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The Five Levels of Deliverance

The act of deliverance is an attack on Satan’s world, control and will.  Successful deliverance is the result of a successful attack on Satan’s world and influence.  All Christians are called to do basic deliverance as they are at war with Satan and this is one of their primary weapons in this war that takes parts of Satan’s kingdom and gives it to Jesus.  Souls are the main prize in this war and deliverance removes souls from the influence of Satan: Firstly from his kingdom, and secondly from the effects of his kingdom.


We are told in Col 1:16 that there are four principle ranks of demons whom all the lower ranks serve. We are told these four are the rulers whose plans we wrestle with (Eph 6:10), the lower ranks serving the will of these rulers. We are also told in Col 1:16 that they were originally created by God.  We are told elsewhere they rebelled against God and were cast out The Kingdom of God.

At Calvary, Jesus defeated these demonic leaders and publicly humiliated them to their spiritual brethren (the other angels created and who did not rebel when these demons were created Col 2:15).  Jesus now rules the Satan and his demons from His Throne in heaven (1 Pet. 3:22).

One day all will bow before God and give an account of what they did (Dan 7:9) including demonic authority and the demons they control.

It does not matter what demonic rank you face: Thrones, dominions, principalities or powers, all were defeated by Jesus at Calvary and all must obey when commanded to do so in Jesus’ Name, for the purposes of The Kingdom.  It is only when you command in accordance with The Will of Jesus that you are able to express the authority over them delegated to you.

God will use His people to show the greatness of His plans for creation, showing to the demons how wrong they were to reject Cod and His purposes for them (Eph 3:10)!

God originally created demons as angels.  They rebelled under their leader, Satan, and became the enemies of God.  Because they are created beings, God sustains them and gives them the ability to do what they do.  He does not do this because He condones what they do but in accordance with His principles. He is sustaining all life (good or evil) until the Great White Throne Judgement when final judgement and punishment is made on all who have ever been created.

How do demons perform apparent miracles or guide us to reject God and this principle (sin)?.

As our faith expressed through our prayers of ‘belief in what God can do, or through our delegated authority against Satan, appear to release God’s power and authority, so our lack of faith or trust in God or our acceptance of what Satan offers appears to allow Satan to do things to release his apparent miracles and power.

God will not go against our free will, neither can Satan, which is why our consent, either spoken or implied by our attitude, seems to be necessary before God or Satan can do anything to or for us!  I am talking here about things we have a choice in and not things we do not know about, that are necessary for The Kingdom of God and which must be done for the purposes of The Kingdom of God.

Even though Satan is an escaped prisoner and has no rights the fact we accept what he offers gives him a right and allows him to do things to or for us!

God and Satan both watch us to see what we will allow them to do to us or for us! What they can do in our life is up to us! Sin occurs because we accept what Satan suggests to us! The prayer of faith and the command to cast out Satan or to do miracles, allows God to work in your life. Fear of God and lack of trust in His love, or lusting after what Satan has offered you that allows Satan to work in your life!

The Holy Spirit guides us to accept what God wants to give us or do for Him. He does not force us to accept this. Satan has to deceive us to accept what he wants us to accept or do.

For us to sin, Satan has to persuade us to accept his way of thinking.  If we refuse to accept what he places in our mind and cast them to the throne of Grace the moment they are placed (using the five steps) in it we will not knowingly sin (2 Cor 10:5).  Holiness is a continual rejection of what Satan desires us to do!

Because, if we are to sin, we must reject what The Holy Spirit desires us to understand or do for God and accept what Satan offers we have no one to blame but our self if we end up in hell with Satan as our ruler!


God is love and has done all He can for people to be saved and not go to hell.  People are in hell by their own choice because they rejected all God did to try and stop them going there.  It is not a good place to be in.

Satan was cast out and given rulership of hell so has complete authority over all that happens there.  God is not responsible for what happens there as He is not its ruler.  He has given the stewardship to Satan to rule.  It is Satan’s dominion and he is lord of it and it is his base of operations. (Hell has been proven to be inside the earth).

Those in hell are there because they resisted the prompting of God (The Holy Spirit) and embraced what Satan offered them so when they die they go to where he rules and are rewarded in the only way Satan knows how:  Torment, hatred and lovelessness.  Whose king you serve when you die is the king whose kingdom you end up in.

God dos not send people to hell. They go there because they cannot enter heaven and there is no other place for them to go.

Satan is the lord of hell and can do anything he wants to his subjects (the people in hell) and God will not do anything to stop him as Satan is legally lord of hell and God will not go against Satan’s free will and the mandate God has given him to rule hell.  Satan hates people so you can imagine what he does to them.

God cannot punish Satan for what he does in hell as Satan is lord of it and the laws of God do not apply to hell so Satan gets to say what happens there without the interference of God

Outside of hell  Satan can be attacked as those areas belongs to Jesus and Satan has no legal right to be there, neither does any demon under his command.

The punishments in hell are not designed by God. Hell was designed by God as a prison for demons and not a place of torture. God does not torment people but Satan does!  Satan has no concept of love or mercy only lovelessness and hatred so his reward for all who follow him are the torments of hell.

People end up in hell because they reject the redemption and salvation Jesus offers, preferring the pleasures that Satan offers instead.  So Satan is their ruler and when they die they go to his true spiritual kingdom and are rewarded with hell and his tortures.

Our delegation to defeat demons (Mark 16:17)

Modern Bibles remove this delegation as they imply it is not in the original writings of scripture.  This means you cannot do spiritual warfare or us the delegation of Jesus if you believe modern Bibles are more accurate than the Bibles that have this passage in .

The delegation is found in Mark (16:17. Casting out demons is at the top of the list of signs that Jesus said would be done by those who truly believed in who He was as it is so important to be free from demons to effectively live the Christian life.

In a sense this sign shows you are of the Kingdom of God as only then will you have the authority to cast out Satan.  Demons can heal but they cannot cast out other demons as they are on the same side in this war.  So when a Satanist invades a deliverance ministry they are absorbing the demons that are supposedly cast out and adding them to their pile of demons in them.  The Christian has some deliverance but only because the Satanist wants more demons for them self.

The early church use to put people through deliverance before they admitted them to church membership.

The Kingdom of God comes forcefully through the removal of the opposition of Satan and his demons and the only weapons we have to do this is the delegated authority of Jesus.  It is also one of the few ways people can see the reality of The kingdom of God and its ruler, Jesus!

We are not given The Holy Spirit partially when we are marked by Him as belonging to Jesus, neither are we given partial delegation over Satan and his demons.  The delegation is complete, over every demon, or it would be useless for the battle. Satan is defeated and the delegated authority of Jesus is an expression of this victory over him so he has to obey it!

The removal of Mark 16:9-21

This passage was originally in Vaticanus and Sinaiticus and when these are examined forensically it can be seen that they were removed by the same person.

So they should still be in there. But Satan has his followers who removed these from the Bible so that we would not know we have Author over him.

Do the research beginning with a book called ‘The Forging of Sinaiticus. By Bill Cooper. This clearly shows Sinaiticus, Vaticanus and codex 2427 are forgeries and have no basis for being used to make a Greek to use for Bible Translation. What is worse the Greek used for the Revised Version was not even based on these but Westcott and Hort said they used the Sinaiticus to give their Greek credibility but edited the text to reflect their heretical beliefs.

The Battle – a strategy.

The strategy of God is to fight the demonic leaders and their plans (Eph. 6:10).

If you fight the lower ranks they are just replaced when cast out but remove the leaders then there is no one to plan the attack, or to order replacements or direct the attacks of the lower ranks of demons until Satan replaces them!

What can you do to demons who escape from their prison (hell)

The Geneva Convention does not apply to escaped demons so many things can be done as long as it is in accordance with the guidelines of Jesus in Gal 6:7-8, (that a person reaps what they sow).  Jesus is their judge and has the final say in their punishments.  If he wants to punish them for anything else it is up to Him. You just need to ask Jesus how he wants them punished.

Because they are escaped demons they can be commanded in Jesus’ Name to leave a person and go back to Jesus to be judged.  It does not matter where they are, what they are doing or what rights they say they have. They have escaped from prison and are being sent back to Jesus and to be punished for that alone.

With a Christian you ask the Holy Spirit to replace the demons that have gone.  With a non-Christian you should not cast out the demons but bind them from doing anything because the Holy Spirit cannot come into the person’s spirit so that the demons cannot inhabit it again.

How are they punished?

They can have done to them what they did to anyone they have hurt (Gal 6:7-8).  A principle of The Old Testament is that a thief replaces seven times what they stole.  When demons attack they steal something from a person so can be commanded to suffer times the equivalent of what the person suffers as a result of their attack.

This punishment can be commanded to continue until they are thrown into The Lake of fire.  Those who planned what they did, gave permission for it to occur or are doing or going to do what was planned as well as any demon who has helped or encouraged them in any way, can also be sent to The Throne of Grace to be punished. They are accomplices in the crimes of the demons involved and can be punished for that.

We can decree any punishment we like but we really should ask Jesus what to do and often Jesus will allow what we wanted to do but He has the right to decree what the punishment is as He is The Judge, which is why we need to send them to The Throne of Judgement to be judged and have the punishment we declared confirmed or a new one decreed by Jesus.

Always send demons to The Throne of Judgement to get punished.  We have delegated authority to cast them out but punishment really is the right of Jesus.  Decree what you want then leave it to Jesus to carry out what He desires to do and whether He desires you to punish them..

Note:  Demons cannot enter heaven and come before the throne in it as they are defiled so God has made a place outside of heaven where they can face Him and Satan can discuss things with Jesus.

In Conclusion to this section

Satan was defeated at Cavalry and when commanded to go in the Name of Jesus He must go.  He has no option.  If he is stubborn Just ask The Lord Jesus to carry out His delegated authority.