Know Your Enemy

2 Cor 2: 11 Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices.

Any good commander studies his enemy to understand how he attacks as well as  how to defend themselves, their men and their property as well as teaching their men the tactics of the enemy they need to know and how to defeat these tactics.

The earthly father is the commander of his family and needs to know how Satan attacks them as well as how to defend them from Satan’s attacks.  He also needs to teach them how to attack Satan and to know how to deliver them from the consequences of any sins once they repent  and also needs to teach his family these things.

This book is aimed at helping people understand how Satan attacks and how to deal with these attacks.  How to deal with sin and its consequences is dealt with in my booklet on addiction.

You, who are in authority, study this book well as you will be asked to give and account of your leadership, either as spiritual mentor/teacher or as a physical father and how you fought the King’s battles and taught others to do so will be a part of that judgment.

Remember!  Satan was defeated at Calvary so you have no excuse for not defeating him as Jesus has delegated too you the authority to be able to do this.  Learn well this authority and the wiles of Satan and you will be and overcomer and of real use to Jesus as a citizen of the Kingdom of God.  if you cannot defeat Satan then you need deliverance and usually healing!


Satan can only get you to sin if you accept what he offers you.  It is the acceptance of what he offers, whether or not you actually do what Satan suggests, that is the sin and not the actual act suggested by Satan.  The decision to sin is entirely yours.  Satan cannot make you sin.  He can only suggest to you sin.  All the weapons of hell are ineffective if you do not accept what he offers you.

Sin is not meeting something God requires you to do and is really  not the breaking of a law or commandment of God.  It is more than these.  it is the breaking of His Law of Love!  Putting your selfish desires before those Jesus  has for you to do.  Laws only guide us but The Spirit is the one who tells us wen a thing is a sin which is why it is important to always have one ‘spiritual ear’ listening to him.

This is why it is important to know the Truths of God so you know what He requires (so you know want sin is).  You need to be led by The Holy Spirit so you can be shown the traps Satan has prepared for you.  This is a spiritual war and you need to be led in it by a spiritual being, The Holy Spirit who can see into the spirit world and advise you what you are to do.

This is why you should never argue, reason, react or assume anything because Satan can use these against you and condition you to behave a certain way.  You always stop and ask The Holy Spirit what to do unless it is something the law of God or t he land requires or you know already what God desires you to do.

Let me repeat myself.  You decide to sin by accepting what Satan offers you that you know is the wrong thing to do.   If you do not know it is wrong it is not a sin.  Sin has to be deliberate disobedience of God and not anything done in ignorance.  For sin to occur there must be knowledge that it is rebellion, in some way, to God’s requirements of you.

Remember that the battle is for the mind.  Your mind!  Whoever controls your mind (God or Satan) controls you and your eternal destiny.  Hence the importance of filling your mind with and meditating on God’s Truths to counter the error and lies (deceits) Satan uses to try and control you.

If you focus on Jesus and His Will for you, Satan will not be able to deceive or distract you from your Christian walk.  It is when you take your eyes of Jesus and His things to those of Satan that you can be led astray by him (in other words sin). Whoever you focus on and follow (God or Satan) is your master.  If Jesus is Lord you have salvation.  If Satan is lord you have eternal damnation.

The choice is yours.

You alone will give an account for your choices in life and no one else.  So choose wisely in the things of life.  A lot depends on it both now and in eternity.

How to defeat Satan

These five steps are the basis of the deliverance prayers I use and also are the way to defeat Satan, and are as follows:

Give the sin, area of moral weakness, circumstance, problem, event or situation to Jesus to be lord of, as well as all that led to the area, event etc, the consequence of this event(s) and anything associated in any way with these events..

Forgive all who have offended you including yourself, repent of unforgiveness, bitterness, root of bitterness, anger any wrong emotions or attitudes to others or yourself and also of any sins you are bringing to Jesus.

You may need to pray :”Lord I forgive.  Help me to forgive”, or “Lord I repent, help me repent please.”

Command Satan to go in Jesus’ Name as he no longer has a right to these areas as they now belong to Jesus,

In Jesus Name command healing and restoration of all the damage Satan did to you,

Ask Jesus to send The Holy Spirit to fill you replacing all the demons that have left

The two greatest hindrances to victory over Satan are unforgiveness (leading to anger and bitterness) and enjoyment of the sin leading to no desire to repent of it.  The latter is dangerous as it can lead to the loss of our salvation.

Resisting The Enemy

James 4:7 Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

The enemy does not flee while he alone is attacking and only defence is put up against it.  He flees when there is a counter attack.

So when Satan attacks the only way to defeat him is to counterattack

But it must be from a position of a citizen of The Kingdom of God with the delegated authority to make him flee.

From our position of safety in The Kingdom of God having been given the delegated authority to cast Satan out all we need to do is declare the Will of God in the matter and tell Satan to go (unless there is a personal need to repent and forgive others).  This is the basis for the framework of The Five Steps above.

The objective of Satan

The objective of Satan is to destroy the works of God of which you are one.  This is why you need to know how Satan is trying to do this.  This is so you can stop his attacks and defeat them.

Our Position in the Battle

A person is at war with the kingdom of darkness because they are a Christian (a citizen of God’s Kingdom).  You are born physically and live in enemy territory (the current world system ruled by Satan), surrounded by workers of the enemy who are dedicated completely to one of three objectives:

Destroying you completely in any way they can

Making you an ineffective soldier and representative for God, their adversary

Persuading you not to leave the kingdom of darkness

Although Satan (his name means adversary) walks around as a lion trying to destroy our Christian life or to make it ineffective, we are kept by our obedience faith in God and protected by the Lordship relationship we have with Jesus because we are a citizen of His Kingdom who submits to Him as our Lord and ruler.  God limits what the enemy (Satan) can do to us and Satan has no right to control or use us unless we give him the right to do so. God promises that Satan will never test us more than we can endure and that there will always be a way out of the trial or temptation (1 Corinthians 10:13).

As a faithful citizen of The Kingdom of God, we are under automatically under His divine protection.  This coverage extends only to that which we place under His kingship.  Anything we withhold from His Authority (Lordship) is easy prey for the enemy because it is not protected by Jesus as we have not placed it under His Authority.  Jesus will limit the attack to what we can withstand if we want to so there is really no excuse for sinning.

Christians are either defending God’s territory as stewards on behalf of God (for their own life, the lives for which God has made them responsible and property they are stewards of) or trying to obtain new territory (new people (citizens) for the Kingdom of their Father).  If a Christian is not doing either, they had better examine their faith as it may not be a saving faith.  There are no fence sitters in the Kingdom of God.  Even in a period of rest between battles, there are always minor skirmishes.  In this battle on earth, there is no such thing as neutral ground or a truce.

There is only one kingdom of earth - that of Satan so there is no dividing fence on earth between the kingdoms of God and Satan for a person to sit on.

At any given time you will be used in one or more of the following capacities as a citizen of the kingdom:

An Ambassador, representing the Kingdom and explaining it to others

A Soldier, defending the Kingdom, the King’s Name, and honour, and rescuing people from the kingdom of darkness

A teacher training others how to battle and live as a citizen of The kingdom of God

A Citizen (servant) of The Kingdom of God, doing the Will of The Father and maintaining the Kingdom

A student learning to equip yourself better for the battle

If you are not fulfilling at least one of these positions of service then you are serving His enemy by default.  Lukewarm Christians who are not doing the Will of God are in a sense passively resisting God and can be said to be ‘against’ Him if they are knowingly doing this.  This is why the lukewarm church in the book of Revelation was spewed out by Jesus.

How does an attack start?

Demons usually focus on a weak spot, something that will take you out of the protection of God in some area of your life by removing the Lordship of Jesus in that area.  Usually it is a hurt of some kind, a wrong desire (lust) or a wrong attitude so that there is a weakness Satan can exploit.  If you are totally under God’s protection, then a demon needs permission from God to attack you.  This is one of the principles behind the temptations (attacks) on Job.  Satan complained that God protected Job and he could not attack him because of this protection.

What was the reason for God’s protection?  Job sought to be in a righteous (in a correct) relationship with God.  It was because of his relationship with God that God protected Job.  But Job did not trust God fully (Job 3:25) so Satan could rightfully ask God to remove His protection.  God removed only part, even though He could have removed all of it.  God knew how much Job could endure and removed only that amount of protection that allowed the specific attack.

Job was afraid God could not protect what God had given to him so Satan was able to remove Job’s protection and all that God had given him as they were not under the Authority of Jesus.

All that Job lost was under his stewardship and had been given to him by God.  But Job was afraid that God could not protect them. So when Satan complained to God, that God was protecting them, even though, Job was afraid God could not protect them, God had to stop protecting them and so Satan was able to attack these things.  But God in his mercy limited what Satan could do.

We too are protected, as Job was, when we are in a proper relationship with God.  Sometimes attacks are allowed, however, as this is the only way a Christian matures.  The Bible teaches us the “no pain, no gain” method as far as gaining maturity.  When these instances of testing arise as a result of God’s allowing attacks for our maturing, there is also Grace given from God to fight them and to be able to endure (1 Corinthians 10:13).

God will not put you through anything He has not prepared you for and will help you get through the trial or temptation.  Remember that it is only sin if you know what you are doing is wrong which is why Satan has to change the way you think about something you know is wrong.

How Satan gets you to do what he desires

For Satan to get you to accept a lie Satan must get you to accept it as being the truth.  How does he do this?

He shows you that everyone is doing it so it must be right (peer group pressure).

Experts say it is the truth so it must be true

He hides the truth so it is not there to show the error up

He uses the media to continually portray the error as being normal behaviour. Examples are sex = love, sex outside of marriage is acceptable and adultery acceptable.

Demons continually place in your mind that the error is truth so that you accept as it appears to be your own mind saying it is true.

Making the action easier and/or pleasurable, convincing you that there will be no consequences of doing the action(s).

If you do not know the truth or have no real reason to follow it Satan will deceive you and you will suffer the consequences of your action both spiritually and physically.  He will also suggest it in your mind as a compensating action for a hurt.

Remember, he can only attack your mind by hiding the fact that the wrong things you think are from you and not from a demon.

How do demons know how to tempt a person?

They observe a person’s weaknesses so they know where to attack as well as how the person can be expected to think or behave.  This allows them to set up scenarios or events to guide or trap the person into the way the demon desires them to think or behave or to adjust their thinking about something so they think like a demons needs them too, to be able to cause them to sin .

By knowing what is in a person's soul so they can use the things there to try and trap the person into thinking or behaving as they desire them too.  This enables them to place thoughts, dreams, visions, emotions and similar in the person so that the person will react and think the way the demon desires them too.

Because they are in the soul (the person's house), they are able to modify prophecy and dreams from God, if these areas have not been given to Jesus to be Lord love.

What does Satan try and place in a person?

Doubt: to make you question God’s Word, Love, Control, Purposes or Plans for you

Discouragement: to make you focus on your problems rather than God and His superiority over them

Distraction: through making things not relevant be more important that the things of God

Diversion:  by making the things of Satan be more pleasurable than the things of God,

Inadequacy: placing a defeatist attitude in you so that you do not believe you can defeat the temptation or pass the trial you are in.

Delay: through convincing you to put something off till later that you should be doing then.

Satan tries primarily to deceive you in a way that will do one or more of the above.  The purpose is to make you doubt God in some way so you will focus on what Satan desires you to do rather than what Jesus desires you to do.

Remember Satan can really only deceive you or distract/divert you from doing God's Will.

Satan tries to remove things that are in you and replace them with things that do not exist.

Satan will tell you that you cannot be loved by God or anyone when you are being loved at that very moment.  Or that you are inadequate when you really are adequate because God will never ask you to do anything you are not adequate for.

So whatever he is suggesting you don’t have or are causing you to doubt about yourself you really m ust have or he would not be trying to remove it from you.  If he is suggesting you are something be careful as you may not be and he is trying to lead you into sin through it or set you up for a fall.  But then he uses truth at times for his advantage and you need the spirit to guide you to warn you what Satan is trying to do to you.

Remember, he needs to suggest the opposite of what is actually very so you will except the lie that it is not there.  So when you get negative thoughts usually the opposite is true.

The Holy Spirit will never cause you guilt, shame and condemnation but will show you that you have a sin and need to repent of it.  These now come from Satan as they were dealt with by Jesus at Calvary.

So remember, he will try and remove something from you that you already have which will cause him problems and replace it with things you do not have or should not have to lead you astray and cause you to sin.

Some light is shed on their methods in 1 Jon 2:15-16, which is in a sense a summary of the main areas of attack in a person: their flesh, their pride their desire for possessions.

The Area Attack


The Lust of The Flesh


The Lust of the eyes


The Pride of Life



The way our body wrongly desires its satisfaction


Possessions we own to feel secure (Our Kingdom)


Self-esteem and worth obtained by our own efforts

The insecurity


God cannot fulfil my emotional and physical needs and give me happiness in this world


God cannot provide what I need in this world to live and do what He desires me to do


I cannot trust my worth  being on what Jesus thinks of me and I need to do things to show myself and others I am worthwhile.

The False Security


The pleasure I Get through my own effort


The security my own little kingdom of possessions brings me


The self-esteem my own achievements give me


The Lie


I can enjoy pleasure my way without any harm occurring emotionally or physically


I control my possessions so no one can remove them and because of this I have security in this world.


I have value and worth through what I have achieved without God’s help and people will now think I am important


The Sin


Not trusting God for what you need to live and do His Work


Not being a good steward of what God has given you and not being satisfied with what God has given you to be steward of


Getting your worth from what you do and not from how God values you because you do not believe He loves you


The truth


Mat 6:33 God will provide all you need to live as in the way He desires you too


Mat 6:33 God will provide all you need to do what He desires you too


God loves you and think so much of you He sent Jesus to die so you could relate to Him on a personal basis.



False securities, and all coping mechanisms of inadequacy result from a lack of trust in Jesus or from the person being their own standard for evaluating things so what they do or perceive as important is what is necessary for them to have or do and not what God says they should be doing.  These people have either rejected God or believe they are not good enough for Him to have an interest in their situation’ so need to do things themselves and not wait for God.

I conclude with the temptations of Jesus

The three temptations of Jesus (Luke 4:4, 8, 12)

v4 Self-sufficiency (Not trusting in God’s provision)

This is where you do not trust God’s provision for you and so you make your own provision without patiently waiting for His perfect way.

v8 Idolatry (Worshiping something apart from Jesus

This is where other things become more important to you than God’s perfect will for you.

v12 Rejecting God (Not trusting your relationship with God)

This is where you do not believe God loves you sufficiently so you test His love.

Note: All have the essence of each other in idolatry, a lack of trust in God’s Provision and purposes and love that lead to your own purposes and desires being more important than God’s requirements.

How is an attack in an area of your life finished?

The attack in the area is finished when:

The person either succumbs to the attack, knowingly gives in and turns away from God in that area

The person repents from any wrong attitude or rejects any sin that allowed the demonic access and gives that area of their life to the Lordship of Jesus, and the demons are removed as a result of this repentance (deliverance occurs)

God says ‘enough’, lest He violate His own decree in 1 Corinthians 10:13, that we will never be attacked more than we can endure.

The two outcomes of an Attack

Conflict results in the person and there are only two possible results:

The Attack is defeated because:

The authority of Jesus has been used to cast demons to The Throne of Judgment because

The Will of Jesus is obeyed

Your desire not to accept what the demon offers

Your focus stays on Jesus and His requirements of and promises to you

You any deliverance needed to defeat the root access demons are using to attack

You believe 1 Cor 10:13

The attack is successful because:

You do not believe 1 Cor 10:13

Your attitude towards God’s  is wrong

You need deliverance

You need the truths of God that will set you free

Your focus has been taken from Jesus onto your problems

You do not believe God will do you good things

You desire the pleasure more than God’s Will

You believe the devil’s lie that you cannot defeat the temptation

Remember the enemy attacks continuously unless God gives you rest or Satan stops to regroup to plan his next strategy.  When one attack finishes, another starts usually within a short period of time with only a brief rest between attacks.  Subsequent attacks will be of a different intensity and/or of a subtle change in method of execution making it appear like a period of rest has occurred when, in reality, a different strategy of the enemy is being used.  Remember, the devil may leave but it is only for a season.

Non-Christians belong to Satan’s kingdom, therefore Satan does not need God’s permission to attack them.  Because of their rejection of Jesus or of The Holy Spirit in their conscience (if they have never heard of Jesus), the inhabitants of Satan’s kingdom are not in a correct relationship with God and thus, are not under His protection.  Satan may attack any non-Christian at when he desires too but his main goal is to keep them as citizens of his Kingdom.  Non-Christians can also be used by demons to attack Christians.

Where is the battle?

2 Corinthians 10:3-5  For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war after the flesh:  (For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;)  Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ;

The attack is really not by physical beings but by spiritual (demonic) beings, trying to manipulate your mind and trying to use others against you for their (demonic) purposes as Satan tries to control you by building his ways of thinking in your mind. Demons can only tempt you and suggest reasons for sinning, but it is you who must make the decision and then, by an act of your will to accept the temptation (in other words you agree with what Satan is offering and accept it). The sin occurs when the intention to sin is conceived in your mind, and not when it is later actually carried out!  That is why James said:

James 1:14-15 But every man is tempted, when he is drawn away of his own lust, and enticed.  Then when lust hath conceived, it bringeth forth sin: and sin, when it is finished, bringeth forth death.

Notice, that a lust is used by demons to draw you to sin.  A lust is an unnatural desire for something in that it overrides the desire for the things of God.  In reality lust overrides The Holy Spirit in you trying to stop you from sinning.  By unnatural, I do not mean ‘strange’ or necessarily ‘sexually wrong,’ but rather a desire that a Christian should not carry out.

Demons call up in a person’s mind various things such as: physical sensations of the body, knowledge, memories, past pains, emotions, hurts and rejections, and wrong mindsets (wrong ways of thinking) they have managed to place into the person's mind.  Their objective is to guide the person’s thoughts along the path demons desire since they want to encourage more errors in the person’s thinking structure.  This enables the demons to use these errors in the ways they want to in order to manipulate or tempt the person. The more errors in the thinking structure of the person, the easier it is to lure the person into temptation and for a demon to guide them in what they do.

Note how the word ‘draw’ is used to denote the leading away to sin.  The concept is that someone is on the correct path, but something attracts him away, to the extent that he is willing to go from the correct path to another path.  This path appears to be better but actually leads to disaster.

Demons draw us away from God by painting images that are not there, so that unreal things become real enough to distract or divert us, or by misrepresenting the truth, so that we do not accept or follow the truth but accept the error.  Often these imaginations are used to compensate for hurts or to feed lusts (things such as sexual fantasies and fantasies of grandeur and self-importance).

Instead of being drawn away by these imaginations  we, as Christians, should be taking the area of weakness in our lives to Jesus, resisting the attack, and commanding healing in Jesus’ Name all of the hurts that were used by the demons as a leverage to subvert us. The ‘Five Steps

Overview of attacks

Satan attacks in four main areas, all designed to remove your trust in God:

Family: he attacks a family member and will use the family member to attack you.

Your health

Your finances

Your mind, so you will either doubt your sanity or think incorrectly, usually to wonder where God is or discourage you or to cause you to give up the fight.

The mind is the most important one as that affects what you do with the other three areas of attack.  So I will only do with the attacks on the mind in this document.

Any wrong type of the thought or a thought that takes away you peace of mind is from Satan.  Thoughts from the Holy Spirit never place fear in you or take away your peace of mind.

Things Incorrectly Imagined

Satan convinces a person to believe something is real when it actually does not exist.  In the person’s mind it is real and Satan can use it to manipulate the person.

God has chosen this method of deception as one of the ways He will allow Satan to confuse the wisdom of those who reject Him, using that which is not there to affect that which is there, convincing the mind that things are not what they really are or seem to be and by this directing or controlling it.

Satan will try to deceive you or distract you so that you do not see things as they really are or do not do what God desires you to do.  Remember, his objective is to lead you away from Truth so that you go to hell and/or become ineffective as a follower of Jesus.  Satan tells you lies, misuses scriptures, misuses the Truth as well as using half-truths, all with the purpose of deceiving you.

Satan tries to place thoughts in your mind in order to convince you to do what he desires you to do.  People often mistake these thoughts as their “own” thoughts, when, in reality, these thoughts are not a result of the their own thinking processes but rather, are projected thoughts from Satan.  This is another deception demons place on people.

Not realising this they think they are evil having these thoughts not realising they are not coming from their own mind.

In order to deceive us and accept his lies, Satan has to make us doubt that real things are not what they seem to be and that unreal things are the reality.  This is the only way he can warp our thought processes and guide us into the way he desires us to think.  Then he can intensify his attack with these wrong thoughts until we do not know what is right or wrong and ensnare us by our own thoughts.

Satan attacks when you are tired and have less resistance, when you are bored and looking for something different to do, or when God does not appear to be meeting your needs, so you seek to meet them yourself.  He also attacks by trying to blind you to God’s choice and then, substitutes his choice for God’s.  You will have God’s peace about the right choice but not about his choice fort you.

Satan will often try to get you to accept his answer to prayer first, which he tries to slip in his answers before God’s answers, which is why a second witness is necessary, at times, to verify the answer to prayer or a prophecy given to you.

If you are doing the right thing, Satan will try and place doubt in your mind.  If you are doing the wrong thing, The Holy Spirit will not give you peace.  If you desire something excessively or  wrongly, you may end up doing the wrong thing.  This is because you do not listen to God and use your fleshly desires for guidance.  You will have a false sense of peace and will not hear The Holy Spirit trying to get your attention.  His voice will be blocked by your excessively wrong desires and the pleasure their happening gives to your flesh and you will not be able to tell that is it not from God either as prophecy or an answer to prayer.

In order to get you to sin, Satan will need to either:

Convince you that you desire the action, causing you to sin and rebel against Jesus, or

Convince you that you cannot defeat the temptation he is placing in you.

Both are lies.  Satan cannot make you do anything unless he convinces you that it is worthwhile for you to do or unless he convinces you that you are unable to defeat the temptation and that you must give in and do it.  Satan tries to hide the way of escape that God provides for you in the temptation or implies that the way is not adequate to enable you to defeat the temptation. (1 Corinthians 10:13).  Satan has to convince you that you are inadequate to fight the temptation and that Jesus or anyone else cannot help you and that there is no way out of it.

Satan can do nothing unless you have a wrong attitude or a lack of knowledge which he can use to deceive you.  The solution is to take all wrong attitudes to Jesus and never: arguing, reasoning, assuming or reacting to what occurs but asking The Holy Spirit what to do about the situation or thing.  The Bible and The Holy Spirit will guide you in recognizing what to do.  It is also important to know all the facts before you do something - even if you have to ask The Holy Spirit what to do.  In order to get you to sin, Satan must either deceive you or lie to you.

Sin is something you decide to do, either to compensate for some hurt or pain, or because you like it more than what God desires for you.  Sin is rebellion against (rejection of) Jesus, who loves you and who has power of eternal life or death over You.

Remember, there are three results from the way Satan attacks you.  He makes you:

Feel fearful (isolated, alone, that God is far away)

Feel inadequate (wrong self-opinion), feeling God has not given you what you need to do His work

Feel apprehensive (having anxiety, worry, lack of trust in God’s Love and Control)

Satan’s objective is to foster in you ways of compensation for your hurts that stop you trusting God, His Love, His Control, Purposes and Plans for  you.  These ways of wrongly dealing with hurts are how mental illness and addiction occur.  Satan replaces in your mind the Truths of God with fears so that you become insecure and fearful.

What you need to remember is that Satan uses areas that are damaged or wrong in your life.  So you need to look at these damaged or wrong (sinful) areas in order to get an idea of the root cause from which you need deliverance or healing.

Remember, there must be agreement with his thoughts or pleasures in order to sin, but you don’t have to agree to them and can deal with the temptation as detailed in the next section.

How do you defeat Satan?

Satan cannot make you do anything you do not agree to do. He has to deceive you into agreeing with what he desires you to do. So, the first line of defence is to reject what he offers.  When you are attacked ask The Holy Spirit if you are being attacked from within you or outside of you.  It attacked from within you then deliverance is needed.  If attacked from outside of you then cast away in Jesus’ Name to The Throne of God to be judged.

Most demons have names that are foreign to us so it would be nearly impossible to cast them out by their names.  As long you we can identify them by their activity then you can cast them out using a description of what they are doing, in Jesus’ Name to The Throne of God to be judged

If you are attacked in an area often or have a weakness you are having trouble overcoming then you probably have a need for deliverance in that area.

When you are tempted and feel you need deliverance use the following framework of the five steps Jesus gave me:

As it is a battle of kings you address the enemy king (Satan).

These five steps are the basis of how I attack and defeat Satan and are as follows:

Give the sin, area of moral weakness, circumstance, problem, event or situation to Jesus to be lord of, as well as all that led to the area, event etc as well as the consequence of this event(s) and everything associated with it.

          You do not need to mention things by Name just the area you are being tempted in as well as the temptation

Forgive all who have offended you including yourself, repent of unforgiveness, bitterness, root of bitterness, anger, self-pity, any wrong emotions or attitudes to others or yourself and also of any sins you are bringing to Jesus.

You may need to pray:”Lord I forgive.  Help me to forgive”,

Command Satan to go in Jesus’ Name as he no longer has a right to these areas as they now belong to Jesus,

In Jesus' Name command healing and restoration of all the damage Satan did to you,

Ask Jesus to send The Holy Spirit to fill you replacing all the demons that have left

If there is no need for deliverance then tell any demon attacking you that you belong to Jesus and to go to in Jesus’ Name to The Throne of God to be judged and ask The Holy Spirit to take their place.

Any emotion, altitude or feeling that is negative is not from God but is either a suggestion from a demon or a demon playing on hurts reactions (habits) in you.

Accordingly you will either cast out a demon from inside you using the five steps or command an external demon to leave using steps 3 to 5 of the five steps.

In summary:

If the thought is from God, you obey it.

If the thought is from you ensure it is given to God or dealt with as He tells you to.  There may also be a need for deliverance in that area.

If the thought is from Satan, reject it after determining if either deliverance is needed (demons inside you) or just casting off of the demon is required (external demons attacking) then do what you need to cast Him in Jesus’ Name to The Throne of God to be dealt with.

If the thought is external then the last three steps are only needed

The key is to take the thought, emotion or sensation captive to Jesus (2 Cor 10:5).  In other words the demon placing the thought in your mind , sensation or emotion is cast to in Jesus’ Name to The Throne of God to be judged.

Just resisting the thought does nothing.  The demon is still there to attack you  It is capturing the source of it that removes the demon and the temptation.

To deal with any demonic rooms (nests) that were not removed by a deliverance session, give the area etc. (step 1) to Jesus,  then do the remaining four steps.  You may need to ask The Holy Spirit what to give to Jesus as what is happening may be completely different to the original cause of it.

If you give the area etc, all the events leading to it and all the consequences of it to Jesus you should also catch the root cause.  Sometimes a specific event may need to be repented of and if you cannot hear what it is from The Holy Spirit then find someone who can.  But first attack Satan and stop him blocking you knowing what it is and see if that allows you to hear what you need to repent of. It is does not then seek these people.

Emotions and Reasons

Satan needs to make your emotions and excitement overcome your reason so that you will do things without thinking because you enjoy them.

He uses exciting activities, sex, drugs, sport, whatever causes you to react first and ask Holy Spirit second so that the consequences of the activity are not considered.

This is why you must control your reacting and never do anything that forces you to lose control of your mind and body as this is what Satan is after so he can afflict you or use you.

Things Incorrectly Reasoned

Demons use a person’s own reason or senses to lead them, astray through suggesting incorrect lines of reasoning to follow or incorrect pleasures to enjoy.  We are led off course for a few reasons and it is usually the result of trying to obtain wrong ‘wisdom’ or pleasure that God has kept from us. The knowledge itself may be right but, as we seek it, it will distract us from what God desires us to do. (Deuteronomy 29:29).  A good example of this is concentrating on end-time prophecy while neglecting to show love towards fellow Christians or not evangelising those going to hell.

Being led astray can also occur as a result of seeking wrong pleasure(s) or because of an answer we desperately want from God (which God does not want to give us yet).  Therefore, an answer to the question we desperately seek is happily supplied by a demon with the purpose of leading us away from God’s purposes for our life.

This happens usually as the demons have isolated us from those who can guide and help us and then blinded us to the Truth through deception to the point that we accept what they suggest, and there is no one to help us see our errors.  We also cannot hear The Holy Spirit for some reason so cannot hear His guidance or warnings.  Sometimes this is because our mind is confused as to what is from God and what is from Satan and so we do not know who to listen too.

This is why The Bible says to have two witnesses to confirm a thing.

The false wisdom of demons can blind people to the Truth so that they cannot realize their error and then refuse correction when told, since nothing appears to them to be wrong

We are led astray through seeking prophecy and receiving an incorrect one because the prophet gives us one to satisfy us and does not check its source first. We are also led into error because of seeking wrong words of knowledge that seem good to us. It is important to test the spirit behind a prophecy or word of knowledge.

Demons cannot read minds, but, from constant observation of a person and their knowledge of people in general, demons have a rough idea as to what a person is thinking.  They live in the soul of the person (their house) so by observation know much about a person and how they think, even if only because the formulated the way the person thinks through their suggestions to the person’s mind being accepted by the person.

Demons also seem to have some idea as to how God intends to use people and will try to hinder them, lead them astray, or make them ineffective for God’s purposes.

Six important areas to guard are:

Incorrect reasoning about our worth to God, others and ourselves

Incorrect reasoning about our relationship to God, demons and others

Incorrect reasoning about what the Bible says who God is and what He requires of us

Incorrect reasonings about the truths of God

Incorrect reasoning as to our actual relationship to demons and the world (Satan’s area of influence)

Incorrect pleasure for ourselves or others

Incorrect reasoning or pleasures are often fed by things incorrectly imagined or things excessively desired (lusts).  Remember, lust can be driven by pleasure or an emotional pain that needs to be comforted.  The latter occurs through seeking comfort outside of what Jesus has provided.  Such examples of compensating for pain are: incorrect relationships, adulterous affairs, premarital sex, acquisition of wealth, overeating, excessive collecting of things, etc., and anything commonly known as an addiction, either known as one by name or implied by the person’s activities as being one.

Remember, demons try to control you by planting their ways of thinking in your mind.  The only way they can do that is to hide the Truth from you or to compromise Truths that you know.  Demons do this by making you believe that the thoughts and imaginations they are placing in your mind are from yourself.  This is why you must know the Truths of God and not seek spiritual wisdom outside the guidelines He has se as well as have a second mature witness to anything you have doubts about doing or are thinking.

Demons can use any of our senses in attacking us, with the objective of making our thought processes, reactions, emotions and attitudes captive to them or to cause a sinful reaction which becomes part our character.  In other words they try and build into us wrong habits and ways of thinking.

Demons try to promote the lie that you do not have enough strength to fight the temptation and that you must fall into it.  This lie hides the fact that you alone can decide to sin, because the demon must entice you to exercise your will in agreement with what they want you to do in order for you to sin.  In addition, this lie hides the fact that you would have to ignore God’s promise that you will never be tempted more than you can handle and that there is a way to escape the temptation.  If a demon cannot get your will to agree with the sin, then you do not sin.

Remember it is not the action that is the sin but the agreement in your heart to do it.


An idol is anything we put before God or His truths.

Idols are smokescreens Satan uses to hide the truth.

We do not realise what some of our idols are because we do not knowingly worship them as Satan has managed to place these idols in us without our knowledge.

As we remove our focus onto the things of the world and embrace any of them Satan can use these to place idols in us and often these things are the actual idol.  A good example is sport that stops you doing things you know God desires you to do or the worship of movie and rock starts that makes you desire things wrongly or excessively..

We do not necessarily worship these idols but they are something we knowingly hold onto and do not give to God to deal with.

Idols do not belong to the Kingdom of God so that anything associated with them can be used by Satan.

Idols do not have to be physical. They can be wrong attitudes, Thoughts or practices we like. Remember that it is a spiritual battle so idols are not usually visible but exist in our attitudes to the spiritual things of God!

The Main Areas of Attack

Thought processes - the way we think about things (incorrect reasoning and knowledge)

Imagination - what we fantasize in our mind, having our thoughts and desires filled with things God may not want us to think about these are not wrong in themself unless what you are thinking about is a sin but they can lead to sin.

Feelings - pleasure, pain and what gives us these feelings

Emotions - sadness, happiness, etc. and what gives us these emotions

Memories - the collective experience of our past that shapes nearly all we think and do.  These are hard to deal with and may be very painful.

Emotional pain and hurts - demons build on both pains and pleasures of the past

Attitudes - the way we approach things (resulting from memories, emotions, feelings and reason combined so that these are harder to deal with)

Habits - the way we usually do things (resulting from memories, emotions, feelings attitudes and reason combined so that these are harder to deal with)

Stirring up the iniquity of our flesh - the tendency for the flesh to preserve itself at any cost and to give itself pleasure at any cost, regardless of whether or not sin results

The Basic Attacks of Satan - A Summary

He uses your thought patterns and memory against you so you will reach wrong conclusions and be trapped in a wrong mind set!





Misquotes - especially The Bible

Imagined Fears

Through the three types of lust (1 Jn 2:15-16)

Bodily cravings - satisfying bodily pleasure either excessively or wrongly

Covetousness - not trusting in God’s provision for you

Pride - Imagined greatness or confidence in your own abilities so you usurp God’s Glory or Authority

Through circumstances - By using these to cause you to fall into sin

Being in the wrong place wilfully

Not trusting God for the results of an event

Not trusting God’s purposes in them

Not trusting God's Love in them

By using them to exhibit incorrect authority

Through the way you act towards other people


Negative Criticism



Casting Spells and similar (Mesmerizing, charming hexing, controlling you)

Making you use up their time uselessly

Through blocking God’s answers to your prayers and causing you to doubt His love, purpose and even presence.

All are fought through a self-disciplined mind that holds onto the promises of God and takes God at his word as well as casting out the demons tempting you and using the ‘Five Steps to attack Satan and/or do any necessary deliverance!

One does not dwell on the temptation and fight it, one just quotes The Word and ignores the demon and the thoughts it is trying to place in your mind for you to accept.  Remember that Satan can only get you to do anything he suggests only if you decide to act on his suggestion.

Remember The Holy Spirit shows you when Satan is attacking and will tell you how to deal with the attack or temptation.

Satan also tries to distort or deny the truth of the Word of God (Make the power of The Word ineffective in daily life and cause compromise between God’s requirements and the ways of the world.)  He uses such things as:





Discredit the testimony of God’s people (Make the Christian life appear to be nothing unusual or worthwhile so it does not attract people to it as any lifestyle will do.)




Depress or destroy the believers enthusiasm for God’s Work (People are God’s only vehicles and if these do not do His work then no one will.)





Dilute the effectiveness of God’s church (destroy the unity of God’s army so it will be ineffective so he can divide it and conquer it.)

Have The Bible translated in such a way it hides the truths that are really in it (as he has done in modern Bible versions).





While Satan is limited with what He can do to you there is nothing to stop him leaving things around for our lusts to accept and use and by this gain a foothold in you.  This is show he use the media he controls.

Race and Culture a stratagem of Satan.

By forming races and cultures Satan is able to cause pride, racism, and other divisive matters that causes Christians to fight each other and to forget they are citizens of heaven and not a country on earth.  Thus country is put before relationships as a fellow Christian.  They forget they are global citizen of the Kingdom of God and will see their fulfilment of this when Jesus rules in the Millennium and which we but taste now.

How Satan Attacks - More Considerations

While Satan may attack us physically it is the attacks on the mind that are the most dangerous as he tries to make us think in a way that is different to how God desires us to think.  It is also through these attacks on the mind that sickness is allowed entry at times.  (See 1 Cor 11:24-30 for an example and Job where his doubt in God’s ability to protect what God had given him resulted in sores over all his body, courtesy of Satan).

He tries to create mind sets (habitual ways of thinking) and attitudes (habitual ways of behaving) that are contrary to the purposes of God so that we cannot hear The Holy Spirit clearly or understand correctly the Bible.

All demonic attack is designed to mould the way we think. They are designed to hide truth from us or compromise our understanding of the truths of God as it is these truths that the Holy Spirit uses to set us free from the control of the kingdom of darkness over our life’s purposes and direction (JN 8:32).  Demons aim to make our ‘flesh’ and its attitudes, motivation and purposes control the Christian’s mind negating the influence of The Holy Spirit living in them.  Demons also use the desires of the flesh (body) to overcome the promptings of The Holy Spirit, hence the need to discipline our bodies and mind (1 Cor 9:27).

All demonic attacks are designed to build up incorrect mind sets (ways of thinking) that will ruin your relationship with God and others as well as to isolate you from other people so you have no one to encourage and guide you to steadfastness (moral perseverance), truth and endurance in your Christian walk.  One of their biggest weapons is to make you doubt what you believe is correct. This is why we need to know the Bible so well or find out what it says about something and hear The Holy Spirit clearly.

Demons know that if they can isolate from other Christians you this will make you less effective or completely ineffective for God by hiding the truths you need to know that other s can show you and so take away your joy of living and possibly cause you to be so much in error you end up in hell.

So demons destroy marriages by breaking down communication between husband and wife through instilling fear in one partner of the other partner or selfishness in one partner; destroy families by breaking down communication between family members (parents and children); destroy churches by hidden agendas, sins and hurts not being communicated and dealt with and destroy people through abuse and making them doubt their sanity or worth as a person or servant of Jesus.

Jesus said a house divided cannot stand and demons know this. It is a pity Christians and denominations do not know this and as a result fall easy prey to demonic destructiveness.  According to Jesus, denominations (which by nature divide the body of Christ) will not stand and are destined for destruction.  This destruction comes not by the denomination disappearing but by it losing its Christian witness and nature so it becomes a man driven organization hanging onto the last vestiges of Christianity it can still muster.

Witness the denominations no longer believing what The Bible says and condoning things The Bible hates done or  rejects.

The denomination also becomes of no relevance to the unsaved as its members are too similar in the lifestyle to the unsaved for them to be a witness by their life to the power and nature of Christianity or become too holy or religious (and so self-righteous) for the unsaved to be able to relate to them.  The Church or denomination becomes irrelevant, powerless and comfortable with the worlds values.

How does demonization occur?

Note: A person is demonised when they have a demon in their soul.  When it is in their spirit they are classified as being possessed.  A demonised person only needs to use the five steps but a possessed person needs the demon cast out as they are usually not able to do the five steps.

A demon places a thought into a person’s mind. The person thinks it is their own thought. The thought may not be acceptable at first and be rejected but the demon is persistent and if the person does not know the truth in regard to the thought or that it really is from a demon it will eventually be accepted. They will succumb to the temptation.  They accept it as they think it is their own thought or argument and that is something they want to do.  They may hate themself for having it but will still do it usually.

The thought will usually be something pleasurable, a fear (including insecurities) or a misunderstanding of Scripture but it will usually meet the need aperson has and will aim to incorrectly satisfy that need.

The person accepts the thought and it become a part of their understanding and way of doing things (mindset, attitude or habit) and so natural to the person that they think they thought of it.  Eventually it becomes a part of their lifestyle.

The Holy Spirit may give the person unease about the thought,  but if the truth about the situation, attitude or habit is not known to the person so they will not deal with it, even though it is incorrect and ultimately detrimental to them.  That is why hearing the Holy Spirit is so important as He gives us the truths that set us free.

Because anything they do wrong is not deliberately done because they do not know it is wrong, it is not a sin.  Sin has to be the doing of a deliberate wrong (James 4:17).

This wrong attitude (sin) allows a gateway for the demon and wrong habits or attitudes to be developed under the guidance of this demon so that after a while the person is so controlled or affected by these that they are considered demonised - no longer completely in control of their attitudes but those imposed on them that they think are their own. They may realise they have a problem and be tormented by it as they are appear unable to do anything about it.

If the demons are able to hide the truth from them, or the person enjoys the pleasure of the ‘sin’ so they will not give it up, or they are not Christians they will become obsessed or even possessed and enter into depravity. They may even lose control of their mind.  They become a tool for the demons in them.

This is where the deliverance ministry comes in to set a person free.  Through repentance and the delegated authority of Jesus a Christian can be set free (if they want to be free) from the influence of every demon troubling them.

Note: do not use a modern translation to do deliverance as they imply and believe the passage in which our delegation to cast out Satan occurs is not part of The Bible so do not give authority to cast out Satan.  Only the King James and Peshita Greek text gives this authority.  One wonders why a translation would remove this main weapon against Satan.

Jesus said that the truth would set you free. It will also prevent you being oppressed or possessed. So you must have the truth to combat the lies of Satan if you are to truly to be used by God to set a person free.

The demons attack our sensuality, our attitudes and our security with the objective of placing fear or error in our minds that will lead us into sin.  The easiest way to defeat them is to ignore the thoughts they plant in our mind and the only way to know if these are correct thoughts and what is wrong with them is to listen the Holy Spirits guidance and also to know what the Bible says about these things lives.

Satan can only attack us in certain ways:

Some examples are as follows:

Through our bodies:

Pain and disease

Evoking sensual emotions in us that give us pleasure

Addictions in our bodies

Through our mind:

Using past memories to guide the way we think as well as evoking false shame, guilt, condemnation and grief

Evoking emotions and feelings as if they are our own so we feel guilty about them or indulge in them

Placing wrong thoughts in our mind making them appear they come from us so we doubt our own sanity and state of mind.

Through our soul:

Dividing it though trauma (MPD) so it appears the person is fragmented or has two or more personalities in them

Smothering and oppressing it so the mind is not clear and cannot function properly.  Minds that are continually unable to rest are being attacked by demons.

Wounding and scarring it

A Christians’ spirit cannot be inhabited by demons but their soul, mind and body can.  The Holy Spirit dwells in their spirit and demons have no legal right of entry to it as a result of it belonging to the Kingdom of God.

The demons attack our sensuality, our attitudes and our security with the objective of placing error in our minds that will lead us into sin. 1 John 2:56,16 can be summarised also as follows:


The lust of the flesh


The lust of the eyes


The pride of life


The area attacked


The needs of the body (lower emotions and pleasure)


Desire for security or power (control of something)


The need for importance and identity


The insecurity (fear)


My body will not have its needs met by God


I will not have enough power, money or possessions to protect myself  and live a comfortable, safe lifestyle


I will not have enough recognition to feel good about myself


The false security


I can meet my own needs and feel good


I can make my own security without the need for God


I can become or am someone because I am important and powerful (because of what I have accomplished or are aiming too)


The lie


What I can provide for my body is better than what God can give me


What I get will be better for me than what God can get me.


The promotion and authority I get will be better than what God can get me


The sin


Not trusting the provision of The Father


Not trusting the guidance and truths of The Holy Spirit


Not trusting God’s plan for your life



A former Satanist who is now a Christian said there were only two ways demons attack you:

Deception to lead you astray

Distraction to stop you doing God's work

All attacks of demons are fought through a self-disciplined mind that holds onto the truths and promises of God and takes God at his word as well as drawing near to Jesus so the demons must flee when you resist them (cast them out in Jesus' Name)!  Demons cannot go against your free will and can only succeed if you give them the victory through agreeing with them in your will through allowing them to guide it.

Satan tries also to isolate us from other Christians so we become depressed and despondent.  He also tries to isolate us from The Holy Spirit so we cannot hear the guidance of God clearly and also so we cannot hear the truths of God to counteract the lies (attacks) of demons.

He tries to make us feel bad about our self (through promoting wrong opinions of ourselves in our mind) so we feel inadequate and will not warfare against him or serve God as well as we could.

He tries to stir up sensual pleasures in our bodies or addictions so that these will overcome the Holy Spirit in a Christian and they will follow Satan's value system and not God’s.

He tries to make us doubt God’s Love and provision so we will no longer follow God but our own reason as we seek to provide for ourself and find our love and purpose in this world.  This also makes God and His purposes of less important to us than our own and our own purposes become an idol.

He does all of these by trying to control the way our mind thinks so we think the way he desires us to and not the way God desires us too.

But mostly he tries to hide the fact how easily it is to defeat his temptations and that he was defeated at Calvary and can be cast out easily using the delegated authority of Jesus.

Whatever demon tells you about yourself, the opposite is usually true.  They are usually trying to make you believe it is true so that you will accept it.  If it was true they would not have to convince you of it.

One does not dwell on the temptation but fight it.  One draws near to Jesus quotes The Word (Bible), obeys it and ignores the temptation (resisting the attacking demon) and sending the demon to The Throne of Judgment to be dealt with by Jesus!

In deliverance Jesus is asked to heal the person’s memories, emotions, body, etc. and to remove these types of demonic accesses in them so they cannot be used against them.  Remember Satan tries to use these against us to make us think as he desires us to think, therefore, they need to be healed (removed from  us) so Satan cannot use them.  Our method of attack used to prevail against Satan is explained in the Five Steps to Victory.

Defending Against Attack on your Thoughts or Imaginations

Ignore these attacks and give the thoughts to Jesus to be Lord of.  The more you concentrate on these thoughts the more prominent they will become and the greater disturbance they will cause to your peace.  The demon hopes the thoughts will take root in your mind because they cause you so much stress to resist.  Command the demon to leave in Jesus’ Name.  Replace these negative thoughts with a Godly Thought and ask The Holy Spirit to give the Godly thought to you.

This is why Paul gives the advice in Philippians 4:6-8

Phil 4:6-8  Have no anxiety about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.  And the peace of God, which passes all understanding, will keep your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.  Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.

To do the above we need to take every thought to Jesus for him to deal with (2 Corinthians 5:10) and tell any demons behind them to leave in Jesus’ Name and ask The Holy Spirit to take their place.

If you ignore a thought, it cannot affect you or be acted on, but it can increase in intensity as demons try harder for you to accept it.  However, if you remove the demon and replace the evil thought with a godly thought, it loses its power in your mind.  In Jesus’ Name command the demon behind the thought(s) being placed in your mind to go to The Thrown of Judgment, as you do not want to act upon these thoughts in your mind.  This is the best way to stop the temptation.

in Jesus' Name command any demon replacing any demons that have left to go to the Throne of Judgment and to take with them all they to you

If it is a demon it will have to go (unless it has a legal right to be there).  If the thought continues, then you must examine yourself to see if there is a sin you need to repent of and/or deliverance is necessary.  You must also examine your own thought processes to see why that thought was able to be there.

The main defence is to give the thought over to the Lordship of Jesus, and either cast off the demon (if they are outside trying to get in) or cast them out if they are in you using the five steps.

Emotions Demons try and place on us?

Their desire is to place on us the following emotions::

Fear: So we will be afraid of God and his purposes so that we cannot appreciate His love for us or willingly accept His authority over us.  Through this fear Satan tries to make us afraid of God and His things so that we try to please God but believe we cannot.  We then end up in ritual and legalism in the hope we can please God by doing things we know He has been pleased with previously.  This is how ritual practices start.  It has worked before so we try it again.

Doubt: So we cannot believe in the Goodness of God, His Love,  His provision, His Control, Plans and Purposes for us.

Satan tries us to doubt God's Love for us so we will feel worthless and that nothing good can ever happen to us.

Unbelief: So we do believe in the existence of God, His authority and His purposes, His ability to defeat Satan, doubt the delegated authority to defeat Satan that we have or even doubt the existence of the devil.

Demons use two methods to achieve these:

Deceit (so we misunderstand God’s Love and Purposes)

Distraction (So we miss God’s direction for our life and follow Satan’s suggestions) and often what he guides us to do is good but is second best so not God desires us to do.

The purpose of Satan is to create wrong ways of thinking and wrong emotions that will control the way we react or cope with problems and temptations in life.  This is why it is important not to react, argue, reason or assume things but to ask The Holy Spirit what to do.

These wrong emotions all affect how we relate to others.  They also affect our image of who God is and of whom we are as a peson!

How we see our parents affects our interpretation of how God relates to us.  If we have loving parents, it is easier to accept God loves you than if you have parents that abused you.  This is because the way you relate to your parents forms your concept of how to relate to authority and if your relationship with your parents is not correct, then your relationship with God or earthly authorities will not be correct.

The above  attacks lead to

Rebellion: this is the rejection of God and the authority that has been appointed by His guidelines over us

Indifference: this is ignoring the Love of God for yourself or other people as well as the needs of others.

Pride: we are better or more important than others so can ignore them or not do what they say

Wrong coping mechanisms: these control the way we deal with things that hurt us or threaten our self-esteem.  Addictions are often a result of incorrect coping mechanisms and along with other compensating measures are used by demons to try and control us.

These attacks are a result of incorrect views about

Who we are

What others think of us  (and how we should relate to them)

What God thinks of us (and how we should relate to Him)

Dealing with Vain (useless/empty) Imaginations

Vain imaginations may be harder to deal with if there is a past sin or hurt that demons are using to torment you by using a picture from your memory to reinforce them.  You may need to repent of a sin and ask The Holy Spirit to heal the emotions and feelings associated with that memory and/or hurt so it cannot be used against you.

You need to take them to Jesus and ask the Holy Spirit to replace these thoughts.  You will need to either cast off the demons placing these thoughts in your mind or use the ‘Five Steps to Victory’ to remove them from you.

Dealing with Incorrect Feelings and Emotions

These are interrelated, as one will stir up the other.

Ignore them.  It is the demon trying to control your spirit through the use of your body (flesh), which is why we discipline our bodies and bring them under subjection of our will (and of course God’s will). You will need to either cast off the demons placing these thoughts in your mind or use the ‘Five Steps to Victory’.

Excitation of Our Body

Resist the pleasure or pain, knowing what Jesus endured on the Cross for you.  Reject what the devil is trying to place onto you.  Excitation of your body is the result of a demon trying to control your spirit through the use of your body (flesh), which is why we discipline our bodies and bring them under subjection of our will (and of course God’s will for us). Think about something Godly instead to block out the excitation and command the demon to go in Jesus’ Name.

You will need to either cast off the demons placing these thoughts in your mind or use the ‘Five Steps to Victory’ to remove them from within you.

Dealing with Past Memories

While past memories may no longer (and should no longer) cause us guilt, shame, condemnation, pain, or other hurtful emotions, these memories still exist and are able to be used by demons.  However, if the past memories are healed, they cannot affect us anymore.  Do not dwell on the past, as our Lord said in Luke 9:62:

“No man having started the work of the Kingdom and who then looked back to the past is fit for use in The Kingdom of God.”

The past is gone.  It cannot be changed.  There were lessons to learn, and you should have learned them and moved on.  Look to the future and the things Jesus has given you to do and press on!  If you dwell in the past, it is difficult for you to do what Jesus desires you to do now, and in the future.  This is why memories are used by demons to plague Christians so much.  Demons eat away at the minds of Christians with negative emotions to take away their joy.

Demons remind you of past memories, especially failures and rejection to cause your body to be excited sensually, or to cause you to feel guilt and condemnation, or to cause you other emotional pain.  The defence against this type of attack is to remind yourself that all guilt, shame, and condemnation were dealt with by Jesus on Calvary (Colossians 2:13-16) and that these emotions no longer apply to you, because you are in a proper relationship with Jesus and The Father and then remove the demons placing these thought and emotions on you.

You should seek any necessary healing of these hurts and memories as well as think Godly thoughts to replace the wrong ones. You should also to give your mind to the Holy Spirit to protect so the demons cannot use it.  Of course, repent of any sins. Deliverance done properly can be a great help in these areas.

Dealing with Past Hurts

Past hurts and pain need to be healed so they cannot be used by demons to manipulate you.  The healing of past hurts will eliminate a demon’s ability to manipulate your reactions and will undermine the demon’s ability to try to control your thought processes through these hurts being removed.

Dealing with Incorrect Habits and Attitudes

Dealing with incorrect habits and attitudes are just a matter of will power, however, the cause of the habit should be examined in case there is a need for inner healing or deliverance.  You should also know why the habit or attitude is wrong in the eyes of God.  It may be caused by a lack of love to your body or to those around you but what is not of love is sin and if you do not love your body there will be a need for deliverance.

Just because the general consensus is against a habit does not mean it is wrong in the eyes of God.  If the habit is not against the laws of God, there may be no moral compunction to stop it.  However, if it causes someone to stumble and sin, then God’s Law of Love for others declares the action or attitude to be wrong, as you are not demonstrating love for the other person and you may be a stumbling block causing the person to sin.

You need to differentiate between demonic criticism using another person to attack you (usually through legalism) or real problems caused to another person by your habits or attitude.  Demonic criticism occurs because of a sin or past hurt in someone which allows demons to use that person to criticize you (usually so the person feels superior or better morally than the person being criticized).

The real test is to ask The Holy Spirit what to do and to remember that things that are not of eternal consequence are not worth fighting over, or splitting up marriages, churches or other relationships.

Dealing with the ‘Flesh’

This one is crucial as the Bible states that the spirit and the flesh are at enmity with one another (in other words they hate and fight each other).

‘Enmity’ is defined as

A state of deep-seated ill-will

The feeling of a hostile person

The flesh and spirit hate each other.  Is this any surprise seeing as how the flesh belongs to the domain of Satan and the spirit of a Christian, the home of The Holy Spirit belongs to God.  The flesh is also called ‘the body of flesh,’ and Paul tells us how to defeat its attack on us.

1 Corinthians 9:27 But I keep under my body, and bring it into subjection: lest that by any means, when I have preached to others, I myself should be a castaway.

Note that enmity can only be felt between things with a mind to be able to hate the other.  So the flesh and the spirit both have a spiritual side to their activities.  Behind the flesh and its activities is a demon.  Behind our spirit is The Holy Spirit.

The body and soul are the places in which demons can reside in a Christian.  They cannot reside in a Christian’s spirit.  That is why a demon of addiction may need to be cast out of the body as well as the soul.

Remember also the words of Paul in order to have the correct view as well as the hope of the result the trial brings forth!

Hebrews 12:11  Now no chastening for the present seemeth to be joyous, but grievous: nevertheless afterward it yieldeth the peaceable fruit of righteousness unto them which are exercised thereby.

Realizing this fact, that demons stir the flesh but The Holy Spirit guides your spirit, will free you once you can discern between flesh and spirit. This will enable you to deal with the entrances the demons have to you.  Normally, these accesses are a wrong thought (either knowingly or unknowingly made), a hurt, unforgiveness, bitterness or an unconfessed sin.  Sin can be unconfessed because you either want to do it or you need healing to be able to deal with it.

Remember, sin is the deliberate rejection of God’s requirements.  You must know what you have done before you are guilty of sin.  The spiritual consequences of sin were dealt with by Jesus at Calvary.  The physical consequences, however, may still need to be faced.

Trials (attacks by demons) are allowed for three reasons:

As a growth mechanism so we will mature more

As discipline with the objective of having us realize we are out of God’s will and need to change something (repent) in order to come back to where God desires us.

To show we are worthy of what God is calling us to do, especially in spiritual warfare

The attacks are lessened if the person has gone through deliverance and inner healing as there will be less material for the demons to use.

All that is required in order to defeat the demonic attack is an understanding that God says it is wrong,  the willpower to fight it, and the trust in Jesus that He will not allow you to be tempted above what you are able (1 Corinthians 10:13).  Also, casting out demons in you or removing external demons that are attacking you helps you defeat the attack faster.

God is on your side.  He does not tempt you but you can tempt yourself!

James 1:13-15 ¶ Let no man say when he is tempted, I am tempted of God: for God cannot be tempted with evil, neither tempteth he any man:  But every man is tempted, when he is drawn away of his own lust, and enticed.  Then when lust hath conceived, it bringeth forth sin: and sin, when it is finished, bringeth forth death.

How does Satan influence so many people?

A former warlock once told me Satan has limited spirits at his disposal so must place them strategically.  Where has he placed them? Governments, Leaders of large Corporations and their boards, The Law courts and Public service (to enforce the laws he is making at higher levels), education (to corrupt the mind of children), Police and Army (to enforce his laws and allows the evil things he promotes), in the leadership of churches and denominations (to control the churches so they do not cause him problems), the media (to spread his lies and brainwash people so they will believe his lies as truth) and anywhere there is policy making or control of policy that is made.

It is dangerous to listen to what is considered normal these days as Satan has so much corrupted things that the truth is no longer there and what the world now calls normal is usually an aberration of the truth.

How does this impact on our search for holiness?

Paul had a similar problem and said:

 2 Cor 6:17-18 Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you. And will be a Father unto you, and ye shall be my sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty.

2 Cor 7:1Having therefore these promises, dearly beloved, let us cleanse ourselves from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in the fear of God.

So we must be able to withdraw from the things Satan promotes otherwise we will be compromised in out faith as we accept his things if only by passively watch or accepting what he promotes.

Coping Mechanisms

To dull emotional pain coping mechanisms are used; sex, drugs, alcohol, music, food,  identification with famous people and other ways of dulling the senses.  These often lead to death through abuse or illnesses contacted as a result of the coping mechanism or fear caused by the abuse.

To dull mental pain any of more of the following can occur: emotions are divorced from our mind processes, over-activity can be used to overcome the mental pain, we create our own fantasy world where the pain has not part, or we can withdraw from human contact.  These coping mechanisms when carried to extreme can lead to schizophrenia, paranoia and psychopathic behaviour.  These also can result in suicide or being placed in a mental institution.

Satan destroys people who abuse their body through excessive physical abuse so that their body eventually breaks down.. With mental illness, this physical breakdown does not happen to the same degree, as only the mind is really affected.  Satan must therefore have the person kill themself to destroy them.

Anxiety disorders can lead to high blood pressure, heart problems and eventually stroke or brain aneurisms.

You can be freed from these coping mechanisms or results of incorrectly dealing with things through the ministry of Jesus and the Holy Spirit (healing and deliverance).  When that freedom is obtained you then need to learn correct coping mechanisms.

The basis of a correct coping mechanism is to know your position in relation to Jesus, be led by The Holy Spirit and to trust Him in everything.  When we know and assimilate these things we can accept criticism and evaluate it correctly so the demons cannot place lies in our mind to try and ensnare us.

Jesus said (John 8:32  NCV) “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.” and (John 8:36 NCV)  “So if the Son makes you free, you will be truly free.”

We need to face the truth in the situation.  What does God think about the situation?  Is it my problem or another’s.  Is the other person trying to cope with their own problems and using me to make them feel better, so they can cope with their own hurts and pain? (This is often the case with domineering people or very insecure people - they control others to feel superior and must find fault with others as well so they feel better than them and can feel important and worthwhile as a person).

Have I done something wrong?  Then I had better deal with it by confessing my sin to God and accepting the chastening of people in authority over me and also correct the error I have fallen into.  There may also be a need for self-deliverance.

I must know what God thinks of me, how He loves me and allows chastening to occur to make me more like Jesus and so that I will not fall into the errors that will destroy me or my body, or even my relationship with Him, so I end up in hell!

I need to feel good about myself as a person so I have a base on which to be able to accept criticism, either justly or unjustly made - and be able to unemotionally evaluate a situation before reacting to it.

I need to think about a situation rather than reacting to it from incorrect coping mechanisms learnt from previous experience so that the pain and hurts in my memories don’t control my reactions to the situation.

We should always react unemotionally taking it to The Holy Spirit for His advice and then responding as He advises.

You need to understand what the person is trying to say or express rather than what they are actually saying.  This is where one needs to build communication skills and to be a good listener.

Most of all, we need to have the peace of God in our hearts (conscience) before we make any radical decisions that involve `leaps of faith’ so we can determine the source any suggestion comes from.

We need to evaluate thoughts in our mind to see if they line up with what God says.  Then we can tell if the thought is from God or the devil.  Jesus will never place thoughts of fear, confusion or rebellion in our minds,  When He convicts of wrongdoing, there is unease in your spirit, but there is no fear.

You need to be able to tell between true guilt and false guilt.  True conviction (not guilt) comes from Jesus, because we have disobeyed the laws of God and is removed by repentance.  False guilt will often try to replace true guilt and will hang around no matter how much confessing we do.  This is because a demon is involved and fore it to go we need to get rid of the demon.

All guilt shame and condemnation was dealt with at Calvary so that after true repentance there should be none of these.  If there is then it is a demon trying to place these on you.  Tell them to go to the abyss in Jesus name as they have no right to do this.

God does not see our sin if Jesus is our Lord because Jesus carried them on the cross.  We only need to repent and then get back on track with Jesus.

Anything that makes you feel bad and worthless does not come from God but from a demon.  Anything that tries to help you as a person to cope with your problems or to encourage you is from God - providing it does not try to replace belief in Jesus with belief in something else, as demons also parody Christianity in building up people and helping them to cope with their situations except they eventually lead the people away from God to another `god’ (demon), or into a belief in the person’s own `innate’ goodness and abilities.

Finally, I quote the following as being God’s way of protecting the mind and your belief systems:

Trust God in all things

(Phil 4:6-7 NCV)  Do not worry about anything, but pray and ask God for everything you need, always giving thanks.  And God’s peace, which is so great we cannot understand it, will keep your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.

Think only positive thoughts

(Phil 4:8 NCV)  Brothers and sisters, think about the things that are good and worthy of praise. Think about the things that are true and honorable and right and pure and beautiful and respected.

Serve only Jesus

(Rom 12:1-2 NCV)  So brothers and sisters, since God has shown us great mercy, I beg you to offer your lives as a living sacrifice to him. Your offering must be only for God and pleasing to him, which is the spiritual way for you to worship.  Do not change yourselves to be like the people of this world, but be changed within by a new way of thinking. Then you will be able to decide what God desires for you; you will know what is good and pleasing to him and what is perfect.

Desire the things of Jesus and heaven

(Col 3:1-2 NKJV)  If then you were raised with Christ, seek those things which are above, where Christ is, sitting at the right hand of God.  Set your mind on things above, not on things on the earth.

The secret to coping is to trust God’s Control of, Purposes, Plans and Love in all circumstances and patiently wait for Him to do His Great Work in you and while you are waiting, just to get on with life and His requirements of you.

Summary of correct coping mechanism

Once I recognize my reaction or behaviour was or is inappropriate, and not in accordance with how Jesus would have behaved, I need to:

Determine the way Jesus would have behaved and repent of anything wrong, I am doing

Determine what hurt or pain caused me to behave that way

Deal with it (deliverance and inner healing or just the casting off of external demons)

Make any apologies, ask any forgiveness needed and make any restitution necessary.

Ask Holy Spirit to help and guide you not behave that inappropriate way in future.

The legal rights of demons

Demons were captured by Jesus and are now prisoners waiting for their sentence to be carried out.  They have no legal rights, regardless of what they tell a person.  A person my give them access because they except or desire what the demon offers the same but that is not the same as a legal right.  The person, by accepting what the demon offers sins because he has rejected Jesus and has accepted what Satan has offered him.

Whichever king you accept is the king, you are ruled by and will be the King who you will go to spend eternity with when you die.

Limits of demons on objects

For an object to be used by a demon it must be given to the demon ore dedicated to the demon by its owner or their agent otherwise it is spoils of war and can be taken off the demon at will.  If it is dedicated to the kingdom a demon cannot touch except with permission of the King.

The demon has to get the person to agree to it having control of the object and seeks to do this anyway it can.

In conclusion remember Satan does not ‘play fair’ so ;anything goes, if it suits his purposes.  He has nothing to lose and he is out to take all he can with him to hell.  He walks around like a roaring lion to devour all he can.

Do not give him any mercy after all he has never shown you or any other person any mercy.

Remember it is a war to the death and your soul is the eternal stakes he is playing for.

Five things Satan does not want you to know

Judgment is coming on him

His followers

His kingdom

Jesus is returning to replace him

and his kingdom

Jesus can release you from Satan’s kingdom

and its hold over you

Jesus promises eternal life

and a personal relationship with Father, Son and Holy Spirit

to all who would follow

and obey Him

Jesus promises eternal life

Satan brings you eternal death

In conclusion

Satan is a defeated enemy, and the only way he can win is if you let him.  You need to choose which king’s objectives you desire as well as which King you wish to spend eternity with.  That will be the King you will serve and follow  Choose wisely, as in eternity is a long time.

If you believe in God, you will choose Jesus.  If you do not believe in God, then by default you will choose Satan.  But you will not know this until you die, and then it will be too late.

The choice is yours and yours alone, a you will have no one to blame but yourself for where you end up in eternity.


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