God has a plan for you

God has prepared a path for your life from before creation for you to walk in under the guidance of The Holy Spirit.

On this path is every good thing God has for you as well as all you need to prepare you for eternity in heaven.

All you need to do is obey Him and He will make it all come to pass.

When you stray from the path you will have problems and trials are His way of bringing you back to this path as well as maturing you while you walk it.

Each member has their own individual life plan prepared for them by God from before creation, to mature them to the image of the Character of God as well as to prepare them to live forever with God in His Kingdom.

Before you were born, God had prepared a path for you to follow in your life on which is everything you need to live and serve Him in the way He desires you too.

On this path is every good thing He has for you.

Trials are designed to move you further along this path or to bring you back to it. So be thankful for trials as they are working for your good in some way.

God promises you will never be tried beyond what you can endure (1Co 10:13).

Matt 6:33

God promises to provide everything you need physically and spiritually to make Him the focus of your life and to be able to love and serve Him in the way He desires you to do these.

What King does not want to benefit His subjects when they are completely devoted and loyal to Him in all they do. The King supplies your actual needs and not what you think you need. If you obtain anything (mental, spiritual or physical) He does not want you to have it will cause you problems in some way and distract you from fully doing His Will (Matt 6:33).

God provides the physical needs but the spiritual ones depend on our obedience and desire to serve Him which is why they alone are the subjects of prayer and blessing in The New Testament as we express our desire to serve Him or for others to grow spiritually so they can know Him better and serve Him better.

Obey God, seek Him and His purposes and let Him provide what you need for today and in the future and you will not be distracted from His purposes seeking things that you do not need

Serving God

Do not worry about serving God. As long as you are doing what He requires you to do you are serving Him. It is not necessary to see a result of your service. Indeed, you may not see any result of the service in your life on earth as in reality all we do on earth prepares us you for eternity and so what you are going through will be to prepare you for eternity or be bringing you back to the path you need to be on to get to heaven.

Remember, the primary purpose of a Christian is to obey God. It is from this that all else flows that God requires of you.

We often desire to do things for God and are frustrated when we are not able to do these things for Him. If God desired us to do these things for Him He would have prepared us to do them and prepared them for us to do. So to desire to do more for God than he asks you to do will only cause frustration and possible depression.

Remember, we are to do what God asks you to do and not what others say we should be doing.

It is for God to decide what to do for Him and not us. Sometimes we will prepare something for another to use, another time, we will use something someone else has prepared, or another time we will both prepare and use things. It is up to God to determine what we are to do and our part being to do what he says, no more, no less.

To be able to obey Him you must know what He requires of you (seek God) and be in a proper relationship with Him (seek His Righteousness) and then all you need will be given to you (added unto you).

Doing things

When you do something you need to ask three questions:

Does it do the Will of God

Does it declare The Kingdom of God

Does it give Him Glory?

Does it show His Love

Note the last one.  Without God’s quality of Love expressed in an action, even if only as an automatic expression of it in you, it will not serve the purposes of God.

Be always Joyful

God is in control of everything, there are no accidents with God, and in everything is working for what is best for you out of His love you.

Why are there trials? There are at least four reasons trials:

To show your love for him by persevering in the trial and by this judging Satan because you, who have not seen God love him in spite what happens when Satan, who has seen God, rejected him.

To draw you back to where you should be your Christian walk when you have slipped off the path God has prepared you know that you will restore the salvation relation with Jesus and the Father.

To prepare you great deeper relationship with Jesus and the Father so that God can use you for greater service.

To show Satan you are worthy of the relationship you have God and the ministry God has given you as well is all that flows from that relationship and ministry.

As you can see, God is working for your good even when things seem hopeless. Remember He is building you for eternity and not to please the requirements of the world controlled by Satan.

So when things go wrong be content, God is in charge working for your best regardless of what appears to be happening.

Doing the small things well

I had decided I was doing nothing worthwhile for Jesus and found life hard. He had stopped

my writing, my prophesying and my ministry of deliverance leaving a big hole in my life

with no purpose of eternal significance. So I got depressed, ? I figured life was not worth living

if l was not doing anything for The kingdom, of God.

Now I realise that this was to teach me an important lesson that there is no such thing as

ministry as we define it.

All our service is to The Lord and at times to others on His behalf. Ministry is a man made

concept and hides the truth of our service. It implies service has to be to another and does

things for them for a spiritual purpose of Jesus, even if it is only meeting their needs.

Jesus showed me that ministry was different.

In everything we do we serve Him and sometimes He asks us to serve others on His behalf.

We (serve) minister to Him and the consequences of this at times is service to others, but not


This means whatever we do for Him, even if it is a mundane thing we are doing is important.

Because we are being a good steward of what He has given us to care for Him (after all God

owns everything and we are just steward of things) we are serving The Kingdom and

expressing it, even if only angels and demons see it.

By obeying Jesus and doing all things in an ordered way (because He is a God and a God of

order) we are good stewards of His things and serve Him, giving Him honour because His

Principles are worth to be followed and He is worthy to be obeyed and by this we judge Satan

and his angels who disobeyed Jesus and ignore His values.

As you do the mundane, boring things of life in the way Jesus desires you to do them you are

serving Him and demonstrating His Kingdom and it is not necessary for anything of the result

to be seen on earth by another. Something people would consider mundane and boring, like:

washing up, vacuuming, mowing the lawn, doing the family accounts etc. , as long as these

are done because you want to do things His way, you demonstrate The Kingdom of God,

bringing Him Glory and are doing something of eternal value to Jesus and this makes it all


The Cost of following Jesus

Attitudes Phil 2:-11

You need to have the same attitudes as Jesus and think the same way He did which caused

Him to come to earth and die. Out of His Love for us and His desire to help us He Gave up

everything He had as God. He ruled everything and owned everything, but did not think they

were important compared to the benefit we would have because He would come to earth to

teach us His requirements and how to relate to God and then die for us to make this lifestyle


He ruled the universe and owned everything but humbled Himself and gave up every Honour

and possessions He had as God and took the form of those He had created and ruled and obeyed God

in all He did, even though it cost Him His Life. He knew all this was going to happen but still

came to earth knowing that those He had created would kill Him.

Because He was so obedient and did all God Asked Him to do, God gave Him as a reward the

highest place in creation as ruler of all so that everyone (person, demon or animal) would

have to admit He was The Christ and Lord of all. In all this God The Father was given Glory,

Jesus taking none of it for Himself!

Jesus gave up everything so He could relate to us, teach us what God required of us then

gave up His Life so we could live in the way God required us too and by this accomplished all

God had asked Him to do for Him.

He did not hold onto relationships He had, or any authority or possessions that were His but

gave them all up and came to earth taking nothing He formerly had. Everything He had as

God: authority, possessions, relationships, were all left behind.

On earth, He did not hold onto earthly relationships, authority or possessions, but grasped

the eternal ones that were waiting for Him as a reward for what He was going to do on

earth. He followed the values of God in all He did and rejected the worldly values and things Satan offered Him.

We are told in this passage to follow the example of Christ and obey God in all things and

not because of people who are looking at us as we obey so that we will have the approval of them but

not of God. This correct obedience is how we ‘work at our salvation’ that is maintain our

side of the salvation relationship we have with The Father and Jesus. We do this because God is working for our best in all that happens to us so we should not complain about what we have to suffer to do His Will.

Especially when we look at what Jesus had to give up and suffer for us out of obedience to


Our real motivation in obeying God is love for God because of what he has done for us.

l was once complaining to the Lord and He said something that has stopped me complaining

any more. He said:

When you have given up a universe to go to a planet taking nothing you formerly had with

you and then allow yourself to be rejected by those you tried to help and then be put to a

cruel death by those you had created, then complain.

So what conclusions can we draw from what Jesus gave up:

No relationship is worth holding onto

Nothing is worth owning or keeping

No values, attitudes or mindsets are worth having or

No position of authority is worth maintaining or obtaining

if having or holding onto it will stop you doing God's Will or learning to relate to Him better.

The rewards for obedience in the next life, apart from the ones of having a relationship with Jesus and The Father as well as getting to heaven, are far superior to anything we will have on earth and will never decay or be corrupted like they will on earth.  Jesus thought this and He is our example to follow.

To be able to do this we need to love God and others with the same quality of love with which He Loves us. If we do this we will truly be a follower of Jesus.


Holiness to The Lord is necessary

Your life should now be focused on God and His requirements of you. Holiness means to wholly set yourself apart (focus solely on Him) and obey Him in all you do. If He is Lord you will do this.  If He is not Lord of an area of your life, then you may need further deliverance or repentance (stop doing something) in that area of your life.

Remember, it is your responsibility to do all you can to learn about God and His requirements of you so that you can be better a citizen of His Kingdom and serve Him better and appreciate His love and Mercy more.

Focus in life

What is your focus in life?

If it is Jesus is your focus, you will be guided by The Holy Spirit in all you do and you will always consult Him as you do things so that you know you are doing them the way Jesus desires them to be done. Whoever is your spiritual guide will be whom you follow. If it is Jesus then you will follow Him. If it is the denomination you will follow them.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life.

It is still not too late to prepare for eternity, to turn away from those things that God does not approve of in your life and turn to His things. After all, earth is God’s preparation ground for spending eternity with Him, so you need to get it right. You only have one chance and after you die it’s over.

There is a saying: “It does not matter whether you win or lose. It is how you play the game that matters.”

Or in a Christian perspective:

It does not matter whether or not you do great things for God but only how you did them for Him.

You could be the greatest failure in the eyes of the world, but in the eyes of God you could be one of His greatest success stories.  It will all depend on how much you focus on His Will and obey it which be a result of how much you Actually love or fear Him.

Remember this is as you go through life so you will have a correct perspective on what you do for God.

According to how much you trust God’s Love and Control will be how you deal with what He allows to happen to you!