Chapter I

I, Paul, the author of this letter am a servant of Jesus Christ who has asked me to tell the non-Jews of the wonderful Things God has done for them through Jesus, His son who was born on earth as a baby and who was a descendant of king David.

God told us through The Scriptures The wonderful things He would do through Jesus and now Jesus has come and done there things and died. God showed Jesus was its son by raising Him from the dead. The Holy Spirit showed through the authority and power Jesus had that Jesus was the son of God!

God gave us everything we needed as well as the authority we required so we could go to all the world and tell them about Jesus and what He had done for them as well as, how to live as a follower of His!

You are amongst those who decide to follow Jesus when God asked you (through mw) to follow Jesus.

So I am writing to all in Rome who have accepted this call to follow Jesus and who have set themselves apart from the world to follow Jesus. I wish you Gods Gracious provision of all your needs and His peace in you all. Remember how He provided for Jesus as He also is your master who will also provide completely for you in all things

(v8) The first thing I do is to thank God for what he has done for you through Jesus and that your faith in Jesus is spoken of throughout the Roman world by those who have visited Rome. God is my witness whom I wholeheartedly serve that I never stop asking God if there is any way He will let me come to Rome and meet you.. I earnestly desire to come to Rome so I can help you grow and mature in your faith in Jesus.

(v12) I wanted to know that often I wanted to visit you but something always stopped me from my desire to go and help you as I have been doing with other places. It does matter who I preach too as I ave been sent by God to every nation to preach Jesus and what He has done for them and I am eager to preach to you at Rome and teach you about what Jesus was done for you

(v16) For I am not afraid to tell you of the Good things bed has done for us through Jesus Christ which demonstrates the Authority and Power of God, that He is able to do these things for us that helps us live as we should so that we will get to Heaven and be with Him. But you must believe Jesus is God and Lord of all and if you wholeheartedly believe this it does not matter what nation you belong too, you will end up in heaven with God.

(v 17) The True Character if God is demonstrated by those who have faith in Him which is why those who believe in Jesus and what He has done will live how their faith requires them to live

for their faith to be expressed.

The anger of God is shown against all those who deliberately hide the truths of Jesus. This is because in their conscience God has told them all they need to know about Jesus (and they have rejected this deliberately).

The things we cannot know about God through our own knowledge God has revealed to those who are willing to accept what He shows them them. From creation can be seen that He is the only God, all powerful and pure and undefiled by anything. Because He has revealed Himself to us we have no excuse for not following Him and accepting what He has done for us through Jesus.

(v21) Even though they knew about God and what He had done they would not give Him any credit for doing these things or thank Him for what He had done for-them they replaced these with things they imagined as being correct which were wrong and so completely useless for knowing the truths about Jesus.

So their hearts were darkened by the errors they believed in. Claiming they were wise and knew truth they actually became more ignorant of the truth and gave The credit due to God to statues made them or too animals. Because God had given men freewill He had to let them continue to do things that were wrong. They did the wrong things. their wrong desires body wanted to do so that they did wrong things with their bodies so that the good God had created in them was abused and perverted

They replaced the truths of God with their lies and worshipped things God had created instead of God, who had created these things, who is forever to be worshipped and praised.

God had given them free will and because of this God had to allow them these deceptions and they sexually desired to have sex with the same sex as them or any types of sex with the opposite sex.

God also having to allow to happen the the physical harm that happens from wrong sexual relationships.

Because they rejected God and His moral principles they became more deceived in their mind so did things people who follow Jesus, should not do. Instead of having their hearts and minds filled with Godly attitudes they were filled with ungodly ones.

they do all kinds of things God does not like. They have sex in a wrong way (outside of marriage), they think only of evil and only have evil altitudes in their heart towards other people, desire more than they have as well as what others have, they are not. ashamed to do evil things to others, their minds are full of envy of the things others have and they murder, argue, deceive, speak evil of others, gossip about people, defame people, hating God and His laws that show their evil ways are evil, speak are of others and are proud about the results of the evil they do, boasting about the evil results they achieve, giving themselves the Glory and not God for what they achieve, They make up plans so they can do their evil, they do not honour their parents, they are without any real understanding of what God desires them to do, they do not fulfil their agreements if it does not suit them, without God's quality of love in them, never able to be pleased, without any mercy, even though they known God's punishment for them is eternal death they still continue to do them.

They do not believe who God is so do not believe in the punishments or requirements God said to have declared

Chapter 2

You have no right to judge them because you do some of the things that they do. By condemning them you also condemn yourself. Only God alone has the right to condemn because He alone does not do these things.

Do you think anyone condemning others who also do the same things will not escape the punishment those who do these things will have done to them

(v4) Or do you regret the kindness and goodness God has done for you through what He has done for you through Jesus or do you ignore His patience toward you in giving you all the time you need to stop doing these wrong things?

It is because you desire to do these evil things that you stubbornly reject God and His requirement of you to stop doing these evil things and are building up the anger of God which you will receive punishment from on the day He shows He is correct and releases the punishment His anger has toward you.

(v6) He will reward everyone according to how they accepted or rejected His requirements of them. He will give everlasting life to those who obeyed Him no matter what it cost them and sought only to bring Him Glory and to be with Him forever. But to those who stubbornly rejected His requirements of them and followed their own wrong selfish desires He will punish very harshly. There will be conflict and oppression for every person who rejected what God required them to do and did evil things instead! But to every person who obeys Him He will recognize them honouring them and giving a place with Him forever in a place far more beautiful than what they had on earth.

God does not show partiality to anyone but treats all equally.

(v12) Those who do not have Gods written haws will not be punished under these laws but those who do have the Torah (God's written laws) will be judged and punished according to what these laws say they should do.

It is not those who hear God's requirements who are in a correct relationship with God but those who do Them!

When people, who do not have the written laws of God do what God requires in these written laws they are judged on how they obey what God has revealed to them of His laws. This shows they have listened to their conscience God placed in them to reveal and guide them in observing His requirements of them. The thoughts of their heart either accusing them of disobedience or showing their obedience. Thus will occur when God examines the hearts f people to see how they obeyed what Jesus taught them.

(v17) You who call yourself Jews who declare you worship the only true God and that salvation is found only in obeying His written laws and learning them so that you know what they are so you can do them and because of this knowledge believe that you alone know the truths of God and that all should follow their teachings about these things, Do you they them yourself? Do you practice what you teach others to observe?

Do you take from others what God has given them through your preaching and teaching (steal)? Do you preach not to lust after other women but in your heart where only God sees what you really think, do you lust after other women? You preach against Idols but do you take money God should have (tithes) and use it for personal things?

You are proud of your observance of God's written law yet you bring Him dishonour because you be deliberately break them.

(v24) Because of you God's character and divinity is brought into disrepute and He is not considered worthwhile following.

Being circumcised to be shown to be Jewish and a follower of God, is of any use only if you follow Him, otherwise you are no better off than non-Jews when God judges your obedience to Him. When non-Jews obey God's requirement does not that show they are true followers of God like you claim to be?

A true follower of God is not one who obeys His rituals but one who does what He desires you to do for Him and show His love and mercy to all. The person who wholeheartedly obeys Him in their spirit and heart whose praise is from God because they have obeyed Him and is not from men they have because they have rejected God's requirements to earn men's praise!

Chapter 3

What do you make of the claim by Jews that their Religion is the true one and what benefit is there in being circumcised?

There are great benefits to being a Jew. Their religion was the first to be trusted by God with His truths. If some do not believe this it does not negate the benefits of being a Jew. Does it also mean the truths He told them are not correct?

God's words are true and correct regardless of what a person says they are and will be shown to be correct when He uses them to show man was wrong and then punishes men for their deliberate rejection of these truths.

If our incorrect ways show how correct God's ways are is He wrong to punish us. This is really a silly argument. It is wrong to argue this way or God would have no basis for judging all the evil people. You may argue that the evil you do shows how correct God is and results in Hem receiving Glory: So you mask ask why you are punished when you bring Glory to God? Some people are even saying we preach we should do wrong things on purpose so God will receive Glory!

Do we say the Jewish Religion and race are better than non-Jewish people and their belief in Jesus! No! Jews also sin with the same sins that the non-Jews do.

(v10) God has written and told us that no one has completely obeyed His Laws. There is no one who seeks wholeheartedly to obey God who tries to fully understand what God requires of them. They have all turned away from God, becoming of no use to Him and not one of them is doing what bid desires them to do! When they speak death is in what they say as they deceive people with their lies and draw them away from the truths of God that will give them eternal life in His presence

They pray selfish prayers that contain desires for others to suffer for things they imagine these people have done to them. They hurry to teach others things that will result in eternal punishment. They destroy the godly lives of people with their errors and take away their security in God's love for them and do not know how to be at peace with God and obtain eternal life in His presence. They do not fear God and are in feet their own God!

(v19) The Torah is directed only at those who follow it so that none of them can argue they have fully obeyed it so that all the world is under God's judgment for disobeying its principles. No one will be declared to have fully obeyed God's laws because it shows how everyone has disobeyed God at one time

(v 21) But now the correct way to live and obey God has been shown so that even the law cannot show this person having done anything wrong. He is the one the prophets spoke of. He is Jesus, the Saviour and Messiah. All those who believe in Him and do what He says will be accepted by God as having satisfied His requirements for living a good and acceptable life.

(v23) For all have done wrong and not lived a sinless life required of them by God.

But God accepts us as having lived a life that meets His requirements if we follow Jesus whole heartedly because of the redemption of us by Jesus, at Calvary.

(v25) Where God made Jesus a sacrifice to take the punishment we deserved for our wrongs against Him for all who believe in Jesus and what He did at Calvary. Jesus showed how God wanted us to live and because of this life that met all God's requirements was able to use Jesus as a sacrifice to enable God to disregard our run through Gods tolerance of us that did not destroy us when we rebelled (sinned) but waited for Jesus to die before He carried out any punishment. By this God showed patience and love by not destroying us because He and by accepting as having lived lives worthy of salvation by all who accept Jesus as their king and Redeemer.

(v27) How can anyone brag they have obeyed all The Laws of God and deserve eternal life? They can only say their faith in Jesus allows them to be acceptable b God and have eternal life.

(v28) Can we say a man is declared as satisfying the requirements y God only through faith

and not observing the Jewish Law. Or is salvation only for the Jews who observe the Law of God (the Torah).

God states He is God of Jew and non-Jew and accepts all who follow Jesus as their Lord.

Does Redemption through faith in Jesus show the Law wrong? No! It shows the law was correct making the death of Jesus necessary.

Chapter 4

The question occurs how having faith in Christ and Calvary being necessary for salvation affect the situation of Abraham who did not know of Christ. If Abraham was acceptable to God because of what He did then He could brag about. He could not brag about it to God because God set the rules for acceptance and all He could say To God would be that He had met God's requirements for living. But what does God say about this?

(v3) It was Abrahams faith in God that made Him acceptable to God. (Salvation is through faith, Redemption occurs because of Calvary.

f Abraham was saved because of obedience salvation would not be by God but something Abraham was entitled too because of his efforts to be obedient to God's requirements. But if it is because of his faith and not because of anything He was able to do, then it is a gift from God.

(v6) As king David said and impled: " Fortunate is the man who disobediences to God are forgiven, whose punishment for these are dealt with by what Jesus did at Calvary, to whom. God will not punish for their disobediences because of their faith in Jesus."

Does this apply only to Jews or to non-Jews as well. Abraham was a Jew so this may only apply to Jews.

Did his act of faith occur before or after the Law of God (Torah) was given to Jews?

It was before the law was given so that the requirements of the law were not yet known so that obedience to the law had no part in his salvation through faith. In other words ritual of any kind had no part in this salvation through faith.

(v11) Abraham was circumcised as a sign He was acceptable God became of his faith and was not a part what saver Him so that He is God's example that circumcision is not necessary salvation and that obedient faith in God is necessary so that Gentiles are not excluded because obedience to the law was necessary for salvation and they do not have the law (Torah).

(v13) God's promises were Abraham because and His descendants because of his obedience of faith. If obedience to The Law resulted in salvation then faith in God would not be necessary. But the law only shows some things God disapproves of. If they are not mentioned in the law then you can do that action because the law does declare as being wrong because God has not said they are wrong in His Law.

(v16) So you can see it is faith that-saves and it is because if God's Graciousness to us that This is possible and it is necessary that it is because of faith and not obedience to The Jewish Law so that Jews and non-Jews can have salvation.

God told Abraham He would be the Father (ancestor) of many nations and not just the Jews. This was when Abraham and Sarah were told old to have children but Abraham believed God could give Him the child to make this promise come true so He was strong in His faith that God could do this and praised God for what He had promised to do for Him and had peace that God could and would do this and carry out His promises to Abraham.

This is why God declared Abraham was in a correct relationship with Him so that He was saved.

(v23) God did not write about this saving faint just for Abraham's faith but for all who believed in the God that raised Jesus from the dead, who died because of the need to meet the punishment for man's sins and who was raised from the dead so that we, through our faith in what Jesus had done, would be acceptable to God and be able to be with God after we died.

Chapter 5

We now have peace with God because of our faith in Jesus and what He did for us Calvary (redeemed us through His death). It is because of our faith we now live because God's promises now sustain us and we now have the same hope of being resurrected like Jesus was and of living with God in heaven with God in a perfect spiritual body.

(v 3) Oppression does not depress us but we take Joy in it because of what we will achieve when we die, so we patiently endure our trials because enduring trials in these attitudes matures us into the character of God and because of this hope we have we do not withdraw from our trials but trust God's love in all things that happen being guided by the Holy Spirit working through our conscience.

(v6) We were unable to do anything about the spiritual consequences (punishment and separation from God) that resulted from our sin (Punishment and separation from God) resulting from our sin (Rejection of God's Authority over us which is called rebellion) so Jesus as died for us to deal with this problem.

You may find someone who will die in the place of a good person but it is very hard to find someone who will die for a bad person, but God showed His love for us because God, in the man Jesus, who had never did anything wrong, died for us who had rejected Him. Having done this for us (removing the punishment for our sin and restoring us to a relationship with God so now He will no longer express His anger to us on earth now and later after our death.

The God; while we were under His judgment because we had sinned (rebelled against His Authority) restored our relationship with Him through the death of Jesus. Now He builds on this act and also restores us to Kingdom of heaven and the eternal life we will have there with Him.

So we are extremely happy because God restored us to a personal relationship with Himself because of what He did for us through Jesus.

Sin resulted from one man's rebellion against God resulting in physical death as well as eternal separation from God (spiritual death). All have sinned (except Jesus) so that all men are condemned to suffer these two deaths.

Sin was in the world but no one knew what God declared was wrong, which He did when He gave us His laws in The Torah (Jewish laws). But sin was done by all men such as Abraham and Moses but it was different to Adam's sin in that he had disobeyed and order God had personally given Him.

In a sense Jesus is like Adam, an example of a man who changed our relationship with God but Adam lost it and Jesus restored it.

The gift of Jesus, by God, is different to the sin that required this gift that freed us from the consequences of our rebellion against God which had resulted in many dying and going to hell. How much greater and gracious is the gift of bird in Jesus which will restore many to a personal relationship with God like the relationship Adam originally had with God before Adam sinned!

(v16) The result of God's gift of Jesus was far greater than the effect of Adam's sin. The effect of Adam's sin was separation from God and eternal punishment in hell. But the effect of God's Gift, Jesus, bring forgiveness for your rebellion against God and restoration of the relationship we had with God resulting in eternal life and Joy in God's presence forever.

Death resulted from sin and no one could escape it. But much greater is the result of what God gave us through the death of Jesus to those who live in the way desires them to live.

Because of the rebellion of one man, Adam, all were condemned because they also had rebelled in their life against God. So through what resulted from the death of Jesus because of His correct relationship with God, death has been defeated and eternal life in the presence of God now replaces it. As a result the rebellion of one man, death and punishment came on all people. As a result y the death of Jesus, all who obey Him are declared to be in a correct relationship with God with all the benefits that result from this relationship.

The introduction of the Law (Torah) which showed the requirements of God, resulted in many more not doing what God required because there were more requirements needed now to satisfy what God required you to do because His Grace was more freely available to meet this increased need for forgiveness.

Just as sin (rebellion) brought physical and spiritual death on every one God's Grace results in eternal life with Him through what Jesus has done for us.

Chapter 6

Iv view of what God has done should we say that we should continue doing wrong so that God can continue to show His wonderful Grace (forgiveness and Mercy) 8 us? we should not! If we have been freed from sin and its results (death) should we go back and become under condemnation again?

All who follow Jesus and show this by being baptised as his follower also share in the results of His death. When we doctored Jesus as our lord publically through our baptism we were given eternal life in the presence of God, having died (no longer being affected) by the death caused to us by sin.

If we declare Jesus is our lord we will be given eternal life with Him after we die!

We know our old ways of the enemy king and doing his things died (were rejected by us) when we accepted what Jesus did on the cross so that our sin desiring way of live could no longer control and cause us to sin (rebel against God). For He Who has rejected sin (disobedience) is no longer controlled by the desire to do wrong and reject what God desires them to do.

If we reject our former life became we decided to follow Jesus it has to be because we believe in the new life we now have with Him, both on earth and in heaven.

We know Christ no longer no affected by the punishment for sin because He is now in heaven. When Christ died He removed the punishment of sin for all who are His true followers and that in heaven all He does is for the purposes of The Father in Heaven. Because you are His follower, you too will be with Him in heaven where death (physical and spiritual) no longer occur. So do not reject what Christ has done for you by living with the wrong attitudes you had before you believed in Jesus. Neither let your body, soul or spirit or your thoughts enjoy things that God says are wrong because you believe you will not be punished for them because you believe in what Jesus did at Calvary. You must give these all to your king, Jesus to help you do His work on earth.

Your former life style and purpose will no longer control you or punish you after death because you now are forgiven by God's Love and Mercy so that your sin (rebellion) against God will not be punished if you wholeheartedly seek to serve Jesus

Can we sin when we want too and not worry about the spiritual penalty of sin because God's love has removed it forever?

Do you not realise whoever you obey you are ruled by. If you sin you obey Satan and will suffer eternal punishment for this sin. If you obey Jesus then you are under His Grace and there is no longer punishment for sin.

I thank God that you are no longer under the rule of Satan and sin but now are under the kingship of Jesus. because in your heart you seek obey His Will.

Having been freed from the spiritual effects of sin you are now bound to obey Jesus and His requirements of you.

(v19) I am explaining this because some of you still sin with parts of your body and should now no longer be using them to sin but should discipline your body so it does what Jesus requires of it. You have now been set free from the spiritual consequences of sin so now you should not do these sinful things if you want to stay in a proper relationship with God!

So what benefit did you receive from sin? Spiritually you could not face God when you died so would have gone to hell which is spiritual death. But now having been redeemed by Jesus you can face God when you die and enter heaven and obtain eternal life.

For the results of sin (deliberately disobeying God) is spiritual death. But God's gift through what He did through Jesus, is eternal life.

Chapter 7

You know the Law (Torah) only has effect on a person while they are a here on earth. For example, a married woman is bound to her husband while He is alive but when He dies she can remarry because she is legally free from being married to her husband.

If she married another while her husband was alive the Law will declare her to be an adulteress but if her husband is dead the Law of adultery does not apply to her.

(v4) You were made dead to the penalty for breaking the law (Torah) through the death of Christ at Calvary so that you now belong to Him, no longer being controlled in any way by the penalties contained in the Torah.

When we followed our fleshly desires we sinned against the law which meant we would die spiritually. But now Jesus has set us free from the penalty of The Torah (Law) so that we are no longer spiritually affected by the punishment for sin that the Torah placed on us and now have a new lifestyle which should not be influenced in any way by our former lifestyle of sin.

(v7) So does the law cause sin? No! But it teaches us what sin is. I would not know what sin or wrong desires were except for the law.

Until I knew the law (Torah) I was not caught by its punishment for sin but once I knew what was wrong I knew I had sinned and I faced spiritual death. The commandments that were suppose to guide me not to sin actually condemned me as a sinner! The pleasures that led to sin caused me to break the law and because of this caused me to die spiritually.

(v13) The commandments (Torah) which were good did not cause my death through causing me to sin but showed me what sin (rebellion against God) was and showed me the spiritual consequences of my sin.

It shows us how really bad for us shining is because of the spiritual consequences of it.

(v14) We know the Torah deals with spiritual principles but I have a physical body that has desires to satisfy its fleshly sinful desires. Sometimes I do not understand why I desire wrong things and do them. I don't do things I know are right and do things I know are wrong. Even though I do not do what I should I know the law is correct and I am wrong in what I do. I am not the one desiring to do these wrong things but my body does them out of its wrong desires and which controls me when I sin.. I know these desires are not in control of me because I do not desire to do them but I have great difficulty resisting the demons raising these among desires in my body.

I am so miserable over this battle. Who will free me from it? I thank Jesus that He has set my mind free to serve Him even though the flesh in me still desires to sin!

Chapter 8

There is no more judgment under the Law or spiritual punishment for those who follow Jesus, who do not give into their sinful desires but live according to the guidance of the Holy Spirit in them.

This is because the laws of God regarding our freedom from the consequences sin resulting from our following Jesus frees us from the Torah (Law) and it spiritual punishment of death and hell.

(v3) The law was powerless to help us as it could only show where we sinned and also condemn us for doing this so God sent His Son, Jesus, to live with the same attacks of the flesh we had and not give into them so He could meet all the demands of the law (Torah) so we too, by being His followers could defeat these temptations if we were led by the Holy Spirit who guided Jesus to defeat them.

5 The people who let these wrong desires control them live guided by them. But those who are guided by the Holy Spirit reject these wrong desires and obey God. To be controlled by wrong desires leads to spiritual death, but those that are guided by The Holy spirit live in a way that will result in obtaining eternal life.

(v7) The altitude of those that are controlled by their wrong desires is complete opposite to the way God requires you to think. This because they will not obey arch laws because their attitudes and desires will not let them do so. Because of these wrong attitudes they are not able to satisfy the requirements of God to obtain eternal life. But you are not like these people letting your wrong desires control you because God's Spirit is in you guides you to reject these evil desires. So if God's Holy Spirit is not in you, guiding you, you cannot be a follower of Jesus. But if the The Holy Spirit is in you, though the body may be tempted the desire to be in a correct relationship with Jesus will mean you will be guided by The Holy Spirit to overcome these bodily lusts.

(v11) If the Holy Spirit, who raised Jesus from the dead, guides you, you will live like you are suppose and you will be given a new body when you die.

So we owe God a debt ,not because of our His helping us to overcoming our fleshly lusts, but for what He did for us through Jesus at Calvary.

(v13) If you live according to your wrong desires so that they are your focus in life then you will die spiritually. But if you reject these completely so that it is as if they died, and you follow Jesus, being guided by the Holy Spirit then you will have eternal life when you die physically. For all those who are guided in their life by the Holy Spirit show, that like Jesus, God is their Father!

You did not receive the Holy Spirit To be controlled by your wrong desires but to reject them and show that you truly are a spiritual child of God. If you are His Children you will receive, on your death, all God has promised for you in heaven but you must endure suffering as you fight there wrong desires just like Christ endured suffering when Satan also attacked Him to try to make Jesus. sin (break the law in some way). Do this and God will honour you (give you Glory) and you will live with Christ for ever in heaven.

(v18) When you compare what we suffer for now with the rewards of our suffering being overcome you realise that no wrong desire on earth is worth doing when you consider what you may lose in eternity. In fact all that is created, that is Godly, waits with anticipation God will rules and His followers are openly revealed to all! For they were made subject (under the application of the Law) to the consequences of sin but because of God going to rule has this hope of the sons of God coming to it, because it will be freed from the results of man's rebellion and will be restored to what it should have been showing the Glory of God,

All of creation is in pain groaning and labouring like a woman about to give birth. But we also, who are among The first to follow Jesus and be filled by the spirit eagerly wait for when we are delivered from the evil world we are in because we are sons of God.

This hope encourages to keep going in our trials.-If we see our hope fulfilled we no longer need to hope for it or strive against that which opposes us. But if we do not see what we hope for we wait for it eagerly.

(v26) The Holy Spirit helps us in our weaknesses and trials because we do not know what we need to ask God to do to help us. But the Holy Spirit talks to God for us on our behalf. God knows our needs and what The Spirit is asking for us for The purposes of God for us.

This is why we know all that happens to us results in what is good for us when we seek to do God's Will!

(v29) God knew before they were born who would follow Jesus and allowed them become like Jesus spiritually so that His son would be the first of many like Him, all of whom would be His children spiritually. Those He recognised before they were born as His future followers of Jesus and His future spiritual Children He called to come to Him and these, He had declared by this to be in a correct relationship with Him He also allowed these to share the Glory of Hus presence.

What can we say but that God is on ours side to who can oppose us! He did not spare His own Son but had Him die for all mankind, How much more will He gladly give us things of lesser importance.

Who can condemn us for sin seeing That Jesus has dealt with all that related to sin, its judgment and punishment?

Who is the only one able to condemn us? Is it not Jesus who died to free us from this condemnation and punishment who died, rose from the dead and now rules all including those that would seek to condemn? us, who also takes our side when we die and face God to be judged for how we lived our lives and followed Jesus?

(v35) Jesus is God and rules all. So who can separate from God's love seeing no one is greater than Him? Can any opposition by demons separate us from the love of God! As scripture says we are attacked by demons all day seeking to make us lose our eternal life and they consider us to be like sheep easily led astray to reject God and so die spiritually! But we overcome all the evil plan and attacks through knowing God's Love for us and what this Love has planned for us so that we reject all that demons try to get us to do that is wrong.

For I know that no demon of any rank or authority can separate us from God and His love for us as well as what He has prepared for us in heaven!