Why is it important?

Holiness is an attitude, a way of approaching life.  It is important because God says that if you do not have this attitude you will not go to heaven and also He has commanded we have this attitude.

The Greek word for ‘holiness’ is based on the Greek word for ‘Piety’ which is a lifestyle in which a person seeks the Will of God in all they do!

Without holiness you will not get to see God and will end up in hell.  So you need to know:

What it is,

How Satan tries to remove it from you,

How to stop Him doing this

Holiness is an attitude

Holiness is an attitude of chasing after God and His things and rejecting all around you that the enemy (Satan) tried to have you accept.  So it requires an effort as you usually either have a demon opposing you trying to stop you in some way  pursuing holiness or need to avoid the traps of Satan’s smokescreen in the world wide system he ha placed all around you.

The world around you is run by Satan who is  its god and king and whose aim is to hide Jesus, Heaven, Hell, Satan, The Kingdom of God and everything that promotes God. It is a smokescreen set up by Satan to hinder or remove your Holiness and stop your getting to heaven.

Holiness is required to go to heaven and be with God. If you do not pursue holiness then you are following the things of Satan.

A person living a holy life expresses the character of God in all they do (or at least tries too), of which the primary Character is His quality of Love.

English definitions

These are all from Webster’s 1828 dictionary.

HO'LINESS, n. [from holy.] The state of being holy; purity or integrity of moral character; freedom from sin; sanctity. Applied to the Supreme Being, holiness denotes perfect purity or integrity of moral character, one of his essential attributes.

Who is like thee, glorious in holiness? Exo 15.

1. Applied to human beings, holiness is purity of heart or dispositions; sanctified affections; piety; moral goodness, but not perfect.

2. Sacredness; the state of any thing hallowed, or consecrated to God or to his worship; applied to churches or temples.

3. That which is separated to the service of God.

Israel was holiness unto the Lord. Jer 2.

HO'LY, a.

1. Properly, whole, entire or perfect, in a moral sense. Hence, pure in heart, temper or dispositions; free from sin and sinful affections. Applied to the Supreme Being, holy signifies perfectly pure, immaculate and complete in moral character; and man is more or less holy, as his heart is more or less sanctified, or purified from evil dispositions. We call a man holy,when his heart is conformed in some degree to the image of God, and his life is regulated by the divine precepts. Hence, holy is used as nearly synonymous with good, pious, godly.

Be ye holy; for I am holy. 1 Pet 1.

2. Hallowed; consecrated or set apart to a sacred use, or to the service or worship of God; a sense frequent in Scripture; as the holy sabbath; holy oil; holy vessels; a holy nation; the holy temple; a holy priesthood.

3. Proceeding from pious principles, or directed to pious purposes; as holy zeal.

4. Perfectly just and good; as the holy law of God.

5. Sacred; as a holy witness.

Holy of holies, in Scripture, the innermost apartment of the Jewish tabernacle or temple, where the ark was kept,and where no person entered, except the high priest, once a year.

Holy Ghost, or Holy Spirit, the Divine Spirit; the third person in the Trinity; the sanctifier of souls.

Holy war, a war undertaken to rescue the holy land, the ancient Judea, from the infidels; a crusade; an expedition carried on by christians against the Saracens in the eleventh, twelfth and thirteenth centuries; a war carried on in a most unholy manner.


PI'ETY, n. [L. pietas, from pius, or its root, probably a contracted word.]

1. Piety in principle, is a compound of veneration or reverence of the Supreme Being and love of his character, or veneration accompanied with love; and piety in practice, is the exercise of these affections in obedience to his will and devotion to his service.

Piety is the only proper and adequate relief of decaying man.

Basically all the above says that holiness is an attitude of devotion to God and a holy person has set themselves apart to serve God.

Personal Holiness

Why is holiness important?

It is a command  God said:

“Be ye holy because I am Holy

So it must be important. God has wholly set Himself aside to do His work for us so we should follow His example of wholly setting ourselves aside to do His work.

We are also told:

“Without holiness no one can approach God”

There are two reasons for this:

We have not pursued holiness so are in disobedience (rebellion) so cannot enter The Kingdom of God

We have committed other sins so are in rebellion and cannot enter The Kingdom of God.

So if you desire to enter The Kingdom of God you need to pursue holiness and if you deliberately do not pursue holiness you will end in the other place, hell!

Pursuing holiness is an act of obedience to God so not to pursue it is an act of rebellion against God.

Holiness is a state that results from a desire to set your life apart for the use of God and is a life that is willing to obey God regardless of the cost required to maintain its holiness.

The person who is holy has a correct attitude toward God that allows God to work in a person and develop His Character in them so that they will relate to and serve Him in the way He desires them too serve Him.

It requires effort to pursue holiness as it goes against the desires of the flesh, which is influence by the world around us controlled by Satan, so that Holiness must be pursued and learned against the opposition of Satan and his demons which can only be done if we wholeheartedly desire to be holy, properly understand holiness and know what God requires you to do to live a holy life.

Wholeheartedly pursuing holiness is how you maintain your side of the salvation relationship you have with God as it involves rejecting everything that will compromise the relationship you have with God.  The attitude of holiness maintains your relationship with God so that when you die you are able to be with Him in heaven.

If you wholeheartedly pursue holiness, fail and keep trying, you will get to heaven.  God knows we are imperfect and will fail and all He asks of us is to wholeheartedly keep trying.


Without holiness you cannot approach God

You cannot go to heaven.

You go to the other place (hell).


Holiness is a way of living that results from having an attitude of holiness in all you do.

In regard to a Christian it is seeking to live as God requires you to live and rejecting all that Satan and his world system offers you. This is a major part of the attitude of holiness, the rejecting of all Satan tries to have you do as it will be unholy or lead to unholiness.

Holiness results from wholly setting yourself apart for the purposes of God!

Holiness is necessary to stay a child of The Father (that results from His adoption of you because of your relationship with Jesus).  It also allows The Holy Spirit to have His presence in you so in a sense it is important for our relationship with The Holy Spirit for Him to be able to function in you as God desires Him to do so.

This is why you need to reject all Satan has placed around you in the smokescreen he has made to hide the things of God so that you will live as Jesus Desires you too.

The progression to Holiness (Or how it all fits together)

Salvation is a result of your faith in whom Jesus is.

Righteousness’ is what you call the correct relationship you have with God and is a result of believing in what Jesus has done for you at Calvary.

Redemption is a result of believing in what Jesus has done for you at Calvary which removes the defilement of sin so you can be holy.

Sanctification is God declaring you are His and setting you apart for His service.

Holiness results from the attitudes necessary to maintain your part of the salvation relationship and staying Sanctified and requires you to focus on God's Will for you, rejecting all that Satan tries to have you us do.  Satan can only get you to sin if you accept what he suggests you do.

All the above are a result of God's grace (undeserved benefits He gives us). All we are required to do is to have sufficient faith to believe in Jesus and what He has done and be obedient to God so that we maintain our side of the salvation relationship.

Holiness is a state resulting from an attitude of being holy and that is focused on rejecting all that will separate you from God and His Love for you and is obtained by wholehearted, loving obedience to God in all you do, whether or not you fail in the attempt.  God only desires you to wholeheartedly try and is not concerned whether or not you succeed. He always looks at our heart attitude and not the result of what we do.

Holiness is destroyed by the knowing rejection of a requirement of God, (which is sin), and if it is not stopped will cause you to go to hell.

Satan can only cause you to become unholy or sin if you do what he suggests you do.  Sin always causes defilement and unholiness.

The first point to make is that there are two types of Holiness:

The Holiness of God has which is a result of His Nature  Lev 11:44-45

The Holiness we have because we choose to be like God and which conforms us to His Nature.

Secondly, it is also a command  Lev 11:45

Thirdly, it is a choice we make 2 Cor 7:1

(ERV)  Dear friends, we have these promises from God. So we should make ourselves pure--free from anything that makes our body or our soul unclean. Our respect for God should make us try to be completely holy in the way we live.

Holiness is not the same as Righteousness.  Righteousness is the relationship we have with God that allows us to approach Him.  We are righteous because of what Jesus has done. We are holy because we choose to be like God.

Holiness has always been a requirement for serving God.  It was there in the Temple and Jesus stated it as a requirement to serve Him alone and not another master (Satan or his representatives).  We can only focus wholly on one master or we will try to please both and really please only Satan because he is able to guide us to partly focus on his things which means we are not looking at things God wants us to know or do.

Jesus said you cannot serve (decide to wholly follow) two masters: Him or yourself.  When you serve yourself you are actually serving His enemy, Satan.

Holiness is a result of choosing to remove the influences of Satan's kingdom (the current world system) from your life and following the Will of Jesus for you and His Kingdom.

This is how you keep your state of holiness through rejecting all Satan offers you to do or think.

Remember that The Bible tells us that without holiness a person cannot see God and what you need to do to be holy.

What then is Holiness?

Like all Christian living, it is the result of an attitude.

Something is 'holy' when it is set apart for a specific purpose.

A Christian is Holy when they set themselves apart for the purposes of God, choosing to serve God and His purposes and not their own as they realise that God's purposes are best for them and for all those around them.

A person ministering (serving God)does so as part of their life of holiness - the ordering their whole life to serve God and His purposes. Holiness cannot be done in part - it is an all or nothing thing as no man can serve two masters - one master will be supreme and be in charge of your life.

The results of trying to serve two masters is usually compromise, indecision and confusion.

As you mature in your Christian life you understand and practice Holiness in a greater way. God does not expect you to be perfect - only to try, according to your maturity to live as a follower of Him.

We are told to seek Holiness.

What does it mean 'to seek God (stay holy focused on God and His Will in all you do)?

It means to find out what God requires of you as well as how to relate to Him and to hear His voice so you know what He desires of you to say or do.

How do you do this?

By studying The Bible to understand the requirements in it of you;

By removing the influences of the world (the kingdom of Satan) on their life so you can hear The Holy Spirit’s guidance amongst the turmoil of the world around you

By spending time talking to Him and listening to His voice so you know what He requires of you when The Bible is silent.

Remember that The Holy Spirit guides you into all truth including the truths of how to live a holy life (Jn 16:13).

Holiness requires time and effort and according to your degree of holiness will be your effectiveness as a representative of God in your daily living.  According to the effort you put into rejecting all Satan offers you in his worlds system that surrounds you will be your degree of holiness and rewards in heaven.

Where do we find the guidelines for holiness?

They are found in The Bible

This is why it is necessary to study The Bible so we know what God requires for us to be holy.

Devotion is necessary

What is devotion?

Webster defines devotion in his 1828 dictionary as:



1. The state of being dedicated, consecrated, or solemnly set apart for a particular purpose.

2. A solemn attention to the Supreme Being in worship; a yielding of the heart and affections to God, with reverence, faith and piety, in religious duties, particularly in prayer and meditation; devoutness.

3. External worship; acts of religion; performance of religious duties.

As I passed by and beheld your devotions. Acts 17.

4. Prayer to the Supreme Being. A Christian will be regular in his morning and evening devotions.

5. An act of reverence, respect or ceremony.

6. Ardent love or affection; attachment manifested by constant attention; as, the duke was distinguished by his devotion to the king, and to the interest of the nation.

7. Earnestness; ardor; eagerness.

He seeks their hate with greater devotion than they can render it him.

8. Disposal; power of disposing of; state of dependence.

Arundel castle would keep that rich corner of the country at his majestys devotion.

As you can see devotion is primarily giving your time to something ort someone you value above other things or people.

Why is devotion necessary:

Who or what you are devoted too will determine your focus and objectives.  Satan has turned the focus of many Christians away from holiness by have them devoted to things which sidetrack them from their devotion to Jesus: Hobbies, movie or sports stars , relationships that over ride their relationship with God, anything that distracts them from pursuing holiness.  In other words, anything that Satan can use to distract you from holiness and your relationship with God or from doing what God desires them to do for Him.

How do you develop devotion to God?

Seeking to develop the relationship He has with you

Appreciating what He has done for you

Developing your love for Him through appreciating what He has done for youi

Why does God desire us to be holy

The purpose of God is stated in Eph 2:7:

Eph 2:7  so that in the coming ages he might show the immeasurable riches of his grace in kindness toward us in Christ Jesus.

In otherwords, to show us His love for us expressed in all the good things He will give us after we die.

The purpose of Christ is stated in Ph 5:27:

Eph 5:27  so that he might present the church to himself in splendor, without spot or wrinkle or any such thing, that she might be holy and without blemish.

To present His people to himself, holy and undefiled.  This will then allow Him to present them to The Father.

You can see the emphasis God places on holiness and why it is so import at.  If you are not living a holy life you will miss out on these two purposes.

So what is Holiness?

The concept behind holiness is that of being separated for a purpose. In this case the purpose is the Will of God.

Holiness is an attitude of a person that desires God's purposes and desires above their own as they realise that these are better for them than anything they can think of themselves.  They also obey out of love for and thanksgiving to God out of appreciation of what He has done for them.

Holiness is a voluntary choice and is not forced on you by God.

We are told to be holy (separate ourselves from the manners and desires of Satan's world system) not because it a legalistic requirement but because we cannot serve God while the attitudes of Satan's world system are within us.

There is a simple principle - whose rules you follow dictates where you end up in eternity. If you follow the way of holiness you end up in heaven. If you follow the way of Satan (ungodliness) you end up in hell.

This is why God says to be holy because He is Holy - it is for our sake and not His.

Holiness is an integral part of the Christians life. Develop it if you would be with Jesus after you die.

Holiness requires faith

It requires faith:

In whom Jesus is       

In what He said

That He can do what He said

That it is worth doing what He said.

(CEV)  But without faith no one can please God. We must believe that God is real and that he rewards everyone who searches for him.


The Bible says "where there is no vision the people perish"

Where you do not have a proper vision of what Holiness is and what it means to your Christian life, you will not maintain or pursue it as you should. So you need to ask God to give you a true vision of what Holiness is as He sees it. Then you will find it easier to maintain and pursue it.

Remember, God does not expect you to be perfect but to wholeheartedly try and do what He requires of you. He looks at your heart attitude and not any result you may achieve.

The beauty of holiness Psalm 96:9

The Bible describes holiness as having a beauty so when you are holy God sees you as being beautiful in the spiritual.

When you are holy you are pure, undefiled, and in a correct relationship with God. There is beauty in the spirit when you are pure and undefiled.

If you are not living a holy life you are defiled and in defilement is ugliness in the spiritual realm.

Attitudes and perspectives

Holiness requires you to see attitudes and behaviour from God's perspective and not from those of the world system of Satan.

It requires you to know God's attitude to things and how He values and see things, which is why you need to know what the Bible says and be guided by The Holy Spirit so you can know how God sees the things you are doing or will be going to do.

It will also help you to see how Satan is corrupting things to affect your Holiness because the things will not line up with the way God sees things.

Holiness is practicing the attitudes and lifestyle you will have in heaven

Earth is our preparation for heaven

The attitudes and habits we learn on earth will prepare us for life in heaven

Our rewards in heaven will depend on our holiness on earth as that will determine how we lived on earth

Our relationship with God and how to serve Him  is learnt and developed on earth and holiness is important in doing this

Nothing defiled (unholy) can enter heaven (Rev 21:27)

Holiness, the setting aside of all things to do the purposes of God, must be our sole purpose or it will be defiled (hindered) by the worldly part that we allow into it

Matt 6:33 3xpresses its attitude

Seek to develop your relationship with Jesus

Seek the welfare of His Kingdom (His Will)

Seek to separate you from all Satan offers you which will defile you if accepted

If these are not motivated by God's type of love this will lead too





Man's rules being more important that The Bible

Our primary purpose is to serve Jesus which holiness guides us in doing correctly

Holiness requires complete obedience to all God requires of you

You must study Bible to know what God requires of you

If you seek the truths of God you will find them (Jn 7:17)

You must be led by God's interpreter of The Bible, The Holy Spirit (Rom 8:14, Jn 16:13)

It will require effort as Satan will try to stop you

The correct expression of holiness and its attitudes depends on your understanding of holiness and its requirements

You cannot serve Satan nor do what he desires you to do and be holy

You need to know how he attacks you to have you do what he desires you to do

You must discipline the flesh and its desires (lusts) or it will control you

Holiness must be pursued

We live in Satan's domain which is against holiness and God

Satan seeks to hide the need for holiness

Satan seeks to defile us with sin

Satan seeks to separate us from God and His Love

Satan seeks to teach us unholy attitudes

The whole world is Satan's smokescreen to hide


His Kingdom

His attributes

All knowing

All powerful

His omnipresence

His Character

Especially His Love

His Holiness

The Persons of The Trinity and their roles in our life

The Father

Jesus The Christ

The Holy Spirit

God’s redemptive plan for us

The salvation He offers us

His purposes for each one of us

Who Satan is


Satan's purposes and objectives for all mankind

The truths of God that expose Satan's smokescreen

God's emphasis is on Holiness

We are told in The Bible God desires us to be holy and places great emphasis on this. He does not do it for His sake but for our sake so that we will live as He desires us too now and after death when we will go to be with Him and enjoy all He has prepared for us.

If you believed what Jesus said the you would not be looking elsewhere for life's values

You will always have to decide between two different sets of values in life (those of God or Satan) and the attitude of holiness helps you correctly to choose those of Jesus.

What does holy living mean?

It means that in everything we do we need to examine to see if it meets God's standards or requirements.

It means we need to be led by The Holy Spirit in everything we do so that we are always doing the Will of God for us.

It means we need to know how Satan attacks and how to defend our self against him when he tries to convince us to do unholy things.

It also means we need to study The Bible to know what God considers holy and unholy.

You need to learn how to hear The Holy Spirit so you can be guided by him and be shown where Satan is attacking and how he is attacking you.

You need to know what The Bible says as it contains all God's guidelines for holiness and defeating Satan.

When an emotion, thought, feeling, desire or action is negative then a demon is behind the attack placing these on you.

Holiness is a requirement of the Christian life so that everything you do must be examined and compared to how God sees what you are doing to see if it helps maintain your Holiness or hinders or destroys it in some way.  If it does not measure up to the guidelines of God then it probably belongs to Satan’s guidelines. In other words does what you are doing help you do what God is desiring you to do or hinder it in some way.

You can see the importance of making sure Jesus is Lord of all you do and think if you do not want to do anything Satan desires you to do.

In summary, if it does not show God’s quality Love of God or cause you to desire things that are not spiritual then it is an attack on holiness.  The Holy Spirit is given to us to tell us when our holiness is being attacked by Satan as The Spirit will give us unease or a lack of peace over what is being given to us to take in.

The problem is that most Christians have lost this sensitivity to The Spirit as the churches have more and more removed Him from them so th at they so not realise how they are compromising their holiness by what they watch on TV or read in magazines.

Holiness and God

God is our example of holiness otherwise it would be a hypocrite for Him to require us to be holy when He is not Holy. He also would not have the right to judge whether or not we had lived a holy life. God does not ask us to do anything we cannot do to pursue holiness.

He is our example of pursuing holiness. He wholeheartedly pursues all that is necessary to stay in His state of perfection in all areas. In this He is our example of how to pursue all that is necessary to keep our holiness. Unless we wholeheartedly pursue holiness we will not achieve the level of holiness God requires us to keep.  We will allow Satan to influence us in some way because we are not asking what God desires us to do and God is not Lord of that area of our life we are not pursuing so t hat Satan is its lord..

If God is not your Lord then Satan weill fill this vacuum and be your lord.

Holiness is important as it is necessary to be in that attitude to worship God, to relate to Him correctly and to obey Him correctly.

Holiness is a gift of God

It is the redemption of us by God that allows us to be in a correct relationship with Him as a result of God’s Love shown towards us.  His Having cleansed us from all the consequences of sin and declaring us to be in a correct relationship with Him we are now able to appear before Him in an holy, undefiled state.  From this basis of having a spiritually clean slate we can pursue holiness.

If God had not redeemed us and placed us in a place of holiness we could not pursue holiness or maintain it.

Holiness Glorifies God

As holiness is a result of God’s placing us in a situation that we can be holy then giving us all we need to pursue, develop and maintain it, it brings Him glory. The moment we claim any glory for what we do to pursue or maintain holiness we are taking it from God and that is a sin.

All that happens to us is started by God and guided by God.  We are strengthened and helped to do it by God and He does this for our benefit. Even suffering is for our benefit as it is what God considers that is best for us at that time.

Holiness and sin

The attitudes needed to pursue holiness will protect you from sin as you will focus completely on what God requires you to do for you to obtain or maintain holiness and will ignore the suggestions for Sin which Satan will make for you to do.  When you focus on the things of God Satan cannot persuade you to focus on his things.  This is why Jesus must be the Lord of all your life and not just part of it.

Satan can only get you to sin if you agree with the suggestion of sin he gives you, so focusing on Jesus and His Will stops you sinning, unless you really desire too sin.

If Jesus is Lord of all you do you will pursue holiness and sin will not be a problem as you will not consider doing the thing that will cause you to sin which means demons cannot talk you into doing sin.

God's Glory

People who live holy lives do not promote themselves or give themselves glory because they realise God prepares them for what He asks them to do, prepares what He asks them to do so they can do it then strengthens and guides them to do it so that they know that God has really done it all and uses their love for Him to motivate them to serve Him to have them do it for Him.

They realise it is only because of God's Grace that they are used by him and it is not for His benefit He uses them but for theirs.  God does not need to use us but does it for the pleasure we will have in doing it for Him.

It does not matter whether you succeed or fail because the result and you will be judged for how you do it and not for whether or not you succeeded in the task.

The Expression of Holiness

Your lifestyle will reflect the degree of holiness or worldliness in your life

If you live a holy life you will also minister in the attitudes Jesus desires you to minister.  If you lead a holy life you will do all Jesus asks of you.

The natural expression of holiness is The Fruit of The Spirit and the loving of all mankind in with the same quality of Love with which God Loves us.  You may not like what they do but they are still children of The Father He loves them and expects you to love them like He does.

Worthy of your calling Ephesians 4:1

We are told to live a life worthy of our call to follow Jesus. We can only do this if our lives are holy, obeying him in all we do because He is the focus of a holy life. Then we will show by our lifestyle we were worthy to be called by The Father to follow Jesus!


According to the degree of love you have for Jesus and the understanding and appreciation of what He has done you, will be your desire to serve Him, be with Him in heaven and pursue Holiness.

It helps to have a vision of Jesus as God and King of All so that you understand His Holiness and see what you must try and be like to stay in a state of Holiness.  It also helps to have a vision of what hell is like so you know what happens if you desire to live an unholy life.

After all, hell is God’s incentive plan to obey Him and live a holy life.

Stewardship of Holiness

You are a responsible for your Holiness and the attitudes required to maintain it and so are responsible for how you do this and will have to explain to Jesus why you did things the way you did. You will give an account of how you handled your responsibility of maintaining your holiness and in a sense this will also show how you handled your Christian life, the life Jesus gave you stewardship of.

One of the questions Jesus asks people is what they  have done with the life He gave them .

If you do a bad work of the caring for your Holiness because of deliberately wrong attitudes towards it (which will be a result of a bad attitude towards God) there is a good chance you will go to hell. However, if you had trouble maintaining Holiness but you wholeheartedly tried to work at it then you will still go to heaven regardless of the results of your efforts.


People who live holy lives only use or keep that which is necessary to serve their God. He may allow you to keep some things purely for personal pleasure of reasons but usually all your possessions and purchases should be relevant to the purposes of your King and His Kingdom. To these people living a holy life it does not matter whether other people have better things they have as worth is not based on what they own but on what Jesus thinks of them.

They also realise that God owns everything and that they are only stewards of these things to use as directed by God.

They know having things they do not need will affect their Christian life adversely and may also affect their holiness in an adverse way as they take time and effort to look after things Jesus does not want them to have and so are distracted by this from pursuing the things Jesus desires them to do.

Their lives of holy people are not cluttered and their time is not taken up by the maintaining or pursuit of unnecessary things and because their house is uncluttered it will be in order as they do not have to waste time trying to maintain things they should not have which God did not want them have.

He has no place for these things in their life and these things will only hinder His work in and through their life.  This maintaining of things God does not desire you to have is one reason many Christians are not effective in their Christian life.


we serve the Lord in all we do and Holiness is required for us to do this properly. In a holy state we wholly focus on what Jesus desires for us to do and not what anyone else says we should do.

This attitude is an important part of Holiness as our primary purpose on earth is to worship and serve Jesus.  God requires you to obey Him as all you do will flow from this obedience to Him.

It is only as you concentrate and do solely what Jesus desires the you too will you serve Him and others in the way He desires you too.

Success and failure

Holiness is not measured by what you do or do not achieve but is measured by your attitude in doing things and how you express the character of God in all you do.

You will not be judged on results but how you obeyed and demonstrated the attitudes of Jesus in what you did.

Jesus look at our heart attitudes and not the results of what we do.

Holiness and Spiritual Warfare

People who are holy know they are at war with Satan, defending the things of God (which includes themselves) against the attacks of Satan.

So they will learn:

How Satan attacks

How to defend and stop his attacks

How to hinder or destroy his plans

How to heal and restore those attacked by Satan.

If you are not doing these things or not able to you need to find out why and learn how to do them.

Communion (oneness) with God

To be one in heart and mind with a person requires you to have the same purposes, objectives, and attitudes they have.

True Holiness is necessary for this to occur and to have true communion and oneness with God. Whether it is: prayer, fellowship, worshiping, service or just talking with God, requires wholehearted oneness with His purposes and a desire to relate to him.

No King can fully relate or express themselves to a subject that conditionally loves or obeys them. This is why for true oneness with God we must love him completely with all our being.

This is why Jesus said we should not love anyone more than God.

Communicating with God

People who live holy lives love talking to God Because He is Their Best Friend and the one who loves them the most.

They walk around always with one ear listening to The Holy Spirit so they can hear what God desires them to do and then do it quickly.

Their delight is to communicate with God and hear his words so they can do His will.

They love to spend time with Him first thing in the morning before the day starts and the last thing at night before they go to sleep.

They look forward to being with him in heaven forever and their whole life is devoted to doing what brings them closer to Jesus.


Sin is deliberately doing what God does not desire you to do.

The attitudes required for Holiness will prevent you sinning as your focus is on the Lordship of Jesus and what He desires of you and not on what Satan desires you to do which you will reject when he suggests you do them because it goes against what Jesus desires you to.

The moment you do what Satan desires you to do you are committing spiritual adultery as well as idolatry by putting something before Jesus and His Will and because you are focusing on the sin, it becomes a form of worship.  You are doing what Satan desires you to do which you do only when you follow someone. When you sin (rebel against Jesus) you are following what Satan desires you to do which is spiritual adultery and worship of him.

Holiness and repentance

A holy person loves the Lord Jesus and hates to hurt or offend Him. So when they sin (offend Jesus through deliberately rejecting his requirements of them) their love for Jesus causes them to stop doing the wrong thing and do the right thing, which of course is called repentance.

The Christian life is based on love for Jesus so when Jesus is offended they quickly repent (stop doing the wrong thing) and do the right thing.

If you are not willing to quickly repent of doing the wrong thing then examine your love for Jesus and the level of Holiness in your life.

The Kingdom of God

Holiness is the state a Citizen of the kingdom of God should live in. If they do not live it there will be times they are not citizens until they repent of the rebellion that has removed them from The Kingdom of God.

This is why you must continuously and wholeheartedly pursue Holiness so that you will not fail and possibly lose your salvation.

You only lose your salvation if you refuse to repent of a sin you know you are doing. This is because it is rebellion against Jesus and no rebel belongs to the kingdom it is rebelling against.

Satan's Smokescreen

We live in a world surrounded by Satan's attitudes and values. This is possible because he now controls the media (television, movies, DVDs, books and comics, newspapers and anything else that publishes to the masses) and most government authority in this world..

All have been infiltrated by his Demons and Christians have allowed them to do this and have done little to stop Satan's advance in these areas.

This means every input you have needs to be examined to see whether or not it attacks Holiness. You need The Holy Spirit to show you when something will attack your holy living (holiness) as well as what to do about it.

It appears too late to change many things but with God all things are possible.

The responsibility for what you do is yours and not a denomination, church, organisation, other Christians or other moral bodies, and you alone will be judged or how you dealt with the things attacking your holiness.


There is no excuse for not living a holy life.

God tells us what we need to know (Deuteronomy 29:29) or he would not be a God of love asking us do things but not telling us what to do or how to do them.

He will never ask us to do more than we are able to do or know (1 Corinthians 10:13).

He gives us The Holy Spirit and people to guide help and encourage us to live a holy life.

He has given us a guide book (The Bible) that tells us what we need to know and it is up to us to study it and learn what it says about holiness.

God has given us everything we need so it is your responsibility to use these in the way He desires you too. You will have no one else but yourself to blame if you do not learn these things because God will give you opportunity to learn from His Bible regardless of how difficult it may be to do so (Jn 7:17).

Remember, holiness is the state, pursuing holiness is the way to obtain the state and stay in it and it is purely your choice to pursue holiness

Each day

Holiness begins from the time you wake up and does not finish when you go to sleep.  Your dreams should also be Godly given to Jesus to protect.

This is what each day you should:

Greet The Father, Jesus and The Holy Spirit when you wake up and give the day to them for them to be God of all of it.

Ask them then what they desire you to do that day if you do not already know.

Thank them of the day and that you are their child

Thank them for all they are going to do for you that day

The last thing before you go to bed you should:

Thank them for all they have done for you that day

Say good night to each of them

Give your sleep and dreams to them

Remember, without holiness you do not go to heaven so it is worthwhile pursuing and as usual the choice to do so is yours and you will have no one else to blame but yourself if you do not succeed in doing this.

Appendix A

How to realise an attack on your holiness

Satan needs to have you defiled so you cannot enter heaven and as you lose  more and more of your holiness attitude he has a batter chance of doing this to you.

The principles for recognizing are an attack is to ask whether or not The Holy Spirit give you  unease about the thought or action or a lack of peace over it.  If this happens then you need to examine the thought or action to see if it is going to compromise your attitude of holiness.

Then you look at the following principles:

What does The Bible say about it?

Does it stop you in some way showing God’s quality of Love to another?

Will it take Glory from God?

Does it promote spiritual things or a lust/desire of your body?

Does it cast doubt on anything you know about God or what He has done?

Satan has used media, especially the visual types such as movies, DVD, magazines and especially television to modify behaviour and attitudes so that the Godly attitudes that keep you in a state of holiness are modified so that what is unholy now becomes the normality for things.

He starts of with a mild attacks on theses attitudes and over the years increases the severity of attacks.

So now, nudity and sex is now the norm and almost expected in movies and television shows.

Murder no longer causes a reacting of  horror and is a common theme in the media productions.

Comedy, on a regular basis makes fun of the things of God and people laugh and are no linger offended by this.

Many Christians now love in a worldly way and hate others and do not forgive them.

People no longer believe in the God of The Bible and change it according to what they think it should be.  They do not believe He could do what He said about its preservation

So Christians have become worldly in their attitudes, holiness in the church has deteriorated and The Bible no longer is important in the life of many Christians so that they do worldly things that makes them no different to worldly people which is why worldly people can see no reason for following Jesus.

Remember that Satan does not attack you fully but gradually attacks little bits of something and builds up his foothold on the thing being attacked until you are captured by his schemes.