Prophecy Types


There are two classes of prophecy and man has made the mistake of confusing them.


Prophecies God makes for His eternal purposes which always come to pass


Prophecies given to a person which are always conditional


These always have a condition of obedience (Faith is understood as being there to cause the obedience Heb 11:6)


Four types of prophecy given to people:


A promised blessings because of past obedience


A maintaining of current events because of continuing obedience


A promise of future blessings requiring obedience now and in the future


A warning requiring repentance


If a prophecy given to a person does not eventuate then the condition for the prophecy to occur has not been fulfilled


God knows the person will not fulfil the condition but has to tell them the prophecy  or He would not be  a God of Love


The condition will always require an action based on Faith in God and His Love for them