Reality - an overview

God is the ultimate reality

He created everything

Everything exists because He maintains and sustains it

He gives life to everything.  You are only here because

He gave you life

He maintains you and your environment

You can only do anything because God has made it possible for you to do it

He is King (ruler of all)

He is creator of all so owner of all

What we have i because God has given ti to us to care for Him

Satan gives us things God does not want us to have but He allows us to have these as we have chosen to accept it.  Satan give use these to sidetrack from what God desires us to do.

He is steward of all because He made everything and owns everything

He gives all their purposes in life

Firstly to serve Him

Secondly to serve those He tells you to serve

Thirdly to serve Him in the way He directs you

He is the rule maker (law maker)

He is the judge of all

He is the rewarder of all

God Loves you

He desires a relationship with you

He did all he could to help you be restored to the relationship mankind originally had with Him

He sent Jesus to tell us how to live in the way He desires us to live

Jesus did all that was necessary to restore us to this relationship with God.

He desires us to be forever with Him in heaven

His greatest gift to us is our free will that allows  us to reject Him

Why did Jesus need to die?

Everyone has disobeyed God in some way and done something He has told us not to do.

They have rebelled against our King by doing this.

The rebellion against a king:

Breaks the relationship with him

Is called treason and is punishable by death

Man caused the break in the relationship and so only the king can restore it by forgiving the rebellious person.

God desired to do this because He loves us so much

There was a problem:

As a judge He had to carry out the death sentence on us

This meant we could not be with Him in heaven

God saw He would have to do something so sent Jesus to teach us what God required then die in our place and pay the penalty of our rebellion.

Jesus died for us and paid the penalty God required of us which meant we no longer were under God's judgment and we could now approach God and be with Him in heaven forever.

However we must not rebel again and if we do we need to stop the rebellion and do what God says we are to do.  This is called holy living.

We must desire this relationship with God and Jesus and live in a way to maintain our side of this relationship

So Jesus must be King of our life.

When we die and face God and be judged, He sees we follow Jesus and that Jesus has met the need for us to be penalised so accepts us as His children and allows us to be with Him in heaven forever.

Life is a preparation for heaven

We need to follow the rules made by God to get to heaven

We need to know these rules

We need to study them so we know how to apply them

Holiness is required

The purpose of Holiness is to pursue the things God wants you to obey and do

This means we need to reject all Satan offers us or suggests for us to do.

We need to know what God desires us to do to live a holy life.

We need to know how to live a holy life

We need to desire to live a holy life

We need to know how to express the character of God

This is a mark of a holy life

The expression of His character shows we belong to His Kingdom

We need to know what God's Character is

We need to know how to genuinely do this

We serve The King as our primary purpose

We do His will rather than ours

We represent Him

We teach others about Him and His things

We show other people these things by our lifestyle

We demonstrate the Authority of Jesus over Satan, his works and his plans

We defend His Name and possessions

We uphold His Laws

Moral laws

Laws of the land He has allowed to be passed by a government that do not go against His Laws

We look after His things He has given us to be a steward of knowing He owns everything and we are just stewards of them

We are in constant spiritual warfare with His enemy

We are born and live in enemy territory

Satan hates us

He wants to stop us going to heaven

He attacks us to try and get us to reject God

We only sin if we do what Satan suggests

This means we are constantly under attack by His enemy, Satan, who tries to turn us away from God

This means we need to reject everything His enemy, Satan, offers or suggests to us

This means we need to know when he is attacking

This means we know how to defeat Satan when he attacks

We need to study these thing so we can deal with them

We need to discipline ourself to fight this war

We need to know and understand the enemy and his tactics

We need a desire to fight the enemy

We need a vision of Jesus and the rewards He promises

We need to expect this reward for being involved in the battle

We need to endure to the end

We need to believe He will give us all we need to fight the battle and to endure until the end.

We need to believe the King will give us all we need to live and fight and do this work  which includes spiritual warfare

The battle is over after death

Our life is then judged to see what we did with what Jesus gave us

We are rewarded by the king we are following when we die

If we follow Jesus we go to heaven

If we do not follow Jesus we go to hell

In all that happens we must trust God's control over all things for us as well as His Perfect Love for us

If we do not trust His Control or Love for us

We will not do His Will in the way He desires us to do it

We will try and make things happen for ourself

We will use reason and not faith in doing what we believe God desires us to do or know

Satan will use us as we are not listening to God to do what He desires us to do.

The choice is ours alone what we do with Jesus and all He gives us

We alone give an account to Jesus for what we h ave done with our life

Which king we were serving when we died (God or Satan)

What we did with what Jesus gave us on earth

We must believe God will give us all the help we need to make the right decisions and to carry them out in the way He desires us to too

Our objectives and vision of God and His things will determine what we do

We  must determine what we are willing to give up to obtain what God promises us

We must follow the example of Jesus and do what He said we are to do

Jesus is our example of how to live and what to give up to serve God.

He gave up rulership of the whole universe to come to earth and submit to the people on it.

He obeyed God in all things so did not sin.

He was willing to die to serve God and obtain all He had been promised by God

What are you holding onto the you cannot keep and that will decay that is stopping you reaping the rewards Jesus has promised you in heaven where you can never lose them.

Are you demonstrating His Kingdom and Character of The King in all you do

What of the world and its system are you still holding onto that will hinder your serving Jesus and obtaining the rewards He has for you in heaven.


The choice is yours and you alone will be to blame for where you end up after you die.