The problem with modern liberal biblical scholarship

Why examine what they think?

Because of what they teach in most seminaries these days using bibles modified to express their beliefs so that Christianity is not taught but a pseudo Christianity is taught.

Most modern Biblical scholarship assume man has made errors in the transmission of The Bible and the older the manuscript the more accurate it is.  This ignores God's overall control of things and shows they do not really believe in the God of the Bible but in a lesser God who cannot preserve in the transmitted writings what He originally told us.

They begin by stating that it was 35+ years before he first Gospel was written and that all the information about the Life of Christ was passed down by word of mouth so that it was coloured by the belief of Christians that Jesus was divine.

They say that we have to correct the Gospels to remove the wrong statements in it and that we do not have other historical sources we can use to correct them.  So we have to look at the practices and beliefs of the time of Jesus.

So they judge an infinite Christ by finite man's myths and beliefs.

They examine the culture and beliefs of the time of Jesus and use it as a basis.  Unfortunately it was based on Greek humanism (reason and philosophy) which did not believe in a God like the God of the Bible, as well as mythology and the history of the day to determine what was actually done by Jesus during His lifetime.

They found men  who had been born from sex with a God but no man born of a virgin birth so reasoned Christ had an earthly father.  So they removed the references to a virgin birth when they translated The Bible, deliberately mistranslating words to do so.

Because they believe The Bible was not correctly transmitted they do not believe the prophecies about Jesus and the purpose of His death.  So they examine the death of Jesus historically and state that crucified people were left hang on the cross and rot as part of the punishment so that Jesus would not have been taken down from the cross and buried in a tomb,  They also state that Pilot would not have granted the wish of Nicodemus to bury Jesus because Pilate's character was such that he would not have granted this request anyway,

Because of this and the lack of historical proof of the resurrection they believe it never happened and the events around it are not as declared in the Gospels.

The bodily resurrection of Jesus is what makes Christianity special.  No other religious founder has been able to do this so scholars looking for an historical precedence for the resurrection do not find one.  So there are three schools of thought in modern scholarship about the bodily resurrection of Jesus:

He rose bodily

People had only visions about Him rising in in a body

People hallucinated about Him rising in a body.

In other words it did not actually physically happen.

They believe Jesus was made a God after death but was not divine before birth so had no authority over Satan and that redemption could not have occurred.  This means Jesus could not delegate authority to us over Satan and that the resurrection may not have occurred so was not a proof of His divinity so that Mark 16:9-21 was removed.

Anyone who was raised to heaven and seated with God was considered at the time if Jesus to have become a God and be divine and this is how they believe the early Christians declared Jesus divine.

This viewpoint is in line with their using history as a basis to judge faith so that they also do not  believe in miracles except to say others at the time of Christ or earlier did similar things to what He did.  These people were not considered divine until after their death so Jesus did not need to  be divine at birth to do these things. This is different to Cessationism That says Jesus did miracles but they were only for the time of Jesus and not for today's church.

It also means that others can become divine and this belief was proven by The Catholic church who early in the 1800's issued 4 decrees making Mary equal to Jesus in many ways.

If He was not divine Jesus could not redeem us which is why new bibles imply Salvation requires us to work at getting to heaven.

They needed Greek texts to back up these beliefs so they looked and found two in the 19th Century (Codex Sinaiticus and Codex Vaticanus) and also another in the 20th Centuries (Codex 2742) that was used to heavily alter the Gospel of Mark.

They stated 3rd and 4th Century documents were reliable and were to be used as the basis o translation.

Unfortunately for them it was proved that Codex Sinaiticus and 2742 were forgeries and Codex Vaticanus was a 5th Century codex so that none of the three documents they relied on were eligible to be used as a basis for Bible translations.

So modern Bibles  have a problem:

They are based on Greek thinking and not faith in God

The portray Jesus as a human, no different to Mohammed so that Catholic, Christian and Moslem can fellowship together (the aim of Ecumenicism)

They are based on three manuscripts which are not eligible to be used for Bible translation.

They portray a god (different to the God of The Bible) who could not transmit His Bible correctly and had in it things they consider lies (Genesis myths e.g.). In other words they are not Christian but are a man's idea of what Christianity should be based on their reasoning about Jesus resulting from accepting historical records as being the criteria and not faith in God.

It is obvious that they use reason rather than faith to work out what they believe the Bible should say using the historical culture  of the time of Jesus to work out whom Jesus was and what He did ignoring what the Gospels said because they believe these are not a correct record of the life of Jesus.

The Bible says that what is not of faith is sin which in this circumstances is incorrectly expressing the truths God has said about Himself, Jesus and His life and purposes.

This means that modern Bibles translated by these liberal scholars and/or edited by them do not express what God said but what-they have reasoned God should have said-in The Bible.

They say they are expressing the mind of God even though we are told no one can know the mind of God.  This shows how deceived they are and how dangerous their Bibles are as They remove 20% of the traditional Bible meaning only 80%. of their Bible can be accurate because old and new Bibles agree on this 80%.  The 20% based on reasoning  is backed up by three codices: Two are forgeries and one should not be used as it was written in the wrong century.

They use reason to make those changes basing them on three codices which are ineligible to use for Bible translation.

How can churches using modern Bibles have faith in the divinity of Jesus and His virgin birth when they purposely do not teach these things and remove any title of His that shows He is Divine?  How can they do the work of Jesus if they do not really believe Him to be God.  His advice just becomes the advice of a holy man and it is reflected in the worldliness of the church as it uses bibles based on worldly historical ideas.

Modern theology is based on this lack of faith which is why churches, using modern Bibles, are declining and actually worship a God (Jesus) that is different to the Jesus in the Traditional Bibles.

Traditional Bibles have The Holy Spirit to guide the translators.  Modern Bibles only have the reasonings of man without any external spiritual check to show their reasonings are correct.  If they heard Te Spirit they would have translated the Bible correctly.

You wonder how theologians who question everything and accept only what is  historically proven or belief of the time that is rationally possible can translate a foreign language like Greek into a Bible that is supposedly based on faith and not things that are only rotationally provable.  This is why today’s modern Bibles do not promote faith but doubt about supernatural things to do with Jesus and God.

Their approach has resulted in a God of a bible that is different to the traditional one accepted for 1800+ years.  The modern church uses these ‘Bibles’ and now worship a different God to the one of the traditional Bible.  Their God is based on rational processes while the God of the traditional Bible is based on faith.  This is what is leading to the apostasy of the last days and people do not even realise this.

Christians think they are worshiping the true God but are not and so are in a form of apostasy because the reject God and what He originally said in His Bible.  They only commit sin in doing this if they reject what God tells them about this in their spirit through The Holy Spirit.

Christ has been changed by modern theologians to be similar to the founders of other religions so that the Antichrist can combine all major religions (except Judaism) into a one world faith that all can fellowship in.  To do this He must destroy the traditional faith in God and replace it with a faith other religions can relate to and fellowship with and have a Bible that enables it to be done.

We have this bible now which is why this fellowship of 'Christians, Roman Catholics and Muslims is occurring so that a joint place of worship has been set up in Jerusalem..

This shows the danger of not having faith but trying to reason out things and ignoring what God says about them.  Satan can use reason for his own purposes as he has done with modern bible translations.

What is not of faith is sin (wrong) and modern theologians have proven this with their translations and the approach to the three manuscripts they have used for translation.

Where there is no faith there are no miracles.  Where Jesus is not considered to be God before He was born there can be no delegation by Him to cast out Satan.

These are evidences of The Kingdom of God and these are missing from many churches which is why they do not represent The Kingdom of God but the denomination they belong too.  These churches use modern bible translations which preach these things because they are based on the reasonings of men and not on faith.

Miracles and casting out Satan were signs of the early church which is so different to what is called Christianity today which lacks these marks of the early church so really does not represent early Christianity where these two things proved Jesus was greater than the religions around them.

The modern church usually does not have these as a part of it so do represent the church Christ set up but something man has organized for control purposes.  Without these two things the church is just like any other religious organisation.

When it has miracles and the casting out Satan it prospered.  Now when these are missing it dies or barely holds its own in society becoming more and more irrelevant to most people outside of it.

Without these two things the church is like any other faith founded by a man having good morals and someone to worship who is said to be god but does not  apparently have the authority of a god to defeat evil and do miracles.  It becomes a whitewashed sepulcher, having the appearance of Christianity but none of the spiritual power and authority of it in it.

People seek spiritual authority and power and cannot find it in the Christian church which is why they go elsewhere which is the reason the new age, witchcraft, Satanism and similar religions and cults are growing and the church is usually declining where it does not embrace spiritual power and authority.

Soon Jesus will change this with the last three  great revivals before He return when the whole world will hear the Gospel.  Be ready to b e a part of it!

Come Lord Jesus and restore all things



Neville Salvetti.


Reading the Bible is an act of faith, worship and Love:

Faith in something you believe in which is why you read it

Worship because you believe is better than any other book and that it is from God

Love because you are reading about someone you love and love to read about Him.

Reading it as a chore or habit is the wrong way to approach it.

Modern theologians:

Do not believe what it says in parts

Consider it to be alterable like any other book

DO not love Jesus ot they would not demean Him in it as they do.

And they are the ones supposedly to encourage you faith in God, the Bible and Jesus.

It can be seen they ae not qualified to translate the Bible as they do not have the correct attitudes to do this.