesus was a strategic move as it was a important center of worship and trade and any Christians in that city could influence a larger area than just Ephesus. 

His first problem was to show how superior Jesus was to a people whose goddess has similar attributes to Jesus (See Acts 19).  Because of the similarities, enough Christians wavered between the two (Artemis and Jesus) to make it necessary for Paul to write to them and explain how superior Jesus was over Artemis as well as what lifestyle was expected from a follower of Jesus. 

Hence we have the Epistle to the Ephesians - a book illustrating the superiority of Jesus over the devil and his representative (Artemis), Illustrating what Jesus did for us as well as how Christians should live and fight for Him against Satan.  It is a book of spiritual things that have their effect in the natural and should really be read as such. 

I am going to list things about Artemis, which Paul had to deal with in his letter to Ephesus. He did not deal with all of them but with some of them.  As you read Ephesians look for how he answered the claims of the followers of Artemis.  Some of these claims are still around today and the lessons of Ephesians, in regards to the cult of Artemis, are still valid today because the demon behind Artemis are still active.

Beginnings (according to Mythology)

Born out of an adulterous relationship between Zeus and Leto (two Olympian gods).  She had a brother named Apollo who was god of the sun.


Goddess of the moon and the hunt.

Goddess of childbirth and virginity.

Supposed Power (enacted by the demons behind Artemis)

Control over life and death - able to bring new life into the world or to take it away.

Worshipped at Ephesus as supreme in divine power and position governing all things.

Able to resurrect people from the dead.

Goddess of the underworld, controlling demons there and in nature as well as the ungodly in the underworld.

Able to help people with magic spells invoked by magicians as well as apparent miracles (Satan can do the miracles Jesus cam do – see Revelation).

Able to deliver people from any peril involving evil spirits because she controlled them and could stop them working their evil, appearing to do good for people.  (Who would want to be delivered from good spirits!)

Goddess of ‘nourishing’ power - able to empower people (symbolized by her many breasts).

Immortal goddess - the demon behinds her still is around to promote her style of life.

Able to heal you if you got her favour.

She was the great ‘mother goddess’ - the mother of all life

Protector of the young (human and animals), maidenhood and pregnancy.

Attributed to her

Chaste, virgin goddess, some of whose followers also followed chastity, some even castrating themself.  Her followers practiced ritual prostitution and human sacrifice.  (If you killed a pregnant deer - an animal associated with her - you had to sacrifice one of your own children, although this sacrificing rarely appeared to occur.


Known as:

The goddess of the night

The goddess of fruitfulness

The huntress

The lady of the beasts

The woodland goddess

The bull goddess (Baal)

The personification of the moon

The eternal virgin

Protector of all who give life

Goddess of hunting and childbirth

She did not rise from the dead as Jesus did neither was she morally pure as He was.  He character was changed over the centuries from an angry vengeful goddess to one that was chaste and pure and protected women.  Just as Jesus was pure and chaste and had a special spot in his heart for women because of the way many of them were treated.

To worship her required sacrifice and ritual and to get to their version of heaven meant meeting her requirements (as told by her priests).  We are told in Ephesians that faith and obedience are necessary and we do not have to work to get salvation as it is a free gift of God.

The armour of a Christian was to fight Artemis and all like her.  Paul tells us in Ch 6:1-12 that we are not fighting Artemis but the demons behind her who controlled the temple of Artemis and the priests that served in it.


About Artemis it could be said ‘the woman, she is fickle.’

Archetype of femininity and feminism - men have no part in her life.

Know for her anger revenge and unforgiveness

Killed or threatened all who threatened her.

Vengeful on those that affronted her.

Killed all her follower who broke their vow of chastity - even if raped.

Was involved in lesbian relationships.

Dressed immorally later in her evolvement as a goddess  -  wore hunting dress and not the long flowing tunics of women.

Enjoyed leading the dances of her associates (nymphs, muses and charities).

Legalist - supposedly sent a wild boar to ravage a kingdom where the king forgot to offer a sacrifice to her but remembered all the other gods.

Today, we have the same demons Paul had to face in Ephesus.  Unless our lives show Christianity’s power and teaching as better than that which the world around us offers, the people in the world will not be interested in what we are trying to communicate with let alone our message.

This is where the powerless, current church system fails, with its language and terms (which normally are not understood by the world and) which is thus irrelevant to them.

Unless the church catches the power and teachings of Ephesians, it will not succeed in the Great Commission

As a side note it is to be remembered that Diana and Artemis were the same goddess so to fully look at this contrast one should look at the epistles to the Corinthians where the people who formerly worshipped Diana carried into the church there some of their practices.

1Co 2:4  And my speech and my preaching was not with enticing words of man's wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power: 

1Co 2:5  That your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God. 


The only reason Paul succeeded in proving Jesus was superior to Artemis was by demonstrating the Authority 0f Jesus over the workers (demons) of Artemis otherwise the Ephesians really had no reason to follow Jesus and stop following Artemis.

Things found in Ephesians.

The trinity is found in Ephesians as each are addressed individually in respect of what they have done for us in Jesus.  And as the work of each is mentioned it is by implication contrasted with what the religion of Artemis promoted.  All the way through Paul shows how superior the things of God are compared to those of Artemis.

She was a favourite goddess of the rural populace and was worshipped in different places through out the Roman empire and in different ways according to the local populace’s understanding of whom she was.  So Paul calls for unity in The Spirit to show Jesus is the same everywhere as He was divinely revealed to all wherever they were and was not not just in the imagination of people.

Her domain was earth and its animals so Jesus is shown as being ruler of heaven where the ‘god’s, including Artemis, would supposedly have resided.  Satan is god of this earth so Artemis was not able to be god of anything else.

She was a goddess to be feared and appeased if you wanted to have a good afterlife and this appeasement was done through sacrifice and ritual.  God is shown providing us with salvation and a better afterlife through our faith and obedience in His Love for us.

She was a protector of women.  Paul shows God protects all and does not favour women over men.  He addresses men and women equally in his letter and not just women or men.

The question is begged “What  is the Wisdom of God?  How superior is God’s Wisdom to that of Atemins?

Firstly, it is spiritual Wisdom and not earthly (worldly) wisdom (1 Cor. 1:20,21).

Secondly, it is the knowledge of Jesus and what The Father has done through Him (1 Cor. 1:24, 30).

Thirdly, it can only be revealed by the Holy Spirit, hence the need to be Spirit filled and taught by the Holy Spirit! (Eph. 3:3-5).

Fourthly, It is knowledge of things of the true God revealed to us by Jesus and not according to what the priests of Artemis thought it should be.

Ephesians is about the superiority of Jesus and it details:

What The Father has done through Jesus,

What the Spirit is doing now,

As well as what is expected from those indwelt by the Holy Spirit, who have reaped the benefits of what The Father has done through Jesus!

Gods Love and its Expression in Ephesians

Subject:  God’s Love, how superior it is to what (Artemis) Satan offers and how it is to be worked out in relationships.

Purpose:  To show God’s Loves is superior to what Artemis offered her followers and that Jesus is superior to Artemis because of what He did as a result of this love.

Premise:  God Loves us and desires a relationship with us to express His love toward us, doing so in His Mercy and Grace, freeing us from fear.  Artemis (really the demons behind this figurehead) cannot express love as demons only know how to fear, and thus relate to her followers in fear and legalism.

Comment on this premise:  God Loves us and helps us when we do not deserve it, in His Love Mercy and Grace freeing us from fear.  Demons (Artemis) use people for their purposes and control them through fear, keeping them in bondage.

Conclusion:  We are at war with the demons behind Artemis as we have left their area of control and now must battle demons to stay free.  It is how we express God’s Love as directed by he Holy Ghost that will determine how we succeed in the battle.  It is a result of faith in Jesus and nothing we have done .

Comment:  It is a book that showing the superiority of Christ over Artemis but it shows it through God’s Love expressed towards us because of the attributes of each attributes of each, things such as divinity, raising the dead, healing, childbirth etc cannot be used as these abilities were ascribed to both Jesus and Artemis.

She could also do the miracles Jesus di which is why the only proof of the superiority of Jesus is the Authority He has over her and her demon workers.  Satanists can do the same miracles as Christians which means there is no real difference between them except that Jesus controls Satan and his workings which means He is greater than Satan.

It illustrates how to approach people in the new age, detailing God’s Love and Grace and not the theology as the gods of the new age have basically all the attributes of Jesus but they do not have His love and freedom and that is alone is what sets Jesus apart from them.

You cannot use the moral laws of Christianity as these people follow the laws of their god and you cannot use theology as they have their own.  All you can show is God’s superiority over Artemis and Satan and that God loves them and desires a relationship of Love with them and that Jesus can set them free if they follow Him (which is where deliverance and inner healing and the other demonstrations of The Kingdom of God come into play).

Eph 1:3-14 What God’s Love has done for us

Eph 1:15-23 Paul prays they may see and understand God’ Love for them

Eph 2:1-7 God’s Love removed us from he kingdom of Satan and the control of demons to the protection and blessings of His Kingdom.

Eph 2:8-10 It is a result of Faith in Jesus and His finished work and not anything we can do except believe in Jesus and what He has done.

Eph 2:11-22 The expression of God’s Love to us was done through Jesus and His death on the cross.

Eph 4:1-6:10  How this Love is to be expressed in relationships.

Eph 6:10-19 Love for God will cause us to prepare for war and fight His enemy.

In Conclusion

Study this book well and you will understand how to fight the New Age because you will be able to show how superior Jesus is to the ‘god’s of the New Age.

I will also try and show how Paul illustrates the superiority of The Father and Jesus over Artemis.

Summary of Ephesians

Ch 1 to 3

Details what God’s Love for us has done in Jesus

Our relationship with God

Who Jesus and the Father are

The superiority of Jesus

God’s love for us which is shown by what He has done for us

Ch 4 to 6

Unity in the spirit

New attitudes and objectives for living  and a New frame of mind

Follow The Spirit’s Guidance

Live a pure and not licentious life

Relationships between husband and wife and other family members and people

What they actually battle and how they are protected.

Ch 1-3 show how superior God and what He has planned and done is superior to what Artemis can and has done.  Ch 4-6 shows how to live as a follower of Jesus while showing up all the errors in the lifestyle of the  follower of Artemis.

1:1 , Paul identifies himself as one sent by Jesus, the true God, and not a fickle goddess like Artemis.  He is writing to the Christians in Ephesus who have been faithful to what he taught and who have not held onto Artemis and her similar claims to Jesus but who have trusted fully in Jesus.

1:2 He wishes them Grace and peace from the Father and Jesus, the truce peace that comes from their relationship with the true God, contrasting the uncertain blessing and lack of real peace you have from following a fickle goddess like Artemis.

1:3 Paul praises the Father who has blessed us spiritually and not just physically.  These blessings were given voluntarily by the Father because of our faith in Jesus and what He did unlike the spiritual blessing, Artemis was suppose to be able to give which were earned through appeasing her with service to her, ritual or sacrifice.

Note that it also is every spiritual blessing.

A personal relationship with The Father and Jesus

The Holy Spirit us to Lead and teach as

Eternity with The Father and Jesus in heaven.

These are guaranteed to all who Love and obey Jesus.

The provision of all we need for eternity is a physical blessing as are the rewards we have in heaven for service on earth.

Artemis would guarantee these blessings to her followers and you really did not know whether or not you had them till you died. The demons could not guarantee them as they could but promote them. They could only offer hell, a matter they did not tell their followers who unfortunately only found out when they died.

1:4 The basis for all God did that resulted in these spiritual blessings, was His Love for us. There was no love in Artemis as the demons behind her did not know how to love.

Before the world was created God knew who would respond and drew them to Him. Christ died for all and God desires all men to be saved but only those that respond are chosen. They are chosen to live a life dedicated to Him and to obey Him so that there is nothing they can be blamed for incorrectly doing.

This is in contrast to Artemis, who was born after the foundation of the earth, never chose people to follow her and whose followers indulged in sexual licentiousness, idolatry, magic and witch craft, criminal acts and many unholy other acts unlike the pure blameless lives of the followers of Jesus and the Father.

1:5 It gave The Farther great-pleasure to draw us to His son and adopt us as His own providing the life we needed to live to guide us and prepare us for heaven because of our response and love for He and Jesus, The followers of Artemis were at her mercy and only as they fearfully met her requirements was there a possibility the demons behind Artemis might help them.

The father of Artemis had no interest in her followers unlike h father of Jesus.

1:6 His Grace (loving-kindness, mercy, compassion) will be praised by all who understand it (the spiritual and the physical dimensions) because of the way The Father has accepted us his own as a result of our loving obedience to His Son

The ‘parent ‘of Artemis did nothing for their ‘daughter’s’ followers

1:6 God’s Grace has caused us to be rich in spiritual things and through the death of His Son has redeemed us from the requirements of the Law (the followers of Artemis are still under the law of Artemis) and this has resulted in justification (placing us in an acceptable relationship with God as if we had never sinned.  Artemis never died for her followers for them to be  redeemed and justified as Christians were.

1:8-9 He has in a wonderful way shown His Wisdom and intelligence to us.  He has, for His own satisfaction and pleasure (because of the result it will cause for us) given us understanding of His plans for us.

1:10 At the appropriate time The Father will give Jesus Kingship over all in the universe, spiritually (heaven) and materially (earth)

Artemis kept the knowledge of her deeper things secret, only for the inner circle of priests and adepts and was never going to have control of all things spiritual and physical!

1:11 As adopted sons of The Father we will be a part of this because The Father has prepared the path we need to walk to do what He requires for us to be a part of this. Satan would not allow the demons of Artemis to rule him in that Jesus submited to The Father.

The followers of Artemis had no path to follow as they had to work at pleasing Artemis who could not guarantee their acceptance intro their equivalent of heaven.

1:12  The presence of the apostles (those who trusted Jesus first) will bring Glory and praise to God. It will show His nature of Love and by this He will be given Glory and Praised

1:13 They too will be there because they believed the truths of God, rejecting the lies of the followers of Artemis, believing in Christ and following Him and His requirements of them.  The followers of Artemis do not have God’s spirit but a demonic spirit so they can only show the character of Satan and pretend to have positive characteristics of God.

1.14 The Holy Spirit in us marks as a belonging to Jesus and will do so on earth until all Christ has redeemed have been freed from Satan. In other words until demons like Artemis no longer are able to corrupt the world, when the victory of Christ is complete.  This will show the Greatness of God and how inferior the demons behind Artemis are and will bring praise and Glory to God.

The Holy Spirit is given to show you belong to Christ and will inherit all the promises of those that belong to Christ unlike the followers of Artemis who had no spirit marking them as  hers and had no definite promise of inheriting heaven and the rewards in it.

At the outset of His letter to The Ephesians Paul shows How superior the Father and Jesus are to Artemis and her pantheon of gods she belongs to.

1:15-23 Paul prays for them.  He prays they will understand more of God’s Greatness and power.

The prayer of Paul contrasts with the kind of prayers the priests of Artemis would pray for their people.

Paul prays (without being asked or paid too) for their spiritual growth knowing God will prosper them with the physical things they need. Christians do not need to ask him to pray for these and make an offering to God for this privilege of a priest (we are all priests) interceding for them.  The followers of Artemis would not ask for spiritual things from Artemis but prosperity, safety, whatever they needed on earth:

A Christian does not need to ask God for their needs (matt 6:33) if they are seeking to deepen their relationship with God and the purposes of His Kingdom as God promises to provide their needs.  All that is left to pray for is their spiritual side, which Paul does here in this prayer.

1:15 He has heard of their faith in Jesus and how they express the love of God in their life so now prays for them.

What ones he pray for?

1:16 He continually thanks God for them And continually prays for them that:

1:17 The Holy spirit will reveal more of God to them and their relationship to Him

1:18 They will understand the things of God that The Holy Spirit shows them and that they will understand the rewards (and the hope they have) because they follow Jesus as well as how rich God has blessed them with the inheritance of eternal life continually in the presence of God which all who truly follow Jesus have now and in eternity.

1:19 They will understand the authority of God over all things and realise He can do these things He has promised to do for them and that He has set His heart on fulfilling these promises to them so that His power and authority are directed to fulfilling these promises to you.

1:20 These promises were able to be made because of a what Jesus did and were Crystallised when God raised Jesus from the dead and placed Him in authority over all things spiritual or physical including Artemis.

1:21 Far above Satan and hit demons (Principality power, mightand dominion are levels of demonic authority) So that all demons, including the ones behind Artemis (and the new age) must bow and defer to the authority of Jesus

1:22 All was placed under the authority of Jesus and because of this He is also head of the church and ruler of every thing who has ever lived: human, angelic or demonic.

1:23 He is the ‘Body’ (that which binds all together and makes it cohesive and a unity and which responds to the commands of the head.  He is the fullness (that which completes) that fills (pervades) all things not just The ‘Body’.

All exists in God and is kept by Him in existence.  God made us., keeps us alive and knows all we do as we are in Him and a part of Him.   The fact He does not impose His will on us but gives us free will shows His nature of love.

The followers of Atemis could not pray this prayer Paul confidently prayed and her nature as a goddess was far inferior to the nature of God described by Paul.

2:1-10 What God has done for Them

2:1 He has given them spiritual life removing them from the consequences of their failings (sin). Artemis could not do this.

2:2. Before they followed Jesus they were adherents of Artemis but were realty worshipping and following Satan as was and is any one not worshipping and following Jesus.

2:3 Which was also what Paul had done following: reason, ritual, earth by desires and a demon masquerading as a god.In Pauls case he was following what demons had added to The Law of God so that people followed what they said their god wanted.

2:4-5 Gods’ Merciful Love gave us life through our faith in Jesus.  He Graced us by allowing us this salvation by faith and not treating (punishing us) as He should have.  There was no such mercy with Artemis if you went against her. However with a sufficient sacrifice (payment of money to the priests) they would intercede for You and get you back the access to their idea of heaven.

2:6 We were delivered from the kingdom of Satan to the Kingdom of God whose base is heaven and which far above earth (Satan’s Kingdom).

2:7 That after our death, when we are in heaven and in eternity He can show His Great Love to us because of our  relationship with Jesus (so that He will treat us as adopted son’s).

2:8 It is through God’s Grace (Mercy and Favour we don’t deserve) that allows us by an act of continuing faith in Jesus that we enter into eternal life and all the promises He has given us because of our faith.

2:9 It is nothing we can do so no one on can take any pride in having done any thing to earn in part or whole their salvation.  this was like the followers of Artemis who had to work their way to heaven through pleasing Artemis.

2:10 We are His work, resulting from our faith in what Jesus and through our faith in Him, who he is and what He had done to perform the good things God has ordered that the followers of Jesus perform.  Artemis had no such love to die for her followers Jesus like for us so could not promise her followers anything similar to what God in His Love and Mercy Promised us because of our Love for Jesus.

2:11-22 God has reconciled them to Himself through what Jesus did.

2:11 The Jews considered them unacceptable as the Ephesians did not follow the Law and worshipped idols (Artemis in this instance).

2:12 They were without Jesus, separated from all the promises Israel had for following God’s laws, strangers to a what God offered Isreal, with no hope of relating to God in a way that would save them from eternal death.

2:13 Through what Jesus did at Calvary you are able to approach God through faith and obedience to Him (v8-9)

2:14 Jesus removed the barrier that separated us from being able to relate To God continuously and has given us peace with God so we no longer have the anxiety and stress of being careful not to break The Law in anything we did unlike the followers of Artemis in regard to her laws.

2:15 He removed the law and its effect on us to bring into a new way of relating to God.  One not based on legalistic ritual but on a constant personal relationship with God out of faith in and love for Him, and what Jesus did for us art Calvary to make this new relationship possible.

2:16 Jesys died to reconcile us to God by removing the opposition and problems the Law had against (caused) us.

2:17 He made this offer of reconciliation to all who lived and not, not just the Jews.

2:18 The Holy Spirit is in all of us and it is He who shows we belong to God and teaches us how to approach Him.

The followers of Artemis were not united with her by a common spirit but each had a seperate demon in them, whose task was to keep the person captured to Artemis. She did little for her followers and there was no chance of being reconciled to her as there was no grace or love in her worship, only legalism and fear.

2:19 Now we belong to God’s household as we are ‘adopted sons of God’.

2:20 And have the Teachings and faith of Jesus and the apostles to educate and encourage us (with all the promises these contain) to follow Jesus and grow in this relationship you have with God.

2:21 God has placed each person in a place to form the structure He needs on earth to do His work.  We are the Temple of The Holy Spirit and together with all other Christians form a temple of God on earth through The unification of the Holy Spirit in us.

He has also had us born at the best time for us to be born to do His work.

2:22 We are part of that and should live accordingly.

The followers of Artemis were not unified but sought their own benefit and did not seek the benefit of others usually and together they formed, unknowingly an unholy temple To the demon behind the goddess Artemis.

Paul explains how he went to them preaching in Jesus as God appointed him too.

3:1 Paul explains to them why he came to them preaching Jesus and that preaching Jesus is why he is now in prison.

3:2 They would have heard of how Paul ministered to the gentiles because of the authority and empowerment to do so because of God’s Grace towards Him unlike the priests of Artemis who were born into the priesthood through family connections or worked their way up the priestly ladder but Paul was appointed by God. In a priestly call unlike Artemis you had to prove yourself through what you did then you could be a fully fledged priest. God calls people He knows they will respond, then trains them to be what He desires them to be so that they can serve Him as He needs them too in the body or to the people outside the body (as Paul did to the non-Jews).

3:3 Paul had been called out of the world and taught by the Holy Spirit.  All who really want to serve must go through this time of isolation with Jesus where the Holy Spirit teaches you personally a what God wants you to learn.

3:4 Paul informs them of this so the Ephesians will understand why He knows so much about the mysteries of Jesus which Paul has so freely shared with the them. This attitude of freely sharing God’s ‘mysteries’ contrasts with the followers of Artemis.  Like the New age and all cults there are secrets you must show yourself worthy to be told and which are not shared with those outside the appropriate circle of adherents. God has freely given us all we need to know about Him and His salvation and desires us to know these things.

3:5 These things were hidden from people before Jesus sent the Apostles out to preach those things through the power and guidance of The Holy Spirit.   Why were these things hidden?  Because the Law was the way to have redemption, and until Jesus died they could not be proclaimed as being fulfilled by Jesus!

3:6 The revelation was that non-Jews were to be fellow heirs with the Jews of the knowledge of what God had done for them through Jesus as well as of salvation being by faith and all that resulted from these: eternal life, rewards in heaven, being in the presence of God forever.

3:7 Paul was made a minister.  He was a  servant to God appointed by God to serve Him by proclaiming to the Gentiles what God wanted Him to preach and teach them.

It Was because of God’s Grace he was called to this office of ministering to God and spreading forth the true knowledge of God and what God had done for them.

3:8 Paul refers to his past a where use to have Christians jailed and killed before he met Jesus. This made him declare the wonderful Love and Grace (God’s undeserved mercy and favour) that had caused God to bring him to salvation as relationship with Jesus and then trained Him and sent him out to preach the gospel to all.

In cults, like that of Artemis, you study and when acceptable you are then promoted.  It is all man’s doing unlike God where it is all His Grace and our response to it that determines how he can use us.

Paul preached Jesus and how richly we have been blessed by What God has done through Jesus.

3-9 And to show the relationship that we have as a result of what Jesus has done from us which God made for us (created) and because God made it we can never lose it.  No Such guarantees were made by the fickle Artemis on behalf of her followers.

3:10-13  Paul tells them that the trials he has faced to be able to show these things to them are worth it because of the benefit they have as a result of their faith in Jesus.  The demons know what Jesus has done and that they are defeated at Calvary, The demons behind Artemis also knows this.

3.10 one of the purposes of the body of Christ is to show the demons the all embracing wisdom of God that has dealt with every part of what He needed for Jesus to achieve what He desired Him too, one part being His relationship with the True Church and each person in the True Church.  In this knowledge is also the knowledge that demons were forever defeated at Calvary and as the Ephesians take a stand against the demons the demons will lose the battle and must leave.

There is not much written about spiritual Warfare or deliverance because it was such a common practice among Christians they did not need instruction about it and in the New Testament there is no instruction about deliverance as none was needed to be given.

3:11 These purpose are eternal so always existed, are here now and exist for all eternity unlike the fickle purposes of the demons behind Artemis and the new age.

3:12 Because of these eternal purposes of God we Can fearlessly approach God’s throne (presence) knowing we will not be rejected because of our faith in what Jesus did for us.

3:13 He tells them not to become upset over what has happened to Him (in prison facing possible death) as he was glad to have served them in their turning Jesus and what Jesus had done for them and that their response to and concern for him brings them praise from God and others Christians.

3:14-19 Paul prays for them again in a way the priests of Artemis could not.

3.14 He worships the Father through his prayer to Him, showing The Father is worthy to be prayed to unlike Artemis.

3:15 We belong to the family of The Father which is why we are a brother to Jesus spiritually being a ‘son’ of the Father by adoption unlike Jesus who is a son by birth and the true heir of the Father.

3:16 Paul asks the Father to do something that will bring praise and Glory, that he would give the ability to the Ephesians to respond to The spirit so that His Power would Work on and through them so that their faith would Be strengthened even more.

3:17 That Christ would not be just head knowledge to them but that He would live in them through their faith (strengthened by The Spirit) so that their life would be based on an altitude of love being behind all they did!  Remember that God looks at our attitudes as we do things and not our results.  If He judges us on our successes as Christians very few, if any, would enter heaven.

3:18-19 that they would understand God’s love as well as the Love of Jesus towards them. (God=The Father). They would not understand God’s love Completely as there is just so much of it but that they would be completed as a person to thee degree they let God work in them.

3:20-21 A  short doxology is given here by Paul to mark the end off the first part in which Hits he shos how superior God and Jesus are to Artemis as well as what The Father has done for them through Jesus.

3:20 God can do more than we realise and will if we trust Him. Paul leaves them in the hands of Gord and tells them To trust Him in all things.

3:21 To the Father are Praise and Glory because of what He has done through Jesus for the people who obediently follow Him out of Love for He and Jesus. This glory will last as long as the True Church (The True Body) lasts which is forever.

4:1 to 6:24 In this second half of the letter Paul teaches on things to correct any wrong practices or attitudes the believers in Ephesus brought into the Christian faith with them as well as what they should teach a new convert from Artemis.

Paul has shown how superior The Father and Jesus are to Artemis and the Pantheon of gods she is a part of as well as what The Father and Jesus have done for them that Artemis And her demons could not do and now shows how we should live so that the Love of God flows to us and through us, the same Love that drove the Father and Jesus to do all they could to reconcile us to Them. This pure love for the Father, Jesus and other humans will mark as different to the world as it will contrast to the lifestyle of the pagans around us and will either draw men to Jesus or cause them to reject Him.

Remember that one of the comments about the early church was  ‘’Oh how they Love!’

Unfortunately this cannot be said about the church today in the western world. (or at least a large percentage of them!)

4:1-6 Put shows us how we should live to be worthy of our calling by God.

4:7:12 He has given us what we need to live as He wants as too, so there is no excuse for not living this way.

4:13-16  Why God has given us the five-fold ministries

4:17-21 We are not to live like the Gentiles and pagans

4:21-5.21 The new attitudes we should have in our Christian life

5:22- 6: 9 Relationships

Husband and wife 5.22-5:33                   

Parents and Children 6:1-4

Masters and servants 6.:5-9

6.10-12 Our true enemy and how to defeat him

6:13-18 How to protect yourself as you attack Satan.

6:19»21  Paul asks therm to pray for him

6.21-22 He will send Tychicus to update news about him

6:32-24 The Blessing

4:1 Paul is a prisoner as a result of following Jesus and doing what Jesus called him to do and he implores them to live as Jesus has called them to live to show they are worthy of their call to follow Jesus and serve Him.  There is no recorded instance I know of where the followers of Artemis were ever jailed and/or sentenced to death for evangelizing her cult.

4: 2 They are to live showing God’s Love and its fruit in their relationships with others.   Paul specifically meekness and humility: The attitudes necessary to serve others where you place their needs before your own. The emphasis as on their needs and not things they should be doing themselves   

Humility: Realizing you are what you are because of God’s Grace and you are not ‘superior to others. This allows you to relate as an equal and serve others in meekness as they are not inferior to you.

Longsuffering: Patience on trials, trusting God for the result and through being moulded into what God desires you to be.

4: 3 The peace Paul talks about is the peace we have because we are reconciled to God. The bond of peace is the relationship we have with each other as a result of that relationship with God. We are given, the Holy spirit to guide us and as He is in all of us we are united by this one Holy Spirit.  The followers of Artemis were not so united being guided by and under the control and the whims of the demons behind Artemis which were in each of her adherents.

So Paul states that Christians should live in unity and peace with each other, guided by The Holy Spirit. The fact there are Christians at war with each other, denominations and schisms indicate many who call themselves Christian but do not promote true peace and unity in The Spirit may probably not be Christians.

Jesus requires you to love your fellow Christians (not just recognize they exist) and to live in the bond union) of peace with them, serving each other in meekness and in humility relating to each other,  patiently waiting for God to remove barriers they have put up against you.  If you are not doing this then Jesus is not your lord and because of this He is not your Saviour (Jn17: 3).

4:4 There is one faith.  To add or subtract from its requirements for salvation shows you do not have it.  There is one Body. To say another church has errors is to say it does not belong to the Body.  (One of you is wrong) To impose denominational rules on the spiritual aspect of a Church shows you no longer are part of the Body. To reject The Holy Spirit being a personal God, is to reject His inspiration in Christian affairs.  To say you can ‘bring Him’ down or are able grant gifts or the anointing of the Holy Spirit or to modify belief in Him in any way shows you do not belong to God and The Body!

There is only one body and to modify a requirement to belong to it in any way removes you from it and places you in another body.

One Faith.  Salvation by faith in Jesus.  To add or to subtract from the requirements of salvation no longer makes it saving faith.

There is also only one way to express this faith.  In love as guided by the Holy Spirit.  To persist in expressing it in any other way or to withhold its expression removes you from the body.

Note that repentance restores you to the body.  You repent of what you are wilfully doing wrongs and you will be restored!

To be excluded from the body you must knowingly do something to do this.  Doing one of these acts because you do not know it is wrong does not exclude you from the body until you are shown the truth of the situation and do not reject doing the wrong thing.

One Baptism.  In those days baptism was act of identification with the cult or religion you wanted to be identified with.   It was a ritual cleansing of the old life as you prepared to follow the new path with God with its new beliefs and attitudes (v22-24).  You cannot be baptized to follow Jesus and your former life.  It is baptism to follow Jesus only or you do not belong to His Body.

4:6 There is only one God who is Father of all who has authority over all who is in all you maintaining you spiritually as well as physically.  He also sustains the ungodly people and the spiritual beings both good arid evil.   His love for all keeps Him doing that.

Paul is not saying that Jesus and The Holy Spirit are not God but that one of the persons is the Father.   Elsewhere Paul writes how Jesus is God and has had authority over all things given to Him by The Farther.  The Bible also states The Holy Spirit is God.  Do not try and understand this Trinity as our finite minds cannot understand an infinite God!

4:7 God gives us what we can accept from Him according to our faith in Jesus and what we believe He has done and can and will do, will determine how He can use us and bless us.  According to our belief in The Holy Spirit will be His ability to teach, guide and empower us.

He gives us all we need to serve Him and do His Will for Him and according to our degree of our faith in Jesus we will serve Him.

4:8-10 Jesus, when He ascended to His position as ruler of all including the demons behind Artemis, took the demons captive that formerly held the Ephesians captive.  They are His prisoners so now must do what Jesus says they have to as well as what His followers say they must do when they command it in Jesus Name in accordance with His Will.

The Father also gave gifts to men.  The gifts were: redemption, justification, righteousness, salvation, citizenship in heaven (with all its responsibilities and benefits).  the word ‘Gifts’ cannot refer to spiritual gifts as these come from the Father and Jesus directs where they are to go and The Holy Spirit distributes them on behalf of The Father.  These gifts are distributed by Jesus The Holy Spirit actually placing them in us.

It is to be remembered that every good and perfect gift comes from The Father.

Artemis could not give these gifts and had no desire or ability to give this type of salvation relatioinship to people.

4:9-10 The authority of Jesus w as shown by the fact He was able to visit hell, leave unimpeded then go to His Throne in heaven.  Artemis could not do this.  She had done nothing to earn a throne in heaven but there was probably one for her in hell as the demon behind her may even have been a prince of a nation.

4:11-16  What is mentioned here are the so called fivefold ministries that God gave to the body (the  whole church) and not just to a local gathering of believers. They are given to help mature the body and not to run the administrative side of churches. If they do so or get caught up in church buildings, the property or business side of a church they are outside their calling which is a spiritual one of helping people reach their spiritual maturity in Jesus.

4:11 These five ministries are the only ones listed.  Man may make what they want in the way of ministry classifications: deliverance minister, worship minister, prayer minister but God has not made them in the New Testament.  Note that they are gifts from God and not self-appointed or appointed by denominations or churches.  You can be trained in these five disciplines but unless God calls you and anoints you the particular ministry you you are doing then you will be either a poor copy or a carnal copy. You will never demonstrate that ministry in your life the way it should be evidenced and will usually be missing the real calling you have in which you would have blossomed in under God’s blessing.

Satan prevents so much ministry occurring by having people chase the more glamorous ministries and ignoring the one they were called too in which God would have prospered and blessed them in, so they chase glamorous ministry (prophet, apostle) and are always frustrated because they never reach their potential in their chosen ministry and never really seem to do any Thing of value for God.

4:12 The people of the five-fold ministries are anointed and appontied to Minister to the body for three reasons and they are used by God to:

Mature the followers of Jesus

Ministering to Jesus then to others as He directs

The building up of the Body of Jesus

4:13 These ministries are designed by Jesus to:

Guide people to a unified faith

With all having a correct knowledge of God and what He requires them to do

Till the people in the body are mature

So they reach their potential abilities because of Jesus  (The Holy Spirit’s ministry in them on behalf of Jesus).

Note that there is no deliverance ministry listed as all Christians are supposed to  be able to do it because it is so simple to do it the way Jesus said it was to be done which is not the way Satan rained the church to do it at the moment.  He said that in His Name we would cast out demons which is the essence of the deliverance ministry.

Any of the fivefold ministry not doing the above have either not be called to that office of have rejected the Guidance of The Holy Spirit, are out of their calling and will not be effective in the way Jesus desires them to be.

4:14 The purpose of these ministries is to have the followers of Jesus who know their position in Jesus, know what they should believe as well as how to spot error and heresy so they will reject it and no longer chase that which is wrong which will distract them from what Jesus desires them to do.

This contrasts with Artemis who had no desire to do these things for her followers and had not even prepared anything like this for them.  She kept them established and ignorant, always trying to please her so she could control them through her priests who retained the secrets of the cult of Artemis and were her interpreters if the will and requirements of Artemis.

4.15-16 For you to mature and the Body to reach its potential then you need to speak truth:  The truths of who Jesus is, what He has done for all, The truths of His teachings, and whatever you speak also about other things needs to be true and all of this is to be done in love, the same qualityLove Jesus has for you.

In all that happens Jesus must be our focus. His plans our plans, His purposes our purposes, His Will our will. We are to be so in unity with The Holy Spirit that when we speak  it is with His words, When we think it is with His thoughts.  When we act or minister it is as If He is ministering we are in such unity with Him.

As every part of the body helps each other out of love for them and develop their abilities and play their God-given part reaching their potential in Jesus then every part of the body will be built up to what Jesus desires it to be and will effectively do what Jesus desires it to do for Him.

4:17-20 If they love  and follow Jesus they  will tell others about Him and what He has done for them and can also do for others.

4:17  They are to tell the unsaved that they no longer need to rely on their own reasoning to please idols like Artemis but that Jesus has done all they need to do for them to receive eternal life and be freed from the lifestyle they had as a follower of Artemis.

4:18 They did not know the truths required for salvation and could not see them and were cut off from the salvation God offered them in Jesus.

4:19 Those who willingly follow evil and immoral ways and desire strongly (greedily) all the wrong things that are done that gives them sensual pleasure can no long feel spiritual things, of a Godly kind (love mercy, longsuffering) and now love the only things they feel and understand - sensual things of the flesh. This is how the priests and followers of Artemis lived.

4:20 They Ephesians no longer did these things and so need to testify showing how Jesus had helped them to live as they should through what He did at Calvary as well as the salvation they have through their active faith.

4:21-24  If they really have been taught by the Holy spirit about Jesus and His truths They will have new attitudes and purposes which will contrasts with the old lifestyle and all the lies and untruths they were taught about how to relate to God and others.  Their mind will be renewed back to what it was before Satan (Artemis) and his world system corrupted it. They will have a new mind (2 Tim 1:7) that will be guided by The Holy Spirit and not by  reasonings and fear, (as it was before they followed Jesus) and it will be dedicated to doing the Will of Jesus and worshipping Him.

Paul now list the attitudes of the work which carnally minded men have and which followers of Jesus should not have.  These are contrary to the life of the followers of Artemis.

4.25 we are not to lie to anyone (see v 15-17).  Because you are one with the body when you hurt a fellow Christian you hurt the Body of which you are a part, so in a sense you are also not only hurting Jesus (Mat 25:40)) but also yourself every time.  This happens every time you do something wrong to another Christian.

4:26 If you walk in love you never are angry.  Anger is a result of fear (anger as a defence mechanism), self-righteousness and/or  unforgiveness and are signs of God’s Love not being in you towards the person you are angry at.

4:27 we have been rescued from the kingdom of the devil so should not allow any thing belonging to him or his kingdom to influence us.

4: 28 Do not use the methods of Satan that rob other people but be honest all you do and you will not have be concerned about hiding from people how you get the money from your living but will be able to openly give to others as God wants you too as well as Glorify Him through the way you earn your living..

4:29 Do not let destructive speech of any kind be said by you but speak Godly things that will build up others in their Christian walk.   It takes effort to not say what you want too and is a sign of maturity, graciousness and love to the hearer (just as God shows these to us) verifying that you are truly a follower of Jesus.

4:30 Do not drive the Holy Spirit away so that He no longer marks you as belonging to Jesus so that you lose your salvation,. You do this by rejecting Him and eventually not wanting  Him because your life style shows you no longer want to belong to Jesus.

4:31 You should never have an attitude that is wrong or express this attitude in what you say.  If you love as Jesus Loves you will not have this problem.

4:32 show love to each other; exhibiting the fruit of The Spirit and the forgiveness to others that God has given to you.

5: 1 Follow the example of God’s Love to your as expressed in the way He treats you as well as what was done fore you through Jesus.

5:2 And walk in this type/quality of love that Jesus showed to us through voluntarily giving up everything, dying on the cross and offering himself in place of the Temple sin offering’ that God accepted without the need for incense too be offered with it because the Love of Jesus expressed in His offering Himself was so beautiful in the eyes of The Father.

5:3-6 Paul now list the acts the followers of Artemis do that he has warned them not to do.  All are sourced in lust and selfishness (as is all sin).   People who live this type of lifestyle will not be accepted in Heaven.  The people who live this lifestyle are idolaters, speaking truthless words that damage and corrupt and which lead to punishment and destruction as a result of God’s anger at them.

5:7 Paul warns The Ephesians not to get involved with these people who follow Artemis.

5:8 He reminds them that they too were separated from God and had the attitudes of those who did not know Jesus as Saviour but now they have the truth and no longer live in spiritual darkness.

5:9 The fruit of the Spirit results in all that is good and take all that is true being expressed in the life of the Holy Spirit led Christian.

5:10  By your life showing a what is acceptable Jesus to by our lifestyle

5:12 It is wrong and even embarrassing to speak about what evil people do in secret.

5:13 Evil is shown to be evil by its truths when they are compared to (the truths of Jesus and The Bible) and if Christians do not pursue truth evil will grow which is what has happened in Western society.

5:14 People who do not know Jesus are spiritually dead (asleep to The Holy Spirit) but if they turn to Jesus He will give them spiritual life (they will awaken and become sensitive to the guidance of The Holy Spirit).

5:15 Paul advises them to walk carefully examining everything to see if it is from God or Satan.  This means you need to know the differences between what each asks you to do.

Do not enter into any close relationships with people who do not follow God: close friendships, business, marriage etc., but show them in a loving way their errors of belief from The Bible and’ what Christ has done for them.

5:16 Make good use of your time as the world system is controlled by Satan tries to have you to misuse your time through incorrect activities, which may not be wrong in themselves and appear Godly but are not what God desires you to be doing at that time.

5:17 In everything seek the Will of God so you will be where He wants you to be (Matt 6:33)

5:18  Don not fill yourself with the things of the world (the Roman economy was based on wine) but be filled with the things of God as advised to  you by The Holy Spirit.

5:19-20 ‘Self-talk’ is an expression of your thoughts and these should be focussed on being Thankful to Jesus, Joyfully praising Jesus in your heart for what He has done for you.  It is taking your focus off circumstances onto Jesus who controls all and is in His love allowing circumstances to mould and mature you more into His image.  So we should focus on thanking The Father and Jesus for what they have done for us.

5.21 As Jesus and The Father have done all necessary for salvation and performing our life in a way that will mature us and mould us to their image and prepare us for heaven, no one can have pride in what they have done as they have just fulfilled what Jesus asked them to do and prepared it for them to be able to do.. You can though, have the pleasure and satisfaction of being a faithful servant.

Accordingly we can not say we are superior to another.

Love also serves others in their needs so we should submit to the need of others out of love for them and the desire to serve them in their need.  But you must never do for another what God desires them to do.

You cannot serve in love if you do not submit yourself to the need of another so you can serve them in it.

5.22-33 Paul has just told us that Jesus is our spiritual head.  All are to submit to Him and reflect this headship in our lifestyle.  He has just finished the previous section s second by telling us to submit to each other out of respect and love for Jesus and each other.

Remember that submission is not subservience but placing yourself at the need of another and serving them out of Love for them with the same quality of Love Jesus has towards you.

5:23 For the sake of order someone has to lead and in a marriage it is the husband. Husband and wife have different God-given abilities and temperaments for the different roles they have in marriage.  This is why it takes two people in harmony (male and female) to make a marriage as God desires it to be.

Headship is not spiritual but domestic as is shown in 1 Pet 3:1-6 where a Christian women whose head is Jesus is asked to submit to a non-Christian husband whose head is Satan so it cannot be spiritual submission but domestic submission.

Paul says to a wife. ‘’Out of your obedience to Jesus as your spiritual authority serve the needs of your husband with the love of God that He desires you to express in all you do.  The only way a wife can serve her husband is physically so her submission is to do with the physical (domestic side of marriage. (see the witness to this in 1 Pet 3:1-6).  Note that the husband is to serve his wife’s physical needs out of lore for her (v33).

If she is obeying Jesus then He is still her head spiritually but she is submitting domestically to the husband whom God has made her steward to protect and meet her needs as well as the needs of the family.

v23 Paul reminds them Christ is the head of the church (spiritual) and that the husband cannot be that as the wife is primarily part of the church serving him in physical/domestic obedience as she has been commanded to by Jesus.   The husband’s domestic responsibility is for the physical, emotional and mental needs of the wife and does not in include the spiritual as the Holy Spirit is in charge of developing the spiritual side of a wife and may use the husband at times to help in this.

5:24-25 The assumption behind this verse is ‘that the husband is living as Jesus (His spiritual head) has asked him to so all the husband does is based on love for his wife as guided by The Holy Spirit. Because of this relationship he has with God he will only ask things that will be beneficial for the marriage and the house hold, so she is to obey what He asks her to do if it does not contravene the Laws of God and does not abuse her.

If a husband does not love her as Christ does there is a promise in (1Pet 3:1-6 for the wife) who still loves her husband as Christ Loves them, respects her husband and submits as best she can to his domestic headship.

A wife should never have to compromise her relationship with Jesus and the Father, her faith or her dignity and will not if be asked too if her husband truly loves her.

5: 26-27 The husband is to help his wife to grow in her relationship with Jesus and not hinder this in any way, so that she will be purified and delivered from all the past hurts and problems she has and will not be tempted with any thing of the world so that she can stand pure before Jesus and worship Him by her life.  If a husband truly loves his wife he will do nothing to harm her and she will obey because him she knows he is only doing what is best for her.

The first sin occurred because Adam was not a good steward of his wife and allowed her to be in a place Satan could tempt her.

Remember that these women, as part of their offering to Artemis, would have prostituted themself in the Temple and probably done so more than once, so they needed support form the husband as well as deliverance to be the Christian woman they and God wanted them to be if they were sufficiently fortunate to have a good husband who accepted their Christianity.

5:28 The husband is to treat his wife and her needs as he treats himself and not as an inferior or servant.   If he does treat her like this how can he obey Jesus and submit to him in love.

5:29 He is to follow the example of Jesus and meet her needs whether she appreciates it or not and whether she loves him or not.  He can only meet her needs to the degree she allows him too, He is to try and meet her needs, even if she does not know he has met them for her.  The love of God does not do things for recognition but out of love for their benefit, the same love Jesus has for them.

5:30 As husband and wife are both Christians what they do affects the Body. The body is the witness of Jesus in the world and if they do not live as they should and do not have His order in the marriage their example may influence other Christians and lead them astray as well as bring Jesus and His Teachings into disrepute.

5:31 The husband and wife as a unit are to be separate in headship from their parents. The parents in longer have headship over a married couple and so now can only suggest what the couple does and can no longer enforce obedience.

Remember people in these days got married young.  It was common for teenagers to be married.  As people are getting older before they marry, does a parent have headship over a person who is legally an adult and living with them. It appears, that if they are the home they are to respect their parents and if they do not want to be under the domestic headship of the parents then they should move out.

Their should be no disagreements or arguments in a Christian marriage.  If there is a problem they cannot resolve then they are to ask The Holy Spirit what Jesus desires them to do in that situation and do it regardless of the cost.

5:32 The Great mystery:  Something important, hidden but now revealed in the example of Christ and the Church and can only be revealed now because of the new standard of relationship Christ has revealed as ex amplified by the way the church is able to relate to Him

5:33 Paul summarizes this section with the standard God requires in a marriage: Husbands love your wives as Christ loved them and wives respect your husbands because God has asked you to serve them out of your love for Him.

6:1 Spiritual children of parents, those who God has placed over them to help them grow and mature as He desires them too, should obey them in spiritual things submitting to their spiritual parents out of love for them.

6:2-3 Physical Children of parents should respect and obey them, If they do so they will learn, from their Christian parents how to live as God wants them too and He will prosper them with long life as well as their necessities to live this long life.

This submission is necessary while the parents are stewards of the children but once the children become adults this stewardship ends with the need for submission.  However, the children are to respect the adults at any age they are at.

Note that spiritual children can be any age while physical children were adults at an early age and could leave their parents becoming spiritual children of another.

6:4 Fathers, having domestic headship over their children are not to mistreat therm or stir them up to wrong emotions or misunderstanding of God’s Love (as expressed by the parents to them).  Children are to be raised in the Love of God as if He Himself was there raising them.

6:5-6 Servants must remember they serve God in all they do and where they are working is where God has allowed or placed them to work. To work in an improper or careless way is a sin (primarily against Jesus and then the employer) and is a bad example of a Christian to their employer.  Don not just do what you have to do in a legalistic way to satisfy the employer or other people. Do it to please God as a good steward of what the employer has trusted you with.

6:7 Serving God in a correct attitude is not an imposition.  You may have trouble loving your employer but you should respect them and care for the things he has trusted you with so that he can see Christians are different to others.

6:8 If you please man you will receive a reward from man but if you please God you will receive an eternal reward in heaven.

6:9 Masters are to respect their employees as they too serve God with what they do with what they have been given to be steward of.  They should not show favouritism but reward each person according to their labour then God will give them an eternal reward in heaven.

Paul has just told them how they are to relate to God (In obedience and thankfulness) and how this is to be expressed in our life through love to all being the attitude we should have  in all we do.  This covers relationships but he focuses on a few: marriage, parent/child ,Master/Servant because these three relationships are the usually daily relationships we have.

Master (servant’ refers to where there is a legal relationship: Employer/Employee, teacher/student, Government laws/citizen and master/slave (which we do not officially have in the Western World).

6:10-12 Paul reminds them it is only the strength and Power of Jesus that we can defeat Satan and maintain the correct attitudes for these relationships.  Our strength should be from our faith in the Authority of Jesus over Satan and the rulership He has over all things to enforce that authority.  Remember that the only thing that shows Jesus is greater than Satan is His authority over Satan.

We have to have God’s armour to face Satan.  As it is a spiritual battle the armour is spiritual being based on our faith in Jesus, the salvation gifts He has given us and our attitude to His truths.  God and Satan look at out attitudes which is a result of what we believe in and the degree to which we believe in it to see if we have he faith to command or do what we are doing.

We do not battle visible enemies but the demons behind idols like Artemis or who freely wander the world seeking out people to deceive, then control and finally corrupt them to their damnation in hell.

Unless we are in a proper relationship to Jesus with a correct understanding of the spiritual truths and principles involved in daily life (our battle with Satan) we will not live a victorious Christian life.

The problem with Cessationism and the removal of Mark 16 :9-21 is that we have no weapons to fight these demons.  They were originally in the codices that are behind modern bibles but were removed from them by the same person before they were used to translate the Greek used modern bible.

There is a greater problem in that these codices arfe proven to be fakes but there is too much money in bibles for that to be released.

6:13 All the armour must be in place to be fully protected.  There is no armour on the back of a soldier of God. They should never have to run from Satan as he is a defeated foe.  The moment you turn your back and run you are killed (overcome) and it is only as you face them again do you have an chance of life again.

If we have the full armour we can withstand whatever the enemy throws at us.  It is all about Jesus being the Lord of our life so He can protect it as well as the attitudes we have towards the temptations attacking us.

6:14 The basis of fighting Satan is to have God’s truth in your heart and mind so you can know Satan’s lies and half-truths.

We need to be in a correct relationship with God (a citizen of His Kingdom) so we have the delegated authority to act on His behalf as well as being under His protection.

6:15 You must know personally the Gospel (or you do not belong to Him) as well as understand it so you can tell others about Jesus and what he has done for them and help rescue them from the kingdom of Satan and become reconciled to God and a citizen of His Kingdom.

6:16 Complete faith in God, His Love, His purpose, Plans and salvation is necessary to fight the doubts and temptations Satan will bombard you with.

One of the things we need to have faith in is that God will never let the battle (temptation) be more than we can handle (1 Cor 10:3).

6:17 We must take the Bible and its truths as our weapon, and our salvation our covering which binds all the parts of the armour  together.

6:18 We must consistently ask The Holy Spirit what to do.  The adopted ‘sons of God’ are led by The Holy Spirit so should have one spiritual ear always open to Him and if they are not sure what to do then they ask Him.

6:19-22 A personal note from Paul

6:19  Paul asks them to pray for Him, that he will not be afraid to preach Jesus to the Roman authorities who have imprisoned him and will probably kill him.

6: 20 He has been called tor proclaim Christ to the Gentiles (which includes these Romans who may kill him) and also asks for prayer that He will proclaim Jesus to them in the way God wants him too and not be fearful.

6:21-22 Paul sends Tychicus to tell them of his situation at the moment.  Tychicus will update them on a what is happening to Paul. Tychicus also wrote the letter to the Ephesians (v24) while he was with Paul in Rome so has first hand knowledge of Paul’s situation.

The followers of Artemis could not ask someone 1000 miles away to pray for them as demons are territorial and could not help anyone outside their territory.

6:23 Paul wishes God’s Peace and Love to the brethren in Ephesus because of their love for The Father and Jesus.

6:24 He also wishes God’s Grace (merciful love and unmerited provision both spiritual and physical) be with all who Love The Lord Jesus.


Paul, having shown how superior Jesus and what He and The Fathers offers  as well how Christians are to behave to each other, finishes with his situation, highlighting the fact that it is costly to follow Jesus but the rewards are worth it.

Artemis, New Ages Satanism, witchcraft, all have similar ways of doing things as demons are behind them. 

How does Paul show Jesus is Superior to these?

Jesus is Eternal and was never created or born of gods and goddesses

His rewards are eternal and guaranteed to occur

His Salvation is not because any thing you do except faith and obedience... No ritual or earthly Sacrifice is required to follow Jesus unlike the followers of Artemis had to do/

There is no mystery about His teachings and what He offers you.  It is all there for you to understand if you want too.

All Jesus does for you and to you is based on love for you unlike the demons behind the New age,  Artemis, Satanism and Witchcraft.  

It is all done through God’s Grace because of His Love for us.

He desires an intimate relationship of love unlike demons who  do not understand how to love.

May God show these truths to those caught up in the demonic web of the new age or other devices of Satan.


Introduction to Colossians

Colossae was a minor city east of Ephesus. The church there was founded by a person called Epaphras who had come from Ephesus to Colossae and spread Christianity there.

Previous To this (by a century or two) the missionaries of Artemis would have visited there and taught the cult of Artemis to them.

The letter to Ephesus (on counteracting the cult of Artemis) and how to counteract its influence on people who became Christians would have been read to the Colossians and Paul did not need to repeat the content of the letter to the Ephesians and so gave the Colossians a summary of the salient points in his letter to the Ephesians and added more as he was led to by The Holy Spirit: Colossians 1:15-17, 2: 13-15, 3:1-3, are passages adding to the teachings in Ephesians.

Another reason for not repeating what he said in Ephesians in the letter to Colossae was because the letter to Colossae would also be read to the Ephesians.

Colossians and Ephesians really need to be studied together because of this and not separately where the unity of the message, spread across two books, may be lost.

What is the message? The superiority of The Father and Jesus over the demons of other religions and cults both as God and what they have done for us; their Love expressed through Jesus resulting in Jesus now ruling all the universes including the demons in Artemis, The salvation they give us so freely in comparison to what other cults and religions offer.

Rough Structure of Colossians

1:1–2 Formal Greeting

1:3–4 Paul thanks God for them and prays for them

1:3–8 Paul has heard of their faith

1:9–11 What he prays for them

1:12–14 Why Paul thanks God for them

1:15–22 The Pre-eminence of Jesus

1:23 They need to be faithful to the call of Jesus

1:24–2:5 Paul’s commission to reveal the mysteries of God to the gentiles (which includes them)

2:6–9 Walk worthy of your calling

2:10-15 What Jesus has done and is doing for them

2:16–23 Warnings about listening to others and not The Holy Spirit

3:1–4:1 warnings about attitudes to Jesus and others

4:2–4 Paul ask prayers for him to witness to Jesus in the prison he is in

4:5–6 The attitudes Paul has in prison

4:7–18 Personal matters.

Colossians written to add a few more topics to show how superior Jesus was to Artemis (the demons behind the idol and in a sense) are the final nails in the coffin of the inferior offerings of Artemis to people.

But first he has to introduce himself to show he is qualified to write what he is about to write.  This was necessary for two reasons:

To show he is the same person as the writer of thee letter to the Ephesians

Also that he is writing out of Christian love and concern for them and there faith in Jesus.

1:1–2 Traditional formal opening

who the writer is

Who it is addressed to

A blessing on them

1:1 Paul identifies himself as an apostle, one sent out to further the Kingdom of God.  He was called and commissioned by God to do this. He also introduces Timothy to them as being a co-worker with him.

1: 2 Written to the faithful followers of Jesus who have set themselves apart from the world to follow Jesus.

Why does Paul wish them Grace and peace when they already have it.  Possibly if was a universal introduction to identify Christians whereas non-Christians would have a pagan idol as the source of the blessing.   Christians would have The Father and Jesus and the Grace and peace of God and wished more of it on the recipients so that it was not a normal, formal, hollow blessing as usually occurred in the letters of these days.

1:3-14 Paul begins the letter proper by telling how he has heard of their faith, rejoices over it, thanking God for it and prays they will understand their faith.

1:3-8 The reasons Paul thanks God for them is:

The love they have for fellow Christians which shows the presence of The Holy Spirit in them.

They believe in the Gospel of Jesus and of The Kingdom, and the hope (rewards) they will have as a result of this belief.

Their life shows the fruit of The Holy Spirit for all to see, and not just Christians

God’s Grace is upon them because they believed His truths.

Their love in the Spirit is witnessed by Epaphras (a friend To Paul)

So Paul thanks God for them as they evidence the Holy Spirit in their life and are worthy of their calling by The Father.

1:9-12 what Paul prays for them.

Paul has heard the Kingdom has been extended and now includes people in Colossae and rejoices because new people have heard of his beloved Jesus and wholeheartedly responded to Jesus!  So he prays for them things that will help them continue in this walk of faith they are in.  So what did he pray?

They will understand the truths of God that He wants to teach them, and grow in their kn owledge of God (in other words grown more intimately  with Him so He can reveal more of Himself to them.

They would continue to please God by the way they lived, strengthened to do this because of their increasing intimacy and knowledge of God.

The word ‘know’ in regards to a person has two meanings

To have knowledge about a person

To know a person intimately.

The latter is the only way a Christian should know God otherwise they only have the same type of know ledge demons have about God.

They will feel the Power (authority) of God in their life (over the works of darkness) and will endure to the end of the trials they encounter, strengthened and encouraged by the way God has worked in their life.

The information Jesus has told someone is that 100% of Christians know of Him as does 100% of demons but that only 20% have a personal relationship with Him so that only 20% of Christians will go up in the rapture.

1:13-14 Why Paul thanks God.

Note that the Father is thanked but Paul also shows what Jesus did for for us because of His  Love for the Father.

1:13 Because of what Jesus did at Calvary the Father delivered us from the control of Satan because of the change in our relationship from being alienated to being justified by the redemption Jesus achieved for us at Calvary. This, of course is only for those that behave in Jesus as Lord and Saviour and work at the salvation relationship they have with Him..  All are redeemed at Calvary but only those who call Jesus Lord and have a personal, intimate relationship with Him as Saviour and are delivered from Satan’s Kingdom to that of Jesus because of the change of relationship that has occurred.

1:14 The Lord Jesus is God.  He is infinite and eternal so the Redemption He obtained for us is infinite and eternal covering all who have lived, are alive now or will live in the days to come. This redemption meant that the requirements to meet the penalty for our sins was completely met by Jesus!

We no longer need to ask for forgiveness of sin as the Farther gave it freely in Jesus, but it only applies if you accept what Jesus did this at Calvary and follow Him as your Lord and Saviour  What you do need to do is repent (turn from anything that stops Jesus being your Lord) and by this maintain your salvation relationship with Jesus.

The followers of Artemis did not have this forgiveness of sin or salvation by faith so they had to continually appease the demons behind Artemis instead of being able to rest in the relationship they had with her of legalistic obedience to be accepted.  This work of Jesus is complete and finished for ever require us only to believe in and obey Jesus as our Lord to maintain the relationship with God which will result in the promises of God to us being given to us in heaven.

God does not give us rewards on earth except to help us persevere and minister for Him.  He may prosper us but saves the rewards for heaven where, unlike those on earth which pass away they last forever and beyond.  Man may desire to b e rewarded on earth for his ministry but in doing so loses his rewards in heaven.

1:15-20 The pre-eminence of Jesus over all that is spiritual and physical.  All is u n der his authority and control.

 1:15 «The firstborn of every creature.»

Cain was the firstborn of mankind so it can not be physical birth, In v18 we have the answer. He is the first raised from the dead and all follow after Him so it is spiritual birth which allows God to give us a resurrection body as He has a pattern to follow on which to base it!

As Jesus said to Nicodemus: “you must be born again of the spirit” so you can be born again in heaven with a resurrection body.  Part of the inheritance of those who are ‘sons of God’ is that they are given a resurrection body just as their Jesus, their forerunner and example was.

The mind cannot comprehend that fact that God (Jesus) inhabited a physical body and after death, a resurrection body, which Jesus uses to relate to us on earth and in Heaven.  He is the image (identical to and thus also God) and the resurrection body He has is for our benefit as we cannot see God as He really is so cannot relate To God if Jesus did not appear to us like this.

This is why Jesus needed a physical body on earth (for God to communicate with us directly) and then a resurrection body after death (also for the same reason).

The next problems to do with His creating all things. Genesis Ch1 says God (The three persons in Him) created everything physically.

If you look at the verse closely (Him) Paul refers to fallen angels. So Paul is making the point that the demons that are worshipped are created by the Jesus they are rejecting.

The implication is that Jesus created the angels alone but He is God so even though there are three persons in God and they act as one but one may appear to get the credit for the action.  In reality they all act as one and they choose which person will represent them in the activity and in this case it was Jesus!

Now for the verses

1:15 Having said that Jesus redeemed all and obtained for us the forgiveness of our sins He explains Jesus could  do this because He is God. He is the first raised from the dead.

1:16 the angels they had worshipped instead of Him had been created by Him and so they were worshipping that which had been created and not He who created these angels.

Every one in a cult or religion (like those following Artemis) worship a created being to the exclusion of He who created them, and do not have spiritual life like those who worship Jesus.

1:17 He is in authority over all things including the demons worshipped by cults and religions.  These demons only exist because Jesus keeps all things in existence and maintains them where ever they are.

Jesus maintains: hell, Tartarous, Satan, Demons.  Why does He do this?  He gave the angels life but they chose death.  They could not stay in heaven so He made a place for them to live in until the final judgment is given and they are cast into the lake of fire.

1:18 He is the head of the body, the gathering of believers, who faithfully follow Him.  He is the firstborn from the dead and they follow all Him being raised up from the dead as He satisfied the requirements of God for this & to able to be done to all who truly follow Jesus as Lord and Saviour..

1:19 The Father had satisfaction that in Jesus all should be done that was necessary for His purposes so that all was complete in Him in His obedience to The Father.

By His death or the Cross Jesus made possible for all in heaven and earth to be recounted God, so that they were able to go to heaven through their faithful obedience to God even if they died before Jesus died on the Cross.

The redemption of Jesus justified all who ever lived before or after He died so it did not matter when you died.  If you were faithful and obedient God accepted you as being in a proper relationship with Him and allowed you into heaven but was only able to do so after Jesus died and the redemptive act was complete.

That is why it is said He reconciled all to himself because He is God and all who faithfully believe when they died were justified  and went to heaven.  He had justified the dead who had gone to heaven and all on earth who were alive in  when He died. Hell is not mentioned because He could not justify those in Hell or they would not have gone There because they would have been in a proper relationship with God.  Justification is only fulfilled completely after death when you can enter the spiritual reality of it.

1:21-23 what Jesus did for them through His death on the Cross.

1:21 He restored them to a relationship with God because they rejected their former lifestyle and embraced Jesus and His truths.

1:22 He did this through His death on the cross meeting the requirements of God that prevented you approaching God.  Having removed these through His death there was no longer any thing preventing you from approaching God.

What Jesus did removed all that made you unacceptable to God so you could approach Him now as if you had never sinned.

1:23 The only condition to continue in this relationship is to maintain your belief and obedience to Jesus (as your Lord and Saviour).  Part of t his obedience is doing the work of a Citizen of The Kingdom of God which means  you need to know what this work is.  It is not serving the denomination as that is not The King of God and was not created by Jesus but by men who divided The Kingdom by doing this.

The Gospel they received was the same that was preached everywhere else in the world unlike demons who tailor their gospel to whatever people will hear and be deceived by.

Demons have a problem. They cannot offer heaven or redemption and salvation from Satan and his kingdom so they have to find an alternative. This is why the new age preaches reincarnation or spiritual progression through different levels of authority and power.

This difference of a what is offered by Jesus and what demons offer after death and the manner of obtaining it Faith (Jesus) works (Demons) is a major difference between what Jesus and the new age / Satanists etc offer people.

1:24-25 Paul’s calling is to reveal to all the mysteries of God expressed in and through Christ.

1.24 Paul willingly  suffers (as he is doing now in prison facing death) for the benefit of those who follow Jesus’

1: 25 He is made a minister (a servant of) by God because that is God’s purpose for him so he will guide and help people to obey God as they should.

1:26-27 He is to reveal what Christ has done for them and will do if they let them.  These truths were hidden till the Gentiles could also be told about them.

1:28 Paul preaches this and warns people of their need for Jesus.  He presents to all the truths of Jesus that will set them free so he can show the maturity and workings Jesus does for and in people who faithfully obey Him as their Lord and Saviour.

1:29 Paul, himself works at what he requires to do to present himself mature through what Jesus does in and on his behalf.

Jesus has a path for us to follow but it is up to us to stay on that path as on it are all the promises and maturing events we need for the Holy sport to use to mould us into the image of Jesus.

2:1 Paul prays for them, even though he has never met them and fights on their behalf the demon around them that are attacking them.

2:2 He prays for them

They will be comforted by the Holy Spirit in their hearts (their being)

They will be unified in their love that flows from the Holy Spirit in them

The Holy Spirit will give them the understanding of what God has done for them

2:3 A knowledge of the truths of God is all you need to know and apply and this is found in the understanding The Holy Spirit gives you of the things of God.

2:4 So do not listen to what man say is the truth but to what the Holy Spirit says is truth and you will not be led astray.

2:5 Paul may not be there with them but the unity of The Holy Spirit makes him one with them as well as what The Holy Spirit tells him about them and, they are in his heart also so in that he also is near them.

2:6-13 they are encouraged to continue in their faith and have explained to them some more of what God did for them.

2: 6 They have accepted Jesus as Their Lord (God) in place of Artemis and are now exhorted to walk in His Teachings (His words).

2:7 The teachings of Jesus led them to salvation and wiell mature than any and give them the understanding they need to stand firm in their faith.  What God has done for them through Jesus shirted make them constantly rejoice in and be thankful to God.

2:8 They are warned about the wisdom Satan will offer them through men (which is based on Satan’s world system and not God’s).

2:9 In what Jesus taught is all you need to know about God and what He requires of youo.

2:10 We are matured through His workings in our life.  He controls the demons that are trying to Lead you astray, so you would be silly to follow anyone but Jesus.

2:11 Paul uses an interesting analogy, that of circumcision and shows the difference between the Law and what Christ has done.

We are not circumcised physically, as the Jews were under the Law, and which the removal of the foreskin was a sign of belonging to God.  We have all that Identified us with Satan removed when we follow Jesus. The demons are removed form our spirit and The Holy Spirit takes their place so we are identified as belonging to Jesus.

2:12 In baptism we are buried as a sign of our identification with Jesus and because of our faith exercised in public baptism in which we identify openly with Jesus, the Father also raises us to the new life we have because of our faith which is expressed in the act of baptism.

2:13 You were dead in your sins and marked by Satan as belonging to him but because of your faith you have all your sins forgiven and have been given eternal life and He has given you His Spirit to mark you as His own.

2:14 He erased the list of laws we had broken which condemned us before God because Jesus took them on himself and died for them,  (even though He had not broken any of God’s Laws). That is how much Jesus loved us.

Now we have nothing hindering us from approaching God and having a personal relationship with Him if we want to through faith on what Jesus did at Calvary.

2:15 And having defeated’ the demons that tried to get Him to sin He paraded them for all to see because He had triumphed over them.

The Colossians would be foolish to follow the defeated demons behind the false religions and cults.

2:16-23 Some warnings

2:16 To understand this verse you need to realize there are three levels of Laws

The spiritual laws of God, which must be obeyed.

The religious Laws of man which gave no one any benefit and can be disregarded

The laws of the land whisk must be obeyed if they do not contradict the spiritual laws of God!

So in this verse Paul is saying to& ignore the religious laws men make for cults and false religions as the Colossians serve a higher Law - the Spiritual Laws of God!

The spiritual Law of God is not the Mosaics Law but the law of Love (the only one we are to obey in the New Testament).

2:17 These religious laws of men are of no value for eternal purposes or for membership of the body of Christ.

So what has Paul said about the Gospel so far?

God did it all and we only have too accepted by faith the death of Jesus removed every barrier separating us from relating to god in a personal way’

By faith we accept what Jesus did for us at Calvary and live in accordance with his Will for us.

We are to live in accordance with the guidance of The Holy Spirit in us who also marks us as belonging to God.

All our sins were forgiven at Calvary so we do need to ask forgiveness but we need to repent (turning away from anything we are not doing’ that God requires us to do).

What attitude are we to have (Col 3:1-3)

2:18 Do not be misled to worship angels (Idols, demons in disguises as good beings who have died and are ascended. to a higher spiritual plane) or any other thing that promotes themself over Jesus and His things.

The worship of angels is done by people who believe they are more knowledgeable than Paul and who worship demons instead of Jesus.

2:19 These servants of Artemis do not nourish people spiritually unlike Jesus who feeds His people with spiritual truth and by this builds them up

2:20-21 If you have followed Christ and are no longer bound by the religious laws of man why do you seek to obey them

Do not do certain things

Do not eat certain things

Do not touch certain things

2:22 These rules will perish with the people that made them unlike God’s eternal truths.


2:23 These legalistic Laws appear to have a wisdom but really only affect the person doing them and neglects everyone else and are of no benefit to the people of the ‘body’ of Jesus.


3:1-4:1 Warnings about attitudes to Jesus and others.

3:1-4 To Jesus

3:5-10 To our self

3:11-17 Express God’s Love to others

3:18-21 Family guidelines

3:22 servant/master

3:23-25 Your reward depends on your attitudes.

4:1 masters servants.

3:1-4 Attitude to Jesus.

3:1 If you follow Jesus then seek His Will for you in all things

3. 2. Set your desires on His truths spiritual and purposes and not on the worldly things belonging to God’s enemy, Satan. which cults and false religions offer to all.

3:3 Your eternal life now dependent on Jesus and what He has done

3: 4 And when He returns to rule then will we also appear and reflect His Glory having already received our eternal rewards.

3: 5-10 Attitudes to ourself.

3:5-6 You are to treat as dead the lustful fleshly desires which will result in God’s anger falling on to you. If you do these wrong things you will disobey God and suffer the consequence of all who willingly disobey Jesus and do not repent.

These acts become idols as they are put before God what God desires you to do

fornication: adultery, incest, sexual immorality

uncleanness: doing Things that are filthy and unholy

inordinate affection: Love or affection that is more than God’s love allows

evil Concupiscence: desiring unlawful pleasures especially sexual pleasures

covetousness:  desiring some thing another is steward of.

They used do these things as they are a natural expressions of people who follow Satin’s cults and religions or the way of life he tries to have people follow.


3:8 Having described immoral sins (against people) he now lists spoken words that are wrong:

anger: and attitude of wanting to hurt another

wrath: anger that cannot be appeased

malice: desire to harm another

blasphemy: wrong use of God’s Names

filthy communication: unclean words (dirty jokes or prose etc.) see Matt 12:36

lying: not telling something as it really is or telling it as if it is something it is not.  Also using half-truths as the nature of a lie is to mislead.

3:9-10 We have removed our old lifestyle and embraced the one Jesus offers so we need to live in the attitudes of this new lifestyle as if we are a newborn man (which were are spiritually).

v:11-17 Attitudes we should have.

Part of what follows is described as the ‘Fruit of the Holy Spirit’ in Galatians so it is interesting he restates it here as if to emphasize and an contrast it (as he did in Galatians) to the fruit of Satan exhibited by all who reject or purposely ignore all Jesus asked his followers to do. There is no neutral ground.  You either exhibit the Fruit of God’s Spirit in you or the fruit of his enemy, Satan.

Behind on the attitudes we should have (which Paul lists here), is Love, the same type Love God has for us.  Remember that God looks at our attitudes and not what we do or our results.

v11 Paul starts by reminding them that in the Kingdom of God there are no racial or denominational boundaries.  In thy eyes of God you are either a citizen of The Kingdom doing His work or a citizen of Satan’s kingdom.

There are no spiritual fence sitters.

There are no Negroes or whites. There are no Black fellers or white fellers. There are no half-caste or pure breeds. No Pentecostal or evangelical or charismatics or fundamentalists.  All are equal before God! This is the attitudes Christians should show to each other and which should show the unity of love Jesus brings and not the divisions that are now which shown the division Satan brings to the Body disunity and causes tension and strife in it as each defends the position and beliefs of their denomination..

In the eyes of God there are no one such roles as Pastors, Priests, Ministers, worship or other type of minister. There are people who are either doing His work or are hindering His work each with different areas of stewardship responsibility

They are all there because of Jesus and not anything they have done so they have no right to say they are better than others!  Or one ministry is more important then others.

They may be more obedient but that is a result of their attitude and not their position.

3:12–13 They have responded to the offer of salvation Jesus made to them so He has chosen to mature and develop those who responded to His call of which they are an example.  They have set themself apart from the world to follow the truths of Jesus so He Loves them dearly.  Because of His love for the them and they for Him they should have certain attitudes:

bowels of mercy: love that comes from the very core of their being because it is so much a part of the who they are as a person

kindness: serving the needs of others out of love for them

humbleness of mind: the opposite of pride.  These people do not exalt themselves over others or promote themself. They want patiently for God to do it.

longsuffering: Enduring’ the lack of love others show to you because you know they are hurt and need deliverance and healing.  It is loving them as Jesus loves them.

forbearing one another: Patiently enduring what others do that aggravate you and which the carnal man would have gotten angry and possibly taken action against the person aggravating them.

forgiving one another: If you have trouble with forbearance than you need to forgive the people aggravating you and ask forgiveness from them for offence you cause theme as a result of aggravating them when you lost your forbearance.

Remember what Jesus said:

Mat 6:14-15 For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you: But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.

If you will not forgive another you do not have your sins forgiven by The Father so you do not go to heaven.

You should take your problem to The Holy Spirit and do what He says.  If you have quarrel you need to forgive each other and sort it out before God.

3:14 Above all doing things with the same Quality of Love of God which is what people should see in you as you express yourself to the world.  Love should be like a covering over you and in everything you do!

If the Love of God is this strong in all you do then you naturally have the attitudes Paul has just mentioned.

Love is that which pervades all aspects of the mature Christians life and unifies all he does in life and as it is an expression of The Holy Spirit in them it also shows his unity with God and the Will of God for His life.

3:18-4:1  Most of this has been dealt with in Ephesians Ch 5 and Ch 6 so I will not repeat what is there.  I will comment on a few additional things Paul mentions.

3:19  A husband should not be bitter against their wife. If he loves her he will help her with the problems she has that annoy him.  Because Jesus can deliver you from your hurt and pain there is no excuse for not bringing them to Him and being delivered and healed by Him.  There is also the problem of unforgiveness with the husband if he is bitter against his wife with the danger of going to hell. She also needs to sort out any offence she has caused him so that she can bring her gifts to God and He can receive them.

3:20 The lord has pleasure in the obedience of His children, because they obey The Father in heaven.  The example of parents in this is important to their children as it shows The Father in their life.

3:21  Do not treat your children in a loveless way or you may discourage their faith in Jesus because of the way you relate to them does not showing the love of Jesus to them.  They will see nothing in you to encourage them to follow Jesus

3:22 When you serve another do it to please Jesus and not to please your master. Jesus is the one who you really serve and who will judge you in regard to eternity and not your master.  Remember He has sent you to serve that person on His behalf.

3:23-24 Whatever you do should be done joyfully and wholeheartedly to Jesus, doing His Will fully in whatever He asks you to do.

This whole hearted obedience to Jesus will result in you receiving the eternal rewards God has promised to you, as part of the body of true believers and to your personally because of your personal service to Jesus (Gal 6:7-8)

3: 25 Evil people will receive their reward in Hell.  God’s sentence does not change but is determined by your work for or against Him.  He cannot be bribed to alter a sentence.  As to what you reap (heaven or hell) is determined by how you related To Jesus in regard to salvation and which king you are obeying at the time of your death..

4:1 Masters/employers are not to defraud in any way (money, time, rewards)  the people they employ. They will be judged by Jesus for how they mistreating them.

4:2-4 Paul’s final request

4:2 Paul is in Jail, wanting to see if he will be sentenced to death. He knows he will not deny Jesus and will die rather than do that.  So he advises them to keep praying and waiting on God asking for guidance and what they need to personally know to do to serve Jesus in a deeper way.  They do not need to ask for their daily needs as Jesus promised to supply these (Matt 6:33) if they are seeking and doing His Will.

4:3-4 He asks them also to pray for him that God would give him opportunity to speak of Jesus and the reason he is willing to die for Jesus.  He also asks for the courage to speak as God wants Him to regardless of the consequences.

4:5-6 He gives his final advice

Walk as a follower of Jesus should, making good use if your time.

Let your speech be seasoned with love (graciousness) and you will know how to respond to people.

In giving this advice Paul is also showing how he is responding to his accusers in Rome.

4:7-18 Paul now deals with personal matters which would be more to tell the Ephesians about what has happened to him rather than the Colossians he had never met.  There were a few people from the Ephesus church who would have been interested in his welfare but to the Colossians he was only a name.

Final Comments on Ephesians and Colossians.

There is much applicable to the Christian life to study and apply. I leave you with a scripture that all who study the Bible should burn into their heart

James 1:22 But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves.


How do you evangelise the new age and Satanists?

You show Jesus is greater than Satan because Jesus controls Satan who has to do what Jesus says.

Most of the church is not doing this which is why they are declining and there is a great falling away from it.  By not doing this they are also not illustrating that The Kingdom of God is a reality and offer people nothing that Satanists cannot offer them and do.


Neville Salvetti

17 February 2019