The Father and you

The Father says:

You are an adopted child of The Father in heaven and so you are in a relationship of father and child. You will live in this relationship together for ever so now is the time you need to learn about it and how to develop it.

So how does a father and child relate to each together.

They love each other in the way Jesus said to love others. This is the basis of all that happens in the relationship. If this love is not there then the relationship will not be what it should be.

How do you show your love for The Father?

Do you even recognise He exists and desires to personally relate to you?

Do you rejoice in what He is doing for you now and will do for you for ever in Heaven?

Do you look forward to being in His presence and seeing His face in heaven?

Every good and perfect thing you have or will have comes from The Father. Do you appreciate that?

The Lord Jesus protects it and The Holy Spirit gives you understanding of it.

So how grateful are you to for every good thing you have now and will have in heaven.?

You need to develop a greater appreciation of your relationship with The Father and understanding of His Love for you.

So how do you develop a greater understanding of His Love?

By learning what it says in The Bible about Him and what He has and will do for you.

By what The Holy Spirit shows you of His Love for you in action in your life.

By talking to Him and listening of what He shows about Himself nd His activities He has done and is doing on your behalf and by understanding what He said He will do for you in heaven.

Remember that you have been adopted by The Father in heaven.

You are part of His family as is every other Christian who has been adopted by The Father.

So how do you develop your relationship with The Father?

You spend time together

You do things together

You share your feelings and emotions

The talk to each other and listen to the other person as they share themselves with you

You joyfully serve and help each other

Nothing is too hard to do for them

You are interested in them, their problems and joys

They are like a family member whom you share your life with

According to the degree of intimacy will be the depth of a relationship

Remember that you are created you to have an intimate relationship with The Father. All Satan does to you is designed to destroy this relationship.

Remember you are developing the relationship now that you will continue with forever in heaven

According to the depth of a relationship you have with God now will be determined your salvation and whether it will continue in heaven with them

You are a child of The Father. How does a young child relate to its parent?

They trust their parents completely

They take what their parents tell them at face value (believing it is true)

They are eager to learn from their parents

They respond to their parent’s love and return it unconditionally until taught otherwise

They desire to please them without needing a reward to do so until taught otherwise.

They rely on their parents for all their needs

They rely on their parents to teach them the life skills they need to learn.

The Father Loves because you are His Child and desires an intimate relationship with you.

When you look at the Father’s Love for shown by the Grace He has given you it is hard not to love Him back.

So what has His Grace done?

He is part of The Trinity and has a part in all the following each of which have some part in doing the following:

They has given you life

They maintain your life even when you rebel against Them

They prepare you for ministry

They prepare ministry for you

They assist you personally to minister to them

They keep all creation in existence so you have a place to live in, relate to them and personally minister to them and others.

Even the smallest good things that happen to you are their Grace

All of which they do not need to do and which is done for your benefit and not Theirs.

Do you appreciate what His Grace has done for you?

Do you appreciate what His Love for you has caused Him to do for you?

According to how you appreciate His Love and Grace will be how you Serve and relate to Him.

Are you thankful to each member of The Trinity that has shown so much Love and Grace towards you?

What should be our response to all the Love and Grace God has shown to us?

Remember Jesus and The Holy Spirit are all equally God and Love you as The Father loves you and so what is said about The Fathers relationship to you applies to your relationship with Jesus and The Holy Spirit except you are an adopted son and so are a child of The father, a step brother of Jesus and The Holy Spirit is like a wise uncle/counsellor to you.

All Christians are children of The Father, are in a sense, relatives to be treated as such and so the relationship with them also needs to be developed. As The Father has Graced you so you are to Grace them.

You also must look after the interests of this family as dictated by The Father of it in heaven.

If you love Him as a family member then your purposes will be His purposes and all you do will be an expression of the love relationship you have with Him.

This means the Christian life is an expression of this family relationship serving the family and its needs and purposes.

The purpose of this family business is the reconciliation of everyone with The Father and Jesus by rescuing them from the enemy and training them how to live as The Father desires His family members to live.

As a member of His family these too should be your purposes.

So are they your purposes?

Do you live as part of God’s family or do you ignore this fact.

The true Christian will be doing their part, whatever God has told them it is, for the work of the family head which is The Father once they realise the relationship they are in. If they do not do the Will (Work) of The Father they do not acknowledge Him as head of the family so do not belong to it or His Kingdom.

So are you part of God’s family doing the type of family work which God has asked you to do?

Not all are called to be evangelists but all are called to demonstrate the Authority of Jesus over Satan and to be able to tell all who desire to know what Jesus and The Father has done for them.

But before you can do this you need to know The Father personally and His workings in your life so you can others about it and show your life as an example of how The Father relates too, works in and shows His Love to His children.