You need holiness

God said:

Be Holy because I am holy

and also said

If you are not holy you do not go to heaven

Holiness and Lordship are intertwined.  If Jesus is Lord you will pursue holiness to be like him.

So we need to ask "How is God holy?"

Something is holy when it focuses on meeting a deity and it is not defiled by an impurity as defined by the deity.  Sin, deliberately doing something that the deity does not desire you to do, is an impurity that defiles you (according to the deity being worshipped) so to remain holy you do not deliberately sin which means you need to reject everything that Satan suggests you do so you do not sin and defile yourself.

God is true to His own standard and does not sin.  He is our example in holiness.

You need to clearly hear The Holy Spirit to know when something you do will defile you.  This is why God says that to be His child you need to be led by The Holy Spirit and know The Bible so that The Holy Spirit can use it in your life.

So you need you to know how The Holy Spirit guides so you know what to do when an event occurs that The Bible is silent about.

The first guide is that it must be done in the quality of God's Love

The second guideline is that it must bring Glory to God alone

The Holy Spirit will guide you to minister in this way.

So how do we know what He is saying?

Firstly it will not contradict what God says in His Bible

Secondly you will have peace in your heart over what you are going to do

It will demonstrate God's Love in some way

It will bring Glory to God

Circumstances will not be able to oppose what you are doing and should line up with what you need to do the thing God asks you to do. Circumstances will align so it will be done despite what Satan does to oppose it

You will have a joy in doing it

It will be done without the desire for reward as it will be done to please Jesus whom you love.

It will be an natural expression of your Christian walk

The Kingdom of God will in some way benefit from the activity.

You do not use this as a checklist but it has things to look for if you want a check list.  All you need to do is to do what The Holy Spirit and The Bible say and the rest should be a natural expression of what you are doping.