Salvation a Relationship

By Neville Salvetti


Salvation is obtained by Faith but eternal life is obtained by maintaining the relationship that results from your faith in Jesus and what He and The Father has done (Jn 17:3). Our faith makes us maintain this relationship because we believe it is worth maintaining and out love for God and what HE has done motivates us to do this.

The salvation relationship is based on Love which is not surprising as God describes Himself as ‘Love’ which means that we too should have this quality of ‘Love’ in all we do if we desire to be like God.

Why is this relationship important?

He is complete in Himself

He does not need you

So why did God make you?

He made you for all the good things He could do for you

Of which a relationship with Him is the main one.

Man messed it up and sinned

This meant He was thrown out of The beautiful Place God had placed him in

In which He provided you with all you needed to live and relate to Him.

God even made the remedy so you could once again intimately relate to Him

He died on a Cross to do this.

So the relationship He originally had with man was restored.

The salvation He gave us allows us to avoid hell

It was this redemption that allowed us to enter heaven

Where once again He will provide all you need to live and relate to Him.

Having done all this

How can we doubt His Love

And Perfect Will for us?

What should we do in return for all He has done for us?

The Psalmist asks the question:

Psa 116:12 What shall I render unto the LORD for all his benefits toward me?

He will embrace the salvation God has given Him and call Jesus Lord

Psa 116:13 I will take the cup of salvation, and call upon the name of the LORD.

He will do what God asks Him to do and which He also has promised to do as a follower of God

Psa 116:14 I will pay my vows unto the LORD now in the presence of all his people.

Even if it costs Him his life

Psa 116:15 Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his saints.

He is God’s devoted servant because God has freed him from his unsaved state

Psa 116:16 O LORD, truly I am thy servant; I am thy servant, and the son of thine handmaid: thou hast loosed my bonds.

He will thank God for what God has done for Him and treat God as his God

Psa 116:17 I will offer to thee the sacrifice of thanksgiving, and will call upon the name of the LORD.

He will obey God in all he does and praise God for the things He has done for him

Psa 116:18 I will pay my vows unto the LORD now in the presence of all his people,

Psa 116:19 In the courts of the LORD'S house, in the midst of thee, O Jerusalem. Praise ye the LORD.”

Jesus said:

Joh 14:15 If ye love me, keep my commandments.

Joh 15:14 Ye are my friends, if ye do whatsoever I command you.

Love is the basis God made us and is the basis for which we should relate to God in all things and to others in all areas of our life.

Why is Jesus important to this relationship?

In the beginning God created everything.

He created mankind and built a beautiful Garden for them to live in. It was part of His Kingdom so it was perfect and and there was nothing in it to defile it. In this Garden there was no death and decay. All was perfect. God was king of this garden.

In this garden God and man had a close personal relationship, walking and talking together as close friends would. Man had everything He needed except a wife. So God gave man a woman to be with the man forever as his wife and partner. She too enjoyed this close, personal relationship with God.

However, they both disobeyed God and by this rebelled against him (They rejected His rule over them). God was King of this beautiful, perfect place they were in. They had rebelled against their ruler. This is called treason which is punishable by death or banishment from the kingdom of the King.

The man and the woman suffered both fates. They were cast out of the garden into the only other place available for them which was the enemy's kingdom on earth. and would die physically now and go spiritually to the only place they could go to which was hell. A place of imperfection God had prepared for His enemy: Satan, the devil. The world they were in also started to decay and no longer was perfect. They were now in a place ruled by the enemy of God.

The man and the woman both died, spiritually, because they could no longer go and talk to God and would be forever separated from Him after their death in the place His enemy ruled.

Whoever king you serve when you die is the one whose kingdom you go to when you die. If God is your King you are restored to the relationship that the man and the woman lost through their rebellion. If you do not go to be with God in His Kingdom you go to the only other place left, called hell, where Satan is king and he hates people so that he really causes them to suffer terribly.

God does not send people to hell. They go their because they have chosen to follow Satan and rejected what Jesus required of them. This is because they have done something which they know is wrong and refuse to give it up. Because they are defiled by sin they cannot enter heaven where all is undefiled.

So man was in this predicament. God required a punishment for their rebellion and mankind was not able to meet it as God is infinite and man is finite. The rebellion required an infinite punishment for restitution to God and mankind is finite so could not meet this requirement.

God saw that He alone could do something about this situation. God is Love by nature so He sent Jesus to die on Calvary and meet God’s requirements of mankind's punishment for every one that ever lived if they decided to wholeheartedly try follow Jesus as their King.

So Jesus met the requirements of God's punishment and mankind was once again able to have God as a close, personal, friend and to go to the beautiful place called heaven when they die where the original perfection of the garden exists, where these is no death or decay and all is perfect.

Book of relationships

The Bible is a book of relationships - how people interact with God and each other. This principle of relating correctly is so important that salvation and eternal life are the result of a relationship (Jn 7:3). There is even an order in these interactions that must be obeyed for life to be as God wants it to be:

Relationship to God Relationship to your family Relationship to friends and people where you work Relationship to people you minister too.

The Bible begins with man in a perfect relationship to God and ends with man in a perfect relationship with God. In between is God’s efforts to restore mankind to this relationship He considered it so important.

The Gospel - a result of our relationship with God

The Gospel is also said to be ‘good news’ So what is this ‘good news’ about?

The ‘good news’ is about what God has done for you, is doing for you and will do for you:

Through faith in Who He is and obedience to Him you are saved from going to hell

Through the redemption Jesus obtained for you at Calvary you can enter heaven

God makes you His adopted children with all the benefits this has for you

He enters you into an intimate relationship with Him which is called a ‘salivation relationship’ (Jn 17:3) because you are His adopted child.

There are four aspects to this relationship:

You are His adopted child with all the rights, roles, responsibilities and rewards of an adopted child because this adoption makes you a relative of Him

He is also a King so you are His servant

You are His citizen so defend His Kingdom and do your part to maintain it on earth– a soldier/caretaker

You represent Him and are to tell others about what He has done for them, is doing and will do for them. This is done out of His Quality of Love in you so that others can have the same relationship and benefits that you have because of your relationship with Him.

What is the essence of The Gospel?

God created man to have a relationship with Him

God placed man in a beautiful Garden with everything man needed.

Man rejected our Authority and rebelled

God was King of all and rebelling against a king results in punishment

God removed man from this beautiful Garden and man lost his relationship with Us.

Man now could no longer be with Us but in another place where all was evil.

God still loved man and still desired a relationship with Him

God saw man could not meet the punishment We required

So Jesus came to earth to deal with the punishment man deserved

He taught man how God required man to live

He then died on Calvary in your place and met the punishment God required for your rebellion against Him

By His death He removed all hindrances that hindered your entering a relationship with God

So that you can be with Jesus after you die

If you obey God on earth.

Salvation is a relationship with Jesus and The Father and this is what is not told when the Gospel is preached.

Another thing Satan has trained the church to present improperly.

Why did Jesus say he came to earth?

Unless you know and understand who Jesus is and what He has done for then you, you will not strive to keep Him Lord and do His Will, develop the Salvation relationship you have with Him or even desire to keep your salvation.

Jesus came to reconcile you to God and to restore you to the original relationship mankind had with God in the Garden of Eden. This is why salvation is a relationship and not just a singular event or an act such as "inviting Jesus into your heart." You are transferred from Satan's Kingdom to God's Kingdom when you voluntarily accept Jesus as your King (Lord) and are then able enter into an intimate relationship with Him and The Father (John 17:3).

Jesus did all that was required at Calvary to enable you to do your part to enter in and keep this relationship, as well as to secure for eternity what He has promised you. He is the Author and Finisher of your faith (the one who makes it possible then provides all you need to mature in your faith till you reach heaven and His presence and then maintains you there). You enter this relationship by voluntarily declaring that Jesus is your Lord and God and accepting Him as such in your life. You also accept all He taught and did at Calvary as well as the facts of His Incarnation and Resurrection. In otherwords declare Jesus has come to earth in the flesh and rose again from the dead.

You maintain this relationship by living, as He requires you to live, as a citizen of the Kingdom of God. This is how you keep your salvation. In essence, salvation is worked out on an ongoing basis by fulfilling your role as a citizen of The Kingdom of God and through your obedience allowing Him to continue the work He started in you when you were translated (removed from Satan’s Kingdom and restored to a relationship with God) by The Father into The Kingdom of Light.

Note: Jesus told someone that 80% of Christians would not go up in the rapture because they knew about Him but did not have a relationship with Him (Jn 17:3). Remeber that the devil knows more about God than we do but does not have a relationship with Him which is why he cannot have salvation.

A person with a salvation relationship with Jesus and The Father has a life which is in continual worship to Jesus by their continual submissiveness to His Will (Rom 2:3) and they minister in humility having a true and proper perspective of their relationship to God! They look above to the things of God as they know their eternal future is tied up with them so their life is continual focus on God and the things He lovingly asks them to do (Col 3: -3).

All Christian ministry is an outworking of our Love relationship with God and will be expressed to the degree of the relationship we have with God.

God’s Love, Mercy and Compassion was shown in the forgiveness of sin and the restoration of the relationship with God that man had been given by Him, as well as the provision that allowed men to give thanksgiving offerings to God, but Love and gratitude to God as well as appreciation of God for these things was mostly missing in the legalism of the temple in the time of Jesus.

The general thread overall is to uphold Jesus and the authority and Commands of God - no matter against who, no matter what the cost - and to ensure you are in a proper relationship with Jesus and The Father, doing all out of Love for Him, guided by The Holy Spirit and exhibiting the character of God full?lling your responsibilities as part of the family of God and as a citizen of the Kingdom of The Father with all its requirements and rewards. People doing this are the true church, which will be the only one really ready for the Tribulation and the Return of Jesus.

A Christian who does not have a personal relationship with God has really lost their identity as a Christian and a citizen of The Kingdom of God.

Salvation is a relationship with The Father and Jesus guided by The Holy Spirit and we need to maintain our side of this relationship.

Your concept of God will determine how you relate to Him

What is your concept of God?

How do you see your relationship with God?

According to how you see Him will be how you relate to Him

Do you see Him as all powerful, all knowing, everywhere, containing every thing, in control of all circumstances, having the greatest love anyone can ever have towards you?

And that everything He does shows His perfect Love toward you?

Do you believe He is personal and desire to personally relate to you because that will also flavour your relationship with Him and affect the way you approach Him.

Do you believe He is a Legalist or merciful as this will also affect how you relate to Him.

Examine your perspective of God, how you see Him, because that will affect your relationship with Him and the way you approach Him and serve Him.

Remember that salvation is a relationship with The Father and Jesus guided by the Holy Spirit and how you see this relationship will determine how your relationship with them will unfold resulting either in salvation or damnation

Relation ships to God

To God The Father

As an adopted child

As a citizen of His Kingdom

As a worshipper

A beneficiary of His Love

To God The Son (Jesus)

As your Lord (King)

As your redeemer

As your Friend

As part of His family (Step brother or Step sister)

To God The Holy Spirit

As a student of His

As His temple (a vehicle of His in this world)

As your Guide and Comforter

As your Empowerer When you understand these relationships you will properly relate to each member of The Trinity.

Overview of Salvation

Salvation is

By faith in whom God is

Made by a decision to follow Jesus as Lord

A relationship is entered into

A relationship which must be maintained to stay in the salvation resulting from being in that relationship


A decision to maintain the relationship

A decision to do the Will of Jesus (Lordship)

Having As an objective to maintain the Lordship relationship with Jesus

Faith to maintain these attitudes

Need to pursue

Correct stewardship


The expression of God’s quality of Love in all you do

And Trust God’s Love and control for whatever He allows to happens to you


Rejecting the things of Satan’s world (ungodly inputs around you)

Discipline to be able to follow God’s Will

No desire to do what Satan tries to get you individually to do (resisting temptation)

Walking being guided by The Holy Spirit in all you do

You need to khat The Bible says

What The Holy Spirit says to do when it is not covered by The Bible

Knowing what The Bible says so you can do it

Trusting The Spirit for what He says Jesus says you are to do

Four Attitudes Required

Faith – believe in all God said in The Bible

Lordship – Putting the Will of God before your own

Holiness – rejecting all Satan suggests you do

Stewardship – looking properly what God gives you to care for Him

Additional Comments

Jn 16:13 – the Holy Spirit will guide you and teach you what you need to know

Jn 7:17 – But you must want to learn it

Gal 6:7-8 – God has a principle that you reap what you sow

Rev 3:5 – You can lose your salvation through rebellion (unrepented sin) or indifference to His requirements of you

On death

Whose king you serve when you die is the one whose kingdom you go to

This is why you need to repent immediately you sin.

God does not send people to hell. You are defiled so cannot so go to heaven and there is no other place for them to go

Your decisions determine whether you go to heaven or hell and you will have no one to blame but yourself for where you end up

It is all about relationships

Genesis starts with mankind in a proper relationship with God in a perfect environment with God providing all man needed

Revelation ends with all man had in the garden being restored

In between, The Bible details God’s plan and attempts to restore this relationship man originally had with Him

The Bible shows how much God values our relationship with Him

God did not need to make you

He is complete in Himself

You are redundant and cannot add anything to God

He does not need you for anything

He made you to have an intimate, personal relationship with Him and for all the good things He could do for you

Our response to God’s Love should be

Thanksgiving in all things as they are from Him or allowed by Him for our best to do otherwise is to not trust His Love for you and imply it is not perfect.

Lordship to do His Will out of Love for Him and what He has done

Service out of Love and gratitude to Him for what He has done for us

Development of the intimacy of the relationship we have with Him.

God has done all He can to help you have the attitudes to restore the relationship with Him. He would not be a God of Love if He did not do this. He prepares you to learn and experience what you need to know to be in a correct relationship with you as well as preparing the events around you for this to occur.

Because of this we can say there are no accidents with God or what happens to you. It is all part of His plans.

Salvation is a relationship

Salvation is a love relationship between you The Father and Jesus guided by The Holy spirit whom you must also relate personally to so you can hear Him. Because it is a love relationship we gladly and joyfully serve each other. After all pure love is a selfless servant desiring no reward for its expression except the benefit it gives the other person. Each person in then relationship (of which we are one) trusts the others because of the Love they have for them and gladly accept what they need to do for them.

God did not have to make us but did so that we could relate to Him personally in a perfect environment He had made for us to live in.

This is why The Bible starts of with a relationship between us and mankind and ends with it being fully restored in heaven forever which it originally was designed to do until Satan caused people to rebel against God and lose this relationship.

God loves you and value this relationship so much He did everything we could to restore it which is why Calvary was necessary and why Jesus gladly went through it knowing it would restore the relationship God had with you before Satan sabotaged it.

So how do you see your relationship with God:

Do you obey because The Bible says too?

Do you even know salvation is a relationship?

Do you love us and gladly and joyfully serve God?

The salvation relationship is not a master/servant on like demons have or King/Citizen of God, but one of a child to their Father, because God has adopted you. Because of this you automatically become a citizen of God’s Kingdom.

It is a love relationship and all that properly occurs in the relationship is based on love.

So it is not primarily a role as a citizen of The kingdom of God but as a member of God’s Family.

So what are the parts of a relationship?

Well primarily it results in spending time with each member of the Godhead, doing things with them because you love them and enjoy their company:

You spend time with them and share what is on your heart with them

You serve each other out of love and not because you have too

You encourage each other and help each other and make allowance for their needs

You express your love for them in all you do with and for them.

There is an intimacy and according to the degree of the relationship will be it depth

When you are with them you are happy and even joyful at times

On earth (the physical realm) its deepest sense is in marriage. In the spiritual realm the deepest expression is in our relationship with God as part of His family.

The promise of God’s provision in Matt 6:33 is a result of our desire to serve God out of love for Him and not because we are ministering as a citizen of His Kingdom. We minister as a citizen of His Kingdom because we love Him not because we have too.

We minister for the purposes of His Family (which we belong too) of which His Kingdom is a part of this.

Everything we do in our Christian life reflects our Love for Him and His family. Our obedience and service is a result of out love for The Father and Jesus and not because we have to serve them.

This is why you need to ask The Father what His Will is when it is not clear in The Bible so you know how to serve Him and The Kingdom of God and promote this family enterprise.

How do you develop this relationship

You spend time together

You do things together

You share your feelings and emotions

The talk to each other and listen to the other person

You joyfully serve and help each other

Nothing is too hard to do for them

You are interested in them, their problems and joys

They are like a family member whom you share your life with

According to the degree of intimacy will be the depth of a relationship

This is how God desires to relate to you

Remember that God created you to have an intimate relationship with Him and all Satan does is designed to destroy this relationship.

Remember you are developing the relationship now that you will continue with in heaven

According to the depth of a relationship you have with God now will be determined your salvation and whether it will continue in heaven with God.

The Family Business

You have been adopted by The Father in heaven.

You are part of His family as is every other Christian who has been adopted by The Father.

All other Christians, are in a sense, relatives to be treated as such.

You also must look after the interests of this family as dictated by The Father of it in heaven.

If you love Him as a family member then your purposes will be His purposes and all you do will be an expression of the love relationship you have with Him.

This means the Christian life is an expression of this family relationship serving the family and its needs and purposes.

The purpose of the family business is the reconciliation of everyone with The Father and Jesus by rescuing them from the enemy and training them how to live as The Father desires His family members to live.

As a member of His family these too should be your purposes.

So are they your purposes?

Do you live as part of God’s family or do you ignore this fact.

The true Christian will be doing their part,whatever it is, of the work the family head (The Father) has given them once they realise the relationship they are in. If they do not do the Will (Work) of The Father they do not acknowledge Him as head of the family so do not belong to it.

So are you part of God’s family doing the type of family work which God has asked you to do?

Not all are called to be evangelists but all are called to demonstrate the Authority of Jesus over Satan and to be able to tell all who desire to know what Jesus and The Father has done for them.

The basic Attitudes required to maintain the relationship

These are major attitudes that are the basis of the Christian life. Other Christian activities are a result of these attitudes. As an example evangelism is a result of loving people in the way God Loves them.


Foundational attitude

Without faith none of the other attitudes will occur

Must trust completely trust what The Bible about who God is and what He has done and said (Rom 10:17)

Must be a complete trust in your relationship with God


You make Him Lord because of who He is and what He has done for you

If your focus is on Him and his things they will not be on Satan and his things and Satan will not successfully have you rebel against God (sin)

He is Lord so what He says to do must be done or you have become your own God

Obedience is out of Love for what He has done for you


Holiness is an attitude that rejects all Satan throws at a person either in direct temptation or through the environment Satan has placed around them

The person's focus is solely on Jesus and His Will for that person

Holiness results from complete obedience to the Will of God for you

It is an expression of trust in all that God asks you to do


God is steward of all and is our example of stewardship -He maintains a whole universe properly

If we Love God we will care for His things

We will care for His Kingdom and its people – helping and defending these things

It is required of stewards that they are faithful to their calling (Behind every sin is a lack of love and wrong stewardship)


God is Love

It expresses His character in us as we express it to others

By expressing His character we worship Him

Love does not do for another what it should be doing for themselves


Should be out of Love for God and not legalistic obedience because you are afraid of Him

It worship of Him by showing He is worth to be obeyed

Obeying Him always results in what is best for you (we must believe Romans 8:28)

It brings rewards in heaven because God appreciates our obedience – and not because we deserve it having done only what we are required to do for Him as His servant


You worship someone because you believe they are worthy of your worship

If you believe God is who He says He is in The Bible you will worship Him

It is an act of Love and not legalism

If it is forced it is not an act of worship but of compulsion and love has no part in it


Thanksgiving is a natural appreciation of love for a person who has helped you in some way

If it is forced it is not thanksgiving but compulsion and love has no part in it

It should be a natural expression of appreciation of all God has done for you

If we believe God is behind all that happens or allows to happen then we will always be thanking Him for what ever happens – good or bad

How do we maintain our Christian life?

Salvation is a relationship with The Father and Jesus guided by The Holy Spirit and we need to maintain our side of this relationship.


We need to obey His Laws and requirements of us which requires us to study His Bible to know what these requirements are. It is a voluntary decision we have to make and apply wholeheartedly too and Satan will do anything he can to stop us doing what we need to do to serve Jesus and develop our relationship with Jesus.

It must be wholeheartedly done or we risk serving Satan and going to hell if we do not turn back from this half-hearted attempt to follow Jesus as our Lord.

Unless he is your Lord He cannot be your saviour and Redeemer.


Holiness is an attitude of chasing after God and His things and rejecting all around you that the enemy (Satan) tried to have you accept. So it requires an effort as you usually have a demon opposing you trying to stop you in some way to pursue holiness and trying to stop you avoid the traps of Satan’s smokescreen.

The world around you is run by Satan which is designed to hide Jesus, Heaven, Hell, Satan, the kingdom of God and everything that promotes God. It is a smokescreen set up by Satan to stop your Holiness and your getting to heaven.

Holiness is required to go to heaven and be with God. If you do not pursue holiness then you are following the things of Satan.

A person living a holy life expresses the character of God in all they do (or at least tries too).

Our Status as a Citizen of The Kingdom of God

We need to understand our status as a citizen of The Kingdom of God to understand our relationship to God as a servant of His.

We are adopted a His children into the family of God but we also have roles as a Citizen of His Kingdom. He is our Ruler as well as our friend and we need to know our responsibilities as His servant and as a member of His Family.

Our status in The Kingdom of God resulting from the death of Jesus

God now declares us Righteous (which simply means we are in a correct relationship with God)

God Sanctifies us (God sets us apart from the world as belonging to Him)

We have 24/7 unhindered access to God because of this

God declares we are His Citizen with all the rights, roles, responsibilities and rewards of a citizen

God gives us all the protection, resources and help we need to serve Him.

Our part in this arrangement

God desires we do things for Him voluntarily out of love for Him and out of appreciation of what He has done for us

We now must live by the rules of The Kingdom of God so we:

We need to study to know what they are and they are found in The Bible

We need to study to know how to do His Will correctly

We now need to have the attitudes of The Kingdom of God

Towards God

Towards others

Towards ourselves

We now need to do the work of The Kingdom of God as Faithful Stewards looking after what He has given us to be a steward of, representing God and defending and advancing The Kingdom of God

We now need to pursue and develop our relationship with God by learning about God, what He has done for us at Calvary as well as what He has done for us in our life.

We need to practice Holiness through concentrating on the things of God so we are focused on the King and His Kingdom and not the things of his enemy that surrounds us in the world.

We need to show God’s quality of Love to all which will be Expressed in our attitude to God and His things which include His lost children and what others are stewards of.

It is a lifestyle thing staying focused on Jesus and his will for you rejecting all Satan tries to have you do or tries to place a you.

It is a decision you must make:

You only have one chance at life on earth

Nothing is worth holding onto if it takes You to hell

A person is a fool who will not let go of something on earth they cannot keep and lose for ever what they can never lose – that which God keeps for them for ever in heaven

Be always Joyful

God is in control of everything, there are no accidents with God, and in everything is working for what is best for you out of his love you


Why are there trials?

There are at least four reasons trials:

To show your love for God by persevering in the trial and by this judging Satan because you, who have not seen God love him in spite what happens when Satan, who has seen God, rejected him.

To draw you back to where you should be your Christian walk when you have slipped off the path God has prepared you know that you will restore the salvation relation with Jesus and the Father.

To prepare you for a deeper relationship with Jesus and the Father so that God can use you for greater service.

To show Satan you are worthy of the relationship you have God and the ministry God has given you as well is all that flows from that relationship and ministry.

As you can see, God is working for your good even when things seem hopeless. Remember he is building you for eternity and not to please the requirements of the world controlled by Satan.

So when things go wrong be content, God is in charge working for your best regardless of what appears to be happening.

What is Evangelism

Evangelism is:

Telling others God desire a relationship with them

Telling them how to obtain it

Telling them how to maintain it

Living it so people see it is worth having.

One of the main reasons God created people was for them to have a relationship with Him and for all the good things He would do for them. So evangelism is a core part of the Christian life otherwise you do not value the relationship God created people for which will affect how you relate to Him.

This is why God said you should always be ready to tell people of the hope you have in you so they can have the same relationship with Him that He has with you.

If you are not able to do these things then you are missing one of the purposes God created you for because the purpose of evangelism is to restore people to the relationship God originally had with mankind in The Garden.

If you love people in the way The Father Loves them then one of the main purposes of your life will be to tell people that:

God desires relationship with them

He died at Calvary to make it possible

Tell them how to enter this relationship

Help them on a personal basis to maintain this relationship.

You are only required to do this when God tells you too but you should always be ready to do tell this when God makes the opportunity arise.

Meanwhile you should live a life that shows this relationship is worth having and that God is a personal God who can relate to them on a personal basis.

If you do not have on your heart the desire for people to avoid hell and know Jesus intimately then where is the Love of God in you? Maybe you do not belong to His Kingdom as one of the things a citizen of His Kingdom will be doing is helping people know Jesus and have the relationship with Him that they have.

What account will you give to God of your activity in this area when you face Him and are judged?

Remember that God does not require success but requires you to wholehearted try do these things. You are not rewarded for sauce's but for the attitudes you had as you tried to do what God desired you to do because He places you in circumstances where you wil lnot always succeed because His purposes require failure in that area he gave you work in.

You will not be judged for not succeeding but for not wholeheartedly trying to do these things.


The Bible begins with man in a perfect relationship to God and ends with man in a perfect relationship with God. In between is God’s efforts to restore mankind to this relationship He considered it so important.

If God considers it that important how much more should we maintain it and do all we can to be in this prefect relationship with God which leads to eternal live with Him forever in heaven.

So now you know about your fellow relations in Heaven and on earth how are you relating to them now.