The Essence of The Gospel

God created man to have a relationship with Him

He placed man in a beautiful Garden with everything man needed.

Man rejected the Authority of God and rebelled

God was King of all and rebelling against a king results in punishment

God removed man from this beautiful Garden and man lost his relationship with God.

Man now could no longer be with God but in another place where all was evil.

God still loved man and still desired a relationship with Him

He saw man could not meet the punishment God requirerd

So Jesus, who is God, came to earth to deal with the punishment

Jesus taught us how God required us to live

He then died on Calvary in our place and met our punishment for our rebellion.

By this Jesus removed all hindrances that hindered out entering a relationship with God

So that we can be with God after we died

If we obey God on earth.

Salvation is a relationship with God and this is what is not told when the Gospel is preached.

Another thing Satan has trained the church to present improperly.