Judgment On The Nations

Neville Salvetti


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Tabble of Contents

Foreword.. xiii

Preface. 2

Overview of Judgments. 4

Judgment on the Land.. 4

Judgment in Nahum (Final Warning). 4

How do you stop these disasters happening to your ‘nation’?  6

Who do the warnings apply too?. 6

So who does God spare from these judgments?. 8

Christians and Government 11

Epilogue to this section.. 11

Judgments on the Nations. 12

The Biblical Flood.. 12

Sodom and Gomorrah.. 12

Israel's enemies. 12

Herod Devoured by Worms. 13

Against the Jews. 13

Can there ever be peace with Islam?. 14

Those against Israel whom God is punishing. 14

The European Union.. 14

The United States. 16

Japan's 2011 Tsunami 23

The Arab countries. 24

United Nations Security Council Resolution 2334. 25

Resolution text 26

Passage. 27

Reactions by Security Council states. 28

By non-state parties. 32

Against God's people or Morals. 34

Muslim Nations. 34

Christchurch and its earthquake 23 Dec 2011.. 34

Australia. 36

United States ctd.. 38

The Civil War. 39

California. 39

New Orleans and Hurricane Katrina. 39

Russia. 40

Assisi in Italy. 40

How has God dealt with the world for not observing the Shemetah?  42

The Shemetah Year. 42

Why is the Shemetah year so important?. 43

The effects of not observing the Shemetah.. 44

Shemetah Year  Disasters: 44

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Is God correct and just in judging people that attack Israel?

If God says He will do something and does not do it He is a hypocrite.

Having said He will bless those who bless the Jews and the land of Israel and punish those that attack them. If He does not do this then He is a hypocrite.

It also goes against Gal 6:7-8 which basically says we reap what we sow.



This book is aimed at showing the order of judgments God puts on a nation for its disobedience as well as giving examples of these judgments on current nations and organisations.

God evaluates a nation on three aspects of His policy:

How it treats His people the Jews

How it treats Israel

How it keeps his laws

You will see how important it is to pray for Godly leaders when you see how nations are being judged for their ungodly ways and incorrect attitude to Israel.

God said to Abraham the following:

Gen 12:3  and I will bless them that bless thee, and him that curseth thee will I curse: and in thee shall all the families of the earth be blessed. 

This alone should make a nation wary of coming against the Jews or Israel.  So any nation coming against Israel does not fear God or they would heed this warning.

This promise was to the people and not to the land which they had not yet arrived at.  When they arrived at the land and settled it then the promise also applied to the land.

The land they settles is now in part occupied by the Palestinians who were not a nation when the land was given to Israel so they have no right to claim that which God has given to another.

To show it applies to the people also you only have to look at Germany that persecuted the Jew's.  When world war 2 was over they were a destroyed nation,  divided land under the control; and oppression of others for many years.  They had been judged fully and had reached the final judgment of no longer being a nation.

When the time of punishment was over God restored them but they appear not to have learnt their lesson.  They are still against the Jewish Nation trying to divide its land.

Remember what you do to the land you do to the people of Israel.

As everyone focuses on the land of Israel I will mainly discuss the judgments that have occurred as they try and divide the land of Israel.


Overview of Judgments

Judgment on the Land

People talk about judgment on the Land and mention 2 Chron 7:14 as the way prevent this judgment and to restore a nation,

First of all it needs to be pointed out that judgment is just an evaluation. What is carried out is the sentence resulting from that judgment.  In a sense it is a reward for behaviour in accordance with the principles of Gal. 6:7-8 (you reap what you sow).

In Leviticus 26:14-39 is the statement of what happens to a people who rejects God. Remember, God deals with people and not with inanimate objects such as land and its boundaries, The Land boundary, except for that of Israel, is really not important as God deals with people and their geographical authority so that judgment may end up only on a certain ethnic group, clan or family.

The next restatement of these judgments is in Nahum near the end of Israel as a Biblical nation. When God reminds them of these punishments to show that He is just in destroy the Nation of Israel as they have not kept His Laws.

The List in Nahum is more complete so I give it.

Judgment in Nahum (Final Warning)

Tempest (storm)




Earthquake and fire


Volcanoes?  (There is a long chain of dormant volcanoes on the east coast of Australia)




Death of the people (diseases and other causes)


Diseases in the crop




Destruction of the nation as a political power


Wealth removed


Pleasure removed


A place of evil


They will be mocked and derided


No strength to stop invaders


Land desolate, people removed from their land and it will cease to exist as a nation



 Some of the judgments are mentioned in the book of Revelation and are more severe as they refer to the whole world.

While the warning was to Israel the principles applies to any ‘nation’, group of peoples, tribe, clan or similar.

If you do not follow God as a ‘nation’, and not just individually, then these disasters will happen to you.  Satan will ‘rule’ the ‘nation’  and you will be rewarded by Him (destroyed).  Those who follow God will be protected and have their needs met (Mat 6:33) while all around them are being judged.

Remember it is needs met and not luxuries or desires for things you do not need.

How do you stop these disasters happening to your ‘nation’?

God’s solution is found in2 Chron 7: 14 And the promise of repentance is found in Acts 3:19.

2 Chron 7:14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Acts 3:19 Repent ye therefore, and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, when the times of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord.

Who do the warnings apply too?

These warnings were given to the nation of Israel which ignored them and were destroyed as a political and Biblical spiritual power. We are under a New Testament so who does this warning and promise apply to now?

The warnings still apply as God has not negated them but added His people, Christians, to those who are to be blessed and not  punished - as witnessed by what has happened to people who attacked Christians and to countries where people are still attacking them.  Uganda and The mess in the Middle east countries comes to mind as well as the state of nations in Africa where Christians are persecuted.  Keep and eye on Russia that has started a persecution of evangelical Christians.  They persecuted Christians and Russia ended up being divided so the next judgment will be more severe. But this is not the subject of this book as I am examining only what God said about the Jews and the land pf Israel.

God does not recognise nations but only the two spiritual kingdom, those of God and Satan.  Satan setup the nations for control purposes so he can use them for his purposes and control them easier.  Satan is called the one who ‘weakens’ (causes discomfort) to the nations so any nations ruled by him will have a bad time and will never have God’s peace and only Satan’s discomfort.

God does not need to set up nations to make it easier to control them.  God does not have a kingdom on earth, only people who serve Him. So when He talks about His people He can only be referring the Body (of His followers and the Jews) and to no one else!

He cannot be referring Satan’s kingdom (the world) as He cannot bless that or any one following the principles of the world, who say they are part of His Body but are not following The Will of Jesus. He can only bless His followers as Gal 6:7-8 prevents him blessing evil (so that people do not reap what they sow) and by this contravenes the principle in Gal 6:7-8.

God does not recognise denominations or similar. He only recognises two classes of people: those that follow Him and those that don’t follow Him.

So who does God spare from these judgments?

Those who repent and become His followers (who make a salvation decision and follow through with it).

Those of His followers who repent of their wrong ways and now follow Him!

They will go through His judgment sentence and may be affected by it but are not under them.

For God to Bless His people they must obey Him, This means not doing what Satan wants them to do which means being a good steward of the Land and all else He has given them.  By removing themselves from government Satan controls the l;and and you end up with the mess you have in the USA and many other Western countries..

According as leaders repent will be the halting or lessening of the Judgment sentences on their people.

If the family head and their family repent they will be spared  or the judgment sentence lessened..

If the local church assembly repents they will be spared  or the judgment sentence lessened..

If the country leaders repent and the people repent with them then the country will be spared or the judgment sentence lessened..=

The more of God’s people that repents the more of the area around them will be blessed by God and be spared judgment. God may still judge individual people in the area but the area generally will be spared.

No group is too small for God to bless. The only requirement is that they are His People. People who humble their self to seek God in all they do and seek His Face (His Will) in all they do.

The rulers who repent have been given an area of earthly authority to rule (as spiritual authority alone belongs to Jesus 1 Pet 2:25) and because of their godliness will influence all they have been given earthly authority over.

When these warnings were given to Israel, the political rulers were also the religious leaders. So God was referring to a structure where political and religious leaders were the same. We do not have this situation now as many political leaders are Godless and it is obvious they will not lead the repentance necessary to restore the Land.  Only when Jesus returns to earth to rule will political and spiritual leadership be one and the same.

Now you know why we are to pray for leaders of nations so that they will be godly, lead the people in righteousness (as their example as well of this)  and through this righteous leading preserve the land from Judgment.

Looking at all the current political leaders I would say many are doomed and the Tribulation will be a natural Consequence of the lifestyle and leadership of the current leaders of the world’s people!

As you do what God tells you too you will be where he wants you to be and will be able to protect and provide for you (Mat 6:33).   Salvation is individual so is His protection and provision for those who seek to develop the relationship they have with Him and who seek to obey His Will in all they do.

God also looks at the corporate level and as each part of the  Body does what it is suppose to do the subgroup of the party they are in are blessed and through this bless the Body as a whole.

So what are you to do as a leader of a group? You lead by example and serve those you lead to be used by God to help develop the people into what Jesus wants them to be.

You are to ensure Gods’ law are applied to whatever you have legal responsibility for  so that in all your decision making His principles are in the Land and Satan cannot obtain a foothold.

Looking at the Lawmakers of today once again I say that mankind is doomed and the Tribulation must occur as a natural consequence (Gal 6:7-8) of the way the nations of the earth are governed.

The Tribulation does not occur because God is punishing the earth. The Tribulation occurs as a natural consequence of how leaders have ruled the earth (unknowingly under the direction of Satan) and a natural consequence of the principle in Gal 6:7-8.

In the book of Revelation you will note that these judgments are applied now to the whole earth and not just to groups of people.

The judgments in the book of Revelation are a natural consequence of evil and will occur when evil is fulfilled and judgment must occur and not be delayed anymore through God’s compassion preventing it as He gives people time to repent.

Christians and Government

Should Christians be in politics?  Only of they want Godly leaders in government.

In the beginning of Israel’s history the religious leaders were the same as the political leaders.  This meant Godly men ruled the nation.  Satan stirred the people to ask for a king and from then on the nation only had problems with few periods of rule where the kings were godly.

Today the church and state are still separate but when Jesus returns they will be as one.  While the church ignores politics and placing godly men in its ruling bodies the society will keep spiraling downhill until the final judgments occur and the nation is removed.

Christians will have only them self to blame for believing politics was not the domain of the church and for not putting godly leaders into politics so that they led the country in a godly way and the country avoided the judgments of God on it.

Epilogue to this section

The church is waiting for God to work but God is waiting for the church to work so He can use it to bring revival.  As The Body (true church) works and does what God wants it to do so God can work through it so that the ‘nation’ will be revived and the judgment will be minimised and possibly avoided.

Judgments on the Nations

God is very clear in His Bible that He deals with people, individually or as groups (cities, nations, etc.) according to how they honor, or refuse to honor, Him. The biblical record tells us that God pronounced judgment on quite a few cities and nations.

The Biblical Flood

The world was completely evil so God destroyed it and saved only one family that was still obeying Him.

The Tribulation is God destroying an evil world and preparing it fir the Millennial rule of Christ.  The church is saved from this (by being raptured).

After the Millennium is over the earth is wicked again.  Satan is judged for corrupting the Millennium (the second witness against him) the world is destroyed and all evil is removed from creation.  A new heaven and earth, undefiled by sin that can enter The Kingdom of God is created.

Sodom and Gomorrah

These two cities and three others around them were destroyed for their immoral sensuality and sin.  If God does not destroy San Francisco He will need to apologise to these cities.

Israel's enemies

Many times God used Israel to destroy the nations that attacked it.

Other times these nations were used to punish Israel like when they were removed to Babylon for 70 years.

In 131 AD Jews wee banned from Jerusalem and the nation was effectively dissolved and no longer existed as a Jewish nation as it no longer had a capitol.  This was because it continuously refused to accept the Roman rule God had allowed to be over it as a judgment for its attitude towards Him.

Herod Devoured by Worms

The Bible tells us also of King Herod, whose oratory so inspired the Christ-rejecting multitudes. On one speaking occasion, when the adoring crowd acclaimed him a god, Herod's pride soared. At that very moment, God's judgment fell and worms inwardly devoured Herod's body and he died a horrible death as did many evil people in the years since then.

Examine the lives of evil people and you will see they died horrible deaths which were a result of God’s judgment.


It can be seen that in the past God has judged people or nations for disobeying Him.  It would be ridiculous to say He has stopped dong this.

Against the Jews

The Holocaust against the Jews was a war against people.   God said He would bless people who helped the Jews and punish those who did not.  Germany did not bless the Jews but  persecuted them.  When world war 2 was over they were a destroyed nation,  divided land under the control and oppression of others for many years.  They had been judged fully and had reached the final judgment of no longer being a nation.

Can there ever be peace with Islam?

God said of Ishmael the forerunner of Arabs:

Gen 16:11  And the angel of the LORD said unto her, Behold, thou art with child, and shalt bear a son; and thou shalt call his name Ishmael, because the LORD hath heard thy affliction. 

Gen 16:12  And he shall be as a wild-ass among men; his hand shall be against every man, and every man's hand against him; and he shall dwell in the presence of all his brethren. 

In other words Arabs will never be at peace with others always trying to overcome them and rule them in some way.  This is why nothing will ever satisfy the Arabs except the annihilation of Israel and those that help the Arabs in this will face annihilation under God which is the final judgment on a nation and which all the Arabs opposing Israel will face in the near future.

Those against Israel whom God is punishing

The final straw, as far as God was concerned, was resolution 2334 which basically stated Israel did not have a right to land God  had given it.

Watch the United Nations in the next few years and see how God deals with it.

The European Union

For many years The European Union has backed the Arab attempt to divide Israel.  They have welcomed Arab ‘refugees’ into the European Union not realising many were young men in a  hidden army whose purpose was to bring Shari law into Europe.  Now The European union is plagued by Muslim extremists terrorising the people.  They are raping the women, blowing up or shooting the people and making it unsafe for women to walk the streets.  The financial drain of these refugees is breaking the economy of many of the European nations who want to leave this union to escape the refugees and the requirements to look after them.

The European Union tried to divide Israel but itself is now being divided by the people it was backing.

Often God uses a rebellious nation to judge a people and then judges the rebellious nation.  This means that after He is through using the Muslims to judge Europe He will judge them for their attitude to Israel and other races.

In Australia the Muslins tried to art civil unrest with the so called Cronulla riots.  They thought the police would protect them like they did in Europe.  Unfortunately for them the police were pushed aside and the Muslim rioters were belted up.  There were no more civil disobedience attempts.

In Australia, gangs of young Arabs started raping women like they are doing in Europe.  In Europe it appears they do little about it or can do little about it.  Here the leaders got 50 years in jail so these gang rapes soon stopped.

There have been two cases of terrorist attacks with only one possibly being linked to the terrorist groups in Europe,  The people killed are nothing in number like those in Europe.

Why has Australia been spared what has happened in Europe?  It still supports Israel so God protects it from the punishment of those that attack Israel.

However, as you will see later it still suffers the anger of God that those who flaunt His Moral laws suffer.

The United States.

The United States has suffered much because of its stance against Israel.  It has suffered the natural disasters and the terrorist attacks by radical Muslims for both its abortion and stance against morality and persecution of Christians as well as its attitude to Israel.  As a result it is now a disunited nation with a danger of a civil war,

Under the last few American presidents the attitude of the USA to Israel has really deteriorated and the morality of the nation has declined.  USA has seen an increase in natural disasters until under President Obama they are a regular occurrence where weather has become more and more violent and fires More dangerous.

Muslim terrorist attacks have increased and immorality is rife so that in some states e.g. California, they have additional disasters.

Examples follow of these disasters.

What follows in this book is from the observations of people who have placed them in the public domain on the web.  Some of these documents can be found at more than one site on the web.

Date: March 22nd, 1979.

Event: the Carter administration chose not to veto UN Resolution 446.  Four days after that on March 26th, the Egypt-Israel Peace Treaty was signed in Washington. As a result of that treaty, Israel gave up a tremendous amount of territory

Result: Two days later, on March 28th, the worst nuclear power plant disaster in U.S. history made headlines all over the globe.  It was rated 5 out 7 on t he scale of nuclear power plant disasters

Date:  31 October 1991

Event: The Madrid Peace Conference. President George H. Bush promoted the Madrid Peace Conference, where he attempted to divide the land of Israel in exchange for “peace” with the Palestinians.

Result: A very rare huge storm starting in the north Atlantic, moving east to west (wrong direction for storms to move. It was called the Perfect Storm. Interestingly, one of the first places The Perfect Storm hit was Kennebunkport, Maine. Waves over 30 foot demolished the home of President George H. Bush, the instigator of the Oslo Accord.

Date: 23 August 1992

Event: The Madrid Peace Conference Part II

The Madrid Conference was not successful the first time around, so a year later President Bush tried it again. God was not happy. The same Day – Hurricane Andrew smashed into Florida. Andrew causes over $30 billion in damage while destroying over 180,000 homes. At that time, Andrew was the worst natural disaster ever to hit America.

Date: 13 September 1993

Event: The Oslo Peace Accord

Result: Date: President George H. Bush promoted and proudly signed the infamous Oslo Accord. The Oslo Accord was labeled a “Land for Peace” accord that demanded Israel award their land to the Palestinian exchange for peace.

 31 October 1993 On the very day that the Oslo Peace Accord was agreed upon, Hurricane Emily slammed into the Outer Banks with winds up to 115 miles per hour.

Date: 16 January 1994

Event: Talks To Give Up Golan Heights

Result: President Bill Clinton meets with terrorist and Israel hater Syria’s President Hafez el-Assad in Geneva. They talk about a peace agreement with Israel that includes Israel giving up the Golan Heights.

 17 January 1994 In less than 24 hours, a powerful 6.9 earthquake rocks Southern California. This mysterious quake, centered in Northridge, is the second most destructive natural disaster to hit the United States, behind Hurricane Andrew.

Date: 21 January 1998

Event: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu meets with President Clinton at the White House and is coldly received. Clinton and Secretary of State Madeleine Albright refuse to have lunch with him.

Result: Political Disaster: Impeachment.   21 January 1998 – the same day – Monica Lewinsky scandal breaks out, destroying the Clinton presidency and resulting in his impeachment.

Date: 28 September 1998

Event: Secretary of State Madeleine Albright finishes the final details of an agreement which requires Israel to surrender 13 percent of Yesha (Judah and Samaria). President Bill Clinton meets with Yasser Arafat and Netanyahu at the White House to finalize another Israel “land for peace” hoodwink. Later, Arafat addresses the United Nations and declares an independent Palestinian state by May 1999.

Result:  28 September 1998 – Same Day – Hurricane George hits Gulf Coast. Hurricane George blasts the Gulf Coast with 110 mph winds and gusts up to 175 mph. The hurricane hit the coast and stalled until the agreement was finalized and Arafat addressed the UN. Then it hit and caused $1 billion in damage. At the exact time that Arafat departs the U.S., the storm begins to dissipate.

Date: 15 October 1998

Event: Arafat and Netanyahu meet at the Wye River Plantation in Maryland. The talks are scheduled to last five days with the focus on Israel giving up 13 percent of Yesha. The talks are extended and conclude on October 23.

Result: 1998 17 October two days after the talks commence Tornadoes hit Texas. On October 17, heavy storms and tornadoes hit southern Texas. The San Antonio area is deluged with rain. The rain and flooding in Texas continue until October 22 and then subside. The floods ravage 25 percent of Texas and leave over one billion dollars in damage. On October 21, Clinton declares this section of Texas a major disaster area.

Date: 30 November 1998

Event: Arafat arrives in Washington again to meet with President Clinton to raise money for a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as the capital. A total of 42 other nations were represented in Washington. All the nations agreed to give Arafat $3 billion in aid. Clinton promised $400 million, and the European nations $1.7 billion.

Result: 1998 30 November – Same Day – Financial Disaster. The Dow Jones average drops 216 points, and on December 1, the European Market had its third worst day in history. Hundreds of billions of market capitalization were wiped out in the U.S. and Europe.

Date: 12 December 1998

Event: President Clinton arrives in the Palestinian-controlled section of Israel to discuss another “land for peace” fiasco.

Result:  12 December 1998 – the same Day – Clinton impeached.  The U.S. House of Representatives vote four articles of impeachment against President Clinton.

Date: 3 May 1999

Event: Yasser Arafat schedules a press conference to announce a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as the capital.

Result:  1999 3 May – the same Day – Powerful Storms in Oklahoma and Kansas. The most powerful tornado storm system ever to hit the United States whips through Oklahoma and Kansas. The winds are clocked at 316 mph, the fastest wind speed ever recorded. Arafat postpones his announcement to December 1999 at the request of buddy President Clinton. In his letter to Arafat, Clinton praises and encourages Arafat for his “aspirations for his own land.”

Date: 8 June 2001

Event: President George W. Bush sends Secretary Tenet to Jerusalem to promote his “Roadmap to Peace,” the continuation of the failed Oslo Accord.

Result: 2001 8 June – Same Day – Tropical storm Allison hits Texas the home state of President George W. Bush. Allison causes over $7 billion in damage and closes George Bush Airport for two days. Allison continues for five long days. When Tenet leaves Jerusalem, Allison settles down.

Date: April 30 2003

Event: The Road Map to Peace” that had been developed by the so-called “Quartet” was presented to Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon by U.S. Ambassador Daniel Kurtzer.

Result:  Over the next seven days, the U.S. was hit by a staggering 412 tornadoes. It was the largest tornado cluster ever recorded up to that time.

Date: 23 August 2005

Event: Gush Katif was paradise. And it was destroyed by those who took it over. Israel completed the evacuation of the Gaza Strip and gave it to the Palestinians. The Gaza Strip evacuation came directly from President Bush’s “Roadmap to Peace.”


 Hurricane Katrina formed on the same, exact day that the last settlers were evacuated August 23. Meteorologists tracking Katrina’s unusual path labeled Katrina one of history’s most bizarre hurricanes.

Katrina raced directly toward New Orleans, harnessing deadly strength every moment. Literally recording wind strength “off the scale” On Monday, August 29, the nation watched in horror as deadly Katrina slammed and slaughtered the fragile Gulf Coast. Destructive Katrina left beautiful homes as piles of worthless rubbish. Deadly Katrina tossed bodies like litter along the highway. When Katrina ended her deadly mission America suffered the worst disaster in her storied history.

The US destroyed Jewish homes in the Gaza strip just like Katrina destroyed American homes and caused then the same grief the US had caused the Jewish residents whose houses they destroyed.

Date: May 19 2011

Event: Barack Obama told Israel that there must be a return to the pre-1967 borders.

Result:  Three days later on May 22nd a half-mile wide EF-5 multiple-vortex tornado ripped through Joplin, Missouri. According to Wikipedia it was “the costliest single tornado in U.S. history.”

Date: 23 January 2017

Event: UN resolution 2443 was passed because Obama refused to negate it.  It was t he biggest betrayal of Israel  in US history.

Result: Since then Natural disaster upon Natural disaster has hit the United States.  I will deal with this in more detail latter.

The God of Israel is neither slumbering nor sleeping, America should remember that.

USA had divided, or rather tried to divide Israel and is itself now politically divided and prophetically will be divided in two with the New Madrid fault causing an earthquake that will form a channel 100+ Miles wide from the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico.

It appears that USA will not repent as it should in time to prevent these disasters.

Japan's 2011 Tsunami

On March 11, 2011 Japan was hit with a magnitude 9.0 earthquake which triggered a 10-meter high tsunami. This was the largest earthquake in Japan's history and the world's fourth largest earthquake since 1900. The death toll passed 18,000.

Most see this as yet another of the world's major natural disasters. Such a large earthquake was possibly due to the large size of the fault rupture as well as the speed at which the Pacific Plate is continuously thrusting beneath Japan [U.S. Geological Survey]. But there might be other factors.

The global BDS campaign (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) aims to create economic and political pressure on Israel over its land occupation and for Palestinian rights. In 2010, after a strong BDS campaign in Japan to boycott Israel, the Japanese retailer MUJI announced that it was cancelling its plan to open a store in Israel. Of course, boycott action is not unique to Japan and even western churches support such a boycott. But this was not new in Japan. As far back as 1994 it was noted that 'Japan was the only major economic power to strictly comply with the Arab boycott of Israel' (Reingold and Lansing, Business Ethics Quarterly, 1994). And to underscore Japan's boycott, no Japanese government minister visited Israel until 1998. It is claimed that boycott actions by Japan (and other countries) have hindered Israel's economy.

In November 2009 the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement "deploring" Israel's construction in the West Bank. This reiterated a call by Japan "to freeze settlement activities".

Did God judge Japan for her long-term opposition to Israel (as in Gen 12.3)?

Note: The radioactive water flowing underground from Fukishima into the oceans estimated to kill life in one third of the sea as stated in Revelation 8:8-9 and the sign in the heavens sin Revelation 12 can only occur at one time in history,  September 2017!

The Arab countries

Radical Muslims are tearing the Arab countries apart and destroying countries like Syria and Afghanistan as well as each other.  In a sense God is using their own people to punish them.  There will never be pace in the Middle east because of religious factions fighting each other.  God said that they would be at each others throats as well as at the throats of other Nations so that even peace amongst Arabs is a problem..

United Nations Security Council Resolution 2334

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Note: this resolution would have removed from Israel land God had given it.  The Geneva contention is ove- ridden by God's gift of the land to Israel so cannot be used as a  basis to attack Israel.

United Nations Security Council Resolution 2334 was adopted on 23 December 2016. It concerns the Israeli settlements in "Palestinian territories occupied since 1967, including East Jerusalem". The resolution passed in a 14-0 vote by members of the U.N. Security Council (UNSC). Four members with United Nations Security Council veto power, China, France, Russia, and the United Kingdom, voted for the resolution, whereas, the United States abstained.

The resolution states that Israel's settlement activity constitutes a "flagrant violation" of international law and has "no legal validity". It demands that Israel stop such activity and fulfill its obligations as an occupying power under the Fourth Geneva Convention.

It was the first UNSC resolution to pass regarding Israel and the Palestine territories since 2009, and the first to address the issue of Israeli settlements with such specificity since Resolution 465 in 1980 While the resolution did not include any sanction or coercive measure and was adopted under non-binding Chapter VI of the United Nations Charter, Israeli newspaper Haaretz stated it "may have serious ramifications for Israel in general and specifically for the settlement enterprise" in the medium-to-long term.

The text was welcomed by much of the international community in the following days. In response, the government of Israel retaliated with a series of diplomatic actions against some members of the Security Council and accused the administration of U.S. President Barack Obama of having secretly orchestrated the passage of the resolution. Palestine's representatives stated this was an opportunity to end the occupation and establish a Palestinian state to live side by side with the state of Israel on the 1967 line

Resolution text

The resolution states that all measures aimed at changing the demographic composition and status of The resolution states that all measures aimed at changing the demographic composition and status of Palestinian territories occupied by Israel, including construction and expansion of settlements, transfer of Israeli settlers, confiscation of land, demolition of homes and displacement of Palestinian civilians are in violation of international humanitarian law, Israel's obligation as the occupying Power according to the Fourth Geneva Convention, and previous resolutions.[2]

The resolution also condemns all acts of violence against civilians, including terrorism, provocation and destruction.[2] According to the New York Times, this is "aimed at Palestinian leaders, whom Israel accuses of encouraging attacks on Israeli civilians".[21] It reiterates support for the two-state solution and noted that settlement activities are "imperiling" its viability.[2]

The document also "underlines" that the UN Security Council "will not recognize any changes to the 4 June 1967 lines, including with regard to Jerusalem, other than those agreed by the parties through negotiations"; and "calls" upon all states "to distinguish, in their relevant dealings, between the territory of the State of Israel and the territories occupied since 1967


The draft was originally presented by Egypt on the basis of a document prepared by British legal and diplomatic figures working together with the Palestinians,[19] with Britain regarded as the key player in formulating the resolution and pressing for a vote.[22]

High pressures were exerted to avoid the vote. On 22 December, United States President-elect Donald Trump called on Egyptian president Abdel Fattah el-Sisi to withdraw the proposal,[3] and Egypt withdrew the nomination after what its ambassador called an "intense pressure".[21] Then on 23 December, the draft was taken up and proposed again by Malaysia, New Zealand, Senegal and Venezuela.[3] Israel unsuccessfully pressured New Zealand to withdraw its support, with Netanyahu telling Foreign Minister Murray McCully that support for the proposal would be considered by Israel as a "declaration of war".[19] Britain encouraged New Zealand to keep pushing for a vote. Following a telephone conversation between Netanyahu and Vladimir Putin, the Russian ambassador to the UN Vitaly Churkin requested that the vote be postponed until after Christmas. His proposal failed to gain any support.[19]

The resolution was passed 14 to 0; all members voted for the resolution except for the United States, which abstained.[21] The United States Ambassador Samantha Power explained the abstention by saying that on one hand the United Nations often unfairly targets Israel, that there are important issues unaddressed by the resolution, and that the US did not agree with every word in the text; while on the other hand the resolution reflects facts on the ground, that it reaffirms the consensus that the settlement activity is not legal, and that the settlement activity has gotten "so much worse" as to endanger the viability of the two-state solution.[23][21][3]

Media and observers contrasted the US decision to abstain with its long-standing tradition of vetoing resolutions targeting Israel over the issues of settlements.[21]tate of Israel and the territories occupied since 1967

Reactions by Security Council states

China: The Chinese Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN, Ambassador Wu Haitao, welcomed the resolution and said it reflects the common aspiration of the international community.[42]

France: The French Ambassador to the UN, Franšois Delattre, said the resolution's adoption is "an important and historic event" and noted it was the first time that the Security Council had clearly stated the obvious, that settlement activities undermined a two-state solution.[42]

Malaysia: Prime Minister Najib Razak described the vote as "a victory to the people of Palestine".[43]

New Zealand: Foreign Minister Murray McCully stated that "we have been very open about our view that the [UN Security Council] should be doing more to support the Middle East peace process and the position we adopted today is totally in line with our long established policy on the Palestinian question" and that "the vote today should not come as a surprise to anyone and we look forward to continuing to engage constructively with all parties on this issue".[44][45]

Russia: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia issued a statement which said that "the Russian Federation voted for it because the resolution is based on tested formulas reflecting the general view of the international community, which have been reaffirmed many times, on the illegality of Israeli settlement plans in the Palestinian territory. (...) Our experience shows convincingly that a two-state solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is only possible through direct talks between Palestinians and Israelis without any preconditions."[46][47]

Senegal: After several retribution measures were announced by Israel, Senegal Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that his country "steadily supported the research of a fair and equitable solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict."[48]

 Spain: The Spanish Ambassador to the UN and incumbent President of the UN Security Council, Romßn Oyarzun Marchesi, welcomed the resolution; he noted that Spain had always affirmed the illegality of the settlements and said the resolution was consistent with Spain's position.[42]

United Kingdom: The British Ambassador to the UN, Matthew Rycroft, welcomed the resolution and said it was a "clear reinforcement" of international belief in a two-state solution, that Israel's settlement expansion was "corroding the possibility" of a lasting peace in the Middle East and that "the settlement expansion is illegal."[49][50] In reaction to John Kerry's speech, a spokesperson for the Prime Minister rebuked Kerry for focusing on the single issue of Israeli settlements and not the whole conflict, and said: "We do not... believe that the way to negotiate peace is by focusing on only one issue, in this case the construction of settlements, when clearly the conflict between the Israelis and Palestinians is so deeply complex." [51] The spokesperson continued, in reaction to Kerry's statement about the makeup of the Netanyahu government, that "...we do not believe that it is appropriate to attack the composition of the democratically-elected government of an ally." [51]

United States: United States Secretary of State John Kerry said the United States could not "stand in the way of a resolution at the United Nations that makes clear that both sides must act now to preserve the possibility of peace" and said the resolution "rightly condemns violence and incitement and settlement activity."[52] In a later speech he said that the Israeli Netanyahu government's agenda is driven by "extreme elements," that its policies are leading "towards one state" and that "if the choice is one state, Israel can either be Jewish or Democratic – it cannot be both.[53][54] Kerry also said a peace agreement must be based on the 1967 lines, that all citizens must enjoy equal rights, that occupation must end, that the Palestinian refugee issue must be resolved, and that Jerusalem must be the capital of both states. He also said that the Security Council resolution "reiterates what has long been the overwhelming consensus international view on settlements" and that "if we had vetoed this resolution, the United States would have been giving license to further unfettered settlement construction that we fundamentally oppose."[55]

Venezuela: The Venezuelan Ambassador to the UN called the resolution's passage historic.[56]

Ukraine:Ukraine's ambassador to the United Nations Volodymyr Yelchenko compared Israel's settlement of the West Bank to the Russian occupation of Crimea.[57][58] The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry stated that the Resolution's text was balanced: Israel was to desist from settlements, and Palestinians were to adopt measures to counter terrorism.[59]

Reactions by other states

Australia: Australia was one of the few countries to support the position of the Israeli government, implying that had they been on the UN Security Council they most likely would have voted against the resolution. Foreign Minister Julie Bishop stated that, "In voting at the UN, the Coalition Government has consistently not supported one-sided resolutions targeting Israel". Bishop also distanced the Australian government from remarks made by US Secretary of State John Kerry and President Barack Obama.[60]

Belgium: Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Didier Reynders welcomed the resolution, stating that "Belgium fully shares the position of the international community expressed in this resolution" and that "the settlement policy of the territories occupied by Israel is illegal, and its continuation seriously jeopardizes the possibility of a two-state solution."[61]

Germany: Foreign Minister and Chairman-in-Office of the OSCE Frank-Walter Steinmeier welcomed the resolution and said it confirms what has long been the position of the German government, stating that the Israeli settlement of occupied territory is an obstacle to peace and a two-state solution.[62] He further said that "a democratic Israel is only achievable through a two-state-solution."[63] Steinmeier later praised the speech by John Kerry which outlined the United States' position on the Israeli–Palestinian conflict and endorsed Kerry's principles for a solution to the conflict.[64]

Iran: Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi welcomed the resolution and asked "the international community, particularly the United Nations," to take "effective and fundamental steps in this regard after more than seven decades."[65]

Norway: Foreign Minister B°rge Brende welcomed the resolution and said it must be the basis for a solution to the Israeli–Palestinian conflict. He said that "it is important that Israel complies with it, because the settlements are in violation of international law".[66]

Sweden: Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Margot Wallstr÷m welcomed the resolution and said it confirms the position of both the EU and Sweden on the continued Israeli settlement of the occupied West Bank.[67]

Turkey: The Foreign Ministry welcomed the vote in a statement and urged Israel to abide by the Security Council decision and to halt all settlement activities in the Palestinian areas.[68]

By non-state parties

International human rights organizations

Amnesty International said the "decision to finally pass a resolution condemning illegal Israeli settlements is a welcome step," that "the resolution includes a crucial demand that the Israeli authorities immediately halt all settlement activities in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. Such activities constitute a flagrant violation of international humanitarian law and, according to the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, constitute a war crime. We also welcome the resolution’s recognition of the illegality of Israeli settlements" and that the "Security Council must now ensure this resolution is respected."[69]

Human Rights Watch stated that the resolution rebuked those looking to reverse the illegality of Israeli settlements in the West Bank and commended the countries who pushed the resolution forward. It advised the international community to remain resolute in its condemnation of illegal Israeli actions in the Occupied Territories and called for the dismantling of the settlements.[70][71]

Debate in the United States

Shortly after the resolution passed, U.S. President-elect Donald Trump tweeted, "as to the UN, things will be different after Jan. 20."[21] Later he added: "We cannot continue to let Israel be treated with such total disdain and disrespect. They used to have a great friend in the U.S., but not anymore. The beginning of the end was the horrible Iran deal, and now this (U.N.)! Stay strong Israel, January 20 is fast approaching!".[72] The passage, and the United States' decision to abstain rather than veto it, is controversial in the United States, which has used its veto power 42 times to protect Israel, including with respect to a very similar resolution in 2011.[73] In reaction to the United States' abstention, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan stated that the abstention was "absolutely shameful" and a "blow to peace".[74] Incoming Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer said it was "extremely frustrating, disappointing and confounding" that the Obama administration failed to veto the UN's vote.[75] The American organization J Street said "the resolution is consistent with long-standing bipartisan American policy, which includes strong support for the two-state solution, and clear opposition to irresponsible and damaging actions, including Palestinian incitement and terror and Israeli settlement expansion and home demolitions."[76] The United States House of Representatives, on the other hand, voted 342-80 to condemn the UN Resolution on January 5, 2017.

It is early days yet but if God is going to punish the nations that voted for it or support it then things will happen in those countries very soon if they are not already happening like they are already happening in The European Union.

The countries that brought the resolution or instigated it will face more severe judgment so watch these nations for disasters and financial problems.

Against God's people or Morals

Muslim Nations

Many radical Muslims have persecuted Christians, have slaves, and raped women in a way that was acceptable to their religion.  God cannot let it go unpunished or He would be a hypocrite.  So in the near future these nations allowing this will be destroyed.  This is also partly the reason some Arab nations are in the mess they are in.

Christchurch and its earthquake 23 Dec 2011

A little history

From https://nzhistory.govt.nz/page/magnitude-7-1-earthquake-rocks-canterbury

7.1 earthquake rocks Canterbury 4 September 2010

The earthquake struck at 4.35 a.m. on Saturday 4 September and was felt by many people in the South Island and the southern North Island. There was considerable damage in central Canterbury, especially in Christchurch, but no loss of life.  This was because it was a warning earthquake but the warning was not heeded.  God art times sens a warning before the main judgment.  In this case the judgment happened later on).

It was the largest earthquake to affect a major urban area since the 1931 Hawke’s Bay earthquake. The epicentre was 37 km west of Christchurch near the town of Darfield. As a relatively shallow quake – about 10 km below the surface – it produced the strongest shaking recorded in New Zealand.

Few people sustained serious injuries, largely because of the time the quake occurred – most were in bed and the streets were largely deserted.

The people of Christchurch would not be so lucky a few months later when a 6.3-magnitude earthquake struck. This event occurred in the middle of the working day at 12.51 p.m. Central Christchurch was badly damaged, 185 people were killed and several thousand injured. This time the epicentre was near Lyttelton, just 10 km south-east of Christchurch’s central business district.

The earthquake struck at lunchtime, when many people were on the city streets. More than 130 people lost their lives in the collapse of the Canterbury Television and Pyne Gould Corporation buildings. The Chrfistchurch city council building was also badly damaged. Falling bricks and masonry killed 11 people, and eight died in two city buses crushed by crumbling walls. Rock cliffs collapsed in the Sumner and Redcliffs area, and boulders tumbled down the Port Hills, with five people killed by falling rocks.

(These buildings housed the Media, government and some finance people that promoted the Gay celebration.)


Christchurch was founded by a group of devout church going Anglicans, who built a new city with a Cathedral at its centre. They wanted to build a city where God was at the centre of their lives, physically and spiritually. Even the name of the city reflects their intention.  (The Cathedral was badly damaged as if God no longer wanted it in Christchurch).

Five generations later, the city chose to tolerate 12 year old girls working as prostitutes on its streets - the result of legislation imposed on NZ by Helen Clark's government. From the moment that happened, (this is in a city with the spiritual heritage of Christchurch!!), it was only a matter of time before there was a warning from God.

The warning finally came in September 2010, before dawn broke on what was planned as a week long festival of deliberate and calculated insults to God -- L&P week, ie Lesbians and Poofter Week. The high point (low point) of the week was a gender-bending public display of perversion on the Biblical New Year holiday (Rosh Hashanah).

The earthquake closed the airport so these people were not able to fly in and the roads were devastated so they would have problems driving there.

The morning of the Christchurch earthquake was the opening of 'Gay Ski Week'. The highlight of the week was a party featuring two of NZ's ugliest and butchest lesbians as the main event in Queenstown. Squadrons of "imports" were to have been brought in for the week -- from Sydney's now booming gay and lesbian area around Oxford St, between the CBD and Kings Cross.

The earthquake stopped this happening as God carried out final judgment on the city for its toleration of sins against His Morality.

If God does not judge California, races and other cities that promote Gross immorality He will have to apologise to Sodom and Gomorrah as He would be a hypocrite.


In Australia there are three states that have had storms, floods, bush fires and power problems:  South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales.

South Australia tolerates Gay and Lesbian lifestyle but does not overtly promote it.

Victoria promotes it persecuting anyone speaking against it (usually Christians) and teach it to young children in their schools.  New South Wales does none of these things and stopped a school program that was similar to the one in Victoria.

South Australia had a storm that badly damaged the state electricity system so that in a subsequent heatwave it failed.  Victoria had its problems with electricity years earlier.  New South Wales had a two day heat wave and even though the generating capacity was at full strength for this period it did not fail.

Vitoria had a terrible bush fire day and lost 128 lives.  New South Wales had a worse bush fire weather than that day and had no loss of life in the fires and less damage.

It can be seen that the states that promote things that are not of God has the worst damage in disasters as if God was protecting New South Wales.

United States ctd

By 2003 all sodomy laws in the U.S. had been repealed, overturned or invalidated - in defiance of God's word on homosexuality. This was achieved through state leaders (courts) or by the Supreme Court. The next step away from God is same-sex marriage. Currently, under the Federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), the federal government respects only those marriages between a man and a woman. But the nation's leaders are now sympathetic, and President Obama now endorses gay marriage. So, like ancient Israel, America is being led into defiance of God's word by her leaders:

Abortion on demand had been around for years by then and millions of babies were being aborted.  This is the sort of sin for which pagan nations were destroyed by God.

The church and state were separate so that law makers were elected who did not have the values of God.  This resulted in laws being passed that wee, according to God, immoral and other laws being passed to stop Christians criticising them so that Christians were under attack for speaking what God said about certain things.

The country lost its morality and now and now even law enforcement officers are afraid in some places to patrol the streets.  But as yet it is not as bad as in Europe where law enforcement officers are afraid to enter Muslim areas and consider them a no go zone.

So now in the USA we have flagrant debauchery, Satanism, witchcraft murder, violence, abortion, immorality of all types as well as a love of money that makes it a god and over rides the sensibility of  many, especially in financial institutions.

It rejected God and is now reaping what is has sown as are other European countries that have turned their back on God.

The Civil War

God hated slavery so much He caused the Civil War that punished the South for its treatment of Slaves.  In the same way He will punish people who keep slaves, especially Muslim nations.


California is the pornography capital of the world and a state that embraces and promotes the free sex lifestyle with any one or thing you want to do it with.  It persecutes people that stand against this (like Christians) and is so evil that God is going to destroy it and remove it from mainland USA.  It is also a centre for peadophilia amongst the movie stars and polticians and also for the sex trade of young children.  It has a resaurant where you can order parts of a babies body to eat.  It allowsentry illegal  to illegal aliens and protects them and now is suffering from diseases not heard of yor years in the USA. The streets are covered with fecies in some cities, drugs and needles are easily found on the streets and it is not safe for women to walk the streets at night in some of the major cities.

It is suffering so bad with natural disasters that it has had to go to the United States government for help even though it said it was going to break away from the USA.

It wil be seperated from the mainland USA and destroyed by an earthquake that God will use to remove all this evil.  There are cracks already forming inland that are seperating the land.

Recent disasters include fire, floods, storms and drought of unusual intensity that are almot supernatural.  As as usual the mainstream USA media covers it all up and hides it all.  Even americans are deserting the mainstream media because 8-% of the news they have is fake.

DIsneyland in CAlifornia is a  major child trafficking centre and was recently closed down and the paedophiles removed.  I knew of a person whose two daughters went into a toilet in Disneyland and were never seen again.  They did not come out so only God knows where they are of if they have not been sacrificed or used as sex slaves.

Look at the disasters in the YUSA and you will find many are in areas where these things are promoted and protected.

New Orleans and Hurricane Katrina

August 2005 saw one of the strongest storms to impact the US over the last 100 years. Katrina reached wind speeds of 170 mph and generated 5 inches of rainfall across a large area of SE Florida. In New Orleans the storm surge breached many levees and at least 80% of the city was flooded (some parts being under 20 feet of water). The economy suffered particularly shipbuilding, the space program and banking. Some facts about New Orleans before Katrina are worth noting:

It had half the abortion clinics of Louisiana

Its aim was to be in the 'Top Ten Gay Destinations Travel List'

Its mayors welcomed Mardi-gras, Southern Decadence and 'Girls Gone Wild' - all sexually explicit (sex acts were performed in full view of the police)

The annual Southern Decadence was due to start the day after the levee broke

God hates evil and that includes homosexual acts. When the storm hit, the City Council President said 'Maybe God's going to cleanse us'. Did he know that the girl name Katrina means 'purity, chaste, holy'? Did God send Katrina as a purifying experience?


The Soviet Union persecuted Christians and in the end God destroyed it by having it divide up into various countries some of which no longer have ties with Russia.  These countries now have their own government and are not controlled by Russia but may be influenced in some way by it.

At the moment Russia is again attacking Christians so it will be interesting to see what God does to it if it does not repent of this.

Assisi in Italy

From Assisi, Italy, has come astonishing proof that God is judging men today for their evil and wicked ways. On September 26, 1997, two damaging earthquakes struck central Italy. Ten people were killed, dozens injured and about 12,000 were left homeless. The human toll was heavy, but the Catholic Church and the Italian government were especially concerned about the problems wreaked on the Basilica of St. Francis in Assisi.

Leaders of all the world's false religions had to come to Assisi, Italy for an unholy ecumenical conference.

With the Pope in Assisi were Islamic muftis, Hindu gurus, Jewish rabbis, Protestant leaders, and Buddhist monks. During the conference, the Pope and local Catholic authorities invited the Dalai Lama, the living "god man" of Tibetan Buddhism, and his monks to conduct a Buddhist worship service. There, on the Basilica’s church's massive medieval altar, the Dalai Lama placed hideously evil idols and charms, including a statue of Buddha.

This was the first flagrant Ecumenical worship service in preparation for the one world religion of Antichrist.  God could not let it pass without showing His displeasure.

Ascended on the third

The Holy Spirit was given on the fourth,

It is logical for Him to return on the fifth feast in September which is the feast of trumpets when The Trumpet of The Lord was sounded in the Jerusalem Temple.  I am not promoting this date as definite but the sequence is interesting.

How has God dealt with the world for not observing the Shemetah?

The Shemetah Year

The  two most important dates in modern history are:

May14, 19948 When Israel once again became a Nation and

June 7, 1967 when Israel captured all Jerusalem so that it had back its Biblical Capital.

May14, 19948 When Israel once again became a Nation

Why is this date important?

Jesus said that the events of The Tribulation would start before anyone born that date would die age 70 (the generation would not pass away  that saw this).  This date is 8 May 2017 which means the events of The Tribulation must start by  then, even if only in embryonic form.

June 7, 1967 when Israel captured all Jerusalem so that it had back its Biblical Capital.

Why is this date important?

It gives a date for the end of the Jubilee year which is 24 August 2017 when the tribulation starts openly as punishment for not observing the Shemetah Years.  The punishment is seven years, one for each year not observed.  This is why The Tribulation is 7 years for each of the Shemetah years not observed and a bit more for The Jubilee year not observed.

So by 8 May things have started and by 24 August things must be starting to be exposed for all to see.

Why is the Shemetah year so important?

Firstly because God commanded it ot be observed.

"At the end of every seven years you shall grant a release of debts. And this is the form of the release: Every creditor who has lent anything to his neighbor shall release it; he shall not require it of his neighbor or his brother, because it is called the Lord's release (Deut. 15:1-2).

Israel spent 70 years in Babylon, the number of Shemetah years it did not observe the previous 490 years.  The land rested for those 70 years and when its rest was finished the land of Israel was restored to it.

The Jubilee year follows the 7th Shemetah year and this means one cycle of 50 years will end is 24 August 2017

So by 8 May 2017 things have started and by 24 August things must be starting to be exposed for all to see.

I believe World War 3 will be by August 2017,  Christians are removed before the judgment of the world as they are not under judgment and it is interesting to note the following:

Christ died on the first feast of the Jewish year

Rose on the second

Ascended on the third

The Holy Spirit was given on the fourth,

It is logical for Him to return on the fifth feast in September which is the feast of trumpets when The Trumpet of The Lord was sounded in the Jerusalem Temple.  I am not promoting this date as definite but the sequence is interesting.

The effects of not observing the Shemetah

Rabbi Jonathan Kahn has documented when the last seven major stock market crashes have taken place. He cites each of these have taken place in a Shemetah year: the seventh year of a seven-year cycle.  He has written on this in a book that is worth obtaining.  It is called ‘The Mystery of the Shemetah’

Shemetah Year  Disasters:

The 2007-2008 financial crash took place in a Shemetah year. 2015 is the seventh year of a seven-year Shemetah period.

The final day of the Shemetah year will be Sunday, September 13, 2015 which is also Elul 29, the last day of the Shemetah seventh year. The last open day of the markets will fall on Sept. 11, 2015 two days before Elul 29. The greatest stock market crashes have all been on these Elul 29 days, the last day of a Shemetah year.

Consider the following, arranged by the Shemetah years, the event, and the percentage the stock market crashed:

1901-1902, Northern Pacific Crisis, 46 percent

1916-1917, 1st World War, 40 percent

1930-1932, Great Depression, 86 percent

1937-1938, Great Depression, 50 percent

1973-1974, Oil Crisis, 45 percent

2000-2001, 911 attacks, dot.com crash 37 percent

2007-2008, Mortgage Crisis, 50 percent

Now: 2015-2016 Shemetah year—Sept. 13, Elul 29, last day of Shemetah year

As it can be seen the land was not rested so trading did not stop, so God stopped it Himself to give the land rest.

So a correlation can be seen with the non observance of The Shemetah and the punishments God does around the end of that year.

I do not know what his starting date is but if June 1967 is  taken then the Shemetah years end in 1975, 1982, 1989, 1994, 2001, 2008, 2016 which closely correlates with his dates above.

It appears 2017 will  be quite a bumpy ride.

Perhaps the world wide money crash predicted will occur this year as The Shemetah has not been observed again.

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