The Gospel from a Kingdom perspective

Everything must be examined from the perspective of God’s Kingdom and His purposes, the main one being His desire for an eternal relationship with us.

In the beginning God created a beautiful garden. It was part of His Kingdom and He was King of it. In it He created a man and a woman to look after it and relate to Him on a personal basis, to enjoy His company forever. But the man and the woman rejected the authority of God and rebelled against Him. They sinned (deliberately disobeyed God)

When you rebel against a King the punishment is death. They had rebelled against their King and so were removed from His Kingdom (spiritual death). They were cast out of the garden and lost their capacity to live forever (physical death) and so would now physically die one day. Having died spiritually by rejecting God’s authority and being cast out of His Kingdom, they were now to also physically die.

As the man and the woman were the ones rebelling and sentenced to these death they could not do anything about their situation. God had forgiven them but justice still required a penalty to be paid by them or compensation (a redemption) to be paid to God for them by someone.

God had made it necessary for an animal to die in our place so we would not die spiritually for our sin. But an animal sacrifice was insufficient as the animal was finite and it was a rebellion offence against an infinite God so when you sinned another animal had to be sacrificed for those sins.

So God decided He needed to do something about it Himself as He is the only one in the universe who could do something (because He alone is infinite so able to deal with an infinite offence against and the infinite penalty resulting). So Jesus (who is God) came to earth to teach what God required of us, then died as our sacrifice for our sin (replacing the need for an animal to be sacrificed on a regular basis) and was raised from the dead. He was able to be our sacrifice as He had not sinned and was raised from the dead because death was the penalty for those who had sinned and He had not sinned so God should not have had Him die. But God allowed the death of Jesus so that Jesus could take our place and meet the required penalty for the sins of everyone that had ever died and by this pay the redemption price required by God to redeem all mankind from spiritual death in hell, the prison of those that reject Jesus.

This death of Jesus was the price that met the requirement for God’s Justice to be satisfied and by this sacrifice, Jesus also redeemed us, His death being the payment that satisfied God’s penalty for our sin.

Everyone has rejected God and His Will at some time, and this has placed them under God’s judgement for this rebellion against their King (God).

So those who followed Jesus as King (Lord) have the spiritual consequence of their sins dealt with by Jesus when He died on The Cross and will be resurrected from their physical death to a new life in heaven if they continually wholeheartedly try to follow Jesus as their Lord (King).

Jesus does not look at our results but at the attitude of our heart towards Him. As long as you wholeheartedly try to follow Him it does not matter if you sin as long and you try to not do again the thing you sinned in.

If you do not follow Jesus as Lord, by rejecting God’s rules, you go to the only other place left to go too which is hell where the king you followed (Satan) rules and you are ruled by this evil person for ever and suffer the tortures he places on humans because he despises and hates them so much.

Jesus died so you could have a relationship with God and avoid this hell and this is why you need to be a wholehearted follower of Him as your Lord so He can be your redeemer from the consequences of your sin and from going to hell.

Salvation is by faith and redemption is through Calvary and belief in Jesus must be followed by obedience to Him or you will not have redemption He obtained for you from the consequences of your sin.