Background to the Five Steps

For years I practised deliverance the traditional way: finding out background information on the person (often intrusive and very personal) fighting demons, either individually or in families and both on and off the Internet I saw much deliverance and some healing. But the deliverance on the net exhausted me from all the typing. So I asked Jesus why it was not as easy as when He did it.

The Holy Spirit gave me understanding of why Jesus was able to deliver as He did and

I started to apply this to the Internet ministry that I had been given at that time. The method had been there all along James 4:7 and 5:16.

Overnight the ministry changed. I no longer needed to know anything about the person, either their history or sins; Jesus knew them already. Healing of the soul and deliverance occurred more completty with little energy needing to be expended. What used to take weeks could be done in an hour or less at times.

There is still follow-up deliverance on these people, but nothing as intensive as it used to be. Full deliverance may still require a few sessions, but I do not need to get life histories or work through all the sins of a person, saving hours and lots of embarrassment, especially where sexual sins are involved.

You may need to discuss areas of sin at times but not individual sins. So you may need to discuss sexual problems but not the details. You may need to know they were unfaithful or had premarital sex so you can pray properly for them but not every time they slept with someone or committed adultery. The weakness and its cause is to be dealt with and not the sins as these have already been forgiven at Calvary and all the person needs to do is to repent.

I was shown five principles which I use constantly and which I teach the people whom Jesus uses me to guide in deliverance. They are taught to use these principles to do deliverance on themselves and to fight the devil when he attacks them, as well as to help others to obtain deliverance. There is no need for the person seeking deliverance to tell their sins as Jesus knows these already and they hve been forgiven at Calvary. We are to give Jesus to be Lord of our faults and weaknesses, that cause these sins and to repent of any wrong attitudes or actions (sins) and to forgive all who have offended them.

A new Christian can lead people in the prayers in this document as can a child. All they need to understand is their delegated authority and even then it is The Word that delivers not the person so even then a proper understanding of this is not necessary as Jesus honours His Word and the heart of the person seeking deliverance and not the person saying the prayers for another.

The five steps are a framework (principles) on which to base prayers used for deliverance and to fight Satan. They are not a rote prayer or magic formula so should not be treated that way but are an expression of the lordship of Christ over all things.

Jesus gave us authority over demons (Mark 16:17), but we must live the lifestyle that allows that authority to rest on us in order to be used in this ministry. Jesus also gave us authority over sickness in Mark 16:17 as sickness is part of the works of the kingdom of darkness that occurs after sin has happened. Satan can only do his evil to us if we allow him too (or in the case of children the parent or guardian allows him too) by allowing him to take control of a part of us thus placing it under the authority of his kingdom.

Satan can only get you to sin if you accept what he is suggesting you do. It is not thinking about what he suggests that is the sin. The sin is actually deciding embrace it or to do something about it even if nothing actually happens in the physical. You have accepted the thought in your heart so that Jesus us no longer Lord of that area. The fact you desire in your heart to do it is all that is needed for sin to occur.

But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart. Pray the following prayer

Satan has sent demons to try and stop people saying the five steps so you need to pray:

In Jesus’ Name I forbid any demon from blocking or attempting to block me from saying the five steps automatically whenever I am attacked in any way by a demon or am using them to help another fight demons. In Jesus’ Name I command any demon doing so at any time to go to Jesus and to be severely punished. I ask you Holy Spirit to take their place. Thank You Father, Lord Jesus and Holy spirit.

The Five Steps to Victory and the reasons for them

These steps are not to be said as a magic formula as they are not one. They are only a framework of principles to use. They are a giving in your heart of these areas to Jesus for Him to be Lord of repenting of any wrong done in these areas, removing Satan from them and all the damage he did in these areas.

First I give the step and then the reason for the step.

Step 1. Give the area, weakness, circumstance, event, oppression, sin or temptation to Jesus to be Lord over it, along with all the events leading to these things as well as the consequences resulting from these things.

What Jesus is Lord over, He can help you with and protect, so that Satan can not use it against you. When Jesus is Lord of an area of your life Satan cannot use it to try and convince you to sin as you do not want to accept what he offers. To control any area Satan needs to deceive you so you will accept his control over it.

Step 2. Repent of any wrong attitude in you, either known or unknown to you, or any wrong thing done by you. Forgive all those who have offended you as well as of repent of any bitterness, root of bitterness anger and wrong attitudes in your heart (whether you know of them or not) towards anyone (including yourself).

Repentance is a turning away from the things of Satan to the things of God and is a confirmation of your decision to give Jesus Lordship in that area repented of.

Repentance is usually of a blanket type when using The Five Steps and does not need to be specific (unless specific things are being given to Jesus or The Holy Spirit calls specific things to your remembrance). It is the heart attitude that is important not the words.

You may need to pray: “Lord I repent of (name the sin or sins) and ask you to help me do this.”

It is necessary to forgive yourself and others or The Father in heaven cannot forgive your sins and you do not go to heaven. If you keep bitterness, root of bitterness, anger or any other wrong attitudes in your heart you are in unforgiveness.

You may have to pray “Lord I forgive (name the person). Help me to forgive please”.

Step 3. Command Satan in Jesus’ Name to leave the areas or things given to Jesus and to go to The Throne of God and be judged and take all he did to you with him.

It is a battle of kings, so you address the enemy king and tell him to leave control of the territory (in your soul) that has just been given to Jesus, otherwise he will not go. That is why prayer alone is ineffective, as it still leaves the demons around since you have not commanded them to leave. As the area is delivered from the control of the kingdom of Satan all that is in there of Satan (demons, illness caused by them) must go.

Jesus has the prerogative to heal illness when it is best for the purposes of His Kingdom so if physical healing does not occur ask why and you may find it is a timing issue (for the purposes of The kingdom) or more deliverance/repentance needs to be done.

Step 4. Command healing and restoration in Jesus’ Name and if necessary, the healing of the sound mind, the wounded spirit, the soul and the ‘heart of flesh given to you by Jesus as well as any integration that is needed of the personality because areas of the mind and personality were previously blocked off and controlled or badly influenced by demons that have now been removed from these areas.

This removes damage demons have done to you.

This replaces demons that left your soul (house) with The Holy Spirit. Our spirit is filled by The Holy Spirit, so demons cannot get into it, and they complain about this bitterly. Our soul (house) is where demons live, so as they leave, you need to replace them with The Holy Spirit. If you do not do this, seven worse demons will replace them very quickly and the person will be more worse off than before. I have seen it happen!

The Five Steps are all based on Worship

Step 1. We give these things to Jesus because He is worthy and can deal with them in a worthy fashion. We love Him and thus worship Him by trusting Him with the things we give him. We also declare He is Lord of all as we do this and that He is greater than Satan.

Step 2. We repent (admit we have fallen short of His standards) and by this worship Him showing that we consider His values more worthy to follow than our own values and purposes and that we desire to live according to His standards

Step 3. He is more worthy than Satan having defeated him by His sinless life as well as His death at Calvary, so Satan must do what is commanded in the authority of Jesus (as he and his demons are now ‘spoils of war’ and the prisoner of Jesus). By using the authority Jesus has delegated to us over Satan, we show we consider Jesus to be more worthy of worship than Satan.

Step 4. Jesus is worthy to be worshipped as He has authority over the entire natural world as well as the spiritual world so He can command healing of body, soul and spirit. We use His authority delegated to us as an act of worship to Him as we command these healings in His Name in accordance with His Will.

Step 5. We desire to be Like Jesus (as He is the most desirable person we know) and as an act of worship ask for His Spirit to take the place of the enemy that has been evicted from us so that His Spirit can guide us and mature into the image of Jesus.

The basis of what to cast out in the framework of the five steps is the area or weakness to be given to The Lord rather than fighting individual demons. For example, a person may have a problem with various areas of pornography. The person does not have to declare each area he has problems with but gives the whole area of pornography in his life to Jesus to deal with and be lord of. He will do a general repentance for the area of pornography in his life and not specific things unless told to by The Holy Spirit

When a demon enters they invites others in so that there may be many demons. If you fight individual demons you need to remove them one at a time. If you give the area to The Lord then they all have to go when cast out from that area. This is why you give areas, events, weaknesses, circumstances, agreements etc to The Lord so everything in that area is dealt with at once. You do not need to ask for forgiveness of individual sins as they were forgiven at Calvary so a general repentance only for the area is required. Such as:

Lord, I am sorry for all the things I did in this area (name the area and will try to not do them again.

Remember this can all be done in your heart so no one knows as Jesus alone needs to know what you are giving to Him and that is what is important. Only the casting out commands need to be done and they can be whispered so only Jesus and Satan hears them.

It may be necessary to examine types of sins to determine the root cause so you know which area(s) to give to Jesus but usually it is not necessary to examine individual sins of a person to determine what the area is that is to be given to Jesus. Jesus knows all our sins so we do not need to confess them individually but just the area of weakness they are in. All he asks is that we try not to sin in that area and if we do then we give it back to Him to be Lord of using the framework of the five steps (unless it is an external attack in which case we use the last three steps) and keep on trying not to sin. Note

The five steps are not a litany or magic formula you recite by rote but are a framework of five principles to use like a ladder. Each rung leads to the next rung and on each rung you place what is appropriate to that rung, The first rung is the one that varies according to the situation, and is based on giving the situation to Jesus to be Lord of. The next four rungs really do not change as they really do not need to change to meet the requirements of the situation being prayed about. The fourth rung (healing) may change a little according to the situation so next is listed some guidelines as to what to pray for when commanding healing.

What is usually can be commanded to be healed in Step fourth step is as follows:

Spirit: The wounded spirit healed

Mind: Memories, emotions, wrong habits, attitudes, reactions and the sound mind restored

Soul: filled with Holy Spirit so demons cannot come back into it.

The Soul, Spirit and body may need to be realigned at times, especially after long periods on pain killers or similar.

Heart: The broken heart healed and made whole restored

Personality: unified, integrated and made whole to counteract its fragmentation from hidden nests of demons That have been removed.

ody: Healed of the ravages of demons on it that have now been evicted

Whatever The Holy Spirit says to heal.