The Five steps for children

You may need to ecplain some of the terms to the child so that they understand them and can then really give things to Jesus instead of just agreeing with something they do not unerfstand.

They may also needto remind the child of anything they should give to Jesus.

Step 1

The child has to give the weakness (Moral or physical), the problem they have, any area of sin, things that have upset them or things they want to do properly anything else The Holy Spirit tells you or them, to Jesus to be Lord of along with the causes , results and anything else associated with what is being given. Something like:

Lord Jesus I give to you everything to do with (name the thing being given here) to be in control of and look after it for me

Step 2

They must forgive anyone who has hurt them and repent of any sin they are deliberately doing.

Lord, I promise not to be angry with anyone that has hurt me and I will try to stop doing any naughty thing I am doing.

Step 3

Then they or you cast out Satan and command him to take all he did to the child with Him and go to Jesus to be dealt with.

Naughty Satan, Jesus says you must now go to him and take everything you did to me with you and also you must go to Him and be punished for what you did. I command this in the Name of Jesus

Step 4

Command healing and restoration.

Jesus said He would heal me of all you did to me Satan so I command this in the Name of Jesus knowing that it will be when He says I will be healed and not before or after.

Step 5

Now the child must ask The Holy Spirit to fill them so the demons cannot come back in.

Holy Spirit please fill me completely so the naughty demons cannot come back in.

Thank you Jesus.

The parent doing this may also just say what the child needs to say and ask the child to agree with them in their heart.

The child should be told they will have naughty thoughts agaion but these are not from him but from the devil placing them in his mind and that they need too:

give it to Jesus t remove it

Ask The oly spirit to take the place of the demons plaeing these thoughts in their mind.