Praying for Children

As a parent the primary responsibility for praying for the child is yours.
Demons have a right to attack the child but as they are attacking a child of The Father you can punish them for this attack and make their stay in your child a really miserable event for them until they know right from wrong then the child need to repent.  However you can prevent them attacking the child by forbidding them from doing this and punish them for attacking the child.
As it is a battle for the mind we start there.
Command! ”In Jesus Name’ I forbid any external demon directly or indirectly doing anything to my child’s mind or putting anything in my child’s mind or affecting their body in any way that is not Godly.  Any demon that does this I command in Jesus’ Name to go to Jesus to be dealt with and I as you Holy Spirit to take their place.
If the child knowingly sinned then you need to u se the five steps.
In Jesus Name I command any demon that causes any problems in communication between my child , myself and my spouse I command in Jesus’ Name to go to Him to be dealt with
After each command pray “I ask you Holy Spirit, where possible to fill them and replace the demons that have gone.”