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Faith Hope and Love

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Neville Salvetti



Table of Contents


Definitions. vii


Introduction.. 1

Saving Faith.. 1

Why do we have Faith. 3

The Elements of Love. 4

Introduction to the section.. 4

The Cycle of Faith.. 7

The Christian life is your response to the Love of God. 8

Our example of Love is God! 9

Why can we express the same quality of Love that God does?. 10

What does God do for you each day without you knowing?. 10

The Importance of Love. 10

The area of effect of love. 13

God’s Love. 13

God’s Love (Author unknown). 14

God our example of Love. 15

Love and The Kingdom of God. 16

The Love of God.. 18

What does He desire from you for doing all this for you?. 19

God is Love and so should we be if we are His. 19

How many types of love are there?. 20

God’s Love is our example of how we should love. 20

Love shows no partiality. 21

Love expresses the Fruit of The Spirit 21

Love does not count the cost of expressing itself to another: 21

God’s Love responds immediately and even anticipates our needs before they occur. 22

How does Jesus express His Love toward us?. 23

Towards God: 23

Towards Himself : 23

Towards us: 23

What has The Love of Jesus resulted in?. 24

The responsibilities of a citizen.. 25

Expressions of Gods quality of Love. 25

God’s Love is Pure and Perfect 26

Why do we love God?. 27

God is Love. 28

So how do we learn to love God in a deeper way?. 28

He is Perfect Love. 28

How do we learn to love God?. 29

God’s Faithful Love and our response. 29

God’s Love is shown by the way He deals with us. 30

Mercy, Grace and Favour. 30

Love needs to be worked at. 31

Love for Others. 31

God’s Love and Satan’s attack on it 32

God’s Mercy is a result of His Love and Grace. 33

Compassion and Grief 33

Expressing God.. 34

The Faithfulness God requires. 34

The Lovingkindness of God.. 35

Our Response to God’s Love. 37

The Man of Love. 38

Love must be expressed in some way. 39

What is the work of the The Kingdom of God?. 40

Offending God.. 42

Thankfulness and God’s Love. 42

So how do we Learn to Love God?. 42

God’s Love toward man.. 43

God’s Love in Suffering. 45

Faithfulness. 46

Love and order. 46

So what evidence is there that The Love of God is in a person?. 47

Love and Knowing God.. 48

Love and Intimacy. 49

Love and Stewardship.. 50

How do you show love to a person.. 51

How do you learn to express God’s Love?. 51

Speech and attitudes. 53

Love and Sin.. 54


Then I got the necessary insight. 55

So how do we offend?. 55

Lust 56

Lust promotes itself in three ways: 56

Unforgiveness and unreconciled offences. 57

Trials and God’s Love. 58

Conclusion to this section.. 59

Epilogue. 61

Conclusion to the book. 61

Corrollary. 63




It is always good to define key concepts when starting a book on a subject.  So here goes my understanding of the main concepts in this book:

Faith:  Is the belief in something that is real that you cannot see.

Hope: Is the attitude of joyful expectation as to what will happen when your faith is Crystallized (realised as being correct).

Hope is faced on a foundation of faith otherwise it would have nothing to look forward too.


Faith Hebrews Chapter 11

This is the classic chapter in The Bible dealing with faith so I will examine this charter and its concepts before discussing faith and Hope in more detail.

A rough translation of the passage is as follows:

Heb 11:1  Now faith is the basis on which we hope for things to occur.  It is the declaration that things you cannot see actually exist.

(Our faith is based on whom God is and what we know He has done.  Our hope is in what He has promised to do for us in the future, both here on earth and in heaven),

Heb 11:2  Because of their faith people in the past pleased God.

Heb 11:3  Through faith we understand that the worlds were created by God through His command, and it was created out of nothing..

Heb 11:4-5  Because of his Faith Abel was declared to be in a correct relationship with God and Enoch did not die but was taken from earth to heaven while still alive to be in the presence of God.

Heb 11:6  Without faith you will not please God because it requires faith to believe in who He is and to obey what He says.  This gives rise to hope because we must believe God will do what He has promised to do or those that have true faith in Him..

Heb 11:7-13 Many people had faith in God buy did not ecieve what was promised until after they died.

Heb 11:14  For they believed in a future hope were looking for a heavenly home after they died and not temporary earthly things..

Heb 11:15  And if they had been thinking of that where they had cone from, they could have returned if they did nt have the faith to trus’t God for the future.

Heb 11:16  But  they desired a better place than where they were in heaven: wherefore God is not ashamed of them and does not reject them but is pleased to be their God and to prepare them for the city He has  prepared for them.

Heb 11:17-38 People endured many trials because of their faith, including martyrdom.

Heb 11:39  And these all of these having had God testify to their faithfulness, received not the promise:

Heb 11:40  But will receive it when we receive it.

(meanwhile they wait in heaven for this day as we too also wait until the time of all Is complete which will be when the new havens and earth are formed after the great white throne Judgment when all will officially receive their rewards.).

Saving Faith

To be in a correct relationship with God you must believe:

He is who He said He is

He has done what he said He has done

He will what He said He will do

You must meet His requirements to stay in a correct relationship with Him

Salvation is a relationship (Jn (17:3) and you stay in that relationship because you believe (have faith in) God's statement about the salvation relationship. 'Your faith in this relationship ship requirement is expressed Through:



Expressway God's character of love

Living as a good servant / citizen of its kingdom.

How do these four things reflect faith?

If you believe in God you will do these four things to stay in this salvation relationship as well as because you love Him sufficiently to do them.

Why do we have Faith

We have Faith because:

The Holy Spirit gives us the understanding to have faith

We have read about what God has done (In the Bible)

We have experienced God working in our life

We have seen God working in the lives of others.

This is why we must believe The Bible and read it so that we know what God has done in the past as well as activities He does that shows He exists.

We must be guided by The Holy Spirit so we can hear Him tell us about things God has done or is doing.

We must share to others what God has done in our life which means we need to hear The Holy Spirit as He shows us these things.

We need to express our faith in God by doing what He says:  In other words, obedience to His commands and requirements of you. 

The chief expressions of our faith is to Love others in the same way He loves them which will only occur properly if you do it out of Love for Him because you believe what He has said He has done for you through Jesus and accept what He has promised to do for you and is doing for you now.

We are only able to do these things because God is faithful in His attitude of Love toward us that provides for us and guides us to be able to do these things.

So we need to learn at how God is faithful in His love toward us and use this as an example of how we are to be faithful to others.

On The Faithful Love of God

The Elements of Love

Ps 136 For His Mercy endures forever

Why Mercy and not love?  Mercy is one of the ways Gods love is expressed.

Mercy, compassion, loving-kindness, long are all ways Gods Love is expressed.

It appears the word used depends on the context of the usage and it is this that gives each its different slant on the way the word expresses Love.

It is because of Gods mercies that we can fail and not be destroyed but given another chance through repentance and whole heartedly trying not to sin in future in the area in which we failed.

God has given u s great responsibilities on earth to do things for Him and He places his trust (faith) in us that we will do these things because we Love Him.  It is out of His Love for us that He does this, allowing us to be in partnership with Him as we work on earth on His behalf.

Introduction to the section

God is complete in Himself.  He does not need you.  He did not need to make you. He made you for your benefit so He could bless you and give you pleasure far beyond what you can imagine as a result of the relationship you have with God.

He made us primarily to fellowship with Him which is why this is so important in the Christian life: with Him and with others and which is why His Quality of Love the basis for correct relating - is so important.

Gods Love accepts us as we are and not as we think we should be or others tell us we should be.  As a result of His Love towards us He guides and matures us into what we can be as a person and teaches us what we need to know to live with Him forever in heaven.  He places His faith in us expecting us to exhibit faith only to the level we are able too and not the level others expect us to have it.

God does not have to do this but Loves us so does this for us.

Who are we that God has done this for us?

That The Father cares so much for us that He wants to adopt us as His children.

That Jesus died so we could be with Him and The father and experience all the delights of heaven and that He looks after our every need as His Citizen, even though we do not know we need things at times.

That The Holy Spirit desires to live in each of us: guiding, empowering us and teaching us what we need to know as a citizen of The Kingdom of God.?

Who are we that The God of all does this for us?

The Love of God is not generic (not spread abroad like a general thing) that does not adapt to meet the needs of individuals.  It is personal.  It is tailored to meet the needs of each individual so that our needs are specifically met and not just met in a general way.  It is these needs He has planned to meet from before the creation of the world so that, as we walk in His, Will they are met (Mat 6:33).  God is a personal God and in everything He does for us he relates to us in a personal, individual basis so that in all He always works for our best.

He does not expect from us more than we can give: our faith, expression of His Love, Stewardship of His things.  He expects from us only what we are able to give.

God has not called you to greatness.  He has called you to be His friend:

To walk with Him

To talk with Him

To Help Him build His Kingdom.

He uses you to be His representative on earth to rescue people from the kingdom of His enemy so they too can be His friend and also enjoy what God has prepared for you.

In all This is His Love expressed to you and to others through you!

What can compare To the Love of God? It is unique.  There is nothing else like it in the universe.

His Love is an expression of Himself and like God His Love is Holy, Pure and Undefiled as it is the expression of who He is.

His Love is eternal, infinite and everywhere as it is an expression of who God is and He is eternal, infinite and everywhere

Gods type of love does not depend on you being able to respond to it.  He is complete in Himself so does not need any input from you.

This is why a person with Gods type of Love can love when the world would walk away.  Their love is not based on it being accepted but on their love for God and the desire to serve others in the way He does.

God, His Love and His Kingdom are all an expression of The completeness of God. The Kingdom expresses God and the attitude of The Kingdom is Love.

Whenever we are expressing Gods type of Love we are expressing Him and His Kingdom.  We are expressing our faith in Him.  We are also doing an act of worship by saying His Love is worth following.

Everything that happens affects the expression of Gods Love in some way. If it does not then it does not exist.

Everything we do for God expresses our degree of faith in Him.  If it is not done for Him then it is done for Satans purpose, and while faith may be needed to do it, it does not express the type of faith the God requires.

Any action will express Gods love, show Love to God, reject Gods Love or show hatred for God, even if only by the way it is done!  This is because Love is The expression of The Kingdom which is an expression of God, Himself, and any action will affect The Kingdom in some way.

Any action will also show our degree of faith in God and His things,

Love and Faith

These are both choices you make.

Faith allows you to see what God has done for you which results in a greater Love for Him which then results in more trust of (faith) in Him.

While God states you cannot please Him without faith, He does not command you to have it.

You are, however, commanded to have love!

There is no way to get around this command to love with the same quality of Love with which He loves.  If you love Jesus and want to be like Him, then you will learn to love others with the same quality of love He has and you will show by this that you are truly an adopted child your Father in heaven showing forth the same quality of Love Jesus has to God and all around you.

You will also have faith in His rewarding you for obeying Him.

The Cycle of Faith

You see what God can do so you have faith in Him.

You see what He has done for you and will do for you so you Love Him

Because you Love Him you develop trust (have greater faith) in Him

Because your faith increases He can do more through and for you Which increases your love for Him.

The Christian life is your response to the Love of God.

The Christian life is an expression of your faith of which Gods quality of love is its chief expression

If you do not show the Love of God to those around you who will be able to respond to it?

Who will appreciate it and develop faith in Him?

The role of a citizen of The Kingdom of God is to show Gods quality of Love and to defend His Honour, Name and Holiness as well as to exalt Him over His enemy and by this bring Him Honour and Glory.  This will be done in accordance with your degree of faith In God and whom He is.

The preaching, teaching and demonstrating of The kingdom of God does this if it is done out of love for Jesus and the children of The Father and it is through how you do this that will determine how The Love of God will be shown to people.

Unless you show Gods quality of Love in all you do you will not represent Him and His Kingdom and do His work the way He desires you to do it.  Unless you have the faith necessary to do these things you will not do them properly.

Remember that the Love of God is all around you.

It is in His creation, created to give you pleasure and joy.

It is in the life He has given you, to be able to relate to Him with the ability to feel love and joy in your relationship with Him and others.  You never knew you needed to be born but God did.

It is in the way He sustains you and prepares you to be with Him forever and has done all He can to help prepare in you in this as well as trusts you to serve Him as He desires you to serve Him.

It is in the fact He loves you and desires you to relate to Him as a friend.

It is in Jesus coming to earth then dying to restore you to a personal relationship with God so that you could be in heaven with Him forever.

What more can God do for you to show that He loves you?

Our example of Love is God!

The Father:

Through all He did for us in and through Jesus.

Through perfectly providing provision for all our needs now and in eternity and beyond.

The Lord Jesus:

Through coming to earth, (even though He knew from before creation what it would cost Him in suffering and pain) so He could have us relate to Him in a better way as well as teaching and demonstrating to us what it means to be a citizen of The Kingdom of God.

Through dying at Calvary to redeem us and make it possible for us to live as a citizen of The Kingdom of God.

The Holy Spirit:

Through actually honouring us by placing His presence in us to guide us to live as God requires a citizen of The Kingdom of God to live.

Through guiding, teaching us and empowering us to be able to understand and do the work of The Kingdom of God preparing us to be with God forever.

God has done this all on His own initiative having faith in us to respond correctly to His workings for and in us.  We did not know we needed these things.  Our part is to trust (Have faith) His Love is in all things and to obey and accept what He allows to happen to us.

Obedience should be a natural response of our love and appreciation for all God has done for us.  If it is not then you better find out why and deal with the problem as you cannot minister properly unless you minister out of love for Jesus and in His Quality of Love.

It is out of love for Jesus, our King that we serve Him.  He directs us where to serve Him and/or who to serve, when to serve them as well as how to serve them.

Nothing is worth doing if it hinders the Love of God being expressed

Nothing is too menial if it expressed Gods Love

Love should be the source of all you

What is not of Love is sin.

Why can we express the same quality of Love that God does?

God made us in His image which means we also have a reflection of His Character in us of which His Love is a part of it.  When He looks at our character He looks to see a reflection of His in us of which His Quality of Love is the main character attribute.

What does God do for you each day without you knowing?

He keeps you alive

He limits what Satan can do to you (1 Cor 10:13)

He meets your every need (Mat 6:33)

He teaches and Guides you (Jn 16:13)

Watches you as a father watches over His children.

The Importance of Love

Gods quality of Love should be shown by us in all we do, and doing this is perhaps the most important thing in the universe next to God.  It is because of this expression of Gods Love that everything exists.  All that He does to and for us is out of this Love and it is the mark of God that He is Love and all He does is in this quality of Love.  As He is our example in all things we too should express His Quality of Love in all we do.

Unless Gods quality of Love is expressed in all you do you will not be like your Father in heaven.  Love is the basis of all things and if you are not expressing Gods quality of Love then you are not expressing God.

To be blameless before God you must love as He Loves without impartiality or favouritism.  You may not like what the person does but you must still love the person as God Loves them.  Love fulfills The Law so anything not done in Gods type of love transgresses Gods Laws, especially His Law of Love.

What is not of love is sin

What is not of faith is sin

All we do is done with faith in God believing He is who He said He is, Has done what He said He has done and will do what He said He will do.  Without this belief (Faith) there is no Christian life.  Without Gods type of Love there is no expression of the Christian Life.

God is Love and as we represent Him we need to work in and express  the same quality of Love He has for all.  Our faith helps us believe this expression of love is worth doing (Heb 11:6).

God is Love and unless we love as He Loves we cannot really say we have His Character.  If we do not have His type of Love we will not exhibit the fruit of that love (Gal 5:22,23).  We will not see Him as He is and not worship or fellowship with Him as we should.

While we will not always succeed in expressing Gods quality of Love we should always wholeheartedly try and express it.  You will not go to hell for wholeheartedly trying to express His type of Love and failing too, but you will go to hell for not trying to express it in all you do.

The Highest form of worship is when you mirror His Character so it is like He is looking in a mirror (character wise) when He looks at you.  Then there is unity of spirit and purpose and worship is completely unimpeded.  Love is the key to this relationship.

The Holy Spirit also drew my attention to 1 Cor 13:13 13:

 “For there are these three things that endure: Faith, Hope and Love, but the greatest of these is Love.”

The Holy Spirit said to seek Gods Love and its expression as that is the basis of all ministry and what you need to express Gods Love will be given you: gifts, finances, marriage partner, faith, all you need to seek Gods Love and express it to others will be given you (Mat 6:33).  This explains why Jesus gave only one new commandment as this summarised all the law and the prophets:

Jn 13:34-35 “I give a new commandment to you: Love one another; just as I have loved you, you should also love one another. Every person will know by this that you are my disciples, if you shall have love one to the other.”

The expression of this Love is The Great Commission, the other commandment He gave to us.

There is no way out of expressing His type of Love.  It is all or nothing.  You either express it or you do not!

God is Love and from this flows all else.  This concept is foundational to our faith and to all God does.  The more we grow in Gods Love the more we will grow like him, the greater will be our faith in Him.

Love is required to be shown to a person no matter how badly that person offends you except where you need to defend the body God has given you.  This is so you will develop the character of The Father.  The objective on earth is to be as Christ like as possible so we will fit into His Will and purposes seamlessly as if He Himself was doing the action so people will see Jesus and not us.  This attitude also prepares us for heaven so that the transition to the lifestyle there will be easier.

In a sense life is a continual pursuit of the love relationship we have with God and its expression to those around us.

If you do not understand the Love of God you will not understand Grace.

If you cannot accept Gods Love then you need deliverance.  The more you open yourself up to Gods Love the more intimate and deeper the relationship with Him will be.

The world says love = sex or doing things for people.  In its purest form love does not need the other person to respond.  The other person is loved for who they are, even if they do not accept the love shown to them or respond to it.   This is how God Loves those that reject Him.  This is how we are to love those that reject us.

The area of effect of love

Matt 25: 44-45 Then shall they also answer him, saying, Lord, when saw we thee an hungered, or athirst, or a stranger, or naked, or sick, or in prison, and did not minister unto thee?  Then shall he answer them, saying, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye did it not to one of the least of these, ye did it not to me.

Whatever you do to a person affects two people directly.  Faith primarily affects you and your relationship with God.  Your love expressed affects you and the person you did the thing too.


That in all you do Jesus or through affecting His Kingdom is directly affected in some way and often another is.

God’s Love

He expresses it in at least, in five ways:

He Loves everyone even though He may not love what they do

He sustains everyone in existence - whether or not they worship Him - that is how precious life is to Him

He desires everyone to have a relationship with Him

He does all He can to help people find this relationship with Him

He is merciful and forgiving, not punishing us as we deserve but gives us every opportunity to do what is right and to stay in a correct relationship with Him.

He is our example to follow.

God’s Love (Author unknown)

Based on 1 Corinthians 13

Because God loves me, He is slow to lose patience with me.

Because God loves me, He takes the circumstances of my life and uses them in a constructive way for my growth.

Because God loves me, He is for me. He wants to see me mature and develop in His love.

Because God loves me, He does not send down His wrath on every little mistake I make, of which there are many.

Because God loves me, He does not keep score of all my sins and then beat me over the head with them whenever He gets the chance.

Because God loves me, He is deeply grieved when I do not walk in the ways that please Him because He sees this as evidence that I don’t trust Him and love Him as I should.

Because God loves me, He keeps on trusting me when at times I don’t even trust myself

Because God loves me, He never says there is no hope for me; rather He patiently’ works with me, loves me, and disciplines me in such a way that it is hard for me to understand the depth of His concern for me.

Because God loves me, He never forsakes me, even though many of my friends might.

Because God loves me, He stands with me when I have reached the rock bottom of despair, when I see the real me and compare that with His righteousness, holiness, beauty, and love.

God our example of Love

God is our example in everything that is good and this is especially so in the way The Father, Son and Holy Spirit express Love to each other and to us.

The Father Loves Jesus.  So when Jesus was asked to redeem all mankind He willingly went out of love for The Father and all mankind.  Because of His obedient Love The Father made Jesus Lord of all.

The Lord Jesus shows His Love in:

Giving up everything He had as God

Coming to earth as a human

Teaching us w hat God required of us

Demonstrating The Kingdom of God

Then dying to make all He had taught and promised possible.

The Holy Spirit shows His Love for us by coming to earth to place His presence in us

To mark us as belonging to God

To help us live as we should,

Teaching, guiding and empowering the adopted children of The Father (us) and

Helps them in their role as citizens of The Kingdom of God, ruled by Jesus,

Preparing us to spend eternity with God in heaven.

Each of The God head is an example for us showing us how to love (behave) in certain roles.

The Father is our example of what an earthly father should be like, meeting out every need.  Even though we do not know we need things He provides them without our asking Him for them.

The Son is an example of how a son should relate to His parents as well as of how a king should rule coming to earth to tell us what we needed to do to satisfy God, then dying to make it possible and now ruling all for the benefit of the children of The Father, even though they may not appreciate it.

The Holy Spirit is an example of how a guardian and mentor should behave.  He shows His love for you through humbling Himself to have His presence in you and serving you, teaching you  all you need to know or do to achieve your potential as a citizen of The Kingdom of God.

Only as we express in our life the quality of Love God has for us will we mature as a true citizen of The Kingdom of God and as an adopted son/daughter of the Father.

Remember, Love is an expression of faith and Gods faith in us is why He expresses His Love toward us in these ways.

Love and The Kingdom of God.

Our position in The Kingdom of God is as a citizen of it  with all the: protection, joy, benefits, relationship with God and all that results from this relationship is a result of Gods Love toward us because of our faith toward Him!

All He does for us as a citizen of His Kingdom is an expression of His Grace. Grace is God showing His Love towards us when we do not deserve it or do not know we need it.

When you think about it. We deserve nothing from God as we have nothing in us that qualifies us for God to show His Love to us.  In His Mercy He does not destroy us for our deliberate disobedience of His Laws, but gently guides us back to where we should be while still keeping us alive and giving us all we need to live as He desires us to live.

It as a result of His Grace (His Love expressed to us) that has brought us thus far and it His Grace that will support us through our life now and in eternity!

The Whole point about love is that it is selfless.  It desires what is best for another even though they may not be able to actually do what is necessary for another.  It seeks what is best for a person but does not do for a person what they should be doing for themselves but helpos them to the extent they need help and no more.

Love will guide a person and help them to do what is necessary for them but never does what the person should be doing.

Love is selfless but lust is self-centered and uses a person for its own end.  This is the difference between lust and love.  The opposite of love is not lust but indifference.

God is Love so all he does is for our best and we need to appreciate this or we will doubt His Love and grow thankless and or depressed.

Lust does not believe in who God is or it would Love instead of Lusting.

We do not have any rights that require God to do anything for us.  All He does is a result of His Love for us!

God does not have to do anything for us but does so as He loves us as we are His created Children.

Job 33:4  The Spirit of God hath made me, and the breath of the Almighty hath given me life.

Gods Love never ceases or fails.  If it did we would cease to exist.

Heb 1:3  Who being the brightness of his glory, and the express image of his person, and upholding all things by the word of his power, when he had by himself purged our sins, sat down on the right hand of the Majesty on high;

It is because of Gods Love we can have hope and faith in all He said and taught.

His Love and integrity means He is true to His Word!  So we can trust what He has said He will do!  That means all He promised us after death will occur, that He is working for our good, as He said He is, and that He does desire a relationship with us now and forever!

God is Love so all He says is in love and love does not deceive so what He says will occur as He is God of all and can make it happen.

The Love of God

How does one describe the Love of God?

Words fail to describe its depth, complexity or to portray the essence of its purity and simplicity.  It is as complex as the greatest theologian can make it or as pure as a young child can express or understand it.

The words we use to describe it are simple but also at times inadequate as they are limited to our comprehension of Gods Love as well as by our understanding of its description.

The Love of God is not generic (not spread abroad like a general thing) that does not adapt to meet the needs of an individual.

Gods Love is personal.  It is tailored to meet the needs of each individual so that out needs are specifically met and not just met in a general way.  It is these needs He has planned to meet from before the creation of the world (Eph 2:10) so, that as we walk in His Will, they are met in their fullness (Mat 6:33).  God is a personal God and in everything He does for us He relates to us on a personal, individual basis so that in all things He always works for our best

Gods Love is personal and it is really only as we experience it that we can begin to understand it.

God did not need to make us as He is complete in Himself but He loved us before we were brought into existence and prepared an individual path for each one of us before creation and has done, is doing and will do all He can to help us walk this path so we can mature into what He desires us to be complete in Him, able to be with Him forever and beyond in intimate friendship with Him!

Gods Love does not depend on our faith but our salvation and rewards in heaven do.

What does He desire from you for doing all this for you?

He desires you to love Him as the closest friend you can have.  A friend whom you love above all else and who is more important than anything created.

Life is a continual journey into the Love of God expressed by the way we respond to His Love and serve Him above all others, including ourselves. 

This service is a natural expression of our love for Him and is really what the normal Christian life is the expression of our love for The Father, Jesus and The Holy Spirit which drives us to serve them, regardless of the cost to our self.  In essence it is the nature of God (Love) expressed through us to Him and His creation.

Our faith has an important part in this experience as it will be according to our faith in His Love and of whom He is will we understand and accept His Love and Will for us regardless of what happens.

Without complete faith in whom God is and in His Love for us there is no eternal purpose in life.

God is Love and so should we be if we are His.

God never asks you to love others more than you are able too.  All He asks is that you try to the best of your ability and He will help you develop His type of Love in you.

He is Love and does not demand more from you than you are able to give.

Learn to appreciate God and His Love for you so that your response will be to love Him more and more and you will mature into the person you can be in Jesus.

All flows from Gods Love.  Learn to understand this and you will understand The Kingdom of God and love is a result of faith in whom God is and what He has done for us.

How many types of love are there?

Theologians talk about four types of love.  But for a Christian there is only one type of love.  The type of Love that God has.  It is the way it is expressed to others that varies and this is governed by the degree of trust and intimacy in the relationship and not by the way a relationship is categorised.

Any other type of love is sin as God says we are to love others as He loves them.  This was the only real commandment Jesus gave and all others in The New Testament are based on this.

Joh 13:34-35 (CEV) But I am giving you a new command. You must love each other, just as I have loved you.  If you love each other, everyone will know that you are my disciples.

This is Gods standard and what we are to wholeheartedly aim for it.  Only as we aim to love others as God Loves them will we begin to understand His quality of Love towards us.

We may fail to do this but if we try wholeheartedly to achieve this standard we meet Gods requirement of us in this area of showing Gods quality of Love to others.

God’s Love is our example of how we should love.

1Co 13:4-7 (ERV)  Love is patient and kind. Love is not jealous, it does not brag, and it is not proud.  Love is not rude, it is not selfish, and it cannot be made angry easily. Love does not remember wrongs done against it.  Love is never happy when others do wrong, but it is always happy with the truth.  Love never gives up on people. It never stops trusting, never loses hope, and never quits.

Love shows no partiality

Jas 2:1 (CEV) My friends, if you have faith in our glorious Lord Jesus Christ, you won't treat some people better than others.

Mat 5:44-47 (ERV)  But I tell you, love your enemies. Pray for those who treat you badly.  If you do this, you will be children who are truly like your Father in heaven. He lets the sun rise for all people, whether they are good or bad. He sends rain to those who do right and to those who do wrong.  If you love only those who love you, why should you get a reward for that? Even the tax collectors do that.  And if you are nice only to your friends, you are no better than anyone else. Even the people who don't know God are nice to their friends.

Love expresses the Fruit of The Spirit

All flows from Love which is why it is the first fruit of a Christian.

Gal 5:22-23 (ERV)  But the fruit that the Spirit produces in a person's life is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. There is no law against these kinds of things.

Love does not count the cost of expressing itself to another:

Php 2:2-9 (ERV)  then do what will make my joy complete: Agree with each other, and show your love for each other. Be united in your goals and in the way you think.   In whatever you do, don't let selfishness or pride be your guide. Be humble, and honour others more than yourselves.  Don't be interested only in your own life, but care about the lives of others too.   In your life together, think the way Christ Jesus thought. He was like God in every way, but he did not think that his being equal with God was something to use for his own benefit.   Instead, he gave up everything, even his place with God. He accepted the role of a servant, appearing in human form. During his life as a man,   he humbled himself by being fully obedient to God, even when that caused his death--death on a cross.   So God raised him up to the most important place and gave him the name that is greater than any other name.

God’s Love responds immediately and even anticipates our needs before they occur.

EPh 2:10 (ERV)  God has made us what we are. In Christ Jesus, God made us new people so that we would spend our lives doing the good things he had already planned for us to do.

Jesus trusted (had faith) in The Fathers Love and so obeyed Him regardless of the cost.  If we are to obey God, regardless of the cost to us, then we also need to have the same trust in the Love of God that Jesus had.

God does not sit there considering what to do.  If he sees a need His Love immediately acts in a way that is best for The Kingdom and that person.

There are many other passages on love but these provide a good overview.

We are to love people for whom they are, Created children of The Father, whom He Loves and whom desires what is best for them.  We are not to condone any wrong thing they do but in each there is a potential citizen of The Kingdom of God, a person whom The Father desires to be with Him in heaven so this should also be our desire for them and if we have the quality of love God has you will love others in the same way He loves them and will do what we can to help them obtain heaven and the rewards God has for them.

You would be like Jesus? Then love others with the same quality of Love He loves you and everyone else with and you will correctly serve Him in The work of The Kingdom!

It is only as we are led by The Holy Spirit that we can understand this Love and learn how to express it to others.   This is why it is so important to be led by The Holy Spirit in everything.

God knew we would need Him so asked The Holy Spirit to come and place His presence in our spirit to help us love and live as God desires us too.

According to our faith in God will we love like God and seek to bring people into His Kingdom.

How does Jesus express His Love toward us?

Jesus is the best example of humanity expressing Gods Love while on earth but He now expresses this Love to us as King of the entire universe.

The Lord Jesus expressed His Love on earth at least three ways:

Towards God:

He obeyed The Father, coming to earth and giving up all He had as God. He taught, preached and demonstrated The Kingdom of God and trusted and loved The Holy Spirit so much He entrusted The Holy Spirit to look after us and to help us live as we should as a citizen of The Kingdom of God.

Towards Himself :

As a steward of what God had given Him on earth He loved and appreciated what God had made Him and responded to the Love of The Father by obeying Him in all things, even though it ended up costing Him His earthy Life.  He had a proper appreciation of who God had made Him and what God has asked Him to do which can only really occur if you love and appreciate what God has made you into.

Towards us:

Jesus saw the mess we were in and that we could not get our self out of it so came to earth to help us overcome The mess we were in.  He showed us His Love by voluntarily dying to free us from the consequences of our wrongs against God

In a sense, the essence the Gospel of The Kingdom of God is that each member of The Godhead saw our need and out of Love for us did all that was necessary for us to be restored to the relationship mankind originally had in the Garden with God and out of Love for us will maintain our relationship with Him forever, doing all that is necessary to continue to keep us alive, meeting every need of ours that is necessary to do this.

What has The Love of Jesus resulted in?

It made Him leave everything He had as God and come to earth to teach, preach and demonstrate The Kingdom of God, dying for the spiritual consequences of our sins so that there was no longer anything hindering us from relating to God.

He was made Lord of all so can keep all the promises of He made to us because He is in a position to carry them out!

He is now in heaven ruling His citizens, providing their needs and interceding for them with The Father.

He has sent The Holy Spirit to have His presence in us, guiding, teaching and empowering is to live as a citizen of The Kingdom of God should live.

Because The Holy Spirit has His presence in us Satan can never break our lines of communication with Jesus and The Father.  It is we who allow Satan to break these by having wrong attitudes Satan can use to do this.

Jesus has done so much for us. What more can He do that He has not already done for us?

Our response to The Love of Jesus should be loving obedience to Him in all things.

Gods Love is expressed in everything He does to us which is why we should be thankful for whatever happens to us because God, in His Love, is working for our best (Rom 8.28)

After all it is the most perfect love ever expressed and by its nature can only ever work for the good of what it is directed at.

God gives you purpose through His relationship with you.  Without this relationship there is no real purpose in life.

The responsibilities of a citizen of The Kingdom of God

If you have faith in whom Jesus is you will carry out your responsibilities as a citizen of The Kingdom of God.  Because you are a citizen of His Kingdom you have certain responsibilities.  If you love God you will carry them out or learn how to carry them out.

A citizen of a kingdom has five duties only and these take precedent over their own needs:

To serve The King, as required by him, through complete obedience to Him.

To represent The King to persons both in and out of The Kingdom,  either in an official capacity as a representative of The Kingdom or just by virtue of being a citizen of The Kingdom.

To fight and protect what The King owns (as well as who He is, His Name and Glory as well as His Attributes and Character).

To be a good steward of what God has entrusted Him with (including family)

To relate to other citizens and those who are not citizens in an appropriate manner

Faith in Gods Love is required to do His Will and if you have trouble doing any of these or have no desire to do them examine why because your faith may be lacking because we are told the effect of faith is to do Gods work (James 2:26).  In otherwords if you have an active faith in God you will willingly obey Him in all He asks you to do.

Expressions of Gods quality of Love

If you do not have Gods type of Love how can you:

Love your enemies in the way He desires you too

Do good to those that persecute and/or hate you

Have a conscience void of offence that only does good towards all men and God

Show Gods quality of Love to others which is far superior to the type of love Satan promotes with its negative element of lust in it.

Unless the above are part of your attitudes toward everyone you will not be like your Father in heaven.

God knows you are not perfect and will not succeed in all your attempts to love in the way He desires you too.  However, He expects you to wholeheartedly try to love others in the way He Loves them.  You will not be condemned for wholeheartedly trying to love as He does and failing.  You will be condemned for not trying at all to love as He Loves.  Without faith that has no doubt in it you will not do these things.

God’s Love is Pure and Perfect

By His status of being God, His Love can only be this.  Because of this all He does for you is out of His complete love for you.  It can be nothing else as pure love fully expresses love in all it does.

He is 100% faithful to you.  Because His love is perfect it cannot be anything else.

Fear shows a lack of trust (faith) in Gods love for you in an area of your life.  If you really trust God there can be no fear in any area of your life.

Depression is a lack of belief in Gods Love toward you so that all appears hopeless, unobtainable or usually not what you think it should be.

The basis of your Christian life is Gods perfect Love for you and it is on this foundation that He builds you up and matures you so that you can love others in the same way He does.

The whole of the Christian life is designed by God to mature His type of Love in you so that you will relate to Him as you should (intimate, consuming, selfless love for Him and others) and to serve Him wholeheartedly and joyfully (as a result of appreciating His Love to you) in the way He desires you to serve Him.

Thankfulness is a result of appreciating Gods Love for you as well as what it has done for you.  If you are not thankful to God then check you appreciation of His Love and what it has done for you.

Why do we love God?

We love God because He first loved us. We love God because of what He has done for us.

It takes faith in a person to firstly accept their love (that what they are doing for us or have done for us will not harm us) and Secondly, to continue to trust them and to develop the relationship with them (that in the future they will not do anything to harm us).

This is why the Bible says There is no fear in Gods type of Love.  If we trust a person (an expression of love) we will not fear what they do!  According to your faith will be your appreciation of Gods Love and your contentment to Jesus in all circumstances.

There should be no fear in what God asks us to do! It all comes from His Love towards us.  If there is any fear, then you better find out why as it will hinder your intimacy with Him.  Deliverance (another sign of His love) and/or truth may be needed to remove any fear you may have towards God.

It is fear or selfishness that hinders our appreciation of Gods Love and what it has done for us because we do not trust (have faith in) Gods Love or do not appreciate what He is doing or has done for us.

Remember that God made you for your benefit and that He delights in you as you are His created child and not as you think you should be,  No true father hates their children but delights in them when they give their father pleasure, otherwise The Father grieves over them and does all He can to restore them to what they should be.

This is one purpose for trials: to restore us to a correct relationship with God!

God is Love

God is Love and all else flows from that.  We need to learn to Love God so that His Love can become part of our character and so that all we do will flow from our love for Him.  As out faith in God is developed we will love Him more and more and will desire to do more for Him which includes being like Him.

So how do we learn to love God in a deeper way?

We need to appreciate Him and His love for us.

We need to be thankful for what he has done for us.

We need to develop intimacy with him (communicate our heart to Him and listen to Him tell us His Heart).

We need to see our self before Him as we really are so we can appreciate what He has done for us.

We need to learn to be thankful and appreciative of what He has done for us, We need to want to do these things,

Only as we truly see and understand His love for us will our faith be developed and we will  love Him as we should.

He is Perfect Love

Everything He does to His People is out of perfect love for them.

He is always trying to:

Show His Love to you

Relate to you

Meet all your needs

Guide you to heaven

Heal you

If things are not going right:

Do not blame God!

Do not criticise Him

Do not complain to Him

That is to call His Love into disrepute.  It also shows you do not appreciate what He is doing or believe (have faith) that what He is doing is best for you.

This is dangerous!

Because God is love and an else flows from that we need to learn to Love God so that all we do flows from our deep love for Him and for His things and possessions.

God’s Faithful Love and our response

There are a lot of promises in the Bible about Gods Faithfulness and Love towards us.  Either He is a liar or they are true.  If you believe they are not true then you call Him a liar.

If you believe they are true then you must act on them.  Not to do to so is hypocrisy and can lose you your Salvation.

Whenever you do not put your trust (faith) in Jesus you are rejecting Him and not declaring Him before men.  This risks Jesus not declaring you are His follower to The Father in heaven.

If you believe what Jesus said id true you will trust Him and walk in faith knowing that all that happens to you will be for your best so that you will not be concerned at anything that happens to you and in all things you will be  content because He is in complete control of the situation expressing His love toward you.

God is faithful to you and according to your degree of faith will you be faithful to Him.

God’s Love is shown by the way He deals with us.

He is always showing His love to us. It just that sometimes we cannot feel a response in our emotions towards it.

It is not that love for Him is not there in us when we do not feel it. It is just sometimes we are more moved by it than at other times to express our love towards Him. Most of the time it is a deep knowing in our spirit that does not need expression because God knows it is there and that is all that matters.

Mercy, Grace and Favour

Do you have to ask God for his Mercy, Grace or Favour?

No!  They are all aspects of His Love and God Loves us with unlimited Love.

You need to realise they are always there, waiting for you to claim them and thank him for them which requires faith.

People mistake rewards on earth as Gods way of showing He is accepting what they are doing for Him..  Rewards are for service and prosperity is a reward not a right and God will give it to you only when He knows you will handle it properly.  Gods Mercy, Grace and Favour are primarily to do with His acceptance of you that allows him to prosper and reward you and your services  to Him as well as give you all the blessings He has for you as a result of your faith in Him and because of the relationship you have with The Father and Jesus through your obedient faith.

Remember that the rewards worth having are in heaven and not on earth so that we should not look for rewards here but only the provision of what we need (Matt 6:33) which is all that God promises us on earth.

Love needs to be worked at.

Love requires effort as it goes against the desires of our flesh which Satan uses to do everything he can to make it try and preserve itself and give itself pleasure.  It also requires faith to believe that it is worth loving in the way God does.

Love does the opposite of the flesh and its lusts, rejecting all the lusts of the flesh try to put on it and trusts God for its protection and delights in His things as it has joy from the relationship with and service of Jesus.

Love always requires effort but generally gets easier as Jesus becomes more and more Lord of the life He has given you and you develop more faith and understating in your relationship with Him.

God will test your love for him at every level of your maturity for the purposes of strengthening it.  God may appear to have deserted you, but He has never left you.  Satan tries to make it appear that way.

Gods faithfulness means He never stops loving you, regardless of what happens.

Love for Others

Unless you see people as God sees them you will not be able to love them as He loves them. You will also not relate to them as He desires you too.

While you react to people, become angry, defend your self-esteem or wear a mask as you relate to them you will never see them as they really are - as Jesus sees them.

Jesus never forces us to love others or Himself.  He asks us to love Him and not obey out of compulsion or necessity.  Your faith in Jesus will allow you to do this.

God’s Love and Satan’s attack on it

Satan tries to hide Gods Love (and thus Gods nature) from you. If he can do this then God will either be not relevant or will obeyed out of fear and legalism and will appear to be a distant, loveless, authoritarian, merciless dictator.  Faith will not be a reason for obedience to God. You will not be thankful and/or appreciative of what God does for you but will be always trying to win Gods Love and Approval. The Christian life will have no Joy or peace and will be spread to others through wrong motives. People will not be attracted by such a joyless lifestyle and will look elsewhere and find other religions and cults to follow where Satan has parodied Gods love and other principles of God.

This is what is happening. The church is not showing the Love of God to those in the world who are needy and people are finding the church irrelevant, looking to new age beliefs to help them cope with the crisis of life.

It was said of the early church O how they love! It can no longer be said of the current church!

If God is Love and His nature is Love what can be said of those in the current church system that do not show Gods Love and love others as God loves them.

By your fruits you will know them is the warning God gives to His people!

God’s Mercy is a result of His Love and Grace.

Everyone knows the story of the woman caught in adultery (Jn 8:1-11).  How the Jewish leaders tried to trap Jesus using a woman caught in adultery hoping He would say not to stone her as the law required so they could then accuse Him of blasphemy.  If Jesus had said not to stone her, He would have contravened the Mosaic Law so could not be the Messiah!  He did not accuse her but ignored them and wrote on the ground and they were puzzled.  He had not reacted as they had thought he would.  so they kept asking him as if he had not heard the first time.

He did not tell them not to stone her and break The Law, but said those who were sinless could carry it out.

Jesus got up and said: Let he who has not sin cast the first stone.  And the accusers all left starting with the eldest and ending with the youngest.  They realised that they too were sinners and deserved judgment and that God alone had the right to judge and punish.

Jesus had the right to condemn her but did not. This attitude was in line with the New Testament He was ushering in based on Love and Mercy and not the legalism of The Law that these people were trying to use trap Jesus with (Jn 3:17).  This beautiful event shows God approaches our sins with Mercy and not Judgment.

There is now no excuse for believing God cannot forgive your sins (except for one against The Holy Spirit - the irreverent treating of The Holy Spirit and the things of His to the extent you no longer value Him or have His Presence in you because of the rejection and/or ridicule you have given Him).  Jesus has demonstrated God is merciful and forgiving.  So we too should be merciful and forgiving of those that offend us in the same way God forgives us.  Unforgiveness, if not repented of, will lose you your salvation.

You might not like what the person does but you still have to forgive them and relate to them correctly as they are a child of The Father.

Compassion and Grief

Compassion is love expressed for another that seeks to comfort them in their trials.  People mistake sadness or grief for compassion at times.  Compassion implies God is able to Act while grief implies God has failed.  A Christian should never grieve over the living as there is always hope until the person is buried in the ground.  God can still raise the dead, if it is His Will and has at times has done so and given them a chance to choose for or against Him.

Expressing God

The Nature of God must be expressed in all you do and that nature is Love.  If you do not express or try to express this Love then you are not expressing Gods character.  You do not have the faith required:

In His control of all circumstance

Believe it is worth doing

Believe that faith in His love being required to be expressed in all you do

Have a love for Jesus that drives you to unquestioningly obey Him in all you do.

All you do must have love as its motivation, even if it is only doing mundane tasks properly because you love God and want to show it by how you do things each day.  Our life then becomes continual worship to God.  Worship that is not based on Love is empty worship and is only lip service to Jesus as Lord.

The Faithfulness God requires

The faithfulness which God requires is not perfect faithfulness.  But it is faithfulness carried out wholeheartedly to the best told your ability to be faithful. In other words, you are as faithful as you are able to be.

God has promised to never ask of you more than you are able to do (1 Cor 10:13). For him to ask you to do things perfectly would result in God asking you to do more than you are capable of doing.

There is a principal that God follows when He asks us to do things. He will never ask us to do more than we are capable of doing. In other words, the faithfulness God requires you to do is only that which you are capable of doing.

The Loving-kindness of God

Loving-kindness is the Tenderness and Mercy God shows to you because of His Love for you.  This expression of Gods Loving-kindness is shown to you because of your salvation relationship with The Father and Jesus.

It is as eternal as God is, unable to be fully comprehended by us and is something we should show to others if we claim to love in the same way Jesus does.

It is the type of love a parent has for their child and because we are His adopted children He shows this to us.

This Loving-kindness (tenderness/mercy) is in all He does for us so we would never fear or doubt Gods purposes for us as to so do would doubt this Loving-kindness of His towards us as well as be a lack of faith in it.

The loving kindness of God was a major theme in The Old Testament. They knew how much Gods Love had done for them as well as how much He was still doing for them and would continue to do for them, both individually and as a nation.

They knew Their relationship with God was only because He had instigated it and was maintaining it (Hos 2:19 principle). They realised that it was the love of God that made this relationship possible (Jer 31:3). They understood that God sustained them and maintained the relationship they had with Him. (Is 40:11)

Their response was a desire to be Like God, showing His type of Love to all they interacted with (Ps 119:88). They knew God would be merciful to all who truly repented because of His Loving kindness to them (Ps 51:1). They realised that because of His Loving kindness to them that His Mercy was a natural outflow of His Love for them (Is 54:8)

It was because of Gods Loving-kindness toward them that they asked God to give them spiritual life and to evaluate (judge) them to do what was necessary for Him to be able to quicken them (make them more spiritually alive Ps 119:149).

They knew He would listen  to them because of His Loving-kindness toward them.  They meditated on the Loving-kindness of God and it motivated them to live pure (godly, holy) lives.  His Love for them motivated them to love Him in return and also to obey and serve Him (Ps 26:3).  His Loving-kindness was with them in trials and suffering and sustained them in these (Ps 42:7-8).

His Loving-kindness redeemed them from destruction and was the main attitude of God in all He did too and for them (Ps 103:4).

Gods Loving-kindness is eternal.  It s never completely removed or we would cease to exist.  If we do not see it then we need to ask God to give us understanding  to be able to see and understand how He is showing it to us at that moment (Ps 89:33, Is 51:10)..

When They had done wrong they drew attention to Gods examples of His Loving kindness to them in the past.  More To reassure themselves than the doubting of Gods continual loving kindness toward them (Ps 25:6. 89:49).

They desired Him to show His Loving-kindness towards them so they asked God to give them understanding of it. (Ps 17:7,143:8).

In The New Testament we are given a greater realisation and understanding of Gods Love so we know it is always shown to us so that we do not need to ask for Him to give it to us. What we are to ask for is a greater understanding of His Love and its working in our daily life!

Our response to Gods Loving kindness should be to Love and praise Him for it and to tell others about it (which is what evangelism really is).  It should also develop our faith more in His Love for us.

Gods Love did not change Character in The New Testament. We were given a greater understanding of it.

Perhaps if we appreciated the Loving kindness of God more we would respond more and love, serve and obey Him more

The Loving kindness of God is the Hebrew (Old Testament) concept of Gods Love.  It is Gods gentle, tender Love and Mercy we lose in our rather austere definition of Gods Love.  Their revelation of it was not complete as its fullness is found in Jesus and He had not come to earth until The Old Testament portion of the Bible was complete (even though The Old Testament Covenant was not really completed until Jesus died at Calvary).

They saw Gods Loving-kindness as being greater than anything, being able to forgive and accept them regardless of what they had done (Neh 9:17). They saw it as something Wonderful (Ps 36:7); Good (Ps 69:16) that all could trust in and shelter under.   It was seen as something to marvel at, that the God of all could love them this way (Ps 17:7, 31:21)

They realised that God showed His Loving kindness in many ways and told other people of these ways. This did three things:

It gave them a better understanding of how God was showing His Love towards them:

It showed how God could Love Them

It also brought Him Glory, Praise and Honour as His Nature of Love was broadcast to the entire world around them.

If loving-kindness is a part of Gods Love then we too should show this in all we do and indeed we should as the components of loving-kindness are all found in The Fruit of The Holy Spirit.

Our Response to God’s Love

 God always loves us to the best of His ability as He is God and perfect in all He does.  People should never be upset over what happens as His Love is in it in its fullest toward them.  To do other than rejoice over His Love and control being expressed to you in its fullest possible way calls His Character into question as well as the degree of His expression of His Love to you to you.

(1 John 4:19 KJV) We love him, because he first loved us.
(John 14:15 KJV) If ye love me, keep my commandments.
1 John 4:16 And we have known and believed the love that God hath to us. God is love: and he that dwelleth in love, dwelleth in God, and God in him.

How we respond to Gods Love will be determined by our Faith in whom we believe God is, has done for us, is doing for us now and will do or us.  If our response to Gods Love is inappropriate (we ae not doing His Will as we should) we need to find out why and deal with it in case the attitude behind this failure may prevent us going to heaven.  Unforgiveness may be a cause and that will definitely prevent us going to heaven (Matt 6:1415.

The Man of Love 

(The Perspectives of a person whom expresses God’s Love Mat 5:3-11).

The person who knows Gods Love realizes nothing in this world is as important as knowing God and expressing His Love to others and from this position of knowledge, tries to meet the need for Gods Love in others, through expressing Gods love to them. Worldly matters are not important to these people as Gods spiritual purposes outweigh all worldly considerations. They Love and so serve God out of love and gratitude for what He has done for them and are in an intimate relationship with Him desiring others to be in a similar relationship. Gods nature of Love is a part of their makeup and main motivation as a person in all they do.  It permeates their every thought and is a natural expression of their character.

What God’s Love is (1 Cor. 13 4:7)

The way of the person who expresses Gods Love

A person with God’s love is patient with others
They are kind to others and help them in a useful way
They are not jealous of others and are willing to help them in any Godly endeavour
They do not promote themselves at the expense of the feelings and emotions of others
They do not boast at the expense of the feelings and emotions of others
They do not indulge in inappropriate behaviour.
They do not seek their own advantage at the expense of others
They are not easily provoked or angered by others
They do not think evil things of others and accept them as they are
They do not delight in evil but delight in truth and integrity
They endure silently the wrongs done to them and do not tell others about these
They have a positive attitude to the spiritual state of others
They always look for what is best for others and help them achieve this
They have the inner strength and spiritual maturity to sustain this attitudes of Love!

(Source unknown)

Love must be expressed in some way.

Love is intangible (cannot be seen in itself).  It only exists when it is expressed even if only if it results in doing nothing.  Usually it will be seen in some way by an action.  It is like faith which can only be seen when it is expressed.  But then spiritual qualities are only visible when expressed which is why The Kingdom of God can only be seen when it is expressed by a citizen of it.

Until it results in an action, or even inaction, love is only a concept or theory.

The love of God requires a response from us.  We either Love God in return and express this in our obedience to Jesus, be indifferent (which in a sense is a rejection of Gods requirements of us) or reject Jesus outright as agnostics, atheists and their king, Satan does (which really includes those in the new age as Satan is their god whether they know it or not because he is their ruler and demands to be treated like one!)

If we Love Jesus we will keep His commandments and serve Him as He desires us to serve Him.   Jesus said the evidence of our Love for Him would be shown by the way we obeyed Him and according to the degree of our faith will be the degree we obey Him.

He said that those who obeyed Him would love others with the same quality of Love with which He Loves them with. If you do not Love others with the same qualify of Love which Jesus loves them with you will not see the necessity to obey Him and do the work of The Kingdom of God!

What is the work of the The Kingdom of God?

Rescuing people from the kingdom of His enemy, Satan, and then teaching Them how to live as a citizen of The Kingdom of God.

Delivering and healing them from what Satan did to them while they were citizens of his Kingdom.

Destroying The works of the enemy, The devil, and hindering the expansion of his kingdom.

The Father gives everyone what they need to get to heaven.  He would not be a God of Love if He did not do this.

Each soul is precious to Him so that He perseveres until there is no longer a hope of their responding to Him.

If we Love The Father we too will love His created people in the way He does and will do all He asks us to do to show people what they need to do to get to heaven and we will persevere as He does, not considering the cost to us because we will value souls as highly as He does.

What are you willing to suffer to stop a soul going to hell?

If we trust Gods Love as we obey Him we will not question what He allows to happen to us.

Trusting Gods Love means you believe God always works for your best in all circumstances whether or not you understand how this is happening.

To be impatient or question what is happening to you is to doubt Gods Love and control of your circumstances.

Part of loving God is enduring trials for Him and His Kingdom, even To the point of death (Rev 12:11).  So if you are not willing to die for Jesus you had better find out why.  If you deny Him you will lose your salvation as He will deny He knew you before The Father in heaven.

God gave us the weapons to fight Satan so expects us to use them.  Although He could fight Satan, He has asked us to do it and does not interfere unless it is to limit what Satan can do.   As He has given us the authority to deal with Satan He expects us to use it.

If you love God you will be doing His things.  The things He requires a citizen of His Kingdom to do.

Not only are we to fight for The Kingdom but we are to declare what God has done for you and others so that others can appreciate He is Love and that He seeks only to help people to know Him and be who they can be as a person.

Unless you show others Gods quality of Love and not just tell them of it how will they know they are loved by Him?

As part of Gods Love for His Kingdom He created a place for those defiled by sin to be separated from His Holiness and Kingdom so that it was not polluted by this defilement of Sin (hell).

If we love God we will separate our self from the defilement of sin and all else that defiles us no matter what it costs us as we desire to keep our self holy (wholly) for God, His Kingdom and His purposes.

According to our faith will be out attempt to be and stay holy for Jesus.

Offending God

Jesus said that whatever you do to a citizen of His Kingdom you do to Him (Matt 25:40).  But He did not call them Citizens, He called them brethren (family).  So when you offend a fellow Christian you are firstly offending the person and secondly offending Jesus.

This is why it is so important to clear up these matters of offence or unforgiveness as they are against God and the person.  If they are not cleared up you are out of fellowship with God and may lose your salvation if deliberately not repented of.

If you Love God, you will not offend His people (family) so that you will not offend Him.  This is why the Bible state we need to have a conscience that does not want to harm anyone in anyway.

Thankfulness and God’s Love

If you do not trust Gods Love you will find it difficult to thank Him for what you have or what happens to you.

Faith is required to:

Believe God Loves you

Trust His Love

Believe He gives you what you need

Be thankful He has done that

Without faith it is impossible to please Him or be thankful to Him for what He has done for you and others.

So how do we Learn to Love God?

The Holy Spirit teaches us what Gods quality of Love is like as well as how to express it and shows us how God has shown this to us in our life so we can appreciate His Love to us.  This then results in a response in us toward the Love God has shown to us:

We find out who Jesus is and trust Him for Salvation

We Love Him for what He has done for us which increases our faith in Him and our love for Him which increases our faith in Him.  And so the cycle continues of love causing greater faith and faith causing greater love.

We are Told to love God with our whole heart.  God is wholehearted in His Love towards us so we should also be wholehearted in our love toward God.  Anything less and we are not showing Gods quality of Love

As we begun to see and understand Gods love to us it should produce in us thankfulness as we appreciate all He has done for us when we did not know we needed it and did not deserve it!

This is a part of His Grace which is a natural expression of His Love as is His Mercy and compassion.

Compassion and graciousness to others should be a natural expression of Gods quality of Love in us as should be loving service.

The nature of Love is that of a servant and God serves us in many ways we do not realise.  He does this out of His Love for us.

He does not serve us to obtain anything from us.  He serves the wicked, keeping them alive, trying to have them understand the truths they need to know so that they will not reject Him but accept all He offers them.

How much more will He serve (meet the needs) of those who love Him.

You should serve out of love for God and for the person God has asked you to serve. He loves them and asks you to serve them out of love for Him.

God’s Love toward man

The source of all pure love is God (1 Jn 4:7) and He has commanded us To love others as He loves them (1 Jn 14:21).

The only real moral commandment Jesus left us is to Love others in the same way He loves them (Jn 13:34-35).  All the other commands are an expression of this command.

The only one who can teach us to love this way is God (1 Thes 4:9) as all that the world offers, controlled by Satan, is against the love of God (1 Jn 2:15-16)!

The Love of God in you is evidence of the presence of The Holy Spirit in you as it is the first of The Fruit of The Holy spirit from which all the other fruit comes and grows from.

It is our Love for Jesus that enables us to place our faith in Him regardless what happens to us!

Only the pure in heart can love in the way God does. (I Pet 1:22)

The nature of love is that of a servant so Gods type of Love in you will result in service to others.  This will be a natural expression of your love for them regardless of the cost to you of serving them.  It will be really service to Jesus that results in your serving them (1 Thes 1:3, Heb 6:10, Mat 25:40).

Love will always exist, not only now but in heaven (1 Cor 13:13) which is why it is important on earth to work at loving in the way God does.

It is to be remembered that life is not a preparation for earth but for heaven!

Gods quality of Love is the attitude you need to have if you would try and serve and obey Jesus in the way he desires you too (1 Tim 1:5) and to prepare yourself properly for heaven.

If you do not minister love to others as you serve them then your gifts, sacrifices or anything else done is not acceptable to God as it is not done in His Love but will be done for gain of some sort.  You will not minister Gods love to them but will minister out of your own personal need.  You may have some reward for the labour but it really does not represent Him in the spiritual dimension.

You represent God and His love to people on earth and unless you show this to them they will have no reason to be attracted to Jesus and what He has done for them.

It is the love of God that draws people and we are the only way people on earth will see it.  It is faith expressed in the demonstration of this Love that shows people God is real.

God’s Love in Suffering

God only ever gives you what you need to be able to do what He desires you too or to endure a trial or situation He is allowing you to go through.  To do anything more could allow you to be opened up to temptation and/or expose you to sin.

No loving Father gives a child what is bad for them or which will lead them astray into evil.

The Father in heaven loves you more than any earthly father and will never do anything that is not for your good. This means He will never ask you to endure or do more than you are capable of doing or enduring.

Next time you are suffering, remember this love of The Father in heaven and rest in it and His control over all your circumstances because you know that all works for your best in the trial and that the trial is really a sign of His love towards you.  If He did not care about you He would not put you through a trial as He does not need you to go through it for His sake but only for your sake (Rom 8:28).

He will always make a way to deal with the trial and it will never be more than you can handle or He would not be a God of Love (1Cor 10:13).

He is either using the trial to mature and teach you, show you are worthy of His trust, prepare you so He can use you to minister or to draw you back to the path He has prepared for you which you have strayed from.

If you cannot trust the Love of God what is left to trust?

He shows His Love for you in that He risks losing you as a result of the trial through your giving up and taking the easy way out of it.  But those that persevere to the end He will use for His Kingdom in a way they would never have thought possible or have been able to imagine.

Heb 11:6  But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.


Gods faithfulness is an expression of Gods Integrity.

He loves you and perseveres faithfully in His Love to you because He is true to His Character (and God is Love) so is not fickle or changeable in His love to you like hypocrites are.

If you love someone you will be faithful to them so If you really love God you will be faithful to Him.  You will not do anything to hurt or offend Him.

This is how God deals with you and how you should relate to Him if you really love Him.

Gods faithfulness is expressed in His Loving-kindness to us which combines the concept of compassion, kindness and Grace, all of which are an expression of His Love.

Love and order

God is a God of order.  He desires you to have your life ordered.  Disorder comes from the suggestions and attacks of Satan.  So that the first thing you may need to do to get order into an area of your life is to repent in an area of your life and/or have deliverance in that area.

Anyone who does not have an ordered live is driven in areas by a demon and needs to be delivered from th at demon.

If you love God, you will do all you can to reflect His order in your life and mirror the order He has in creation.  If you do not love God or have any deliverance you need, you will reflect the disorder of Satan in your life.

Love seeks to please another and if you love God you will seek to please Him and bring your life and all you have under your stewardship into the order He desires it be in.  The Holy Spirit will guide you what to do if you are willing to listen to Him and be helped by Him.

Remember that Love is not a feeling but an attitude that may result in a feeling so that you should never let feelings determine your love for a person but it should be evidence by your attitude to them

So what evidence is there that The Love of God is in a person?

They will exhibit The Fruit of The Spirit

They will obey and serve Jesus regardless of the cost to them (including death)

They will minister to Him and as He directs, to others

They will do the work of The Kingdom of God:


Deliverance and healing

Destroying the works of the Devil

Ministering out of love for Jesus and the person being ministered too

They will desire to spend intimate time with The Father, Jesus and The Holy Spirit

They will do all they can to learn about The Father, Jesus and The Holy Spirit

They will be thankful to God and appreciative of what He is doing in all their circumstances

The Love of God is the mark of the citizen of The Kingdom of God and its expression matures its citizens.

If you are not exhibiting, or at least trying to exhibit Gods type of Love in all you do then you better find out why.  Jesus only gave one moral command in The New Testament.  The Law of Love in Jn 13:34-35 on which all else we are told to do in The New Testament is based on. It has no escape clause to allow you a way out.

To deliberately not try to love with the same type of Love God has will result in loss of salvation if not repented of (Rev 3:5).  According to your faith will be the expression of Gods quality of love in your life.

If you are trying to exhibit Gods type of Love but have difficulty in doing this then you may need deliverance to be able to show Gods type of Love in what you do each day.

You need to be able to express Gods Love in all you do, especially as you minister to another.  In a sense all interaction is either ministry or being ministered too.  So without Gods quality of Love in all you do you will not live as He requires you too.

Love and Knowing God

If you love someone you will seek to spend time with them and learn more about them so that you can relate to them properly and not do anything to offend or hurt them.  If you Love God, you will seek to deepen the intimacy with Him and to serve Him better in all you do for Him.  Remember all we do is in some service to either God or the devil.  So if you love God you will do only that which pleases Him and which also serves Him.

There are only two possible kings to serve.  God or Satan and one reason to know God better is so you can know what is from Him and what is from The devil. When you serve yourself before that which God desires you to do you are really serving Satan.

Love and Intimacy

According to your degree of love, respect for the integrity of a person and faith in a person will be the degree of intimacy and disclosure you will have with that person.  You will not share your life and its problems with someone you cannot trust.

How much you love and appreciate God will determine how much you will desire to spend time with Him as well as what you will disclose to Him and He will disclose of Himself to you.  Disclosing things to Him is not so He will know them because He knows everything, but is more for our sake so we can deal with them with His help.

How do I know I have greater intimacy with God?  By spending time with Him sharing my heart with His heart.  He will reveal more and more of Himself to me and will give me more spiritual insight in my daily life.

Satan tries to make you fear God to destroy the intimacy and trust you have with God.  But God is pure love and should never be feared by those who wholeheartedly try to obey Him.

If God required perfect obedience then none would satisfy Him.  He knows we are imperfect and will do wrong.  All He requires is for us to repent and wholehearted try to do what is correct (Luke 9:62).  It is not what you achieve that matters but the attitude you show as you do the achievement that matters.  You may do wonderful things for God, but if they are not done with His quality of Love in His eyes they will be worth nothing.

If you fear God or see Him as a legalist and do not feel worthy of his acceptance and of approaching Him, or feel unacceptable to Him, then you need deliverance.  (I deal with this on my website

The Christian life is a life of intimacy with God in which the love relationship with Him is matured and if you do not have this intimacy you need to find out why and then deal with it.  Deliverance and emotional healing in an area of your life is usually necessary.

Love and Stewardship

The Christian life is all about correct stewardship of what God has given you, including your life and its attitudes. Correct stewardship is a result of love for God and His things (including what He has given you to be a steward of).  The Christian life then is really an expression of your love for God and His things because of your faith in whom He is and because of His Love for you.

Your love for God will be an expression of how you appreciate what He has done for you as well as how you understand your complete reliance on Him for everything and that every good thing you have comes from God as a result of His Grace.

Even rewards are a sign of His Love and Grace.  He does not have to give them but does so out of His Love for us.

Your Love for God will be shown in the way: you relate to Him, those that love you, those that hate you, those that are indifferent or ignore you as well as how you look after what He gives you to be stewards of (the things He trusts you with).

Stewardship of Love

True Love is very precious to God and He expects you to treasure it as a rare jewel a jewel rare in the sensuous world of the kingdom of darkness. It is through their love the early Christians were marked in their sensual times. Should it be any different now? Only as Gods Love is expressed through us in a loveless world will people see anything worthwhile in our faith!

Faithfulness is tied up with Love, If you love someone you will be faithful to them.

As a steward

As a Servant

As a spouse

As a friend

If you Love someone with Gods quality of Love you will serve them not for your benefit as worldly love does obtaining all you can get for yourself out of the relationship. But you will serve them faithfully for their benefit.

Only as you faithfully serve God out of love for Him and those He sends you to serve on His behalf, will you satisfy Gods requirement of you as His servant.

Remember, that God is our Steward and it is because of His Faithfulness that we grow and mature in the life He has given us.  In this He is our example of faithfulness.

How do you show love to a person

1 Cor 13: 4-7 and Gal 5: 22-23, show the expression of love by defining its characteristics. But really the attitude behind its expression is important.  Without the proper attitudes behind whatever you do it will not express Gods Character.

A person who expresses Gods type of Love will derive only what is best for another and will willingly humble themself to serve a person out of love for them.  They will willingly do whatever is necessary to help another but will never do what another should be doing for themselves removing their responsibility from them which will actually work against the other person maturing as a person.

As you understand how Gods Love is expressed toward you it strikes a chord in your heart and will raise in you a desire to Love and serve God and others humbly in the way God serves us and others.

This is perhaps the chief mark of a Christian that they love others with the same type of love God Loves them and others with and that all they do should be a result of the expression of this type of love to God and others.

How do you learn to express God’s Love?

Its qualities are expressed in Gal 5:22-23 and 1 Cor 14:4-7, which primarily say the same thing.

It requires self-discipline, the suppressing of the flesh that Satan tries to use against us to stop Gods quality of Love being expressed by us in a situation.

In a sense, it is a battle against Satan as he uses the flesh and its attitudes to try and make you reject performing God’s quality of Love in all you do.  This means you need to:

Know how to defeat Satan when he attacks

Need to know how to correctly hear The Holy Spirit so you know what to do in the situation.

The attitude of Love for God and faith in His purposes and control fights the attitudes of worry and fear. Worry and fear are attitudes Satan tries to make us have so we doubt Gods Love for us and His control over our circumstances and we will be more hesitant to serve Him and trust His Will and control.

This is why we should never become angry, react, argue or assume things so Satan cannot use them to place wrong attitudes in us that go against faith in and love to God and the expression of these things in our life.

It is to be remembered that the expression in our life of the Quality of Love God has will result in our expressing Gods attitude to a person as this type of Love expresses Gods attitude to people.

To express this quality of love you will need to discipline the flesh so it does not get in the road of your spirit as it responds to the promptings of The Holy Spirit as He guides you how to express the Quality of Gods Love in your life.

If you truly love Jesus then all you will see as you minister is His Love for the person being ministered to and how He wants it expressed to them.

We must remember that in heaven, the Love of God permeates everything, so we must learn to express Gods quality of Love in all we do on earth as preparation for our life in heaven.

As we listen to The Holy Spirits advice on what to do in that situation we will show Gods quality of Love as we deal with whatever the problem is in the way He tells us too.

Relationships or activities not based or motivated by Gods quality of love are selfish and will misuse other people or things

Speech and attitudes

Eph 4:29 Let not any evil word go out from your mouth, but words that are good and useful for edification that it may impart a blessing to those who hear them.

Tit 2:8 Choose sound words that are instructive, so that no man can point the finger of scorn at us, that he of opposition may be ashamed, having nothing bad to say about you.

Mat 12:35-37  The good man out of the good treasure of the heart puts forth good things. And the evil man out of the evil treasure puts forth evil things.  But I say to you, that every vain word, whatever men may speak, they shall give an account of it in Judgement Day.  For by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned.

Vain = negative, useless

Love will only speak to a person that which will encourage and help them as all else will be a lack of love toward that person.  This is why you must think before you speak and say only what The Holy Spirit desires you to say.

God is positive and speaks only life and encouragement to all.

Satan is negative, speaking only death and discouragement to all.

God never puts negative thoughts, emotions or attitudes in you.  These can only come from Satan.  There is nothing wrong with the initial occurring of these in you.  The problem is when you accept these (what Satan has suggested to you) and so speak incorrectly to or of another, speaking the things Satan desires said about them.

So whenever you have a negative thought, emotion or attitude, remember these are Satans attempts to have you accept them to gain a foothold in you, so you will sin.

When these occur, in Jesus Name immediately send them (and the demons behind them) to The Throne of Judgment to be dealt with by Jesus and ask The Holy Spirit to replace them.

These attacks are usually Satan trying to get a foothold in your mind, but if they are coming from within you then you really need to do deliverance to get rid of them and any damage they have done to you.

A Christian should never speak anything negative about anyone.  If they cannot stop doing this, then they need deliverance in an area of their life.

They can show what The Bible says they are doing wrong but cannot condemn or judge them as they too are sinners.

Remember, it is not the thought that initially occurs in you which is the sin, but the acceptance of [t which results in its eventual expression by you,.  The acceptance of these is the sin.  Their expression just shows you have sinned already and are putting into action the expression of the sin in you.

Love and Sin

Sin is the result of a lack of love and incorrect stewardship of something expressed to another expressed as selfish desire desiring to use another in some way for self-gratification.  It also shows a lack of love toward God.

It is usually a result of trying to provide for our own needs or imagined needs and not trusting God to provide them or to wait for His timing or their provision.

The Bible says that whatever is not of love is sin and that sin breaks The Law of Love, because that is the only real Law that is broken (all other laws being an example of how not to break this law or the consequence of breaking this law).

Expressing Gods quality of Love fulfills His requirements so that you do not fall short of His moral requirements.  Expressing Gods Love also results in correct stewardship.

So when you deliberately do something for your own selfish benefit the Bible says you sin (fall short of Gods requirements).

Repentance is required or may end up losing your salvation if you do not want to repent of the sin


I was challenged to not cause offence to anyone and to show only Gods Love in all I do.

I was puzzled as you can cause offence to those you correct or guide in accordance with The Bible.

Then I got the necessary insight.

We represent Jesus so when we do His will if anyone is offended then they are offended by Him as we are only the messenger.  It is when we do not do things in humility and meekness and  promote ourselves as having some part in the decision to correct instead of just being bearers of the Will of Jesus that we offend, even if only God.

So how do we offend?

Correcting others or disciplining others from our own reasonings and not what Jesus says should be done.

 Not correcting in meekness and humility

 Not showing Gods Love in all we do and thus causing a person to be hurt in some way.

Placing our own needs before that of another who needs our assistance in some way.

Judging the person instead of showing them that The Bible is judging them and you are only telling them what The Bible is.


Lust occurs when selfish desire is promoted over selfless desire.

Lust is any love expressed by you that does not fulfill the desire (Love) of God for a person It is a desire for something God does not want you to have or do.  It is directed towards things Satan wants you to have or do so it is directed away from Gods Will for that event or activity.

Lust promotes and provides for your selfish desires and negates Gods protection, promotion and provision of your needs and work against His Plan for your life.

Lust promotes itself in three ways:

An incorrect desire for fleshly/spiritual pleasures that is not Godly

An incorrect desire for what you see

An incorrect desire for promotion and self-importance.

All really are a result of a lack of faith in God not meeting a need of yours in some way.

1 Jn 2:15-16  Do not love the world, neither the things that are in it, for whoever loves the world does not have the love of The Father in him.  For everything that is in the world: the desire of the body and the lust of the eyes and the pride of temporal life, these are not from  The Father but these are from the world. 

Lust is designed to overwhelm the voice of The Holy Spirit in you and capture you in that area for Satan and his kingdom of hell!

To avoid lust you need to discipline your flesh so you can focus on God and his things.

1 Cor 9:27  But I subdue my body and I enslave it, lest I who have preached to others would be disqualified myself.

Unless you can discipline yourself in an area God will not usually use you to teach others in that area but Satan will as he tries to use you for the purposes of is kingdom.

Lust is abuse of what God has asked you to do and also is an abuse of the person you show the lust too!  Whatever is not of love is abuse!  Whatever is not of love is not of faith.

In its truest sense, abuse is using someone incorrectly for your own selfish purposes.  It has to be intentional to be abuse otherwise it is not willfully done.  Selfishness is a willful act and not an accidental one.

So whenever you have used someone for your own selfish purposes, even if only to have them bring you a cup of tea, because you were too lazy to get it, you have abused them with lust.

Unforgiveness and unreconciled offences

Unforgiveness and unreconciled offences show a lack of love toward a person.  Unreconciled offences are a sign of unforgiveness.  Both will lose you your salvation if not repented of.  Unforgiveness is a major cause of Christians going to hell.

If you do not forgive others, The Father in heaven will not forgive you (Matt 6:14-15).

If you are not forgiven by The Father you do not go to heaven.

If you believe (have faith in) what God said about this you will forgive them

If you love them in the way God Loves them you will forgive them.

However if it is dangerous to try and reconcile then ask God what to do.  As long as you have the correct attitude to reconciliation then God will respect whatever you wholeheartedly do to try and reconcile.

God would be a hypocrite if He let you into heaven if you refused to love others as He requires you too. He would be ignoring His own requirements. Until you forgive the person who offended you or at least try too, God will not hear your prayer (except the one of repenting of the wrong attitude) or cannot accept any ministry, gift or other thing you do. (Matt 5:43-48).

You are to love people and not the wrong they may do then you will have the character of Love your Father in heaven has (Matt 543-48).

The Fathers desire is for all too come to a knowledge of Jesus. If you love others as He Loves them this will also be your desire for others.

Trials and God’s Love

People complain about their life and/or circumstances.  God, out of His Love for you, saw this was the best time for you to be born and live.  He made you so you could cope with all that is happening around you as long as you do it with His strength in you, His provision for you as well as under the guidance of The Holy Spirit.  If you do not believe this and have not faith in Gods Love for you then you will never be content with your life.

What does it mean if you were born in the best time for you to be born in?

What you face you are able to deal with or you would have been born at another time

Whatever happens to you, you will be able to deal with through the guidance of The Holy Spirit

People do not realise this and complain about their circumstances.  This calls Gods Love into question.  God does all He can for them but often their circumstances are a result of their own choices and not things God has imposed on them (Gal 6:7-8 applies and God does not go against our free will).

They forget the purposes of trials:

They mature you

They prepare you for service to God

They show you are worthy of what He is going to do through you

They are used to remove from you attitudes, relationships and possessions that would hinder your Christian life and growth

They bring you back to the path God has for you that you have wandered away from.

No matter how dark it may seem, remember Gods Love is in there somewhere.  It is just that we cannot see it working.  Faith is required to accept this so  you can endure the trial to its end.

So look forward to what God will do for you in the exciting times ahead and trust His Love, Control and Purposes in all that He asks you to do for Him

Remember, to complain says that God does not Love you.

Jesus once said to me:

When you have created a universe and given it all up to go to planet you have created to teach them what you require knowing they will put you to a cruel death and most will still ignore you,  then come and complain about your circumstances.

Conclusion to this section

What can one say abbout the Love of God?  With all its wonder, beauty and Grace?

It strikes a chord deep in those who love Him and drives them to love and serve Him regardless of the cost to them.

They do not look for reward in what they do for God but only to please the one whom they love (God).

If His Love does not motivate your life then you better examine why.  Expressing His type and quality of love to all around you will mature you fully into His Image (Character).  A citizen of The Kingdom of God should show Gods quality of Love in all they do!

God has put everything He has into expressing His Love to you.  What price are you willing to pay to love and serve Him as He loves and serves you!  To love Him above all that the world offers you!

You will never fully understand and appreciate Gods Love to you.  But this should not stop you trying to express it or understand it in your life and the life of others.  Your faith should fill in the gaps or your understanding about God and His things.

The Holy Spirit promises to teach you how to show Gods quality of love to others as well as to strengthen you to be able to do it so that you have no excuse for not trying to express it.  The expression of this type of love shows the presence of The Holy Spirit in you and that you belong to Jesus.

As the expressing of Gods Love is a command (Jn 13:34-35) you have no choice but to wholeheartedly try and do it.  There is no escape clause which means you have no choice in the matter.  Express it or disobey God.

As it is a required act of obedience to express Gods quality of Love and knowingly not doing this will lose you your salvation.

You may need deliverance to succeed to do this but that does not stop you from trying to express it.  You will only have yourself to blame if you do not try to do whatever you need too to express the Love of God in all you do.

As always, the choice to express or not express His Love is yours and yours alone and you alone will answer to God as to whether you were a good steward or not of His Love in you!

The Bible states:

Lam 3:22-23  It is of the LORD’S mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not.  They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness.

Gods Mercy and compassion never fails.  His Love never ceases.  It is we who cannot see it or appreciate it at times so that we feel God has deserted us.  This is when faith is exercised to believe in Gods Love toward you even when it no longer seems to be there.

The core of The Gospel is that God is love and that all He has done for us is out of this Love and it is when you forget this that Satan can play havoc with your mind causing you terrible fear.

May you understand Gods Love in an ever increasing way till it consumes you in all you do!


As you can see we are surrounded by a universe full of Gods love.  All designed for our best

The more we appreciate what God has done for us, The more we will love Him, the more our faith in Him will increase.

There are no accidents with God.  Whatever happens to you has a purpose and will be a manifestation of Gods Love toward you.

Seek to express Gods Love in all you do to you so you will mature and be truly an adopted child of the Father giving Him Joy and pleasure for which He created you for doing that which will also result in the greatest pleasure for you. Now and in eternity to come!

Conclusion to the book

As it can be seen faith and love go hand in hand.  Faith expresses itself in doing the work of God and Gods quality of Love is the manner in which it is done.  Each builds the other up as they are exercised.

As a Christian you show your faith through doing the work of God and doing it in Love shows you are doing it from a correct motive - the expression of Gods quality of Love to another.

If you do not show Gods Love to another then ask if you have faith as one must have the other to be effective.  Remember, The  . Bible says that faith without works is deadit is not living faith.  So if you are not doing what God desires you to do then ask if you have faith and even if you have salvation?

Salvation is a love relationship with Jesus and The Father and if you deliberately do not do their Will there is no relationship and there is no salvation.


1 Cor 13:13 For there are these three things that endure: Faith, Hope and Love, but the greatest of these is Love.





Reading the Bible is an act of faith, worship and Love:

Faith in something you believe in which is why you read it

Worship because you believe is better than any other book and that it is from God

Love because you are reading about someone you love and love to read about Him.

Reading it as a chore or habit is the wrong way to approach i