{25B4AAAA-174F-4C04-A8FA-A72B939D01FF}nt">Telling them how to obtain it

Telling them how to maintain it

Living it so people see it is worth having.

One of the main reasons I created people was for them to have a relationship with me and for all the good things I would do for them. So evangelism is a core part of the Christian life otherwise you do not value the relationship I created people for which will affect how you relate to me.

This is why I said you should always be ready to tell people of the hope you have in you so they can have the same relationship with me that I have with you.

If you are not able to do these things then you are missing one of the purposes I created you for because the purpose of evangelism is to restore people to the relationship I originally had with mankind in The Garden.

If you love people in the way The Father Loves them then one of the main purposes of your life will be to tell people that:

God desires relationship with them

He died at Calvary to make it possible

Tell them how to enter this relationship

Help them on a personal basis to maintain this relationship.

You are only required to do this when I tell you too but you should always be ready to do so.

Meanwhile you should live a life that shows this relationship is worth having and that I am a personal God who can relate to them on a personal basis.

If you do not have on your heart the desire for people to avoid hell and know Jesus intimately then where is the Love of God in you? Maybe you do not belong to His Kingdom as one of the things a citizen of His Kingdom will be doing is helping people know Jesus and have the relationship with Him that they have.

What account will you give to me of your activity in this area when you face me and are judged?

Remember that I do not require success but require you to wholehearted try do these things. You will not be judged for not succeeding but for not wholeheartedly trying to do these things.

Be ready to do these things in the coming revivals of the last harvest


(Neville Salvetti19 April 2019)