Guidelines for online prophecy

Give it to Jesus to be Lord of what happens as well as all that you wrote and the results of their reading it to Jesus to be Lord using the five steps.

Ask what you are to do with the prophecy

Give any counselling and advice they may need

Cast out any demons attacking the person making the request as well as any that would blind the person from understanding or knowing how to implement the advice

Guidelines to the actual request for prophecy

Ask if you are to ask The Holy Spirit for a prophecy

If No

Ask why and tell the person

Tell them anything positive Jesus says about them such as t hey are faithful etc so do not need a word

Often it is because Jesus God desires to use the circumstances to mature the person more

If Yes

Ask when you are to give it and how much of it you are to give

Make certain you tell them of conditions for the prophecy being fulfilled or for the warning to be removed so the proposed evil does not happen to them.

If No, reasons for

Satan will not know what God is going to do and try to stop it or substitute his thing for it

Matt 6:33 says we really do not need to know the future if we follow Jesus wholeheartedly and seek His Kingdom.  He will provide all we need.  He promises in Duet 29:29 He tells us all we need to know and at this moment Jesus does not believe you need to know what you seek and wants you to trust Him and His Love so He can mature you more.

Remember, He is always working for your good, even though you do not know what He is doing and it is our perception of our need that at times is wrong.

So draw closer to Jesus and in faith continue you to do what you are doing until He shows you that you need to change it in some way and He will use the trial or circumstances to make you more like Him and give you greater rewards.

Remember to mention any commendation Jesus makes of them to you

Ask The Holy Spirit what to tell

them, when to tell them and how much to tell them.

Thank The Father, Lord Jesus and The Holy Spirit.

Have a glossary of prepared answers to cut and paste for such things as low self esteem,and other common problem