The five steps used in the deliverance prayer in detail:

First I give the step and then the reason for the step.

Step 1.   Gives the area, weakness, circumstance, event, oppression, sin, agreement, arrangement or temptation to Jesus to be Lord over it, along with all the events/causes leading to these things as well as the consequences resulting from these things.

There is no need to give individual sins unless The Holy Spirit says too but they may need to be examined to find the area that needs to be given to Jesus to be Lord of.

What Jesus is Lord over, He can help you with and protect, so that Satan cannot use it against you without the permission of Jesus or your permission.  When Jesus is Lord of an area of your life Satan cannot use it to try and convince you to sin as you do not want to accept what he offers.  He may suggest it but because Jesus is Lord of that area you will reject it. To control any area Satan needs to deceive you so you will accept his control over it or do what he suggests so he will gain control over it eventually.

Step 2.   Repent of any wrong attitude in you, either known or unknown to you, or any wrong thing done by you.  Forgive all those who have offended and reconcile to those you need too.

Rebellion is sin and is the result of a wrong attitude to something as well as bad stewardship of it.

Repentance is a turning away from the things of Satan to the things of God and is a confirmation of your decision to give Jesus Lordship in that area repented of.  Repentance is usually of a blanket type when using The Five Steps and does not need to be specific (unless specific things are being given to Jesus or The Holy Spirit calls specific things to your remembrance).  It is the heart attitude that is important not the words.

Remember that Jesus looks at the heart attitude and not the results.

It is necessary to forgive yourself and others or The Father in heaven cannot forgive your sins and you do not go to heaven.  If you keep bitterness, root of bitterness, anger or any other wrong attitudes in your heart you are in unforgiveness.

You may have to pray,  Lord  forgive.  Help me to forgive please.

There are many Christians in hell who lived a good life but refused to forgive another.

It is necessary to reconcile to another if possible so that any unforgiveness towards them is dealt with.  You can only reconcile with a person if you forgive them.

Step 4.   Command healing and restoration in Jesus’ Name of everything Satan did to you.  This deals with all areas affected by Satan that you have given to Jesus and removes any damage demons have done to you.  There is always spiritual healing but physical healing or the consequences of some actions may need to be lived with.

An example is premarital sex that results in a baby.  They people involved are forgiven their sin but the physical consequences remain but Jesus can help the mother cope with the situation resulting from being a single mother.

Step 5.   Ask The Holy Spirit to fill you completely and to take the place of any demon(s) that have left.

This replaces demons that left your soul (house) with The Holy Spirit.  Our spirit is filled by The Holy Spirit, so demons cannot get into it, and they complain about this bitterly.  Our soul (house) is where demons live and try and control, so as they leave, you need to replace them with The Holy Spirit.  If you do not do this, seven worse demons will very quickly replace them along with the original one and the person will be more worse off than before.

The Five Steps are all based on Worship:

Step 1.   We give these things to Jesus because He is worthy and can deal with them in a worthy fashion.  We love Him and  worship Him by trusting Him with the things we give Him.  We also declare He is Lord of all when we do this and that He is greater than Satan so can control and protect them.

Step 2.  We repent (admit we have fallen short of His standards) and by this worship Him showing that we consider His values more worthy to follow than our own values and purposes and that we desire to live according to His standards.

Step 3.   He is more worthy than Satan having defeated him by His sinless life as well as His death at Calvary, so Satan must do what is commanded when we use our delegated authority against Satan so we worship Jesus because of this victory over Satan as well as for what He has done for us by freeing us from Satan.

Step 4.   We believe He is God and able to heal and restore us because He has authority over all the natural world as well as the spiritual world so He can command healing of body, soul and spirit so this attitude is a form of worship. He will heal the soul in deliverance hut not necessarily the body.

Step 5.   We desire to be Like Jesus (as He is the most desirable person we know) and as an act of worship ask for His Spirit to take the place of the enemy that has been evicted from us and fill all of our soul so that His Spirit can guide us and mature into the image of Jesus.

The basis of what to give is an area of our life to be given to Jesus for Him to be Lord of rather than fighting individual demons.  For example, a person may have a problem with various areas of pornography.   The person does not have to declare each area they has problems with but gives the whole area of pornography in their life to Jesus to deal with and be lord of.   They will do a general repentance for the area of pornography in Their life and not a specific thing unless told too by The Holy Spirit.

When a demon enters they invite others in so that there may be many demons.  If you fight individual demons you need to remove them one at a time.  If you give the area to Jesus to be Lord of then they all have to go when cast out from that area.

This is why you give areas, events, weaknesses, circumstances, agreements etc to The Lord so everything in that area is dealt with at once.  You do not need to ask for forgiveness of individual sins as they were forgiven at Calvary so a general repentance only for the area is required. Such as:

Lord, I am sorry for all the things I did in this area (name the area) and will try to not do them again and I give them to you to be Lord of.

This is done as step one.

Remember the area can be named in your heart so no one else knows because Jesus alone needs to know and that is what is important

It may be necessary to examine types of sins to determine the root cause so you know which area(s) to give to Jesus but usually it is not necessary to examine individual sins of a person to determine what the area is that is to be given to Jesus.  The Holy Spirit guides us in this and has promised to give us all the truth we need to do what Jesus desires us to do (John 16:13).

Jesus knows all our sins so we do not need to confess them individually but just the area of weakness they are in.  All he asks is that we wholeheartedly try not to sin in that area and if we do then we give it back to Him to be Lord of using the framework of the five steps (unless it is an external attack in which case we use the last three steps) and keep on trying not to sin attacking Satan every time we have a wrong thought, feeling or emotion.

Sometimes we deal with areas that are the results of other areas which means we need to work through things until we deal with the root cause of a problem.


The five steps are not a litany or magic formula you recite by rote but are a framework of five principles to use like a ladder.  Each rung leads to the next rung and on each rung you place what is appropriate to that rung, The first rung is the one that varies according to the situation, and is based on giving the situation to Jesus to be Lord of.  The next four rungs really do not change as they really do not need to change to meet the requirements of the situation being prayed about.

Examples of how to use the Five Steps:

Step 1 is the one that always changes.  Examples of how to give things in step 1 follow:

Lord, I give you my ministry to be Lord of.

Lord, I give you the area of sexual desire and pornography to be Lord of.

Lord, I give you my problem with beauty, self esteem and self image and the money I spend on these trying to satisfy them.

I give you my attitudes to my spouse to be Lord of.

Remember also to give the causes, results of these and as well everything associated with these Jesus to deal with.

The next four steps do not change:

I forgive all who have offended me as well as myself and am sorry for anything I have done wrong and ask you to show me what I need to change in my life and repent of.  I repent of anything I need to and will try to reconcile to any one I need too.

Satan, I have given these areas, their cause and results and all in them to Jesus to be Lord of so you no longer have a right to be in them.  In Jesus’ Name, go to Jesus to be dealt with and to take all you did to me, with you.

In Jesus’ Name, I command healing on all you did to me and restoration of all you took from me in accordance with the will of Jesus.

I ask you Holy Spirit to fill me completely and take the place of all the demons that have left me.

Thank you Father, Lord Jesus and Holy Spirit,   Amen.

The five steps in summary:

Give it to Jesus to be Lord of.

Repent, forgive, reconcile.

Cast out Satan.

Command healing and restoration.

Ask Holy Spirit to fill you completely.

Overview of the use of the five steps:

The five steps are used:

When Satan is attacking you personally or a person or thing you are steward of.

To fight the temptations of Satan.

To deal with weaknesses and fears in your life that lead to sin.

To remove the damage Satan has caused to you (deliverance) as well as to restore (in accordance with the Will of Jesus), what Satan took from you.

To protect current or future activities by stopping Satan from attacking or using them (Steps 1,3,5).

Remember, the five steps are only used on things you are Steward of on behalf of God.

The Name of Jesus is used for spiritual warfare for others.

A person may give you authority to warfare for them but that does not give you the right to give things to Jesus for them on their behalf that you are not steward of.

Protecting things from Satan or Defending against the attacks of Satan:

This does not need you to be steward of them unless you are using the Five Steps, in which case you give them to Jesus as step 1 of the Five Steps.  However you can command protection of things for others when warring for others.

So Command:

In Jesus Name, I forbid you Satan or any of your demons doing anything too (Name the thing or person) and if you do anything you are to go to the Lord Jesus to be dealt with.

In Jesus Name, I command healing and restoration on any damage you have done to this and ask you Holy Spirit to replace the demons that have gone at any time.

In Jesus’ Name, I command any demons replacing any that have left to Go from the person to Jesus and to suffer what the original demons were told to suffer when cast out.

So anything can be protected this way when it is for the purposes of The Kingdom of God.

How to bind him and stop his plans:

In Jesus Name, I command Satan or any of your demons that any plans you have for (Name the thing or person) is to be stopped whether they are in progress now or are planned for the future and you are to go to the Lord Jesus to be dealt with and take all you have done or were planning to do with you.

In Jesus Name, I command healing and restoration on any damage you have done to (Name the thing or person) and ask you Holy Spirit to replace the demons that have gone at any time.

In Jesus’ Name, I command any demons replacing any that have left to Go from the person to Jesus and to suffer what the original demons were told to suffer when cast out.


You do not cast out demons from these as seven even more worse ones move in with the original one.  The same can happen to a Christian who goes through deliverance and does not replace the demons that have left, with The Holy Spirit.  I have actually seen a person this happened to and the end of them was far worse than what they were before deliverance.

In Jesus’ Name:

Bind the demons in the person and forbid them from influencing the person in any way

In Jesus’ Name, I command any demons attacking (name the person or thing) externally at any time to go to Jesus for escaping from their prison.

In Jesus’ Name, I forbid any demons form replacing any demons that have been removed from outside that person at any time.

In Jesus' Name, I bind every demon in that person and forbid them from doing anything to that person or using that person for any purpose along with any demons that come in at any time now or in the future.

Removing demons from objects:

While objects cannot be possessed, because they have no soul, they can be used by demons and claimed for the kingdom of Satan.  This is why you should give all you are steward of to Jesus. Remember we do not own anything and everything we have is because God has given us stewardship of it or allowed us to have stewardship of it.

We are only stewards of what we have and not owners.  God owns all that there is in the universe.  We cannot give to Him what is already His.  When we dedicate an object to Jesus we are really showing our heart’s attitude to it and declaring His ownership over it.

It is this declaring that the object belongs to Jesus and casting out Satan from it that releases it for the purposes of The Kingdom of God.

So you should pray something like:

Lord.  I give you everything I am a steward of.  What I live in as well as all things associated with it  and in or around it, as well as anything else that I am steward of:  my family, my body, my mind, my part in any God-given ministry – Everything I am involved in as a steward.

I repent of any misuse I have made of anything I have been or are a steward of and I forgive all who have offended me in my stewardship activities, including myself.

I declare, Satan, you have no right to anything I am a steward of as they all belong to Jesus.   In Jesus’ Name, go to The Throne of Judgement to be dealt with by Jesus and to take all you did to people or these things with you. 

In Jesus' Name, I command restoration of all Satan did in these areas and ask you Holy spirit to take the place of the demons that have gone.

Thank you Father, Lord Jesus, Holy Spirit,  Amen.

For objects you do not own claim them for the Kingdom and cast out the demons in Jesus Name, but only when Jesus tells you too

Cursing what Satan uses:

Anything Satan uses against The Kingdom in the way of machinery or devices we can curse and stop it working or inhibit its working, (Jesus told us this), whether it is in the heavenlies, on earth or in hell.  As long as it is used against the Kingdom of God it does not matter where it is.

Animals he uses can be bound and forbidden to be used.

The Holy Spirit will guide you in what to do.

A Warning:

After deliverance, Satan tries to tell you that you are not delivered and tempts you with the same sins you got delivered for, in the hope you will believe him in this and do them again.  So remove these attacking demons, using the five steps, that suggest you still have these problems or demons tempting you in these areas just in case there is still something there.

Where do you send demons?

You send them to where Jesus tells you to send them

The choices are:

The lake of fire?

The Bible requires two witnesses to condemn a person.  A demon has the first witness against them when they rebelled against Jesus.  The Second witness is their work against The Kingdom of God.  So they have the two witnesses needed to pass sentence.

Their final punishment is the lake of fire so they can be sent to the lake of fire, in Jesus’ Name, and told to jump in.

It is to be noted that demons are not mentioned at the Great White Throne judgement when sentence is passed on humanity.  They are in the lake of fire, their judgement having occurred earlier.

The Lake of Fire is the sentence Jesus has passed on them and not the abyss so it is more proper to send them to the Lake of Fire.  Besides the big devils can climb out of the Abyss

The Dry Places:

They can be sent to the Dry Places, bound there and isolated from all other demons until they are cast into The Lake of fire or dealt with in another way by Jesus

The Throne of judgement:

They can be sent there to be dealt with by Jesus.  It is outside of heaven, as demons cannot enter heaven to approach The Throne of God