Christian introduction

1 Why do you need to be a Christian

1.1 To relate to God correctly

1.2 To reach you full potential as a person now and in eternity

1.3 To avoid Hell through accepting what Jesus did for them at Calvary

2 Christian is someone who voluntarily

2.1 Worships God alone

2.1.1 Believes The Father is God

2.1.2 Believes Jesus is God

2.1.3 Believes The Holy Spirit is God

2.2 Who believes in who Jesus is and in all Jesus did and said as well as all The Bible says about Him and other things

2.3 Who serves God alone as well as how God directs them to serve

2.4 Declares they follow God (Jesus, The Father and The Holy Spirit) and tells others about Him

3 How does one become one

3.1 By voluntarily deciding to be one

3.2 By accepting all God has done for them

3.3 By declaring their faith in Jesus as their God and Redeemer

4 What happens when you become one

4.1 Regenerated (restored to what mankind was suppose to be and was originally in the Garden of Eden)

4.2 Citizen of God's Kingdom

4.3 Child of The Father

5 How do you stay one

5.1 Learning what God requires of you and doing it

5.2 Live a life dedicated to God (called holiness)

5.3 Correctly maintaining the stewardship of the things He has given you

5.4 Desiring to serve God in all He asks you to do because you love Him and appreciate what He has done for you

5.4.1 Declaring what He has done to others

5.4.2 Defending His Kingdom and its people that are on earth

5.4.3 Teaching about Him, His requirements of people and encouraging others to follow Him in these things

6 Correct attitude to have

6.1 Rejecting all that Satan, His enemy offers you or suggests you do

6.2 Embracing all God teaches you or asks you to do

7 What does God expect from A Christian?

7.1 Obey God in all things (Serve Him and as He directs you to serve others)

7.2 Learn about and developing the relationships they have with each member of The Trinity

7.2.1 What it means to be His Child

7.2.2 What it means to be a citizen of His Kingdom

7.2.3 How He desires them to minister to (serve) others

7.3 Learn how to hear The Holy Spirit and be guided by Him

7.4 Learn about and do what God requires them to do for Him (His Servant)

7.5 Look after what God has given them to care for for Him (Stewardship)

7.6 Know how to defeat His enemy and take territory from the enemy (Spiritual Warfare, Deliverance)

7.7 To tell others what God has done for them (Evangelism)

7.8 Meet other Christians and encourage them and learn from them (Fellowship)

7.9 Train other Christians (Discipling, Mentoring)

7.10 Serve others in the way God desire you to serve them (Ministry)

7.11 Show God's quality of Love in all you do (express the character of God)

7.12 Maintain their area of God's Kingdom and promote it as well (His Ambassador and Soldier)

8 Rewards of a Christian

8.1 On earth

8.1.1 More spiritual authority over Satan, God's enemy

8.1.2 God's care, provision and protection

8.1.3 A personal relationship with each member of The Trinity

8.2 In Heaven

8.2.1 A new body

8.2.2 A permanent residence in heaven

8.2.3 A face to face relationship with each member of The Trinity

9 The hope of a Christian after death

9.1 Go to heaven and not hell

9.1.1 Hell is God's incentive program

9.1.2 Why do people go to hell?

They will not forgive people who have wronged them

They will not give up a sin they like

They continuously reject what The Holy Spirit tells them they should do

9.2 Complete the fulfillment of the relationship they have with The Father, Jesus and The Holy Spirit.

9.2.1 They will be in their presences

9.2.2 They will be able to appreciate fully their greatness

9.2.3 They will be able to love them in a more purer way

9.2.4 Their body will be restored to wholeness in a perfect way

9.2.5 The restoration of all mankind lost by being evicted from The Garden of Eden

9.2.6 A home in heaven forever

9.2.7 The realisation in a more fuller way of relationship with others

9.2.8 They will have purposes that will never be purposeless

10 What happens when someone dies

10.1 They go to be with Jesus

10.2 They obtain the rewards they earned through their life on earth

10.3 They live forever in heaven with their true Loves (Jesus, The Father and The Holy Spirit)