What is prayer?

Prayer is a request made to someone who is able to supply you something you cannot supply or obtain for yourself.

Praise, adoration and thanksgiving are not prayers but declarations of God showing His Love to you in some way, although they may be the result of a prayer.

Confession is not a prayer as it is telling someone about something you have done.  You do not need to ask for forgiveness from God for any sin as that has already been given to you at Calvary but you will need to turn away from the wrong thought or action you are doing or have done to obtain it.

So we know that prayer is to ask someone for something we need.  So then what are we to ask for?

Do we need to ask for knowledge about anything?

God promises to give us everything we need to know if we desire to know it and to teach us what it means spiritually (Duet 29:29, John 16:13, Jn 7:17). So we do not need to ask for what we need to know to obey Him.

Do we need to ask for our daily physical needs?

God promises to supply these to those who seek to develop their relationship with Him and work at building and preserving His Kingdom (Matt 63:331-34).  So we do not need to ask for our daily physical needs.

Do we need to pray for spiritual things?

These would be a part of what God promises to teach us so we know what we need to obey and serve Him.

It is obvious we do not need to pray for our needs.

This does not stop us talking to God and telling Him what is on our heart as well as its desires.  After all, what Father does not like to hear what is on the heart of His children.

So what are we to pray for?

It can only be for the spiritual needs of others so they will know how to live in a way that God can supply all their needs.  It cannot be for our needs as God promises to provide these if we desire to have them.

God is Love so this type of prayer is an expression of God's Love.  All other types of prayer (which are for our imagined needs or God would have given them to us at the time we desired them) are selfish and calls God's Love into question by implying God has not met our needs so has broken His Word which He said in The Bible.

We should be content with what God has given us as that says He has shown us His Love in giving us all we need.  There is nothing wrong with desiring something.  IT is wrong when we ask God for it without asking Him if we are too.  Satan may give it to us and use it against us and in this is the danger of desiring things we do not know whether God does want us to have them.

Alongside this praying for others is spiritual warfare for them to be able to seek God for their spiritual understanding needed to folly God as they should.


When the above is understood then we can see the only blessing we can really wish on a person is a spiritual one for their benefit as any other calls into question God's promise of provision.

Why does not God answer prayers?

You do not need it yet or at all

You have sin that has deliberately not  been repented of

You have a wrong attitude to it or you may desire it for the wrong reasons

There is not the correct circumstances for God to give it to you (it could or would be wasted)

You need to ask God He has not provided something as this may tell you more about what you need that an answer.