Motive for Serving God

If we serve God out of love for Him and His things then money or promotion is not important and is not an motive or objective for serving God.  He promises to provide all we need if we serve Him (Matt 6:33) and that includes all we need to live and any promotion we need to serve Him.  This is why we are told in The Bible that true promotion comes from God and not man.
We will also serve others in the way He desires us too and will show The Kingdom and His rule by what we do.
Any Spiritual promotion the comes from God and not man and is a result of learning the lessons you need to be promoted and is not  a result of passing examinations to meet the requirements of man.
He may ask you to study to meet the requirements of man to fulfil a position but it is not for your purposes He does this for His purposes and you should always remember you are there because God has a purpose for you in the position you have been promoted to by Him you do not need to be concerned about  the results.  He has placed you there for those results to occur so He can deal with them and may use you to deal with them but may have a different person deal with them.  All you need to be concerned with is that you have been a faithful servant doing what God has asked you to do.