Pleasing pagan gods

Pagan gods are fickle usually.  You never know what they are going to do and they rarely tell you what to do until it is too late and it usually is a form of chastisement or something like "do this or else" or you do this and I will bless you'.  So ritual, correct performance or reasoning out what the god wants you to do becomes very important.  Ritual can even control a god and force them to do what you want them to do. Faith is not that important as it does little to help you in life because of the attitude of the gods.

As modern bibles are preparing the church to treat God like other gods, what do you see in modern churches as a result of modern bibles?

Prosperity theology tries to control God.  It says you do this for God and He will have to reward you.  Give and He will have to give more back to you.  They  may quote a Bible verse but this is the expectation behind the giving.  It is not asking God what to do but telling God he has to do it as you have done you part of the ritual.

Performance is important so you see church programs become important so that pastors can expand their church and these programs are usually built on performance criteria and not on faith in God and evangelism of the Gospel, which requires faith to please God and not works (performance).  Salvation is no longer by faith but requires you to do something to earn it.

You have to reason what God wants you to do and what He says which is why modern bibles can change their text without any hypocrisy or error being assumed.  They have worked out what god wants them to do and updated it in the latest publication of it.;  This is why a current NIV is different to the original one first published.

This is a good article to read about the evolving NIV:

So the effect of modern bibles is to make churches performance orientated, reasoning out what God said and requiring ritual of a sort to please god and the pastor, his representatives.  People who speak for god, like prophets do, have been given prominence far greater than they should have been and run churches at times instead of The Holy Spirit, which has to be lacking in them because pagan religions do not have the equivalent of The Holy Spirit.

Note how many churches now allow things forbidden in The Bible?  And do things that would not have been acceptable 100 years ago?  This is the influence of modern Bibles that seeks to make Christianity like pagan religions are where women have an importance greater at times than men and all sorts of sexual licence was tolerated at times by some.  These have to be in Christianity if they want it to be able to be part of the one world church.

These allowances show they are not using the Bible of god but another bible, man has reasoned out guided by Satan so that it contradicts the one God gave us and promotes the things of Satan.