Punishing Satan

Whenever you disobey a person in authority there is always a penalty. So when you sin or cause someone to sin you rebel against God and face the penalty He has declared for that action. In our case redemption has removed it but in the case of demons they have no redemption so must suffer the penalty God has set for them which is the ‘Lake of Fire’.

When a demon talks a person into sinning they have the second witness that is needed to pass the sentence onto them. The first is their rebellion against God when they were cast out of heaven.

So when they attack you they can be cast to the lake of fire as this is the sentence that has been passed by God on all demons and you have the two witnesses necessary to send them there (namely their original rebellion and their rebellion by trying to cause people to sin against God).

Satan is not to be sent there yet neither is the Territorial Spirit over the area the offence occurred in or the demonic prince over any of the demons actually doing the rebellious act. They are also guilty and will be placed in the Lake of Fire eventually but not now God says.

So when you or your family is attacked then punish all the demons involved. Make a command like:

"In Jesus’ Name I command whenever I or my family are attacked by demons then every demon attacking me or my family along with any demons that helped or encouraged them in any way is to go to the Lake of Fire and jump in. I command Satan, any demonic prince over any of the demons involved and the Territorial Spirit of the area in which the act occurred to suffer seven times the equivalent of what the person attacked suffers until all they had dome to them is restored to what Jesus desires it to be."

Also, when property is destroyed or plans hindered or stopped then the command they lose seven times the equivalent of what was lost beginning with the most important things in their throne room. If plans are attacked then command confusion equal to seven times the equivalent confusion or disorder you or your family suffered. So add the following to the above:

I also command:

"in Jesus’ Name I command that if any property is damaged, destroyed or stopped by being received by me or my family then seven times the equivalent is to be removed from the most important possessions of Satan, The Territorial Spirit involved and any demonic prince over any of the demons involved and are not to be restored until all is restored in accordance of the Will of Jesus."

"If any plans are hindered or stopped then I command in Jesus’ Name that seven times the equivalent happens to their most important planning."

You only have to command these once because all you need to do in future is command as follows:

"In Jesus’ Name I command the punishment for demons that attack me or my family to be carried out"

And the two command above will be enforced.

Remember that every good and godly thing comes from God. Remember also that anything else is from the devil and is an attack in some way.