A Meditation on Miracles

Jer 32:27  Behold, I am the LORD, the God of all flesh: is there any thing too hard for me?

What is a miracle?

A Miracle occurs when God intervenes in the natural order of things to make something occur which would not occur without the divine intervention of God.  It is this supernatural intervention that makes it miraculous.

The miracles in The Bible do two things:

They show the Power and Authority of God

They encourage us to trust Him in times when things seem hopeless or impossible.

Creation - Much ado about nothing

Genesis I: I  In The beginning God  created the Heaven and the earth.

All we see in the sky and universe was created by God (v14) and all we see on the earth was created by God (v6,9)

All that lives was created by God (v 20,24, 26)

All this was created in place of the nothingness that was there

Perhaps because creation is so vast it is incomprehensible in regard to how it came into being out of nothing (through the word of God) that we have trouble comprehending what God actually did in this creation week.  We cannot comprehend God and His Works and our concept of God is too small (if only because our minds are so finite compared to His)!

Given what God has done in the creation week why do we have problems with believing in His Power and Control over all the aspects of our life.  The preparation of the path we need to walk in to mature in and the provision of our needs both require little of His Power compared to what it took to bring into existence the universe, Heaven and the earth. But even then that was still  of little effort for Him.

Why do we not trust God great miracles He has done in The Bible and in our own life?

Perhaps our concept of God is too small?

Faith comes from hearing/reading what God has done and said in His Word and seeing His Power, Authority, Control and Love in action in our lives and the lives of others..

God did not need to bring creation into existence or any life into being as He is complete in Himself.  But He is Love and for our sakes He brought us into existence and gave us a universe to live and play in, now and in eternity.

Even though He knew of sin and what it would do, He created it for the benefit of those who would voluntarily obey and love Him.  He could have made us all robots so we would not sin but that would not allow us to choose to love Him.

You can see why our love of Him is so important to Him.

Remember!  God does not need you so everything He does for you is a result of His Love and Grace toward you.

He had little difficulty creating a universe and populating it with plants and animals and bringing you into existence and He will have little difficulty in meeting all your needs if you want Him too.

A Question.

If you were asked if you believed in a literal six day creation what would you answer.  If Yes! Then you believe in God.  If No! Then you do not believe in the God of The Bible but another God who could not create everything in six days or lied about it so cannot be God as imperfection is in Him (lying).

Adam - a man of dust Gen. 1:26-27, 2:7

1:26 And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.

1:27 So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.

2:7 And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.

The miracle was not that man was made in the image of God but that He was made out of the dust of the earth.  Dust in itself has no life so the miracle was life being imparted to dead loose dust in a way that it became a cohesive human being.

Eve – anyone got a spare rib?

Adam needed someone to meet his loneliness, help him run things and meet his emotional and physical needs. So God made a help meet (note: not servant or house slave).

God took a rib from Adam and made Eve from it.

The best modern scientists could do would be a clone of Adam, The miracle was that God did not make a clone but a completely different physical, body able to reproduce and nurture their young ‘,

God made men and women differently for a purpose and Satan tries to blur the distinction so the functions each have that are peculiar to them are blurred and the order in the family God established is not there as it should be as each does roles that the other gender should do is not there.

If God did not need the special character women have he would not have needed to make them.

He designed men and women differently because of the different roles He was to give to each of them and equipped them with the temperament they needed to carry out these roles.  That is why a mother is capable of greater love than a father.  She is designed that way by God.  So as you fulfil your God-given role as male or female you will find your completeness as a male or female.

God is able to make life out of dead things and can restore marriages, people.  Anything in your life that is broken or missing He can restore and give you more better than you lost.  He can also give you what you need if you do not have it at that moment.

What do you say to evolutionists that say man evolved from monkeys?  Depends if you can believe God created Adam out of inanimate dust and eve out of a rib of Adam.  If you do not believe this then you do not believe in the God of The Bible but a lesser being who is only partly in control of things and lies about how He created things.

Life from lifeless flesh.

The miracle of conception where God gives a spirit to the embryo.

The growth of a an egg into a body is wonderful in itself but is natural as scientists can clone sheep which means they have a soul as they live.

Scientists cannot give a spirit to anything they clone so the human spirit is the subject of something supernatural, the giving of a spirit to them which God alone can do!

Noah and the flood to end all floods (Gen 6-10)

Gen 6:8 But Noah found Grace in the eyes of God.

Why? He was the only man who still obeyed God in the midst of a wicked world.  He believed God  when told to build an ark (v14) and on dry land built a Large ocean going vessel.

Imagine the ridicule he would hae gotten and the questioning of his sanity, building a boat then placing animas in it and he endured it for a long time.

He took two of every unclean living animal and seven of each clean one into the ark (as he had been commanded to do by God), This was easier then as the continents had not been formed and the earth was one cohesive Land mass (Gen 10:25. 1 Chron 1:19).  God also helped Him as He had asked Noah to do this and God always ensures He does what can to help us do His Will in His timing.

The first miracle was capturing two of every creature Let alone seven clean animals then keeping them alive as well as in close proximity to each without having any die or kill each other.

But then all animals were vegetarians so all they needed was vegetarian food.

The Next miracle was God shutting The ark. (Gen 7:18) They were now under God’s complete protection.

God will close the doors you need closed if you will let Him so that you are protected from it by Him.

The next miracle was God finding sufficient water to cover the highest mountain on earth and then finding a place a put all this water after the flood was to be removed.  God sure moved a lot of water.

Infact, the oceans are the remains of t he flood so that its effects are still with us in geology and hydroscopy.

God blessed Noah because of His faithfulness (Gen 9:1) and he and his family prospered in this reformed world.

Ever lost everything or been told by God to give up everything? Look at Noah.  All he took with Him was a bunch of animals, clothes, a few tools and seed but God used him to rebuild a world because he trusted God.

The other consideration is that you are only stewards and do not own anything so if God chooses to remove things it is for your best and he is able to replace them with what you should have so you can concentrate on what He wants you to do with these without the distraction of all the unnecessary things He removed from your life.

Noah was righteous (in a correct relationship with God) so God provided all he needed.  This the promise Jesus gives us in Matt 6:33 and it is only as you believe in that promises of God’s Love, Control Purposes and Plans for you will you be able to step out in faith into that which He has called you too!

Can you believe in a flood that covered the earth?  To not do so is to call the God of The Bible a liar and imply He is not God but a poor substitute for one.

God stops a building project (Gen 11)

The people of the earth had only one language and had disobeyed God as they had not spread throughout the earth populating it as they had been commanded too but had congregated in one place (Gen 11:1,4).  There was also the danger that they would become as evil as the people that had been wiped out in the flood as they were living by reason and not faith and trust in God.

Their understanding of God was also wrong as they believed they could build a tower and reach God (v4).  The real problem was pride as the believed they could do anything and that God was not necessary for them to be able to do what they wanted.

So God did a miracle to ensure the earth was populated across the whole of its area and not just in one location (v7,8) and in the same process humbled them.

In an instant everyone on earth had a new language to speak fluently in and could no longer understand other families.  God had implanted in their minds the new language and all that was necessary for its use.

This was not mind control as God did not control what they did but only gave them a new language and it was up to them what they did with it.  If He had not done that there would have been greater punishment as their pride reached its fulfilment.  God not longer was relevant to them.  He would have been faced with the same situation that resulted in the flood so He stopped this occurring through the new languages.  This would seem to indicate the pre-flood world had only one language.

If your plans are not of God He can destroy or nullify them in an instant so that you are directed towards what He wants done and you will have very little choice but to obey.

SO when th ere is opposition to your plans or they are stopped then check with God if they are what He wants you to do.

But remember.  His plans and Purposes for you are always what is best for you (Rom 8:28) and may be your salvation by stopping you from a path that would lead to the loss of your salvation (Rev 3:5).

Do you hold onto worldly things so that God has to pry them from you (which usually is painful), or are you a steward caring for what your Master gives you to care for and letting Him take back anything you are already caring for on His behalf.

Abraham – Journey into the unknown

One of the things I consider miraculous is God using people (in a form of partnership) to do His Work.  God is self-sufficient and does not need us and it is for our sakes that He uses us.  Before creation He did everything then He created u\mankind to be at peace with Him and do His work with Him on earth.  That is why Jesus came to reconcile (restore) peace between us and God and to show us how to live in a proper relationship to God.

Redemption is all about reconciliation and Calvary was where God did what was necessary to redeem us so He could reconcile us to Him.

Abraham is a good example of a man who God used because He believed God’s promises to him, but Abraham could have lost’ all these promises through trying to help God bring the promise of an heir into fruition.

God promised Abraham a son (Gen 15:4) but God did not seem to provide one, so Abraham had one through his wife’s maid.  Later this son of his wife’s maid was to be a thorn in the side of the promised son.   Ishmael (the son of the maid) was the father of all Arabs and there have been fighting with the descendants of his natural born son Isaac for as long as can be remembered.

If Abraham had been obedient to God we would never have had an Arab Israeli conflict.

God eventually did provide in His own timing this promised heir and not in Abraham’s timing.

Abraham had not trusted God and sinned so God restated the covenant and the promise of a son to fulfil it (Gen 19).

Sarah seemed to be the problem as Abraham was able to bear children (Gen 18: 9-15).  God had waited till it was humanly impossible to have Children as He tested Abraham’s faith.  Abraham had obeyed and no other children were born between Ishmael and Isaac.

Abraham waited for God to provide a son in God's Timing and was rewarded.   When he tried to bring the prophecy (promise) of God into fruition and has only caused problems for Isaac and his descendants.

So the lesson is not to try and help God do His Will.  He has it all planned in His timing and not ours.  We just need to trust Him in this.

When is it too late for God to do a Miracle in your life?  When you are in heaven or hell but then being there is in itself a miracle.

If you truly believe God is working for your best you will wait for His timing in your life and be content with what He does.  In faith trusting whatever happens to you because of His love for you which includes the timing of the things that happen to you.

God gives life and He does not need normalcy to make women become pregnant (Sarah, Mary) so He can provide a child when science says it is humanly impossible.  I and others can testify to this that God will give children when medical science says it is impossible.  Children are a reward of the Lord and not the results of man’s methods, but he does use man's methods when it serves His purposes..

Can you believe God for the impossible?  For things that are scientifically impossible and normally could never occur?  If it is in His Will for you nothing can stop it happening.

Deliverance from the fire

Is a visitation by an angel a miracle?  God has allowed a person to see an angel, something that does not usually occur.  It is super (above) natural order.

Lot was sitting in the gate (entrance of Sodom) and recognized two angels approaching the city and rushed to meet them before the men of Sodom met them and tried to sodomise them. (Gen 19:1) Once again we have one righteous man in a place full of evil.

Lot took them into his house so they would not be on the street at night and in danger of the sodomites of the city attacking them and raping them.

Before Lot, his household and the angels had fallen asleep the sodomites came to rape the men staying with Lot.  These sodomites were not interested in women and Lot’s daughters had never been touched by them because God protected the daughters of Lot.  Even in the height of their sexual lust they ignored the daughters of Lot (v 7-9) and desired only the men.

Lot is surrounded by a mass of depraved Men who threaten violence to him and lust only after the strangers who are staying with him.

Satan was behind this as they lusted only after the angels and not humans in that house.  This shows the demonic force behind sexual desire for the same sex.

Now God does two miracles to protect Lot and his family.

These depraved men push against the door so that it nearly breaks.  The angel puts out his hand, plucks Lot from their midst, Closes the door against the weight of the multitude pressing against it and then blinds the sodomites to where the location of the door to the house is so they wear themselves out trying to find something they cannot see.

After a night of fruitlessly trying to find the door These depraved people had no energy left to prevent Lot, his family and the angels from leaving unhindered.

No situation is too hard for God to rescue you from if you are willing too obey and leave behind all that traps you or keeps you in bondage.

Lot escaped the fire that fell on Sodom but he had to leave all behind.  His wife looked back to Sodom (the past) and was destroyed.

Holding onto past things against the Will of God can only cause you  harm as you are fighting God's Will for you to release these things so you can be given what you really need in their place.

Te punishment of Lot's wife seems harsh but she was holding onto the past and all its sins God was destroying so it was natural she too would be destroyed with those that were in the city she desired to remain in.

Can you see an emerging pattern in these miracles?

God is not interested in the things of the world (as it is ruled by Satan) as they hinder you in your pursuing the path God has for you.  So He tries t remove them from you and give you what you need of His to survive in this enemy controlled kingdom.

What is it that you holding onto that you are afraid to let go, which is hindering you growing or walking in the freedom God has prepared for you?

God will deliver you but it will cost you all that is worldly in you, that you hold dear.  Bur He will replace it with that which is better for you and his purposes.

Are you willing to pay the price God asks of you to do this?

What are you holding onto that stops you being used by God.  Is it worth keeping and losing all that God has in store for you now and in eternity?

The Burning Bush that did not burn

There is a bush in Sinai that gives off flammable gas which burns when lit but the gas is all over the bush so this cannot be the bush Moses saw. The one Moses saw had fire in its midst (Ex 3:2) and not all over it and it was continuous and not just a transient flash of fire, like the bush does.

This fire was the visible glory of the angel of the Lord.  This was a supernatural fire so the bush was not burnt as the fire was some of the Glory of the Lord revealed and thus a supernatural event (Miracle).

The question arises.  Why did God have to appear this way to get the attention of Moses and  not just appear to Moses?  Perhaps after all the demonic magic Moses had see in Egypt God had to do something different to mark the event as unique to what Moses was used to so that Moses would know it was not an Egyptian god (demon) appearing.

Moses knew his Jewish heritage as he understood the description God gave of Himself (v6). Gods people were oppressed and He was now about to ask Moses to go and tell Pharaoh to let the Israelites go from Egypt.

Moses, the great man of faith did not appear to have much faith at this time.  God had to organizes two miracles (Ex 4:1-8) and even then Moses ended up with Aaron as the spokesman.

With all the evidence of God’s supernatural nature and power over nature Moses still did not believe as he should have and went with another to do the talking he should have done.

By the time the Ten plagues were over Moses was convinced God was greater than the Egyptian Gods but at this first encounter I don’t believe he was as convinced of this superiority of God as he should have been but he had seen enough of God’s power and nature to go to Pharaoh and do what God had asked him too even if somewhat reluctantly.

What has God asked you to do that you are afraid to do.  Be like Moses and move in the little faith you may have and see God work and as you see God work your faith will increase and He will use you to do greater things for Him.  Otherwise He may give it to another and you may lose all that He had for you to do and earn.

God Gets under Pharaoh’s Skin

Through the plagues God showed His superiority over the gods of Egypt.  The plagues were aimed at different God’s of the Egyptians.

In an impossible situation (Pharaoh not letting the Israelites go and worship in the desert) God showed Pharaoh He (God) was greater that his gods so that Pharaoh let the people go.  Pharaoh was not fighting Moses but God as it was His people that were being kept as slaves and God wanted them freed.

When you are in a difficult/impossible situation and the god of this world seems to be winning remember Jesus is greater and will free you in His time and His way, providing it is His purposes you are wanting to be free to do.

Is your God bigger than Satan?  Or do you let the circumstance around you that are controlled by Satan cause you to be discouraged.

God lights the way (Ex 13:21, 14:19.-20)

As Israel left Egypt, God placed a pillar of smoke and fire in front of them to guide them.

The first question I have is why they took the Long way to the promised Land.   It was because God led them to a certain state where all who had a part of their heart in Egypt died so there no longer memories of Egypt amongst the people.  Those who were left were either those that originally grasped God’s promises of this new land or had never known Egypt so all they had to look forward to was the promised Land.

The pillar of smoke could lead them and protect them from the enemy but it could not protect them from themselves.

Remember there was no natural mechanism for th e pillar of Smoke and the one of fire that went with them for forty years.

What are you holding onto that is stopping God from being Lord of your life so He cannot lead you to the blessing He wants give you or stops Him protecting you as He wants too.

You alone are the only one who can stop God using you as God wants to use you or blessing and rewarding you (as He desires too).

Words on a Rock

By the time Moses is ready to receive the Ten Commandments he is ready to go up the mountain and do unquestioningly anything God asks of him to do which includes enforcing these commandments on Israel.

Note that God delivered the ten Commandments to Moses personally just as God gave the Law of Love to Jesus personally. God does not ask obedience of those that take it lightly and who are not prepared to face persecution or opposition in delivering or enforcing the requirements of God to others.  God is extremely serious about us doing what He says, after all our eternal life is at stake.  God never makes suggestions but unfortunately many people take his requirements as such and do them when it suits them.

These two miracles:  God appearing to Moses and giving Him the ten commandments and the law (Torah) which expressed them and Jesus becoming man and teaching and showing us the correct way to relate to God shows how serious God is about being obeyed.

God’s commandments are not suggestions to be done when one feels like it but are matters of life and death either in the immediate time or in the long run.

Examine your life carefully.  Does the Law of Love rule it because that is the chief commandment Jesus gave and all the other ones flow from that.  If not you may be in danger of hellfire.

Where did the river go Joshua 3?

The Israelites approached the land God had promised to give them.  They sent out twelve people to spy out the Land. Ten came back and gave a negative account of the land God had promised them while two did not. Moses fearfully chose the information provided by the Ten, and turned his back on the promised Land.  As a result he and all other adults (except the two spies who had embraced the promise of God) died and did not enter into this promise of God.

You do not turn your back in fear on what God has promised you or you will not inherit His promises to you because  you have rejected them!

Never argue, assume, react or get angry as Satan can use these for his purposes, but ask The Holy Spirit what to do.

It is easier to give inhto peer pressure around you than to fight for God and Satan will place as much peer pressure on you as he can to try and confirm you to his world view of things.

The scene shifts too one generation later (40 years).

New spies are again sent to investigate the land promised to them by God. They return and tell Joshua how the people, for one generation, have been fearfully waiting for the Israelites to invade and possess the Land!

The promise had been there all the time, waiting for a leader with enough courage to go in and possess it.

The promises of God are there for you to walk into if you are fearless enough to do so.  God has prepared these promises and you to obtain them as well as the way for you to posses them, so you can go fearlessly there to grasp them but it is up to you alone as they are your promises!

However, there was a problem still.  The river Jordan.  It was in flood. (v15) and not only was wider than usual but was also deeper and flowing faster than usual so it was impossible to cross safely.

God told them what to do and they did it. As a result all passed over the river on dry ground and did not get wet.  This is unusual for crossing a river let alone a flooded river.

Where do you place the water from a flooded river?  God found a place and it could not have been natural because of the volume of water coming down the Jordan.

They placed their trust in God and He delivered them from their problem and they were able to enter into the promise God had for them!

Joshua crosses the Flooded Jordan. (Joshua 3)

The ark of covenant contained the Testimony God had given Israel.  It was the evidence of the agreement He had made with Israel and in a sense represented Him.

The ark was to go before Israel a distance of approximately 1000 meters and lead the way in to the new land they were entering but to get to this land God needed to do a miracle.

The Jordan river was in flood so it was impassable.  It also overflowed its banks at this Time of year so it was dangerous to even get close to it.  But God was to lead the way and as soon as the priest carrying the ark placed their feet in the River Jordan the waters stopped flowing and Israel was able to pass over on the dry river bed.

The Holy Spirit in us is the Testimony of God that we are in the New Testament Covenant relationship with God.  He will lead us in the path God has prepared for us from before the creation of the world for us to walk in so, that while there will be trials and tribulations, He has gone ahead and removed all that will hinder us as long as we obediently follow Him in the path that has been prepared for us to walk in.

How do we walk this path?  We follow the principles of Mat 6:33.  We seek to be in a correct relationship with God as well as the expansion of His Kingdom through faithful obedience to His Will because of the promise of God so that all we need to do His Will, will be given to us

The Walls fall flat (and it was not shoddy building)

The miracle of Jericho was not the fact the walls did not crumble as they normally would but fell flat so that Israel had little difficulty going over them.  An archeologist has even suggested that it is possible they were pushed into the ground so the top of The walls were level, flat with the ground:

The latter would explain why Rahab and her family (who lived on the walls) were not hurt when the walls came down as they went down vertically and did not fall over breaking into Rubble.

Either way a miracle occurred to preserve Rahab and family and enable Israel to go unimpeded into the city.

Note that the price of Rahab’s salvation was to lose all and escape with the little she and her family could carry.

In a sense she left her past life behind as a prostitute and started a new one as a follower of God.

Do you have insurmountable walls?  God will remove these as you learn the lesson(s) you need to learn to progress onto the next part of your life’s path He has prepared for you and like Israel He will remove these walls from before you.  So while you wait for His timing, obeying what He gives you to do and learning what He wants you to learn during your six days of facing The wall He will deliver you on the seventh day.

Do you have a past th at haunts you?  God can deliver you from it and give you a new life in His Will for you.

The Woollen Fleece (Judges 6:36)

Is it wrong to ask God for a sign even if it requires a miracle to fulfil it?.

Apparently not as Gideon asked for two miracles. The second one confirmed the first and on this confirmation He went to do what God had asked and the people followed him to battle and did what God asked them to do.

Why did Gideon ask for this sign?  God had already told him he was to deliver Israel (v14ff).

He had called people to join him so they would have seen both these miracles and be encouraged to battle for God.  It was not just Gideon asking but God who had confirmed this by two miracles (v34).  Gideon believed on what God wanted him to do.   The fleece had to be for the army he had gathered to confirm God was behind Gideon.

So ask for a sign but do not ask it so you will believe.  Ask it because you believe so others will see and believe.

The question arises, Why a fleece?  They were shepherds so fleece was there at hand and it may even have been one worn by Gideon himself.  They all knew dew wet both the grass and fleece when it fell so that if one was wet and the other dry it had to be a miracle.

Also a sheep would have given its life for Gideon to be able to see the sign like Jesus gave His life for us as a sign of God's Love and provision for us.

God uses what you have at hand to serve His purposes and not something you do not have or need.  So what is your fleece that God has given you have to serve the Lord with and are you using it correctly as He has told you to use it.

The Idols Must Fall (1 Sam 5:1-5)

The ark of Covenant was in a pagan temple having been captured in battle.  Twice the demon gods of the Philistines were bowed down supernaturally and made to lie prostrate before the ark.  God’s presence was there because the evidence of The Testament (covenant) with Israel was there in the ark so all the demon gods in that temple were made to down and worship God.

God demonstrated His control over Satan and his demons.

We too have a Testament witness in us as The Holy Spirit inhabits our spirit.  He shows us the things of the flesh that need to be disciplined as well as anything in us we have made an idol of which we need to give to Jesus to be Lord of.

We too have authority over Satan to stop his attacks so we can obey Jesus, if we want too.

It is only as all our idols are bowed to Jesus can we truly serve Him.   If we do not give them to Him voluntarily then He will place us through trials until these idols are finally given to Him.

Anything put before Jesus and the true knowledge of Him and His Kingdom (which is an expression of Him) is an idol and only as you continually seek to remove these from your life will you mature as He desires you too and serve Him as you desire too.

God does not need a supermarket to supply your need (1Kings 17)

God told Elijah to go and hide.  This meant he did not have access to food. That was not a problem to God who commanded the wild ravens to feed him.

The drought resulted in the water near Elijah drying up so God sent him to a widow and child. Normally others would have help her with food but it was a drought so they would have been struggling themself to find sufficient food to eat.

But God knew her need and sent Elijah there and supernaturally fed her, her son and Elijah till there was food again in the land from two vessels that were nearly empty but were able to supply all they needed for the length of the drought.!

God can provide for your needs in what seems an impossible situation. All you are required to do is to trust Him and obey what He asks you to do.

An oily situation 21 Kings 4:-7

A widow was about to sold into slavery to obtain money to pay her debts.  There was money in the temple to help the widow and the needy but the church of the time (Temple/Synagogue) did nothing to help her.  God saw her situation was not good and sent Elijah to deliver her through a miracle.

From one jar of oil many were poured.  God multiplied what she had to provide for her and she was able to keep her freedom as a result.

God will use what you have to help you and not what you do not have or wished you have.  So do not look to anyone but Jesus and He will deliver you through what you have or what He will give you.  To look elsewhere is to look at what Satan will happily provide you with, and will use it to cause you more trouble.

God Raises a Widow’s Son to Life (1 Kings 1:17ff)

The son of a widow had died. This meant her son would not be able to provide for her in her old age which was not good for the widow as there was no government support for the elderly to give her money to live on.  She complained God had saved her and her son only to expose her sin (v8) and torture her through her son’s death as her punishment.

But God is not like that and restored the son to life.  The woman then knew Elijah was a man of God (v 24) and that God had forgiven her sin.

It appears the son was the result of the woman’s sin and his death was punishment to this woman for the sin. Why did the son die?  The key is v24. To show God’s Love for her as well as His Power and to witness to her that Elijah was truly a man of God!

Why do you want God to do great things through you?  To show people Jesus is real?   To show His Love and Mercy?  Be careful wanting to be used by God as the price is high.  It will cost you all you have (which you do not own anyway) as you must be completely committed to His Kingdom and His Glory.  Selfish desire  or ambition has no place in your desire to serve God.  Serve God because you love him and want to do His Will as well as give Him Glory and then will God hear you as he heard Elijah.

What are you willing to give up so that God can use you as He wants too?  What are you holding onto that stops God using you as He wants too.  What are you keeping that may stop you getting the blessings God wants to give you?  If it is something you have lost God can restore it if it His Will to do so.

Elijah and the Water that Burnt (1 Kings 18:17ff)

Elijah is on Mt Carmel.  Watching are the King of Israel and his nobles, the Religious establishment of Israel (the prophets of Baal), the people of Israel and…God!

Elijah throws a challenge to the people, He cries out “Choose whom you will serve! ‘’and then challenges the prophets of Baal to a duel.  Their god against his God! The priests of Baal had To accept the challenge to keep the support of the King and all the people.

How bold is Elijah to face all these people and his enemies. Elijah knows his God and the power of his God and is not concerned as he also trusts the protection of his God.  He even mocks the prophets of Baal and their god in their efforts to call fire down from heaven onto their sacrifice.

What the prophets of Baal do not known is that the God of Elijah is greater than their god and has stopped their demonic gods from answering their cries (as they usually did).  The battle was stacked against them as it is against anyone who opposes a true prophet of God who is obediently opposing them.

All day these false profits of Baal cried out working up quite a lather but to no avail.   The demons that spoke prophetically through them and answered Their prayers were silent!

It was the time of the evening sacrifice and Elijah’s turn had come.  He poured water over the sacrifice till it was saturated and would not light normally.  He then worshipped God and asked for the miracle so people would know his God was the true God.

God answered with fire that consumed the saturated offering.  The wood it was on, the alter it was on, the dust that was left and the water in the trench around the altar.

Do you trust God as Elijah did, not fearing Satan and his works, overcoming them in the strength of God?  Or do you allow evil to have its way, make the laws of the land you are in and eventually destroy all that is good in your society.

How do you resist the workings of evil around you?  How do you destroy the works of Satan that are against you?

Do you believe God is more powerful than Satan and can limit his workings against you?

Is your God big enough to destroy the works of Satan or do you treat God as if He is a wimp.

The salted Water (2 Kings 2:19)

Jericho’s water was not good to drink so they approached Elisha for help.  He did a simple thing.  He just threw some salt in the water and commanded healing in God’s Name. The waters were healed and from then onwards were drinkable.

It was a simple thing God asked him to do.

How often has God asked you to do a simple thing for Him that would bring Him Glory but you defended your self-esteem, thought it was insignificant, below your level or suffered fear of ridicule and did not do it.

Until you can hear or you want to hear God clearly and then do the simple things He asks, you cannot realty do wonderful things for Him.  Remember that He prepares them and you for doing them so that all you have to do is walk in the path He has prepared in regard to the matter and carry out what He has asked you to do.

If Elisha had not believed God was there prepared to heal the waters he would not have thrown the salt in.

All great men of God step out in faith in the belief God is already there prepared and waiting to carry out the miracle He has asked them to do.

Remember also that you are the salt of the earth sent by God to purify it for Him.  You will have to give account for your saltiness in the earth and how your life flavoured it for Jesus.

The Feeding of the Multitude (2 Kings 4:42ff))

A large group of people was fed with the first fruits a man had (that belonged to God under the Law), ears of corn, and twenty loaves of barley grain.  The person who brought them to Elisha was incredulous that Elisha expected to feed everyone who was there as the food he had brought was insignificant compared to what was required to do this, but he did as Elisha told him to and there was even food left over.

God miraculously provided food when there was insufficient to go around.

What do you have that is insufficient in the eyes of the world but which God can multiply and use for His Glory?  Do not be afraid to give it to Him in faith as He promises to restore it and more.

God owns everything and you are only a steward of it so why are you afraid to give to God what is already His and stop Him Blessing you?

All washed up (2 Kings 1:8)

Naaman almost lost his healing through pride, He had been told to go and bathe in the Jordan seven times but was angry at this suggestion.   After all the rivers in his homeland were far grander and better than the Jordan.  He expected Elisha to do a great thing (as in the ritual healing attempts by his priest back where he had came from) but Elisha had asked a simple thing and Namaan’s pride prevented him doing it.  His servants persuaded him to follow the advice of Elisha and so he went to the Jordan, bathed 7 times and was healed.

We want God to do great things and are disappointed if He does not.  But that is because we are not looking at God and the even through His eyes but at what excites us or builds up our own importance.

God works in the simplest way possible.  To do otherwise goes against His nature.

How do you expect or want God to work when He does miraculous things? Do you want great things or are you content to sit and rest in the simplicity of His workings and not in what you think He should do or be.

Do you seek great signs and wonders, or are you happy with the small, simple things He does.

Life is made up of service to God in the many small things we do each day and few great things.  Do the small things well and He will then be able to trust you with the great ones.

Remember, we are told not to despise the small things.  This is because we will not see God working in them and be encouraged by this.

Solid metal cannot float! (2 Kings 6:1-7)

Metal was expensive and not all could afford it so an axe head was borrowed.  It fell into the water and could not be retrieved so they want to Elijah and he told them to throw the axe handle into the water.

The iron came to the surface and swam to the axe handle and they were both retrieved.

God does not use disparate things to do his miracles.  He used an axe handle as it was appropriate to the Axe head.  A sword or spear would not have been appropriate.

God floated solid iron on water. His control over the natural order of things is complete.  It is not so much that God cannot do the miracle.  It is usually we are impatient for it to occur, want it for the wrong reason or it is not in the timing of God or His purposes to do it when we want it.  So do not get upset if God does not do the miracle you want when you want but ask Him what you still have to learn or do before you are ready for Him to do it for you.

Time and Motion Studies (Joshua 10:13,2 Kings 20:10)

In Joshua 10:13 we read the sun stood still in the sky for 24 hours.

In 2 Kings 20:10 the sun went backwards 10 degrees.

Some argue that these events can be explained by the retrograde motion of earth or some other apparently convincing astronomical argument.  If this is so then the miracle is that from before creation God was able to plan these two events so that they would occur at the correct  time in history.

If God directly affected the sun or earth to make it happen, then the miracle was that He could control the sun.

Either way it makes His control over our circumstances such that any problems we have are insignificant when compared to these two Miracles.

How small and caring is your God?   Is He in control of all things in your life and the earth around you or only of what you fearfully believe He can control.

Jonah and his Whale of a time

Jonah was a rebellious prophet and ran from what God wanted Him to do.  The result of this rebellion was suffering and trials till he decided to obey God and go an preach repentance where he had been told too.  As a result of His preaching one of the greatest old testament revivals occurred.  Was Jonah Happy?  No! He had wanted them destroyed not converted to followers of God.

Do what God asks you to do or you will face trials and suffering til you mature to the stage you accept what He wants you to do.  What great blessing are you stopping by your rebellion?  What great rewards in heaven are you preventing.  Remember that fear is rebellion as it says to God “I don’t trust your ability to control my circumstances” or are you saying:  “I do not agree with your plans so I will not do them”.

Daniel 3 Some like it hot!

A king demanded everyone worship a statue of him. Some Jews refused to do this as it was idolatry. The king got upset and had the three men thrown into a fiery furnace. He was so angry that they would not worship the statue when he personally commanded them too that he had the furnace heated up more hotter than usual.  It was so hot that the people who threw them in died from the heat of the furnace.

When God is in control of a trial strange things happen. The king looked in and saw four men in the furnace, not three! He saw the people cast into the fire walk around in it untouched by the fires!

He then realised their God was the true God and forbade anyone in the kingdom from even speaking wrongly about their God.

The three, who were thrown into the furnace, were called to come out by the king and promoted to an important position in his main  province of Babylon.

God can preserve you through fiery trials which occur as a result of your defending His Name and Glory and as you are delivered His way it will bring Him Glory and Honour and you will be greatly rewarded. All you are required to do is to not count the cost to you of the trial but desire only to serve Jesus and bring Him Glory and Honour by your endurance in suffering (Jn 17 is our example).  God spared not His own son from martyrdom so why should we be spared?

Besides if you die you gain everything you live for!

Unfortunately in most modern Bibles Jesus does not deliver them but one who is a son of the gods delivers them.  Unfortunately these gods are demons so a son of demons delivers them from the fiery furnace (v25)

Daniel 8 The Frustrated lions

People sought to find evil in Daniel, but could not so had to make a situation that would snare him, not because he did anything wrong but because his faith would result in him breaking the Law. This method of Satan is being effectively used in America and other parts of the world.

Daniel knew the Law had been passed that would result in his death if he continued to worship God as he usually did, so he opened his window where all could see him. and prayed.

This prayer was considered a request and broke the Law that had been passed which said you could only ask the king for anything, so God or gods could not be prayed to or you would break this Law.

Daniel was immediately taken by his enemies to the king who tried to free Daniel but could not.  Daniel’s enemies ensured Daniel was to die. But God had other ideas!

They cast Daniel into the lion’s den the king even praying for his deliverance from the Lions! The mouth of the den was closed and all went home!

The king spent the night fasting and crying out to God for Daniel and in the morning he went to the lion’s den and was overjoyed to see Daniel was alive!

God had told an angel to shut the mouth of the lions so they could not eat Daniel.  There were all these hungry lions walking around in frustration, being unable to open their mouth and eat Daniel.

They soon had their meal though, as those who tried to kill Daniel were thrown into the den and were killed before the they even hit the floor of the den.

Daniel worshipped God at the risk of his life. God not only preserved him but removed all who opposed him.  God can deliver you from those that oppose you and remove them permanently so they will not trouble you any more.  But He has to be Lord of your life!

Can God be ever visible to us on earth?.

One of greatest Miracle of all, is that God chose to become one of us so we would know how to relate to Him and then die for us to make it possible.

God loved us so much the Jesus gave up everything to come to earth.  He was ruler of a universe He had help created and gave it up to take the form of one of the beings He had created and became subject to their authority placed over Him by God.  He did not come as a ruler but as a lowly tradesman and then died the death of a common criminal out of Love for what it would mean to us.

The resurrection is another great miracle and it will be reflected in all our lives.  This body of dust returns to dust but a new body is given to us that will never fade or be damaged in anyway and which will last us forever and not just eternity.

Who needs a pantry John 2

At the wedding feast at Cana Jesus turned water into wine.

He has filled trucks with ham so that overtime the truck back door was opened the hams that had been given to the poor were replaced miraculously.

Meals have been left on doorsteps and no one could be seen anywhere to have delivered them to t e doorstep.

In the tribulation to come Jesus can feed you when the Antichrist stops you buying food or petrol.

I was told of someone who drove around for three months on one tank of petrol and never needed to fill it and a broken machine in Africa that worked for 6 months until the part it needed to be fixed finally arrived.

Where is the Floor?

Jesus walks on water!

There was no natural reason for Jesus being able to walk on water. With no natural means to walk on Jesus was able to walk across the water.

You do not need to see how God is helping you. All you need to know that as you trust Him and serve Him as Lord He is helping you in ways you will not know until you get to heaven!

Dead flesh restored to life

The proof the people could be raised from the dead was Lazarus, a miracle Jesus did just before he was to go to Jerusalem and die and have The Father raise Him from the dead.  It said to the disciples:

I am not lying about my resurrection as here is an example of it being done.

The disciples saw Lazarus rise from the dead after three days and were shown that the prophecies about the Messiah rising on the third day were possible.  Not only was Lazarus dead but his body was decomposing.  They said to Jesus “ he stinketh” referring to Lazarus when Jesus asked them to roll the stone away so He could raise Lazarus from the dead.

What do you have that is dead?  God can restore it if it His Will.  If He does not restore it then accept this and learn what you must deal with before He will heal you or restore you.

If Jesus can raise a decomposing body from the dead He will have no problem raising from the dead all those who have died before He returns.

Are you looking forward to the rapture and the new body you will be given when it occurs.

Who ripped the curtain ‘.

The veil of the Temple was ripped from top to bottom by God when Jesus died at Calvary.  It was a hands breadth than (4 in or 10 cm) thick and no human could have ripped it.

This was God’s way of showing that access to Him was now directly possible and that priests and the Termple were no long or necessary!

Do you have a barrier between you and God that stops you hearing or approaching Him.  God has removed these at Calvary and will help you realise this in your life through the Holy Spirit guiding you to do what you need to do to remove these barriers

Calvary!  Where has the dirt gone?

(or the switcheroo)

Gods’ Love for us caused the greatest switcheroo in history!

Everyone has to bear the consequences of their sin (Gal 6:7-8). This is what naturally happens.  But God did something supernatural. He took our sins off us and placed them on Jesus. As a result of this God sees our sins on Jesus and not us so that we are no longer defiled by sin in any way.

This means we can enter into a personal relationship with God and we can enter the Kingdom of God.

The Holy Spirit can now live in us to help and guide us we become adopted children of God and citizens of the Kingdom of God with all the rewards, responsibilities, roles and rights of a citizen of the Kingdom of God.

But only if Jesus is our Lord so He is our ruler in all we do does He become Saviour and our King!

This is perhaps the greatest miracle without which the others may as well not have occurred.

What is the miracle?

Without anything to commend us to God or show we had a right to have this done by God, His Love did it for us.  In the natural we should have gone to hell but the supernatural Love of God redeemed us from hell and reconciled us to Him.

Love the greatest miracle?

Perhaps the greatest miracle of all is that God Loves each one of us individually and died to make it possible for each one of us to be with Him in heaven, that He desires a personal relationship with each one of us in eternity and is doing all He can for us to enter and grow in this personal relationship so we can be forever with Him in heaven enjoying the pleasures and rewards He has prepared for us in eternity as well as the relationship we have with Him that made it possible, none of which it was possible to obtain in our own strength.

Grace, God’s wondrous free Love expressed to us is the greatest miracle of all.

Miracles to Come

The second coming of Jesus to take His followers to the Marriages feast of the Lamb.

The return of Jesus to rule the earth for a Thousand years.

These ‘miracles are prophesied to occur and are the hopes we have for ourselves and the healing of the earth.

It is not natural for us to be snatched up to meet The Lord in the air or for Him to return to earth from heaven with us to rule and restore The earth.

Do you believe God will do these?  Belief in them is not necessary for salvation but is necessary for the understanding of the Kingdom of God and its restoration on earth.

God will prophesy into your life things in the future that will involved miracles for you, or that you will be used by God to do miracles for Him.  Do you have the faith to believe these are possible or that He can use you these ways?

All He requires for you is to be obedient and walk in the path He has prepared for you and these miracles will occur as they are on the path prepared by God from before creation for you to walk in (Mat 6:33, Eph 2:10).



Jer 32:27  Behold, I am the LORD, the God of all flesh: is there any thing too hard for me?